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Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass is a 1 time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County, MD around 1818, Frederick Douglass says, in his autobiography,   "I have no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any authentic record containing it."  A statement in its simplicity validates the scathing reality of slavery. Douglass was the youngest of four children born to Harriet Bailey, a slave, and a white father who was never known to him.

His fervent desire to educate himself, and other slaves kept young Douglass in constant trouble with his slave-master.  Often he was sent away to prevent the furtherance of slave education. He escaped to freedom by the age of 20.  In 1845 he started the first of his three part autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself, which was published by the Anti-Slavery Office in Boston.  It sold 4,500 copies.  My Bondage and My Freedom, and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass completed the autobiography.  A writing accomplishment that is unprecedented.

Married twice, Frederick Douglass, was outspoken against slavery.  His eloquent speaking ability, deep melodious voice, and dramatic flair made him a major draw world-wide at abolitionist meetings.   He died in 1895.

“Without Struggle... There Is No Progress!”Frederick Douglass 1818-1895

Read and hear actor Danny Glover read Douglass's speech “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” given in Rochester, New York, on July 5th 1852

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3 Books by Frederick Douglass

Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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