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Top Black Owned Websites

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As the World Wide Web coalesces in a handfull of websites controlled by major corporations; AALBC.com has made it part of our mission to help promote and uplift important independent websites created by, and for, people of African Descent.

Today search engines favors first their own properties, then advertisers, followed by major corporate websites.  As a result, many excellent websites are pushed too far down in search results to be discoverable.

To compound the situation many webmasters errouneously believe linking to other websites actually dimimishes their search engne ranking.  This increases the power search engine wield in making sites discoverable.  This also has the impact of making websites less interesting as they have stoppped sharing valueable information about other websites.

Webmasters invariably look toward social media to help suppliment traffic lost from search.  Unfortunately these has the effect of actually canniablizing traffic as webmasters spend more time and resources making their social media platforms more engaging, while their websites languish.

All of this and more has made the World Wide Web a less rich place.  For many people the most popular social media websites IS the internet.  They are perfectly happy consuming news (often fake), and other information solely on social media.

Here we will report on the top Black Websites on the World Wide Web

Below you will find additional resources AALBC.com’s provide to help you discover the best of the Black Web.  Spread the word!


Huria SearchSearch the top Black owned websites with Huria Search.  Huria Search is a curated search engine the sites included in our index have demonstrated a commitment to the uplift of Black people.  Huria Search is advertisement free no one can pay to be ranked higher than any other site or even play to be included. 

Huria Search also researches and reports on the top Black websites (based upon traffic), the top book sites and all of the Black owned bookstores, magazines and newspapers in the United States.  Make Huria Search one of your tools for discovering great content on the world wide web.

Huria Search was created in reaction to the current trend in search results that favor large corporate entities and sensational content over independent websites and more serious content. 

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