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Brown Girl Reading

I’ve lived in France for 23 years now. I also lived three and a half years in Cairo, where I enjoyed learning Arabic and discovering Egyptian literature. I majored in English literature with a minor in French, while hoping never to become a teacher. I really wanted to be a lawyer. I loved the idea of defending innocent people. I think I used to say I’d rather pump gas instead of teaching….So here I am many years later and I’ve taught EFL for 13 years. Helping someone who is having a lot of difficulty in English is what keeps me motivated. I’ve set myself up as an English Language Consultant and I also sell English books. I enjoy so many things: reading, writing, painting/drawing, music, origami, movies, languages, etc….. Blogging allows me to write about what I love the most and that’s books. My book club, that I started 7 years ago, allows me to share the love of books with good friends who have the same passion. My favorite genre is literary fiction, but I also read some YA, chick lit, mystery, dystopian, etc. If it’s good, I’ll read it!

(updated: Oct 01, 2015)