0 Bestselling Poetry Books for November/December - 2019

AALBC’s Bestselling Book SealOur bestsellers list has been published continuously since 1998 and is the most visible list focused on Black Books in existence. You will learn about books selling well, in the Black community, that may never show up on lists published by larger corporate entities.

Important Note: In September 2019, we stopped selling books as an Amazon affiliate. This is the first reporting period that AALBC bestsellers list includes only books that we have sold directly. Since dropping Amazon our sales have increased overall, but the number of books on our bestsellers list is lower because a only a single copy of most titles was sold. Previously our bestseller list also included ebooks and books that were used or out of print. Today our bestsellers list reflects new, physical books, sold at retail prices.

Fiction: Sales of fiction titles were led the 7th book in Wahida Clark’s Thug Series. Wahida is now tied for 4th place on AALBC’ list of all-time bestselling authors. Other top selling books were boosted by the popularity of titles on the Go on Girl! book club’s reading list.

Nonfiction: The last book published by Toni Morrison, before her passing; The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations is the only Nonfiction title to make our list this period.

There were many titles that would have have made our list this period but we simply could not secure new copies to fulfill orders for these books. Frances Cress Welsing’s classic, The Isis Papers, would have been #1 on our list this period. Claud Anderson, Anthony Browder, and Na’im Akbar (#2 on AALBC’s list of all-time bestselling author) would all have two on more titles in this bestsellers list. We are working hard to secure copies of these very popular titles.

Children’s Books: Children’s books, which on our list includes everything from board books to YA novels, continues to dominate sales. We have and will continue to increase our focus on books for young people as a result of this surge in interest.

Poetry: Poetry book sales were insufficient to generate a bestsellers list this period. Check out Tyehimba Jess’s Pulitzer Prize winning book of poetry, Olio. It is really quite a unique book of poetry — check it out!

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