Registering a Domain Name

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Registering a domain name is your first step to establishing an on-line presence.  Authors benefit by giving their readers an easy to remember URL like,  Many authors even register a domain that is the title of their book. 

With the proliferation of social media many authors are choosing to have a social media platform serve as their main web presence.  While a social media platform may be easy to set up, using social media as your main web presence is a mistake.  You do not own or control the social media platform. As a result, you are very limited in how it may be used.

Domain name registration is easy and very inexpensive to set up.  You don't even need a web site to register a domain name.  The hardest part is finding a domain name that is not already in use.  Unfortunately, all English language words and names are already taken.  However, with a little creativity you can come up with an appropriate domain name. 

There are many companies that you may register domain with.  We use the Domain Buy Service from from and have found them responsive (you can get someone on the phone if you run into trouble).  They also make it very eay to setup and manage a Wordpress website.  On the downside, their website is a cumbersom to navigate and they are always trying to sell you more products.

If you already have another web presence, like a Blog, or an Author Profile, you can simply forward your domain to the that web page. 

1 - Forwarding with Masking - Your domain is forwarded to a another web site, but the domain name persists in the browser window.

Example A
The web site of popular literary author Elizabeth Nunez is forwarded to an Profile Page.  Visit and you will actually be sent to

Example B
The domain is forwarded to Troy’s events calendar on  The underlying URL is :

Example C - Forwarding several Top Level Domain (TLD) Names to a single TLD.  All of the URL's below point to:


Related Terms

Top Level Domain Names (TLD) - The TLD is the part of the domain name's URL to the right of the dot.  (i.e. ".com" or ".org").  As of Jan 27 2007, there are 265 TLD's.  Most top level domains refer to countries like ".us" for the United States.  The most popular, ".com", refers to commercial entities.  Visit for a complete list.


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