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Nicole FáLon Garrett was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s in English from the University of Iowa and Chicago State University respectively. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her son where she is a high school English teacher.

Most embarrassing moment: In Magic Johnson’s Fridays the first year I moved from Chicago to L.A. and this guy sent me and my friend a drink, right.  Brother had smooth, beautiful black skin, a radiant smile and charisma that made me twitch in my seat.  Anyway, I decided to go and thank ’Your Sexiness’ for recognizing all of my sexiness when he told me, ’Oh, that wasn’t for the two of you.  The bartender gave the drinks to the wrong ladies.  That was for them,’ and he pointed to the flawless, flowing hair Barbie Dolls that understandably get drinks all the time.  Pretty embarrassing, huh?  Only saving grace is that we ended up dating for a long time after that.

Something my mother doesn’t know:  That I partied so hard my freshman year at the University of Iowa that I was placed on academic probation.  And this was after I dropped one of my four classes—making me a part-time student that semester.  Still ended up with two D’s and a C.  Damn!

Best body part:  When I find it, I’ll let you know.

Worse body part:  There are about 17 parts that have allowed cellulite to take up residency.  They seem to get along pretty well so I decided not to mess wit’ ’em.

Wish upon a car:  Gas is sooooo high that I want to live where I can walk to work, the grocery store, the gym, my church, and to all my friends and families houses.  Well, not all my family because if I can walk to them, that means that they can walk to me. Reciprocity isn’t a good fit when it comes to yo’ cuzins.

Biggest crush:  The adage, ’Youth is wasted on the young,’ is so true.  I was misinformed before, but now, I can appreciate the status and physical appeal that a 28 year old has to offer.  They’re still happy with life (ignorant to real trials), still got a six pack (metabolism ain’t slowed down to a complete stop), and know how to treat a woman (ain’t fed up with dates that end at the front door yet).  This puts them at top of the food chain.  By the time I claw my way up there, they’ll be old and mad too.

Dream date:  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this answer changes every ten years. In my twenties, this date could go until 3 or 4 a.m.; now, I need a combo.  Does dinner come with that comedy show?  That way I’ll be home and asleep by midnight.

If I could be someone else, who would it be?  Oh, that’s easy.  Oprah.

If I could be adopted by someone, who would I want to be my mother?  Father? Mother, hmm, probably Oprah.  And father’..uh’..yeah, that would be Oprah too.

If I could marry to anyone of my choice today, who would it be?  Definitely Oprah.  Hahahahaha.  Just kidding.

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