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Crown Heights Movie PosterCrown Heigths

Rated R for language, some sexuality/nudity and violence
Genre: Drama
Running time: 93 minutes
Directed By: Matt Ruskin
Written By: Matt Ruskin
In Theaters: Aug 18, 2017 Limited
Studio: Amazon Studios and IFC Films

Courtroom Docudrama Recounts Real-Life Miscarriage of Justice

In the spring of 1980, Colin Warner (Lakeith Stanfield) was wrongfully accused of murder on the streets of Brooklyn by a 15 year-old juvenile delinquent (Skylan Brooks) who picked him out of a photo lineup provided by the police. That supposed "eyewitness" testimony was the only evidence linking Colin to the crime, but it didn't prevent a jury from convicting the 18 year-old in spite of a credible alibi and the absence of a motive, weapon or connection to the victim.

Detroit Movie PosterDetroit

Rated R for graphic violence and pervasive profanity
Running time: 143 minutes
Directed By: Kathryn Bigelow
Written By: Mark Boal
In Theaters: Aug 4, 2017 Wide
Production Company: Annapurna Pictures / First Light
Distributor: Annapurna Pictures

Claustrophobic Docudrama Revisits '67 Riots through the Prism of Infamous Interrogation at Algiers Hotel

Detroit’s 1967 riots broke out in the wee hours of July 23rd, in the wake of a police raid on an unlicensed bar where folks had been toasting a couple of vets who’d recently returned from Vietnam. Word spread like wildfire through the black community that the cops had arrested all 82 people they found inside, and it wasn’t long before mobs began looting and firebombing stores all throug out the neigborhood.

The rebellion would last five days and result in over 1,000 injuries and 7,000 arrests, while also claiming 43 lives. In terms of property damage, about 2,500 businesses were destroyed and hundreds of families were left homeless.

I Called Him Morgan Movie PosterI Called Him Morgan

Running time: 92 minutes
Production Studio: Kasper Collin Produktion
Distributor: Submarine Deluxe

Reverential Retrospective Revisits Abbreviated Life of Legendary Jazz Great

Written and directed by Kasper Collin, I Called Him Morgan is a warts-and-all retrospective chronicling the highs and lows of Lee's checkered career. He enjoyed a meteoric rise as a member of Dizzy Gillespie's big band while still in his teens, only to eventually become broke because of a heroin habit that made him so unreliable that nobody in the music industry would hire him anymore.

I Am Not your Negro Movie PosterI Am Not Your Negro


PG-13 (for disturbing violent images, thematic material, language and brief nudity)
Running time: 93 minutes
Studio: Big Beach Films
Distributor: Focus Features

Oscar-Nominated Documentary Inspired by James Baldwin’s Unfinished Manuscript

When novelist/social critic James Baldwin passed away in 1987, he left behind an unfinished opus entitled Remember This House. The 30-page manuscript assessed the plight of African-Americans in the United States while specifically reflecting upon the assassinations of three civil rights icons: Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Moonlight Movie Poster Loving


Rated PG-13 for mature themes and ethnic slurs
Running time: 123 minutes
Studio: Big Beach Films
Distributor: Focus Features

Poignant Period Piece Recounts the Forbidden Romance That Led to Landmark Supreme Court Decision

Mildred Jeter (Ruth Negga) and Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) committed a crime just by falling in love when they were in the bloom of youth back in 1958. That's because she was black and he was white, and they were living in Virginia, one of the many Southern states with anti-miscegnation laws still on the books forbidding cohabitation, marriage, procreation or even sexual relations across racial lines.

Moonlight Movie PosterMoonlight


Rated R for sexuality, drug use, pervasive profanity, ethnic slurs and graphic violence
Running time: 110 minutes
Studio: Plan B Entertainment
Distributor: A24

Gay Ghetto Kid Struggles with His Sexual Awakening in Homoerotic Coming of Age Flick

It isn’t bad enough that Chiron (Alex R. Hibbert/Ashton Sanders/Trevante Rhodes) is being raised by an emotionally-unavailable, drug-addicted, single-mom (Naomie Harris). The shy youngster also has the misfortune of having to hide the fact that he’s gay, since he’s experiencing pangs of sexual awakening in the midst of an African-American, ghetto culture which is homophobic to the point of violence.

Maya Angelou: And Still I RiseMaya Angelou: And Still I Rise

In Theaters: Oct 14, 2016 Limited

Directed By: Bob Hercules, Rita Coburn Whack
Running time: 114 minutes
Distributor: American Masters Pictures

Co-directed by Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack, the film features heartfelt reflections by an array of luminaries, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, John Singleton, Cicely Tyson, Dave Chappelle and Valerie Simpson, to name a few. For example, we hear Secretary Clinton refer to her as “a phenomenal woman” while Lou Gossett, Jr. credits her with raising his political consciousness.

Southside With YouThe Birth of a Nation

In Theaters: October 7, 2016 Wide

Rated R for brief nudity and disturbing violence
Running time: 120 minutes
Distributor: Fox Searchlight Pictures

This compelling drama landed both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and had emerged as the prohibitive Best Picture Academy Award favorite until buzz about Mr. Parker’s having been accused of rape while in college went viral across the blogosphere. Nevertheless, judging The Birth of a Nation strictly on the merits, it undeniably deserved its previous status as a prime Oscar contender.

The Birth of a NationSouthside With You

In Theaters: August 26, 2016 Wide

PG-13 for smoking, a violent image, brief profanity and a drug reference
Running time: 84 minutes
Distributor: Miramax / Roadside Attractions

Who would ever think of making a movie just about Barack (Parker Sawyers) and Michelle Obama’s (Tika Sumpter) first date? Richard Tanne would, that’s who, and he makes an impressive directorial debut with this inspirational biopic chronicling a very eventful day in the lives of the future President and First Lady.


In Theaters: April 22, 2015 Limited

Rating: PG for mature themes
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Cynthia Mort
Written By: Cynthia Mort
Running time: 90 minutes
Studio: Ealing Studios

Most of the pre-release buzz surrounding this controversial biopic has swirled around the debate about Zoe Saldana’s darkening her skin, donning an afro wig and wearing a prosthetic nose to portray Nina Simone (1933-2003). Apparently, in these politically-correct times, some consider the casting of Saldana as the dark-skinned title character to be a case of cultural appropriation, since she is of Dominican and Puerto Rican extraction and thus, by implication, not black enough to play an African-American.

War RoomWar Room

In Theaters: Aug 28, 2015 Limited

Rating: PG for mature themes
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Alex Kendrick
Written By: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick
Running time: 120 minutes
Studio: Provident Films
Distributor: TriStar Pictures

In 2011, Pastor Alex Kendrick produced, directed, wrote and starred in Courageous, a very compelling, action-oriented, faith-based drama. With War Room, he's opted to play only a supporting role in the flick, thereby freeing himself to focus more on his duties behind the camera.

The film revolves around protagonists Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) and Tony Jordan (T.C. Stallings), a couple we meet already in the midst of a relationship crisis. Most of their marital woes are of the husband's making, as he is a workaholic who's emotionally and physically unavailable to his wife and their young daughter, Danielle (Alena Pitts).  Read More

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the RevolutionThe Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

In Theaters: Sep 2, 2015 Limited

Runtime: 1 hr. 53 min.
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Documentary
Directed & Written By: Stanley Nelson
Distributor: Firelight Films

The late Stokely Carmichael is famous for coining the phrase “Black power!” What he might not be as well remembered for is founding the Black Panthers. Frustrated by the tortoise-paced progress of the Civil Rights movement and by the number of martyrs dying and disappearing around the South… “You tell them white folks in Mississippi that all the scared niggers is dead!” he announced. However, Stokely had little to do with the organization after opening that first chapter in 1965 in Lowndes, Alabama (an 80% black county where no African-American had ever been allowed to vote).  Read More

Straight Outta Compton (2015) Straight Outta Compton

In Theaters: Aug 14, 2015 Wide

Runtime: 2 hr. 27 min.
Rating: violence, drug use, pervasive profanity and ethnic slurs, graphic sexuality and frontal nudity
Genre: Drama
Directed By: F. Gary Gray
Written By: Jonathan Herman, Andrea Berloff
Distributor: Universal Pictures

Back in the Eighties, the CIA began orchestrating the introduction of crack-cocaine to African-American communities all across America, starting with the South Central L.A. By the middle of the decade, the epidemic had turned Compton into a godforsaken wasteland rife with drug addiction and crime.  Read More


In Theaters: Jun 19, 2015 Wide

Runtime: 1 hr. 55 min.
Rating: R (for languge, drug content, sexuality/nudity, and some violence- all involving teens)
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Directed & Written by Rick Famuyiwa
Rated R for profanity, nudity, sexuality, ethnic slurs, drug use and violence, all involving teens
Distributor: Open Road Films

17 year-old Malcolm (Shameik Moore) was raised by a single-mom (Kimberly Elise) in a rather rough section of L.A. where he's turned out to be more of a milquetoast than a menace to society. He's actually so nerdy he's formed a funk band called Oreo with a couple of fellow geeks, Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib (Tony Revolori). The tight-knit BFFs carefully negotiate their way through the perilous gauntlet lining their path to school, doing their best to hide the fact that they do “white sh*t” like getting good grades in hopes of going to a good college and making it out of the ghetto.  Read More

Brotherly Love Brotherly Love

In Theaters: Apr 24, 2015 Limited

Rated: R for violence, profanity and ethnic slurs
Genre: Drama
Written & Directed By: Jamal Hill
Runtime: 1 hr. 30 min.
Distributor: Liquid Soul Media / Freestyle Releasing

As far as performances are concerned, Keke Palmer is terrific in the lead role as Jackie. She also belts out a couple of tunes on the soundtrack, including a mesmerizing, closing credits rendition of the Harold Melvin R&B classic, “Wake Up Everybody.” And the rest of the cast, especially Cory Hardrict, Romeo Miller, Macy Gray, Eric D. Hill, Jr., Quincy Brown and Faizon Love, does a great job creating the requisite edgy atmosphere that imbues the production with a very authentic feel for the duration.  Read More


In Theaters: Jan 30, 2015 Limited
On DVD: Apr 21, 2015

Rating: Unrated
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Deon Taylor
Runtime: 1 hr. 46 min.
Distributor: Well Go Entertainment
DVD Extras: Behind-the-Scenes featurette; and the theatrical trailer.

Directed by Deon Taylor (Chain Letter), Supremacy is a hostage thriller ostensibly inspired by actual events which transpired in Sonoma County, California on the night of March 29, 1995. At 11:30 that evening, Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Trejo was assassinated by a recently-paroled member of the Aryan Brotherhood and his gun moll, just before they forced their way into a nearby house and held the owners captive.  Read More

Da Sweet Blood of JesusDa Sweet Blood of Jesus [2015]

In Theaters: Feb 13, 2015 Limited

Rating: Unrated
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 2 hr. 3 min.
Studio: 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures

The Kickstarter page where Spike Lee raised $1,418,910 from fans for his latest “Joint” expressly states that the money would not used to shoot a remake of Blacula (1972). But it also failed to inform investors that the crowdfunded feature was ostensibly-inspired by another Blaxploitation era horror flick, namely, Ganja & Hess (1973). And after screening this disappointing indie, it’s obvious there was no reason to redo that picture either.  Read More

Selma (2014)Selma

In Theaters: Dec 25, 2014 Limited, Jan 9, 2014 Wide

PG-13 (for disturbing thematic material including violence, a suggestive moment, and brief strong language)
Runtime: 2 hr. 7 min.
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Ava DuVernay
Written By: Paul Webb, Ava DuVernay
Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Believe it or not, this moving biopic is the first, full-length feature ever made revolving around Dr. Martin Luther King. That oversight is only apt to further enhance the film’s stock value when it goes wide in theaters right before Dr. King’s birthday and the eagerly-anticipated awards season.  Read More

Annie (2014) Annie

In Theaters: Dec 19, 2014 Wide

Rated PG for mild epithets and rude humor
Running time: 118 minutes
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
PG (for some mild language and rude humor)
Genre: Drama , Kids & Family, Musical & Performing Arts
Directed By: Will Gluck
Written By: Emma Thompson , Thomas Meehan , Aline Brosh McKenna

A 21st Century variation on the age-old theme where an insufferable 1%-er finally gets in touch with his sensitive side with the help of an irresistible ragamuffin representing the downtrodden rest of humanity.  Read More

Top Five (2014) Movie PosterTop Five

In Theaters: Dec 12, 2014 Wide

R (for strong sexual content, nudity, crude humor, language throughout and some drug use)
Running time: 1 hr. 41 min.
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Written and Directed By: Chris Rock

Top Five features Chris Rock as Andre Allen, a comedian who has become too closely associated with “Hammy the Bear,” the popular protagonist of a humor-driven film franchise. Consequently, he’s been having a hard time making the transition to dramatic roles.  Read More

25 to Life25 to Life

In Theaters: Nov 28, 2014 Limited

Rated PG-13 for PG-13 for action and sci-fi violence
Running time: 87 minutes
Studio: SimonSays Entertainment
Distributor: AaFFRM

Directed by Mike Brown, 25 to Life is reverential biopic that revisits all of the above, opting to present Bill in a positive light despite his risky behavior with a string of sex partners. Granted, it’s great that he ultimately embraced honesty and even settled down and got married, but it would’ve been nice to hear from his former conquests to learn how they felt about being used and whether they’ve tested positive for the AIDS virus.   Read More

Beyond the LightsBeyond the Lights

In Theaters: Nov 14, 2014 Wide

Rated PG-13 for sexuality, profanity, suggestive gestures, partial nudity and matures themes
Running time: 1 hr. 42 min.
Written and Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Relativity Media

Beyond the Lights, a steamy romantic romp written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Secret Life of Bees and Love & Basketball). Don’t be duped into thinking that you’ve seen this same story somewhere before, given how the plot is vaguely reminiscent of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner’s The Bodyguard (1992).  Read More

Dear White PeopleDear White People

In Theaters: Oct 17, 2014 Limited
On DVD: Feb 3, 2015

Rated R for profanity, ethnic and sexual preference slurs, sexuality and drug use
Running time: 1 hr. 48 min.
Genre: Drama , Comedy
Directed By: Justin Simien
Written By: Justin Simien
Distributor: Roadside Attractions

…director Simien pulls a couple of rabbits out of his hat while lacing his dialogue with pithy lines (“Learn to modulate your blackness up or down depending on the crowd and what you want from them.”) and touching on a litany of hot button issues ranging from Affirmative Action to Tyler Perry.  Read More

The EqualizerThe Equalizer

In Theaters: Sep 26, 2014 Wide

Rated R for graphic violence, sexual references and pervasive profanity
Running time: 131 minutes
Distributor: Sony Pictures
Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Antoine Fuqua
Written By: Richard Wenk

On the surface, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is a perfectly-pleasant, hail fellow well met. By day, the affable widower is employed as a sales associate at a hardware superstore where he jokes with co-workers who call him “Pops.” Evenings, he retires to a modest apartment in a working-class, Boston community, although bouts of insomnia often have him descending to a nearby diner to read a book into the wee hours of the morning. Read More

Take Me to the RiverTake Me to the River

In Theaters: Sep 12, 2014 Limited

Rated PG for smoking, mild epithets and mature themes
Running Time: 95 Minutes
Musical & Performing Arts, Documentary
Directed By: Martin Shore
Written By: Rick Clark, Jerry Harrison
Produced By: Martin Shore, Jerry Harrison, Cody Dickinson, Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell, and Dan Sameha

A lot of great soul music came out of Memphis in the Sixties and early Seventies. Stax Records launched the careers of acts like Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes and Booker T. and the MGs while its cross-town rival Hi Records had Al Green, Ann Peebles and O.V. Wright.Take Me to the River is a reverential retrospective which is a combination tribute to the city’s impressive legacy and a tip of the cap to some up-and-coming artists still recording in the region. . Read More

Get on Up: The James Brown Story (2014) - Movie PosterGet on Up: The James Brown Story

In Theaters: Aug 1, 2014 Wide

Rated PG-13 for sexuality, drug use, profanity and violence
Running time: 2 hr. 18 min.
Directed By: Tate Taylor
Written By: Steven Baigelman, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth
Distributor: Universal Pictures

Just last year, Chadwick Boseman successfully channeled the spirit of Jackie Robinson in 42, a powerful biopic about the Hall of Fame great who made history when he integrated Major League Baseball in 1947. In Get on Up, the gifted young actor is already impersonating another legendary African-American, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown (1933-2006). Read More

Hidden Colors 3:The Rules Of Racism (2014)Hidden Colors 3:The Rules of Racism

In Theaters: Jun 26, 2014 Limited
DVD Release Date: July 4, 2014

Unrated, 1 hr. 40 min.
Directed By: Tariq Nasheed
Studio: King Flex Entertainment
Actors: David Banner, Paul Mooney, Dick Gregory, Nas, Tariq Nasheed

Hidden Colors 3: The Rules Of Racism is the third installment of the critically acclaimed documentary Hidden Colors series. This installment of tackles the taboo subject of systematic racism. The film explores how institutional racism effects all areas of human activity, and the rules, laws, and public policies that are utilized to maintain this system. Hidden Colors 3 features commentary from a diverse group of scholars, authors, and entertainment icons...Read More

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