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Enhanced Author Profile - $399

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Perfect for Authors Without a Website

If the prospect of creating and maintaining a website seems daunting, let AALBC.com create and manage your on-line presence. Your website will benefit by being part of the oldest, largest, and most frequently visited website dedicated to books written by, or about, people of African descent.

With over 20 years of experience maintaining websites, we will ensure your web pages are optimized for mobile devices, search engines, and social media. Don’t let a Facebook page be your primary web presence; let AALBC.com, who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to celebrating and supporting authors take responsibility.

Great for Authors With a Website

Even if you are satisfied with your web site, you will still benefit from the increased exposure an Enhanced Author Profile provides. We are often updated before and an author’s main site and out rank their sites in search—it is win-win!

An Enhanced Author Profile Includes

Everything you’d expect on an author’s website:

  1. Permanent placement on AALBC.com
  2. Your photo will be added to our “An Author You Should Know’ section which appears on various AALBC.com, including the homepage, for 3 months
  3. You may associate your domain name to your AALBC.com pages: http://yourname.com (or we can do this for you)
  4. All Enchanced pages use https The “s” means “Secure.” All information transferred to and from your webpages is encrypted.
  5. Each of your books gets it own web page and includes buy links to all the major booksellers, video, bestsellers lists, excerpts, reviews, and more
  6. Your biography, photograph, video, contact information
  7. Customized Favicon (the image or logo that appears in the browser tab at the top of the page)
  8. Book excerpts, longer than 500 words gets its own page
  9. Book reviews, longer than 500 words gets its own page
  10. File Downloads (.pdf press kits, etc)
  11. Sidebar Widgets on All Your Pages (Widgets Replace Ads Found on Regular Profile Pages)
    • A Wide Variety of Personalized Widgets Available
    • Events Calendar Widget (Google Calendar, others)
    • Blog Update Widget (any RSS source)
    • Twitter Update Widget
    • Facebook Post Widget
    • More
  12. Comments Section on Every Page
  13. True website management, we keep the technology current, monitor for spam, etc
  14. Web Page Statistics Available (via Google Analytics)
  15. You may sell your books directly and place your own ads
  16. Permanent 10% Discount on all AALBC.com Advertising Services
  17. more to come…
  18. New books added for free, additional changes only $10 per request

Not Just for Authors

Many publishers, agents, publicists, book cover designers, editors, and other industry professions are discovered on AALBC.com. You’ll attract more visitors, than you would on your own because you be associated with AALBC.com, the most popular website dedicated to Black books!

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Do You Already Have an An Author Profile? Upgrade Your Exisiting Profile at a Substantial Discount

Sample Author site hosted by AALBC.com

Publisher and Multiple Authors Plans Available

If you need profiles for several authors, we can create custom packages to suit your needs. Just email us troy@aalbc.com

“Man that page looks incredible! If most authors are like me and didn't buy their own names, this service is fantastic!!!!! Especially since the widgets link back to the content on all of my sites.”—Author and Entrepreneur, Christopher D. Burns