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Mortal Thoughts
by Michael R. Lane

    Publication Date: Jun 25, 2017
    List Price: $13.95
    Format: Paperback, 116 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781634924740
    Imprint: Bare Bones Press
    Publisher: Bare Bones Press
    Parent Company: Bare Bones Press

    Paperback Description:

    As a teenager, Michael Lane only wrote when necessary. He had nothingagainst writing: he was - and is - an avid reader. He simply saw no need towrite outside of satisfying his academic requirements. That was before he spenttime with poetry. Poetry became his first creative writing love. They begandating in high school and she remains his longest running love affair.

    The idea for Mortal Thoughts— not in name but in body — began taking shape for him in November 2015.Michael - like so many others - wade in the erratic waters of intellect andmortality and all of the precious cognitive and ethereal lakes, rivers andstreams that congregate between. Michael has been blessed to hone thosetemporal thoughts into poetry over the years, an extraordinary written art formthat for whatever reason arises in him during his most mystifying times. Whydoes poetry so readily lend itself to the essence of transcendentaldeliberations, stoic cogitations and silly musings? The riposte is as simple asdreaming and as complex as mud. It does. For Michael, the answer begins andends there, unveiling the journey as in the title, "Mortal Thoughts."

    Staring skyward at night-light / flickering stars yawn and wink / royalblue canvas eclipses daylight / moonlight on my bedspread plays. (1-4)

    Mortal Thoughts is aculmination of decades of intimate conversations poetry and Michael has shared.The topics range from love to hate, hope and despair. There is socialcommentary, introspection, nature, observations, and more. Some of the poemsmay come at you in a whisper. Others scream in your face. Most of his poetryrequests a brief audience to share an interesting insight or revelation.Michael hopes that you will enjoy reading the poems in Mortal Thoughts as much as he enjoyed writing them.