Andre Seward

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Five poems:



Come to the cross of Calvary
where all may look and live
Come with faith in Christ and his righteousness
and receive all that the Father has to give

Come to the cross of Calvary
where mercy and truth joins with righteousness and peace
Yes, come one and all to Calvary
where your burdened souls shall find release

Jesus is the center of attraction there
his head, hands and feet
And  though a spear was thrust within his side
t’was his heart of love
which made our Salvation complete

Your faith  need no longer waiver
at the promises of God so dear
Alas the love of God, which has been enshrouded in darkness
at Calvary; suddenly becomes clear
Only the goodness of God leads mankind to repentance
that’s why satan tries to both bind and blind us through and through
because he knows that he is a defeated foe
once the love of Calvary comes shinning through

Yes, satan places many deceptions before us
all of which keeps "self" reigning
in God’s most desired place
For he knows all too well
of the saving power of GRACE!

The sins of the world all met at Calvary
provisions for our salvation were in
each drop of blood that hit the ground
In truth, though sin was indeed abundant at Calvary
God’s Grace did much more abound

So come to the cross of Calvary
and "behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world"
look and live!
Come boldly in faith, trusting in the righteousness of Christ
and receive all that the Father longs to give

Come one and all to Calvary
lift up Jesus and dispel the shadow
that satan has placed along our way
For it’s through the faith that we have in Calvary
that God’s love and mercy through Christ is conveyed

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Family is a principle; whole truth
and it’s members are guided by God’s unchanging law
And had it not been for sin, within it’s union
you would never find a flaw

Family is a circle of completeness
where principle is never cast to the ground
Within it’s walls angels rejoice
because Christ’s spirit abounds

It is the husband who is the head
that loves and gives of himself
even as Christ did for His church
It is the wife who builds up her husband’s character
and sees to it that God’s word is daily searched

In short, LOVE is what famliy is all about
this most vital and precious element
no family should be without

Now this love cannot be brought, nor can it be sold
And believe it or not it’s free for the asking
once you’ve given the Holy Spirit complete control

Yes, a true family as established by God
is a tree that cannot be moved
It has nine precious fruit, LOVE being the first
upon which all things Holy are proved

JOY is love’s strength
It bonds the family together as mortar to the stone
PEACE is love’s security
which keeps things in harmony within the home

LONG-SUFFERING is love’s patience
Bearing all manner of trials for extended periods of time
GENTLENESS is love’s conduct and here
abusive and harsh words you will never find

GOODNESS is love’s character,better yet
it is Godly moral standards that are truely hard to find
It is right thinking on each family member’s part
keeping Christ first and foremost on their mind

FAITH is love’s confidence
if God said it our response should be
"that’s good enough for me; I’ve got no need to touch it
neither do I have to see"

MEEKNESS is love’s humility
being both patient and mild
And hear this,
"We really can’t enter into Heaven
till we become likened as unto a child"

TEMPERANCE is love’s victory
self restraint of every flaw
A final mastery of "self"; against such there is no law

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My children I’ve watched you closely
have done my best to guide you each day
Your choices I’ve pondered attentively
as you struggle along the way
Life for many of you is just a party
you think only of being popular and living large
Visions of gold,cell-phones and beammers entice you
and my Holy Spirit you continually dodge

It never ceases to amaze me
and it brings no smile of joy upon my face
when you seek out the world with all it’s glitter
instead of my "Saving Grace"
You seem to be under the impression
that you have plenty of time
Daily you indulge in your acts of perversion and fornication
leaving you both dumb and blind

Bodies more precious than anything I’ve created
Holy temples to the one and only true living God
not to mention the "free will" that I placed
in the crown of your temple
you’ve used it to turn your hearts cold and hard
You come to church to worship me
and at the altar you fall upon your knees
But when I look within your hearts
I AM is greatly displeased

Within my gates there is no thanksgiving
within my courts no praise
and the glow that should be upon your face
has given way to a sin blackened glaze
Why do you come to me in pretense
It would be better not to come at all
"Believe me",I can do much more for you
once you have taken a good fall

Oh my children ! my precious children
amidst it all I AM loves you still
For both my Father and I foresaw your troubles
long before Calvary’s Hill
It was because of love, nothing but love
that I chose to die for sinful man
And out of love, a much greater love
that my Father chose me for His plan

Born was I unto death when I came from my mother’s womb
Born again from the womb of mother earth
emerging victorious from her cold black tomb
All of this for you; that with me you may eternally abide
Come, bring all of you; even your secret things
for nothing can be hid from my eyes

Each of you I have chosen for a specific work
a work that only you can do
but still I cannot force you
because only by your love for me can it be carried through
You do all the right things for the wrong reasons
within your motives there’s not a single drop of love
And I wonder when will you ever realize
that your friends can’t save you
while you persist to be a "part of"

Didn’t you know? that there really is a friend
that sticks closer than a brother
that sits on a throne above
waiting ever so patiently to give to you the one thing
that you seem to cherish so much, and yet,
in ignorance abuse between each other
this most precious gift called LOVE

Now arise my young soldiers
abandon your claims for fortune and fame
Rid yourselves of this world’s
gold,bangles and bracelets
proclaim instead my Holy name
Again I will say,"you don’t have very much time"
and the things of this world are designed with but one intent,
that is to keep you blind

Precious, that’s what you are to me
claim my blood that I shed for your life
Arise my soldiers of ISREAL
For I AM, soon shall release the winds of strife

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If God were to come to your house
would He be able to say that all is well,
Or would He reject, because of neglect
condemning all within for having to have failed?
Just suppose for a moment that He had sent you a notice
stating that your home’s inspection was long over due
and with it came a list, step by step instructions for it’s repair
so that no room would be missed
by the time He came to you

Upon examining the letter more closely
you noticed that He made no specific mention of time
thus you conclude, that there’s no urgency
and the inspection slips your mind
But then one day while looking for something else
you find the notice and decide that it’s of no value to keep
"After all, you say "my house is better than all others around
much grander than any on my street"
My roof is sound my attic is clean
my windows are crystal clear
My rooms are neat, tidy and in order
"An inspection, what have I to fear?"

Just about that time you hear three knocks
but there’s no one at the door
A notice was left, condemning your home
stating that,"on the morrow it shall be no more".
It went on to say that
"the home that I made mention of
is not that which contains mortar and stone
’tis the body that you dwell in
of flesh and blood ,muscle,sinew and bone"

"But, you did not discern this
as to it’s true meaning and importance you were blind
All because of the cares of this world and personal glory
that filled the "attic" within your mind
Though you can speak most eloquently
of those things concerning me, complete with my saving truths
but lacking my Spirit,s power and great might,
when I peer through your eyes; the windows to your soul
your "house within " is a miserable sight"

"Your tongue speaks not only blessings, but cursings,
with your lips, daily you maime and profane
and the deeper I look within you, I see how you would miss
that your house and body are one and the same.
When I examined the "basement" of your dwelling
I was hurt to find it neither hot nor cold
And as I drew nearer to inspect your "furnace" I found the reason
for the pilot light within your heart was set on "luke-warmness;
just enough to satisfy the soul"

"Now I know without any doubt that you can hear me
so how is it that my messages don’t register in your brain?
yet again I look and find the answer
the "doors" to your soul were hanging upon hinges
that were rusty and weak at the frame
Because of these violations your home was an easy target
for the enemy to come in and nest
day by day he sold you deceptive furnishings
because in your heart you wanted the world at it’s best"

"It wasn’t long before your home became totally infested
spreading quickly to your other members as well
Oh, if you had followed my instructions in my first notice
you could have spared your home’s impending hell"

What about you? have you heeded God’s notice of inspection
or, are you also given to this world of sin
Just maybe, you too should take another look at that first notice
and get in order     "THE HOUSE WITHIN"

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Very patiently he did wait
as he selected just the right bait then he yelled, "got-cha"
He cast his line out  for more as he looked about his feet
savoring the stench of rotteness;
that to him had become most sweet
Then he perched upon a great rock
kicked off his shoes and socks then said, "man,this is life"
He fished for days and days; like a maniac
until his eyes became bucked and glazed
And as to how he was so successful
his companions were most amazed
"Tell us your secret", they said
the old fisherman carefully baited another hook
His bait was most strange and his companions moved
closer for a better look
The old fisherman stared at them for a moment
then he tossed them a big book
"Read the pages within", he said, as he baited yet another hook
"Man, did you see that, he’s reeling another one in
But when they looked for his secret,within the big book
the pages simply read,"SIN"

"What is this , a joke?"  The old fisherman laughed until he choked
as he tossed them yet another book which pages
simply read"LIES"  Book after book,from their  pages the
old fisherman took
all manner of things that glittered  in the fishes’ eyes
By now, his companions had indeed had their fill
no longer could they keep themselves still
so once again they each grabbed the big book
whose pages simply read "SIN"
And sure enough, they too did begin
to catch fish over and over again
The old fisherman just sat back and grinned.
Now like many of us today
this old fisherman just had to be seen
There was no way that he would allow his companions
to catch more fish than he
So he reached into his pocket,baited his hook
and cast out as far as the eye could see,"GOT_CHA"
But this time it wasn’t one, he was pulling them in by three’s

The old fisherman’s companions just stood in a daze
They could not believe what their eyes did see
Though they too were catching with each throw of the hook
each pulling bait from the same big book
the  old fisherman was catching even more; and by three’s!
"Don’t tell us, another secret?"
The old fisherman just smiled and gave a wink
as he baited up his hook to cast once more "GOT_CHA"!
And as he reeled in his line he blew his companions’ minds
for this time , it  wasn’t three but four!
The old fisherman laughed until he cried
no longer could he hide
As to his greatest secret he just had to let them in
So he reached into his pocket
and pulled out a great chain of tiny figures
each one bearing the resemblance of men

"These are my "special spinners", hand made
for all those "do good sinners"
For as you well know, fishing at times can be most hard
And some of these fish just won’t bite
unless a "man" tells them what’s wrong or right
so I use these "spinners" to compromise
the word of God"
The old fisherman pulled himself together and looked up,
"looks like bad weather"
but he would not be moved from his task at hand
You see, the fish that he was catching
were human souls that were detaching from God’s grace
And to catch them all was the old fisherman’s plan

This has become our fate, jumping daily
at the old fisherman’s bait
trading eternal life for fancy cars, money and trinkets of gold
This has become our fate, swallowing hook, line and sinker
of the old fisherman’s bait
upon God’s standard and principles we refuse to hold
Yes, this indeed has become our fate
and the thought of ever running out of bait
is the furthest thing from this old fisherman’s mind
With "PRESUMPTION" he keeps us nibbling
thoughts of "WORLDLY GAIN" keeps his bobber bobbing
and with "GREEDY APPETITES" we swallow the hook
every time        GOT_CHA!

The old fisherman turns to his companions
with a broad smile across his face
"you see, it works every time"
"Though they profess to love God
I just cast out my old rod
and they gobble up what they treasure most in their minds
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