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Marcus Books of San Francisco Evicted—Should We Care?

*+-Back in the the summer of 2013, I joined the fight to help save Marcus Books.  My motivation was not solely limited to saving a single bookstore.  I’ve never been to Marcus Books.  I imagine most of you reading this … Continue reading

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There is a Lack of Unity Among Black Websites

*+-Over the last year, I’ve invested a lot of effort informing the public about the adverse impact of the corporate take over of the web and how this is hurting independent websites, particularly Black owned ones. I have, however, not … Continue reading

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3 Must Read Books for Social Media Advocates, Addicts & Sharecroppers

*+-These are three books I recommend we should all read.  The strength of the Internet and promise it held to empower individuals has been hobbled considerably.  In fact, I’d argue that rather than holding promise as a tool of empowerment, … Continue reading

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