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Black Media Mine

Black Media Mine is a collection of hundreds of bits of information related to the people of Africa and the African diaspora, which I have been collecting and posting over the past several years. It's referred to as a mine because if you're willing to dig you will find many useful morsels of information. A lot of it is in the form of audio or video files which you can watch or listen to. These A/V type files are often lectures or recorded radio, TV programs, podcasts, tech, educational or youtube videos, of, by or about African ; historians, scholars, musicians, social organizations, individuals, ethnic groups, etc. It really is too varied to detail with any precision. There are also very many text, PDF and image files that I believe many will find to be very interesting and informative. Some of these referencing back to the 18th century and beyond.
(updated: May 10, 2015)