Javette Jenkins

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I’m the sister who writes contracts by day,
And with poetry, seek to find a better way;
A way to understand the road to love
A way to thank my Father above,
A way to get away from my legals skills
A way to share the gift God gave me to give.

IlLonka Javette Jenkins was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in LaGrange, Georgia, 72 (Seventy-two) miles south of Atlanta. Javette has two siblings, artistic brothers and a beautiful mother who cheers her on always. She is an attorney who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hers is a heart filled with passion and love which she shares joyfully.

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1998 all rights reserved
by javette

Where’s the brother I’ve been prayin’ for
Brown sugar, mocha, peanut butter creme?
The kinda brotha’ who’s got it going on
The man of every sistah’s dream.

He’s that brother who’s full of charm
A father’s very best friend;
A brother whose heart is filled with laughter
One on whom others can depend.

He’s that brother that mama loves,
But taught how to share his heart;
He’s that brother who approaches life
With a fresh and challenging start.

The brother who doesn’t mind a little dirt
Despite his many degrees;
The brother who knows how to thank the Lord
Has no problem falling on his knees.

He’s the brother who can share an intimate thought
Play a joke or two;
Enjoy the feel of a gentle caress
And knows how to give them too.

He’s the brother who wants to share
His heart, his life with me
Who’s open to love, to life, friendship
What’ere the possibilities may be

this is my prayer.

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A Mother’s Love

by javette
1997 all rights reserved

From conception to birth
You’ve been there for me;
Mother and daughter
We will always be.

I’ve cherished your love
Since the day I was born;
An attachment as familiar
As gloves well worn.

As a baby you nursed me,
gave me love;
Shared the warmth of your heart,
As God smiled from above.

For He knew that in you
A treasure He’d found
A creator of life
A Mother to a Child

Mother Africa, too
would beam with pride
The teachings you fostered
Span near and worldwide

For every step that I’ve made
You’ve been right by my side
In prayer and in spirit
You are a constant guide

Your ear is always willing
You provide my peace of mind
Mother you are my Light
You’re the apple of my eye

Our bond, is of love, comfort, friendship too
God gave me the gift of being born to you

Our bond, it’s Homemade,
the ingredients?
Just the best
A bond beyond the depths of time
We would stand for nothing less

In love we GROW!

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1998 all rights reserved
by javette

Melodious music playing deep into the night
Lyrics flow from my throat, lovemaking just right
Swaying four beats per measure is the movement of our hips
As our tongues interlock, wet, the feel of our lips

Like a metaphor in a Shakesperean play
You bring my love down midsummer, night or day
Rhyme and reason, rythm rhyme I soak in the air you breathe
Love jones baby, so more of that please

Mo better, can’t get no better my arms are open wide
My lips part, in anticpation of feeling you inside
The sound of a harp being slowly tuned
Bass heavy and strong
This is the way that we make love
You send me, you make me high, you give me good love
can’t get enough of

I meditate, reciprocate in one and one fourth time
For fear of your overflow
too soon
Creative juices flow, this is love this is love
I hear you sing my name
It flows
like a river

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