The Board for the Education of People of African Ancestry (“BEPAA”)

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The pursuit of quality education requires that American educational reform reflect learning environments that support the aspirations and developments of children of African Ancestry.

BEPAAThe founders of this board are highly qualified advocates who recognized the need to convene as an institution to effectively service the needs of under-served African school children and their parents.

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with proven records of community service and leadership. BEPAA is complimented by a dedicated support group, The Friends of Clarke House, who assist with activities and initiatives as required.

BEPAA’s mission is to impact the formation of educational systems through research, position papers, interaction with school superintendents, principals, teachers parents and para-professionals to help insure that the educational needs of children of African Ancestry are met.

Founder: Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford, Vice Chancellor Emerita of the New York State Board of Regents

Chairman: James McIntosh, M.D.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke House, 286 Convent Avenue, Harlem, NY
John Henrik Clarke House

BEPAA’s Founder: Adelaide L. Sanford

Educator Adelaide L. Sanford was born in Brooklyn on November 27, 1925. Sanford studied at Brooklyn College, where she earned her B.Ed. degree in 1947; she received her M.Ed. degree from Wellesley College three years later. From 1950 to 1965, Sanford taught in New York's elementary schools, before being hired as an assistant principal. Sanford earned her Ph.D. degree from Fordham University in 1967, and later became principal at Crispus Attucks School in Brooklyn, earning an outstanding reputation for promoting excellence and achievement at an inner-city school. (Read More at History Makers

Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford - Afrocentric Education As A Human Right - 5/19/2013

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