African American History Month Quiz I

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Below is an informational quiz for your own pleasure.  Somebody sent it to me, and I thought it would be an excellent start for all of us to learn a little more about the history of Black people in America.

  1. Who told the Senate Armed Services Committee in 1948 that he would urge black youths to resist the draft unless discrimination was banned?
  2. What was the only Southern state to permit slave enlistments in the military in 1780?
  3. What was the first Black-owned company to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange?
  4. Who was the first African American car manufacturer in 1916?
  5. What was the first all-Black religious denomination in the United States?
  6. Which European nation was the first to stop trading African slaves to the United States in 1794?
  7. Who organized the 1941 exhibition, "Afro-American Art on Both Continents," which included the works of Romare Bearden and the Delaney Brothers?
  8. Name the author who wrote The Third Life of Grange Copeland, published in 1970?
  9. Who was the three time Super Bowl champion player who returned to his Florida alma mater to receive his bachelor’s degree in 1996?
  10. Who wrote the script for the 1975 hit, Cooley High?
  11. Denzel Washington played in what 1981 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Charles Fuller?
  12. Who was the only other black actress to win the Academy Award’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar since Hattie McDaniel in 1939?
  13. Who sang Martin Luther King, Jr.’s favorite gospel song, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," after his funeral procession in 1968?
  14. When did James Del Rio become the first African American mortgage banker? 1953? 1976?  1989?  1947?
  15. In 1990 the Mystery Writers of America nominated this novel, written by Walter Mosley, as best of the year.
  16. By the eighteenth century, what colony was the leader in the slave trade?
  17. In what year did Harriet Tubman escape from slavery?
  18. Name an African American enterprise that you patronize.
  19. During the nineteenth century, how many states had laws prohibiting interracial marriage?
  20. Which state east of the Mississippi was the first to give African American women the right to vote, in 1913?

Answers Quiz I

African American History Month Quiz II

  1. What was the nickname for the all-Black 332d Fighter Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps, which escorted Allied bombers through European airspace on 1,578 missions during World War II?
  2. Who developed the first major African American-sponsored shopping center, Progress Plaza, in Philadelphia, Pa.
  3. The hymn, "Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing," by James Weldon Johnson, was meant to celebrate whose birthday?
  4. A pitcher in the Negro Baseball League for 25 years, developer of the bat-badger, jumpball, and drooper, he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971--name him.
  5. Besides being a movie director, composer, author and semi-pro basketball player, he was a photographer for Life magazine from 1948 to 1972.
  6. Having worked as an elevator operator for four dollars weekly, he achieved fame upon publication of Lyrics of Lowly Life in 1896.
  7. In what year did amateur night at New York’s famous Apollo Theater begin?
  8. Who holds the record of 100 points scored in a single NBA game?
  9. Despite a 1792 discriminatory law against Blacks in the new U.S. military, which of the country’s armed forces began to enlist free blacks in the 1790’s?
  10. What service did the first African American female millionaire, Madame C. J. Walker provide?
  11. What tennis champion and golfer earned her place in the Black Hall of Fame in 1974?
  12. This graduate of Yale Law School was appointed commissioner and chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by President Ronald Reagan in 1982.
  13. In this tribute to 1960’s R&B groups, Robert Townsend acted in and directed this movie—name it.
  14. Who founded the first major African American national union, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters?
  15. Who won the Ladies World Figure Skating Championship in 1986?
  16. Name an African American enterprise that you patronize.
  17. A scholar of West Indian dance and culture, she also, originated the role of Georgia Browne in the 1940 Broadway musical, Cabin in the Sky.
  18. In what field was 44% of the doctorate degrees awarded in 1995 to African Americans, according to the National Research Council?
  19. Who founded the National Negro Business League?
  20. At age 76, this former slave and eminent scientist narrated a 1940 documentary dramatizing his struggles and successes to a young boy pondering the options for the future.

Answers Quiz II