Powerful African American Christian Books

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Stacy Hawkins Adams
Kelvin Bodley
Sheritha Bowman
Monica Carter
S. James Guitard
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Patricia Haley
Bishop T.D. Jakes
Kevin Wayne Johnson
Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson
Jawanza Kunjufu
Victor McGlothin
Victoria Christopher Murray
Frederick Price
Pat G'Orge Walker
Persia Walker
Wyatt Tee Walker
Dr. Eugene Williams, Sr.
Eugene Williams, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

Every culture brings its own flavor to Christianity. Faith melds with other aspects of daily life to create a unique and beautiful tapestry. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the black church. There are more than seven major denominations that are historically black, incorporating worship with some African flavors and strong themes of freedom and watching for a better day. This view of faith is powerfully expressed in African American Christian books. Worship and faith is real, deep and comes from the heart. Emotional connection is intrinsic in this way of loving God and is expertly communicated through writing.

Most Black books convey something of the black experience, but this approach is completely unique. Following Christ as a Black man or woman is different from following Him for most people. The love is real and tangible, the expression strong and embedded in the activities of every day, and the faith awe inspiring. Whatever your cultural background, your relationship with God will be enhanced through these reading experiences.

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Black Books Build Minds

Just about two generations ago it was possible for a Black boy or girl to go all the way through High School and never see a face that looked like his or her own on paper. They might never see a black face anywhere in a textbook.

Times have changed. In addition to culturally inclusive teaching materials Black books are part of virtually every literary course. Black history month encourages the examination of the significant contributions made by African American authors. Black children now feel part of learning.

African American Christian books validate this unique way of celebrating faith. In fact, these books are often very popular with white readers as they introduce a way of making Christ a part of everyday thought and behavior that is new to some.

The addition of African American literature and themes throughout our culture has added so much to the rich tapestry that is America.

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