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3 Must Read Books for Social Media Advocates, Addicts & Sharecroppers

-+*These are three books I recommend we should all read.  The strength of the Internet and promise it held to empower individuals has been hobbled considerably.  In fact, I’d argue that rather than holding promise as a tool of empowerment, … Continue reading

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Join the Fight for Independence on the Web

-+*This article is intended for writers and other content providers, who are active on social media and have a goal of generating revenue from their content.  However, people who use social media to share photos and thoughts with friends and … Continue reading

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Authors Don’t Need Twitter

-+*Many authors invest a great deal of time managing their Twitter accounts.  Hours a day are spent attracting new followers and keeping them engaged with pithy wisdom, personal minutiae and the occasional sales pitch. During a recent online conversation, with … Continue reading

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