1. Here you may exchange views with authors, avid readers and those who wish to learn more about literature and publishing.  

    The forum, is also known as Thumper's Corner.  Thumper was one of's most popular book reviewers.  He pulled no punches; if he hated your book you knew it, but if he loved, it the publishing industry took notice.  Thumper no longer participates, but you can read some of his old commentary here.

    This board's purpose is to facilitate the exchange of opinions, ideas, facts, and information as it relates to Black people in America, Africa, and the rest of the Diaspora.

    In 2011, this discussion forum was renamed Cynique's Corner to honor a brilliant and prolific contributor to our conversations.  Cynique is still active today, so you can still benefit from her 80 years of life experience and her profound insight on the passing scene.

    The Poetree

    225 posts

    You are encouraged to express your opinions, post poems, or any information related to poetry.  The Poetree, forum was named by the forum's first moderator, Poetess Sister Shiree Sarana.

    Please post your publishing industry related press releases here. We are happy to read new book notifications, author tour and event annoucements, website information and related information.  We often use information shared here in our monthly eNewsletter and elsewhere on the, and

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