Alexandra Morton

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Alexandra Morton was Host of the popular book video program, The Book Look and 2011 Miss Black America-Baltimore

Brace yourself Black America “cuz your books will never look the same

This week, I am very excited to tell you about an upcoming and unique program that will take the written word to a whole new level. Within the coming weeks, a new online, book review show will begin airing right here at, and if you think it’s going to be some boring, traditional program where two old dudes with pipes sit by a fireside and chat about War and Peace, then you are definitely in for a shock.

The Book Look is an engaging and fast-paced video segment that tackles the latest in books and book news relevant to our community. The weekly program is hosted by beautiful book-lover and 2011 Miss Black America-Baltimore, Alexandra Morton. It also features original music by talented and Atlanta-based artist/producer, Zion Birdsong.

With its music, humor and entertainment value, The Book Look is unlike any other show on the Web and remember, episodes will be available here on! So get ready to look at books in a whole different light. As a teaser, I’ve included the show’s 30-second opening below.

The Book Look Behind the Scenes

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