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M A R C O  V I L L A L O B O S
was born under quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent in 1973 and spent his Woodl'n, Califas, childhood learning about heart among con men, homeboys, and barrio grandmothers full of love. He's studied academic and antidemic alphabets and today writes 'to get plymouth rock and ivory towers the fuck up off my back.' He moved to Crookl'ndia, New Jork, in order to escape a Tijuana deportation and has since become a National Hispanic Scholarship Fund recipient with work at, Brooklyn Bridge magazine, Stress magazine, and various small press publications, none of which matter more than the now defunct Tortilla.

Villalobos' work may be found in:

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Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature
Kevin Powell Editor
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Format: Hardcover, 470pp.
Pub. Date: October  2000

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We attack the sky and relapse into creation from oblivion
dizzily spinning internal supernova eternities
thru blackhole
inescapable nights

that find our flight 
into time near impossible
in this episode

the moon's my ally-- I shoot the sun 
with ammunition from the third-- 
eye slash a hole in the sky
my spirit untouchable feathered 
snake in mid-flight

they can build defenses but defenses won't suffice.
you can build defenses but your fences won't suffice.

steady temperament lends patience to our side 
over enemy lines

our titanium dedication cannot be magnified
nor denied. 

even in imagination
this revelation won't subside
light continually shine
consuming with positivity 
spirit arise
'til we attack the sky.
          NOBODY MOVE

I declare the worst fear a phobia of rickshaw
whips on shoulders lashes slit 
some brother's courage
crumbling inward blood let forth from

wetback/slave sons trod on slipped discs
straight that spine back formal service
some need strong backs to rest feet on 

move on march on float some fat cloud

I declare the worst fear a phobia of rickshaw's 
whips on shoulders broken pos-

a phobia of a/mens 
a phobia of yes/sirs 

neck tie nooses 
bleed you dry church tithes
hired hand overseers
government loudspeakers
cell phones laptops silicone chips

mass media fanatics
prime time demographics

marriage confession communion rejection

CNN soundbite debates

rock star syndrome
the lone star state 

tread on me

in blood red moonlight
helicopter spotlight
police squad car ride
just 'round midnight
permanent scars
seeing dad wave through 
jailhouse bars

But I declare these phobias
only in the mind so
I declare these phobias
only in the mind so

light a candle chant a psalm
say a prayer of thanks

for the beauty of blessed boom bap scratch type barrio pleasers
patois slingers elegant fingered 
brass melody bringers 

love song singers sighing rhythms 
thursday thru sunday
Myrtle Ave soul dazed / solar center 
pouring blue fire pyro-
Technic wheels of stylo cutting tongues de fuego
dispersing life
rising over worst fears

I declare the phobia conquered by our mind sets
unwinding divine 
one person to the next. 


I declare the phobia conquered by our mind sets
unwinding divine one 
person to the next.

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