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April eNewsletterAALBC.com’s eNewsletter is published 12 times a year and has been published continuously since 1998.  It is an excellent source for information on books written by or about to people of African descent. 

You will also find articles on the publishing industry, information on book festivals, and a variety of resources for readers and writers.  

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The (two most popular items in the eNewsletter)

March 31st 2015
(AALBC.com’s Bestselling Books — January to February 2015) & (Black Caucus American Library Association Literary Awards Winners for 2015)

February 26th 2015
(2015 Coretta Scott King Award Winning Books Annouced!) & (Review of the novel Bounce by K.M. Jackson)

January 29th 2015
(AALBC.com’s Best-Selling Books for all of 2014) & (The Power List of Best-selling Books read by Arican Americans)

December 15th 2014
(Robert Fleming Explains His Spirituality) & (46th NAACP Image Awards Nominees - Outstanding Literary Work)

November 18th 2014
(Book Review: Cosby: His Life and Times) & (Bestselling Books September to October 2014)

October 28th 2014
(Top Cities for Readers of African American Literature) & (Cornel West: Video - Strand bookstore October 22, 2014)

September 30th 2014
(AALBC.com’s Best Selling Books — July/August 2014) & (An Obama’s Journey by Mark Obama Ndesandjo)

August 23rd 2014
(Power List Best Selling Books — Summer 2014) & (George Moses Horton — 1st African American to publish any book in the South)

July 23rd 2014
(AALBC.com Best Selling Books — May and June 2014) & (Zane’s The Other Side of the Pillow: A Novel)

June 23rd 2014
(Brown Girls Publishing) & (AALBC.com Mourns the Passing of Ellis J. Still)

May 27th 2014
(Naleighna Kai) & (Gugu Mbatha-Raw - The “Belle” Interview)

April 29th 2014
(Spring 2014 Power List Best Selling Books) & (Only 54 Black Owned Bookstores Remain in America)

March 26th 2014
(Bestselling Books for Jan-Feb 2014) & (eNewsletter Sponsor Jamillah & David Lamb)

February 28th 2014
(25 Fiction & 25 Nonfiction Bestselling Books for 2013) & (List of Black-owned Bookstores by state)

January 30th 2014
(Power List Best-selling Book — Winter 2014) & (AALBC.com’s 20 Best-Selling eBooks of 2013)

December 18th 2013
(eNewsletter Sponsor Pamela Samuels Young) & (Looking for a Book for the Man in Your Life?)

November 20th 2013
(The Sexual Liaisons of Alice Walker and Rebecca Walker) & (National Black Writers Conference 2014)

October 28th 2013
(The Power List —Best-Selling Books — Fall 2013) & (Huria Search Database of Independent Bookstores)

Feberuary 28, 2014 eNewsletterOctober 9th 2013
(BCALA Literary Awards Winners - 2013) & (Quality Press eNewsletter)

September 3rd 2013
(AALBC.com Best-selling Books - July to August 2013) & (Amber Communications Group, Inc.)

July 30th 2013
(Power List of Best-Selling African-American Books Summer 2013) & (AALBC.com Best-Selling Books - May to June 2013)

June 27th 2013
(WTF Paula Dean?!) & (We are the 1% - Subscribe to the AALBC.com eNewsletter)

May 28th 2013
(Best-Selling Books - March 1st through April 30th 2013) & (Authors Reception - Meet and Great with George C. Fraser)

April 30th 2013
(The 20 Most Well-Read Cities for African-Americans) & (Using the Power List On Your Website)

March 26th 2013
(Jan/Feb Best-selling Books List) & (Subscribe to AALBC.com's eNewsletter)

February 28th 2013
(Subscribe to AALBC.com's eNewsletter) & (Author Profile for Walter Mosley)

January 31st 2013
(Purchasing a Subscription to the AALBC.com eNewsletter) & (November/December Bestselling Books)

December 31st 2012
(AALBC.com Feedback Survey) & (7 Free Tools to Make Your Website Better)

November 30th 2012
(eNewsletter Subscription Page) & (Authors Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant: annouce our writing career is officially on "HOLD")

October 8th 2012
(Clicks were not tracked in this eNewsletter)

September 20th 2012
(link to view web based version of eNewsletter) & (Bernice McFadden Page)

August 1st, 2012
(My Name is Butterfly by Bernice McFadden) & (Red Clay Dirt & Mountains Banner Ad)

May 17th, 2012
(Red Clay and Dirt by Monda Raquel Webb) & (Author Kimberla Lawson Roby)

November eNewsletterMarch 29th, 2012
(Ruth's Redemption Banner Advertisement) & (Death of the Independent Black Owned Book Store)

February 14th, 2012
(25 best selling books for November and December of 2011 & Ruth's Redemption Banner Advertisement)

December 20th 2011
(Troy Johnson Thanks YOU! & What happened to the Best Black Literary Magazines)

November 22nd 2011
(Banner ad for Chike and the River by Chinua Achebe & Free eBooks - Great Reads Available for Download Now)

September 28th 2011
(The Sexy Part  of the Bible Book) & (Advertising Banner for Shawneda Marks at Top of Page)

July 22nd 2011
(Download Your AALBC.com Customized Toolbar Today) & (Wahida Clark)

April 8th 2011
(Banner Ad for Blackstreet.com) & (AALBC.com's 25 Best Selling Books March/April 30th 2011 )

February 25th 2011
(Tavis Smiley is no Good for Black Folks) & (Nov/Dec 2010 Best Sellers List)

November 30th 2010
(AALBC.com Bestsellers List Nov/Dec 2010) & (Dr. Frances Cress Welsing)

October 28th 2010
( Top 10 Reasons Why African American Boo Stores Are Closing) & (Janet Jackson: The "For Colored Girls" Interview )

September 16th 2010
( Biracial, Not Black, Damn It!) & (America I AM: A Journal Edited by Clarence Reynolds )

August 26th 2010
( Biracial, Not Black, Damn It!Publisher Tavis Smiley discusses the Importance of Journaling )

July 13th 2010
( AALBC.com's May/June Bestsellers ListTerry McMillian Author Profile )

April 13th 2010 (Video Supplement)
(Most Popular Link Data Unavailable)

April 9th 2010
(Most Popular Link Data Unavailable)

March 1st 2010
(Best Selling Books of 2009) & (Lucille Clifton Profile )

February 1st 2010
(November & December 2009 Bestsellers List) & (National Black Book Festival Page)

November 20th 2009
(Gabby Sidibe: The 'Precious' Interview) & (Serena Williams poses naked for magazine cover)

September 9th 2009
(J. California Cooper Author Profile) & (AALBC.com's 25 Best Selling Books July 1st through August 31st 2009)

July 30th 2009
(Every Day is Truly A Gift-Rest in Peace, E. Lynn by Zane) & (E. Lynn Harris Profile Page )

June 30th 2009
(May/June 2009 Bestsellers) & (3rd Annual Black Pack Party)

May 29th 2009 (Mosaic Literary Benefit)
(Jill Nelson Profile) & (Sisters and Husband Book Review)

May 7th 2009
(March/April 2009 Bestsellers) & (Brenda Jackson Profile)

March 6th 2009
(Best Selling Books Jan 1st to Feb 25th 2009) & (Troy Johnson - Press to handstand from prone position)

January 15th 2009
(2008 Bestselling Books) & (The 10 Worst Films of 2008)

October 21st 2009
(Index of Profiled Authors) & (What Books are Prominent Black Folks Reading?)

September 9th 2008
(Sanaa Lathan Interview) & (Terry McMillan reads from her next book

July 24th 2008
(Boris Kodjoe - Interview) & (Best Selling Books - May 1st through June 30th 2008)

July 11th 2008 (Harlem Book Fair Supplement)
(QBR.com Homepage) & (Harlem Book Fair Volunteer Needed)

June 19th 2008
(About Terrance Dean

& Clinton as VP Would Be a Disaster for Obama)

May 8th 2008
(Best Selling Books for March and April 2008 & About Bernice McFadden)

April 11th 2008
(Boston Globe article: Lloyd Hart rose from stealing books to selling them & Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson - Book Review)

March 6th 2008
(Prophet Shelby Explains Why Black Messiah Obama Won't WinBest Selling Books for January and February 2008)

January 30th 2008
(The Ninth National Black Writers Conference & 2008 Essence Literary Awards)

December 13th 2007
(Elfin' Troy & The Best Black Book Web Sites)

November 1st 2007
(Karrine Steffans Video Interview & Terry McMillan Speaks out about the Publishing Industry)

October 2nd 2007
(If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer Book Review  & African American Literary Awards Show)

September 6th 2007
(Harlem Book Fair Report & Listing of Other Websites )

July 19th 2007
(Stephen L. Carter & Sekou Sundiata)

June 20th 2007
(African American Owned Book Stores & Book Expo America Photos)

April 30th 2007
(Cupcake Brown & Open Letters to Oprah Winfrey)

March 21st 2007
(Vanessa Williams The My Brother Interview & Diary of a Tired Black Man)

February 28th 2007
(Advertise in Harlem World Magazine & Pros and Cons of Mainstream and Self-Publishing)

January 30th 2007
(Best & Worst Non-Fiction of 2006 & AALBC.com's 500 Best Selling Books for 2006)

December 27th 2006
(Nov/Dec Bestsellers & Colorlines )

November 30th 2006
(Nigguh Please! by Marvin X & Obese Black Women: Another Sad Chapter in Ignorance)

October 30th 2006
(Jaleel White Interview  & Sep/Oct Bestsellers)

September 27th 2006
(Colin Channer Interview & Relentless Aaron on ABC World News Now )

August 23rd 2006
(Jul/Aug Bestsellers & When the Levees Broke Film Review)

July 20th 2006
(Brandon Massey & Capital BookFest)

June 28th 2006
(Books That Click Ad Promotion & May/June 2006 Bestsellers)

June 5th 2006
(Harlem World Magazine Ad Solicitation & SistahsSupportingBlackAuthors
Book Club

April 30th 2006
(March/April Bestsellers & E. D. Arrington Author Profile)

March 28th 2006
(Connie Barrett Author Profile & Steven Van Patten Author Profile )

February 21st 2006
(Jan/Feb 2006 Bestselling Books & The Eighth National Black Writers Conference)

January 19 2006
(500 Bestselling Books for 2005 & Queen Latifah Author Profile)

December 14th 2005
(Nov & Dec 2005 Bestsellers & Blacktrospective 2005 A Look Back at the Best (and Worst) in Black Cinema)

November 13th 2005
(How Stella Got Her Gay Man Back & Hue-Man Book Store Harlem, NY)

October 23rd 2005
(North Carolina Black Book Festival & AALBC.com Bestselling Books September / October 2005)

September 27th 2005
(The Best of The Black Book Web Sites - Updated &
Oprah now spinning her special form of black magic on Morrison's Paradise)

September 1st 2005
(The Video Vixen Interviewed by Kam Williams  & AALBC.com Bestselling Books July / August 2005)

July 21st 2005
(Terence Howard and his WHITE wife & Bourbon Street by Leonce Gaiter -  Book Review by Thumper)

June 29th 2005
(Terrence Howard - Interview by Kam Williams & AALBC.com BESTSELLING BOOKS MAY / JUNE 2005)

May 24th 2005
On Black Pearl Books & AALBC.com BESTSELLING BOOKS MARCH / APRIL 2005)

March 15th 2005
(Their Eyes Were Watching God: The Film & Lackawanna Blues - Reviewed by Brian Egeston)

January 25th 2005

December 20th 2004
(AALBC.com RECOMMENDS SistahsSupportingBlackAuthors Book Club & AALBC.com BEST-SELLER LISTS - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2004)

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