Amazon%26rsquo%3Bs eBook Monopoly

Amazon Affiliate Program is Terrible:

Last year they Amazon commissions to 4 percent. Earlier they d reduced the cookie duration (the amount of time I d earn a commission for a referral) to 24 hours and if the person logs off Amazon the cookie died with it.

Amazon also actively pushes eBooks (making it more difficult to discover paperback alternatives in search). For a Kindle eBook priced at $0.99, I earn 4 pennies provided the order is made in less than 24 hours. For promotional giveaways and kindle unlimited orders I earn nothing for the referral.

Amazon’s eBook Monopoly

Because Amazon’s affiliate program is so poor, I make very little money on eBook commissions. As a result, I ve already decided to no longer add Kindle ebooks to AALBC. The only exception I ll make are for clients paying a fee to have them added or promoted on the website.

As an indie bookseller, I have no interest in strengthening Amazon monopoly on eBooks especially when demand the exclusive right to sell a title through their KDP Select program.

New Fee to Add Kindle eBooks to AALBC

AALBC charge $25 to add Kindle eBooks the website, provided all the relevant metadata (Price, ASIN, Pub Date, Title, Description, etc) is also provided. Up to three Kindle eBooks may be added for this price. Here is an example of a Kindle eBook on Loving Me for Me by Naleighna Kai, which is a 2-time AALBC Bestselling book (Kindle eBook).

If there is a print version of a book, these will be added to the site for free, all one needs to provide is the book s ISBN13 — Provided the author is already profiled on the website; currently more than 3,600 authors are profiled on AALBC.

Loving Me for Me by Naleighna Kai a 2-time AALBC Bestselling book (eBook)

Last Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2019