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Ebony Dawn

Ebony Dawn (aka Pat Ebron) , a Newark, NJ native began writing at an early age. Her love for old black and white movies and music ranging from the classics to doo wop to country western has helped to establish her romantic view of life. 'People are fascinating', she says, 'Especially the characters.' She believes that although our differences may separate us by the way we look or by our individual stations in life the bond that hold us together as human beings is much stronger and more endurable. We all share the same emotions. We laugh, we cry, we love, we hate, we mourn. We all share life and we all have a story to tell.

She has to her credit several children's stories based on the character 'Phoebe the Parakeet'. Readings were presented in NJ and NC. Her plays are entitled 'Dear Daddy' and 'Most Of All, Remember Me'. Her activity poems were published in the Ebony Jr. Magazine. Ebony Dawn's works were featured in the US1's Summer Fiction Issue and she was honored at a wine and cheese reception in Princeton, NJ. Her book, 'Moments' was presented at a book signing in the Town Bookstore in Westfield, NJ. Ebony Dawn headlined on Johnathan Griffin's 'Talking About' on QPTV in Flushing, NY. Her short stories and poetry were featured in a program at AT&T's Guilford Center and at the Guilford County College, Greensboro, NC. 'Moments' will be followed by a second edition featuring more short stories by Ebony Dawn. 

Ebony Dawn still lives in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters, three grandchildren, two cats, one parrot and ten parakeets (they just keep breeding!).

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Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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