26 Books Published by Perseus Books Group

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  1. Carroll & Graf: Keith Boykin’s Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies, and Denial in Black America
  2. Carroll & Graf: Leonce Gaiter’s Bourbon Street
  3. Carroll & Graf: Roy Simmons and Damon DiMarco’s Out of Bounds: Coming Out of Sexual Abuse, Addiction, and My Life of Lies in the NFL Closet
  4. Da Capo Press: Albert Murray’s The Omni-Americans: Black Experience And American Culture (Da Capo Press Paperback)
  5. Da Capo Press: Albert Murray’s Stomping The Blues (Da Capo Paperback)
  6. Da Capo Press: Beverly Daniel Tatum’s Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria: And Other Conversations About Race
  7. Da Capo Press: Beverly Daniel Tatum’s Assimilation Blues: Black Families In White Communities, Who Succeeds And Why (Contributions In Afro-American & African Studies)
  8. Da Capo Press: Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine
  9. Da Capo Press: Buddy Guy’s When I Left Home: My Story
  10. Da Capo Press: Dambisa Moyo’s Winner Take All: China’s Race For Resources And What It Means For The World
  11. Da Capo Press: Edward E. Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism
  12. Da Capo Press: Esther Iverem’s We Gotta Have It: Twenty Years of Seeing Black at the Movies, 1986-2006
  13. Da Capo Press: Ethel Waters and Charles Samuels’s His Eye Is On The Sparrow: An Autobiography (Quality Paperbacks Series)
  14. Da Capo Press: George E. Curry’s The Affirmative Action Debate
  15. Da Capo Press: Gerald Horne’s Fire This Time: The Watts Uprising And The 1960s
  16. Da Capo Press: Ishmael Reed’s New and Collected Poems 1964-2007
  17. Da Capo Press: Ishmael Reed’s Mixing It Up: Taking On the Media Bullies and Other Reflections
  18. Da Capo Press: Ishmael Reed’s From Totems to Hip-Hop: A Multicultural Anthology of Poetry Across the Americas 1900-2002
  19. Da Capo Press: James Weldon Johnson’s Black Manhattan
  20. Da Capo Press: John A. Williams’s If I Stop, I’ll Die: The Comedy and Tragedy of Richard Pryor
  21. Da Capo Press: John McWhorter’s Word On The Street: Debunking The Myth Of "Pure" Standard English
  22. Da Capo Press: Nelson George’s Buppies, B-boys, Baps, And Bohos: Notes On Post-soul Black Culture
  23. Da Capo Press: Nina Simone’s I Put A Spell On You: The Autobiography Of Nina Simone
  24. Da Capo Press: Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals And Race
  25. Da Capo Press: Thomas Sowell’s Dismantling America: And Other Controversial Essays
  26. Lifelong Books: Zora Neale Hurston’s The Sanctified Church