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Kristin Hunter LattanyKristin Hunter (September 12, 1931 – November 14, 2008) who also wrote under the name Kristin Lattany, started her writing career when she was fourteen years old with a regular column in the black weekly, the Pittsburgh Courier. She has been an advertising copywriter, a city information officer, and a senior lecturer in English at the University of Pennsylvania.

She wrote a total of twelve novels, for children and adults, including the highly acclaimed children’s book The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou. She is perhaps best known for her first novel, God Bless the Child, published in 1964. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Council on Interracial Books for Children Prize and the Moonstone Black Writing Celebration Lifetime Achievement Award.

A teacher of English at the University of Pennsylvania for over 20 years, she lived in Magnolia, New Jersey untill her passing, at the age of 77, from a heart attack.

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