Chronicles by: Goldie the Poet

ChroniclesChronicles by: Goldie the Poet
Artist: Goldie the Poet
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Band members, Ricardo Love, Albert Jones, Brother Cyrome, JMD, Jason Williams join Goldie The Poet in this excellent spoken word Poetry CD


The legacy of the spoken word welcomes a new artist whose distinct command of language and style compliments the enlightened brilliance of veteran word-meisters such as Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, and The Watts Prophets.

Goldie is a writer/performer whose work exhibits his acumen for marrying the riveting vibes of rhythm and blues and jazz to his elegant, vivid delivery – revealing a visionary grasp of his craft. His new CD titled Chronicles: By Goldie the Poet presents us with eleven scenarios which involve themes like negotiating desire and the desperate search for self, woven between vivid portraits of the lasting significance of embracing true consciousness.

Structured like revelations from a journal, substance and intuition flood across the grooves as Goldie unleashes his aural flair. Vogue Tires and Spokes the opening track, provides instant transportation back to our high season of pride in the late 60s and early 70s – resonating with the nostalgia of: Right on, right on! Black is Beautiful, atomic ‘fros and platform shoes. Shoot Your Game, Lady of Splendor, and It’s Okay shift gears with subdued ease, lounging against a pillow of seduction; while tracks like Shot to the Curb and Motel encompass the chilled limitations of rejection and opportunity, respectively.

Asserting with shrewd reason, his concerns for the community and this planet Heal the Land pulsates with the essence of basic survival. Its content is a fitting bridge to Wisdom an illuminating homage to the grace and fortitude of the Black woman.

The material in this collection is persistent in its desire to elevate indifference, beyond momentary concern, to a state of inspiration potent enough to outwit resignation. A trio of novel creations: Sanctuary of Healing, I hurl Poems and We Wait (the latter, astutely written and performed by Carol Westbrooks Williams), lays open prudent insight for processing. They offer positive indication that Goldie is a poet whose evolution is sparked by the resolute desire, to endow his expression with the wisdom and duty that frequent well-earned respect.

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1. Vogue Tires and Spokes (5:19)

2. Shoot Your Game (5:19)

3. Lady of Splendor (5:19)

4. It’s Okay (5:19)

5. Shot to the Curb (5:19)

6. We Wait (5:19)

7.Heal the Land (5:19)

8. Wisdom (5:19)

9. Motel (5:19)

10. Sanctuary of Healing (5:19)

11. I Hurl Poems (5:19)