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Karrine Steffans porn video SuperheadVivid Entertainment To Release 'Superhead' Porn Film
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Porn giant Vivid Entertainment is gearing up to release a new adult film that features Karrine Steffans -- known by the hip-hop world as "Superhead" -- who dropped a tell-all book called Confessions Of A Video Vixen, where she exposes her experiences as a music video model.

The forthcoming adult film, appropriately titled "Superhead," features the video vixen alongside adult film star, Mr. Marcus, in her one and only scene in the porn industry.

"She wrote [Confessions Of A Video Vixen] to expose on Jay-Z, Ja Rule, P Diddy and all these other guys in hip-hop, and now we can see her just before she joined those guys," Howard Levine, national sales manager of Vivid, told AVN.com. "Before she blew the lid off the hip-hop world, she blew Mr. Marcus."
Mr. Marcus narrates the intro to the video and also serves as Steffan's co-star, who she performs her legendary oral skills on. Marcus remembers the video model's attributes quite well.

"The thing that stood about her was that she gave incredible head," he told AVN.com. "She created something off that one act that people are still talking about today."

The adult film was put together from an old scene Mr. Marcus shot for his "Cool Spot" DVD. The new film uses the original footage as well as unreleased material from the shoot.

Steffans released her Confessions Of A Video Vixen book late last year and quickly became one of the most talked about books in the industry, helping it reach the New York Times bestseller list.

"Hip Hop's most notorious groupie." NY Times best selling author "Confessions of a Video Vixen." Tell-all author does it all for the Vivid cameras. She's the New York Times best-selling author of "Confessions of a Video Vixen." She blew the lid off the rap world by exposing her liasons with P. Diddy, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, Usher and more, but before all that, she blew Mr. Marcus and fucked him dry and we have the tape to prove it! They call her Super Head, and you're about to find out why!  

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    Vivid Entertainment Group is one of the world's largest adult film producers, featuring a popular catalog of VHS and DVD titles and Internet content.

    Vivid specializes in high-production-value movies, filmed in exotic locations and shot with professional lighting and quality cinematography. Vivid also produces gay porn movies under the names "Vivid Man" and "Vivid Video".


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