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Janks Morton

Janks Morton is a filmmaker, author, activist, director, producer, editor, and cinematographer.

Morton is the founder and CEO of iYAGO Entertainment Group, an independently owned and operated multimedia production company. Morton has stated, "the company came into existence to reflect both the conscious and the unconscious soul of Black America".

In delivering his first feature-length documentary, What Black Men Think, Morton took on the role as producer, director, cameraman, lighting, editing, mixing, graphic artist, actor and more. He made the documentary because of one simple question "Are there more black men in jail or college?" This question challenges not only African Americans but every American, to rethink their perceptions about Black Male Identity.

Morton has traveled internationally and nationally to lecture and show his films. He has convened workshops, seminars and served as a panelist and keynote speaker at universities, prisons, conferences, churches and community centers around the world.

Morton states: "That I would have to make a film, just to prove that black men are not in the dire state that some would have you believe, demonstrates the confusion that exists in America today."

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