Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson
j’lisan productions
1997 edition ~ journey of a thousand words, today

Needing Tonight For The Sunrise

it’s as if the rest was only practice
how does desire turn into necessity
god’s will be done but when
impatience makes her anticipation breathless
deferred gratification
is something she has never known
will it ever be the same
how could she have known
to fall and be caught
to trust and be made sure
to believe and be renewed

it’s like needing tears for the smile
it’s like needing agony for the relief
it’s like needing challenge for the answer
it’s like needing distance for the desire
it’s like needing tonight for the sunrise.



a touch in the dark
as if his fingers had eyes, he finds
the destination as clearly marked
as though mapped and chartered
fluid motion down a path he has
traversed before.

how does he know to move so gracefully,
with skill and passion beneath his dance
how can she stand the suspense
her senses have been assaulted tenderly
she moves to his rhythm, smooth not syncopated
but music is made nonetheless.

his fingertips convey messages, secrets
that her body gladly tells, and is not shamed
in its betrayal, or in its delight.
he has only to ask, to shape the thoughts in his
mind to words, breath on her skin
heats quickly; she is dazed in her countenance,
but has never been more sure.

she is taught, learning was never like this,
before he impressed her with his competence,
her eyes close against the storm he brings,
it can’t just be talent; no, he brings to mind
something more

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