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Relentless Aaron

Relentless Aaron is a 1 time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Relentless Aaron is a leading writer and creator of Street Lit Urban Hip-Hop fiction.

Relentless Aaron completed Push and his series of 30 titles, while incarcerated. A former entertainment industry media personality, he produced the New York based SuperStar USA TV Show, published The SuperStar Magazine, and ran one of New York's hottest adult entertainment clubs. Relentless found himself caught up in a real life episode involving an elaborate crime spree. The subsequent years he spent in prison, he dedicated to turning his life around.

His 'relentless' passion to succeed is of strong accord. "I used prison as time to not only reflect, but to create", reveals Relentless. "Here I was surrounded by a multitude of hardened criminals; murderers, gun-runners, drug kingpins and other personalities, each with their very own life's tragedies to bare. I took this opportunity to not only study characterization and personality types but, I paid close attention to the way people acted and why. I practiced this as a primary activity. I consumed myself with my work. But what I found out in the meantime was that I was accomplishing something. I was building a daily routine of creating my own stories and urban legends. It is within the confines of a cold prison cell where my narratives came to life, and where, ironically, I was more alive than I've ever been."

The first release from his own publishing house, Relentless Content, Push is the first in a series of 30 tales combining hardcore urban fiction and black erotica to create episodic mayhem.

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