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Kerry G. Johnson

Kerry G. Johnson is a cartoonist, graphic designer, art director, caricaturist and children's book illustrator. He specializes in caricatures but has created cartoons, illustrations, maps, information graphics, feature page design, in his career in design.

Kerry knew he was a gifted artist after winning an art contest as a kindergartner in his hometown of Nashville, TN. “Ever since I was a little boy, art has been my passion, and I have relished developing my skills as a cartoonist, caricaturist and graphic designer throughout my life", says Johnson, whose webcomic, Harambee Hills, was nominated in the Rising Star category of the 2010 Glyph Comics Award presented by the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (EBACC).

In May 2008, he debuted his webcomic, Harambee Hills. Harambee Hills is a semi-biographical strip that follows the life observations of the main character, Gerard, and his modern African-American family, co-workers and wacky neighbors. The characters often provide commentary on pop culture, entertainment, sports and news stories. Johnson's Tawanda is the co-writer of Harambee Hills. “I take great pride in this strip, and my wife has been invaluable to me as a co-writer of Harambee Hills. My hundreds of Facebook fans have also given the strip tremendous positive feedback, and I am truly grateful that they enjoy my work.”

A former graphics director and newspaper artist, Johnson’s award-winning cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country, including The Baltimore Sun, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The New Pittsburgh Courier.

Johnson is also the co-creator of the science-based comic book, SPECTRA, based on a pre-teen superhero. The comic at PhysicsCentral.com. SPECTRA, the main character, is also the mascot for Laserfest 2010, a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the laser.

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