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  1. This Collage book is based on the 1985 film legend. This Collage was interesting as the themes of Evil/Love/Fairies/Demons encircled each other.  Legend source story is more romantic and the Evil is not as straightforward as some will like to think, to be fair it is darkness not evil. Like the prior week , Please use the kobo mobile app to view. Please tell me your thoughts in private message if you are part of my email list or in guest comment here... Lastly, I am pondering what the next collage book should reference, the private collage series will involve black stories like john henry or three the hard way getting the treatment, so any ideas to another non black story you will like me to collage?


    Links exist below to view the film or read the scripts.

    the film for those that do not know 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M7N_TSZdicLegend first script- one of the finest scripts I have ever read in terms of flat out imagination and beauty. the opening scene with the princess needed to be made 
    Legend second script with the truest darkness- the black unicorn, lovely 
    Legend third script made into the film 






    Richard Murray Collages Book 1

    Good day all, in my attempt to find a way to make the following epub functional on all systems I took time I hoped to present it to you  before next month. As hinted, I was unsuccessful in making the epub functional in every ereader but I can confirm that if you read the epub in the kobo app it can be accessed and viewed appropriately. Now, what is the epub? 

    Well, it is as the title to this blog entry suggest, Richard Murray Collages Book 1 . It is the epub version to the zenith power collage placed below. I realized after gaining reply that the length or style to my collage needed adjusting. To that end, I hopefully made this form more functional to my readers. But, gardless, I hope you enjoy this. It is free to download so all that is lacking is your interest. If you want more context to the story or how this idea came about read from the boldened or capitalized text "the zenith power collage" below. As it is, this is the 1st in this series and the next story I will make a collage from is the 1985 film Legend. As always your thoughts are welcome to the stories <please tell me your favorite photo> , or to the epub structure, or any other art or design topic. Be Safe 




    The following is an update to the original post, appended below the following. From the beginning my goal was to make a screenplay publicly. I admit, I was going to use regular text but luckily found a kobo writing life blog post from Chris Mandeville which gave me the idea to make a collage to begin the process. I thought that was a nice artful way to engender a public view to where WE will go. But, while I was making the collage I already knew I wanted to make a powerpoint for it, with fragments, not complete stories even flash stories. But, fragments, not even spell checked. I wrote them all rawly and intending for them to be discussed or debated. Thus, here is my Zenith Power Fragment Collage. With this tool you guys can note the particular fragments you like, suggest or discuss possibilities where we can go next. Remember, if you are not a member of African American Literary Book Club you can still comment as a guest. I ask that you do so and use whatever monicker from the esocial world you use, so I know it is you. Ignore, the link button on the first page, it is only if people embed or link to the powerpoint in other places away from here. Just click anywhere on the image below outside the link button to begin. One last note...:) I used the side panel space to link to my other ebooks so click where it does not seem like a book cover. 



    Well, what say you?! If you want another structure, Here are my Writing Islands, will you or have you made one



    Chris Mandeville presented her collage to a story she wrote and that made me think. Why not present a collage to a story I have pondered and we can discuss collages in an open story, one in which i create in public. Below is my collage to my tentatively titled "The Zero Power"  based on one of my favorite films from the 80s , the first power, starring  lou diamond phillips. It is similar to the film, Fallen, starring Denzel washington, i dare say its predecessor, not a prequel but the same kind of villain. and in both movies,a non beleiving cop in spiritual matters, at least to the level of possession, is warned and does not heed it, and the criminal after murder by the state, spiritually possesses others, against their will and is allowed to act free. In the First Power, more abilities are gained over time while in fallen it is just the one and in both, the end does not convince that the negative spirit is killed. Though in first power, it seems a negative spirit possessed the murderer, while in fallen the murderers spirit is itself the actor.
    A few things come to mind, some openings, first the story is not confined. the cause to this negativity is not made clear or who is supporting it is not made clear. All the main characters roles are up in the air, is russ's character possessed or not. who taught seaton and will she grow, what is her true role? the spirit of marguerite is not dead but where is it, what role will she play especially concerning the christian church that opposed invovlement

    so, i went about making a collage.I first got photos of the people. And i saw the shape of a cross, lou diamond atop, korber the bottom, arlen and williamson to the wings, griffith centrally. between Russ(lou diamond) and the killer(korber) is the nun(arlen), the seer(griffith) and the friend(williamson). 
    but then i had a bunch of pieces in my mind: ancient church to satan in spain and zealots in california populated around korber, then excommunicated christian nun next to arlen. I think to late believer to Williamson. I thought seer in love to griffith.lastly, to lou diamond i thought , sleeping christian knight. 

    This is what I came up with to the story, The Zero Power, which I am thinking of calling The Zenith Power instead. If you read the rundown, which I place below for those unfamiliar to the story, you will comprehend, why Zero and then Zenith.  After you read the rundown or from your general thoughts, any ideas to what images I should add to the collage:) 



    video full film - better screen

    text story synopsis
    Collage reference

    IF you do not know the film, here is a rundown, it was written by Robert Resnikoff
    -It starts with a nun (Elizabeth arlen) referring to the book of revelation mentioning a link between certain murders and symbols of the devil. She is not believed by the cardinal or monsignor, and sent back to convent. 
    -A cop, Russ (lou diamond phillips) is frustrated, trying to find the next locale to the murders. He gets a call from a mysterious woman (Tracy griffith) who tells him she knows the next locale. She tells the cop after he swears to not allow the death penalty to the criminal, the location to the next victim, and even gives him his name. Logan then derives a graphic upon the locations he has marked on a map.
    -the law enforcement trap to the killer is set, bored, tired or leisurely. 
    -the cop's partner Franklin (Mykelti Williamson) is driving them to the site, trying to convince the cop that it is a hoax. Russ is unconvinced and sees a possibility, jesting franklin's spirituality or fears from boogie men as franklin rubs a charm.   
    -The female cop luring the criminal is grabbed by a man with a pentagram on his hand, the killer man (Jeff Kober). 
    -The superior law enforcers,commander perkinds side lieutenant grimes , bust the trap to an angry phillips, telling him the time is up. 
    -The female cop Carmen (Sue Giosa) is in some subterranean area of the city, bound and wakes to see the killer with a mask on. he takes off the mask and tells her to not be afriad, so that he can help her. 
    -Russ and Franklin go to the park , the only place law enforcement has not searched to find Carmen. 
    -The killer states his process of going through a small door at his or carmen's third eye reciting christian chants backwards, while Russ side Franklin are searching for him
    -Russ and Franklin are still searching when the killer place the mask on carmen and prepares to knife her, but stops when he hears someone outside his cave. He successfully sneaks franklin but russ comes and after a skirmish russ runs after the killer
    -Russ chases the killer into a warehouse, where the killer plays the cat and mouse game to russ, and tried to kill him pushing some metal pats on him. Russ is shooting on any sign of him. His gun is out of bullets and russ jumps on the killer and they both go out of the window onto some mess. Russ is stabbed but overpowers the criminal, and before he can beat him to death uniformed law enforcers arrive come and bind the killer
    -a news program reports the killer is captured by Russ, russel logan, it is mentioned this is the third time in five years russ as succeeded in a case like this, and that the murderer was a mere water supply manager
    -the court date, russ believes the killer will get the death penalty, the killer is happy and asks about russ's stomach, and the killer goads russ to make sure he gets the death penalty, and says he owes him one, "see you around buddy boy"
    -Russ and other law enforcers are enjoying their victory, and russ gets a call
    -the mysterious woman calls the precint and says, to russ, no death penalty, and to stop it before it is too late
    -the killer is in the chamber , while russ side others watch, and the killer is jubilant, and looks happily to russ as they close the door, franklin bids the killer farewell and the killer is gassed
    -the killer is dead in the chamber, but Russ thought he saw movement, franklin is unphased. then the killer seem to escape the chamber and russ is trying to shoot him but he is unstoppable and approaches him with his knife, before the strike, Russ wakes up from the dream sweaty, his cat,jack, bouncing on his bed
    -Russ has a rose on the other pillow , i iguess for company, and the cat is nervous, hissing, russ takes his gun, which is near his bad and hears noises. he goes to his investigative room and it is covered in blood. the door sounds and law enforcers are there, russ tells them to bring forensics to the room but it is normal when he they arrive and they tell russ that he is needed
    -Russ is at the caves agaian and carmen, the female  cop, was murdered with the symbol. Russ is saddened
    -A woman beats a man to a parking spot and is walking out when blood spills from the water pipe. She then see no cars and a mysterious man appears. She is startled by the man who then appears behind her when a stranger startles her out. she sees a paper describing the killer being gassed successfully
    -in a holding room, the same woman is walking about, while franklin side russ look to her. Franklin tells russ she only wants to speak to you and russ agrees, the other cops entertained by the possible romance that can spew or jest
    -Russ and the mysterious woman, seaton, meet for the first time face to face, and russ ask about Carmen's death. She tells him the pentagram killer killed carmen, he says she is playing, she says he was celebrating an execution, and the killer's spirit is back, and describes herself as a professional and that she has helped save a child. Then she tells him, she was the caller unstraightly. Then he questions her, about how she knew the killer and she tells them she saw a child he killed and was compelled to search for him. russ jests and says she used her powers for his phone number and she says, she has a friend at the phone company. Seaton makes it clear, she helped him and he broke his promise and he is after her. She leaves her contact information and leaves the holding room
    -russ tell a cop to follow her, and franklin says they got the guy who killed carmen 
    -russ is viewing a man, seemingly scarred but very quiet being questioned by a law enforcer angry at carmen's death, the commander say they found him in an ally and he had the weapon in his hame. they say the man has no identification
    -Russ coolly goes into the prison room, and sees if the man has any recognition to flame near his eyes, the man is unmoved, as Russ leaves he hears, see you around buddy boy but asks if it was the other law enforcer who said it
    -Russ leave, depressed and franklin ask if he is ok, russ ask if that man could kill anyone, and russ smell a setup
    -russ and franklin go to the house of seaton, no one is there and russ break in, franklin state a warrant would help. seaton has an expensive place and russ side franklin walk around in it admiring the house searching her place<an early internet site is visible> russ finds a horoscope for him, and a false reference is made
    -the cop following seaton, seaton discovers, and tells him he should try internet dating, as he lost her looking to a woman with a red short skirt
    -russ listens to her audio messages, and then the killer is on the tape 
    -seaton finds both of them i her home illegally searching
    -russ then wants to show her the message the killer had for him on the phone, but it was not. franklin tells him maybe he erased the message. Russ then says seaton and the killer are working together, and threatens seaton. seaton warns franklin he is in trouble after she see his lucky charm change to a pentagram.
    -russ side franklin take seaton to a fair, or carnival and franklin ask what are they doing
    -seaton says the killers spirit is at the fair, franklin is scared, and worries what is going on, and russ says he erased the message.
    -russ side seaton is looking around and franklin is alone rubbing his charm
    -seatons senses the killer , and franklin gets run over by a horse driving a carriage, and franklin admits he saw the killer as he die
    -russ asks for ambulance as he with seaton in the car chase the horse and wagon
    -they reach the wagon and horse to a building and russ ties seaton in his car, seaton warns russ he is being played with but russ goes into the building
    -the possessed driver to the wagon, appears like the killer then jumps off the roof, but lands easily and runs away
    -russ chases down the fire escape and sees two guys and asks them what they saw, they say they saw nothing
    -law enforcement is at the scene, the commander asks russ how a guy jumps off a building waves and runs away
    -russ back at his car, sees the lietenant who is jesting at the law suit and the scenario, with seaton not there
    -the commander gives russ a nod and russ knows, he is on thin ice, no more mistakes, a law enforcer says they found a cop dead
    -russ is at the crime scene where a cop was executed , and hung up under a bridge, they show he has a cut across the neck and a pentagram sign and the commander takes russ off the case
    -russ says to the chief, i hope i am crazy cause the other cop will not help
    -russ goes to a church, and gives a blessing in the christian fashion, he sits alone, he notice a woman praying distantly, and chooses to go to the confessional
    -russ asks forgiveness, and admits he parted ways to catholicism, and speaks to the priest about how his father was shot an innocent man and lamented his mother saying her husbands death was god's will
    -russ ask the priest, if the spirit of the dead take over the living, and ask about possession, the priest respond possession can happen andthen the killer appears, and throws a knife
    -russ see's the killer at the alter mocking the death of jesus and then he jumps through the church window, russ chases him to an old hotel, <like the hotel in they live> 
    -russ goes to an upstairs floor in the hotel, gun in hand, and seaton arrives warning him, startled a door opens and an axman gets the jump on logan, before the ax can pierce him, seaton drops a perfume bottle at a store and runs out
    -russ is running to the old hotel again, and he asks the concierge where did the man go, the concierge does not know but a hobo point upward, russ follows
    -seaton arrives from a cab to the hotel and enters it, the same hobo guides her upstairs and seaton warns russ as a door opens and an axman comes out but his swing missess russ
    -Seaton used a star and it stalls channing, the killer, russ scuttles and seaton breaks her concentration, the killer then takes a cieling fan and uses it chainsaw style as russ side seaton run
    -russ and seaton go to the end of the hall and enter a room, russ's bullets no effect, and close a door, using a man sleeping on a bed as a doorstop while they climb outside
    -the man used as a doorstop is shocked as channing busts through the door and leaps over him
    -russ side seaton are on the ground from the fire escape and stop a car driving through a backalley, and enter it, channing then jumps on the car, the former driver scared and unstable
    -russ drives the car forward and tries to knock off channing, after a drive, channing is knocked off and russ then stops the car somewhere in the street and tells the owner to give it to lietenant grimes to handle all damages personally
    -russ then discusses to seaton. and asks seaton calmly what is going on. seaton says she is not completely certain , but outside of making russ see things, channing needs to possess bodies, the local frankfurter man is unconvinced as he hears in shot
    -russ asks how can he see him, she says he can reveal himself to him, and she says she heard of a woman who can help
    -russ side seaton drive to a nunery
    -the nun at the door tries to disuade them as they ask for her. russ tries to use his badge but does not move the nun. 
    -the nun directs them to sister marguerites solace. russ says thanks the nun does not speak to him. Seaton says to marguerite we need your help, an entity has returned and is killing, marguerite ask how it died and seaton says execution
    -seaton asks about the first power, marguerite say the church rejects discussion, russ says he does not care
    -marguerite says forget the first power, it is not a game, and closes her portal
    -seaton asks her but no change, russ escort seaton out. russ then ask what next from seaton, and after sniding or jesting, seaton ask russ to pull over for that drink he asked for before
    -in the bar, seaton get a drink for both, russ side seaton let out frustration in words, and proves she knows her drinks to russ
    -russ gives advice on drinking, and seaton says she wants to get through, but she then starts to see what caused him to give up hope, and tells him he needs to believe in more than channing
    -seaton then touched him and russ was very rude, and seaton leaves. russ follows and they warm to each other a little. 
    -seaton says they have to go to channing's home, russ makes a snide comment and they arrive
    -at channing's boyhood home an old woman opens the door and russ starts a lie saying they are their to prove channing is innocent and the old lady let them in
    -the old woman says light hurts her eyes, from cataracts
    -the old woman asks why did they wait so late to see patrick's innocence, russ lies and says that is why they are here
    -seaton see a photo to the old womans' husband and patrick's mother, russ asks questions about a father and says channing was illegitimate
    -the old woman contests that extremely and say her and her husband loved patrick channing, and seaton ask to see the room, the old woman agree
    -in channings boyhood room, the old woman says no matter what anyone says he was happy here, and he could not be a murderer, he was quiet and considerate
    -seaton starts to sense the room, and opens chanings mothers old trinket box, she then starts reciting the occurance when channings mother was being violated by her grandfather
    - the old woman demands they leave, and russ says, you were there and let it happen, you let your husband molest your own daughter, and realizes, patricks father and grandfather is the same
    -the old woman then realizes who russ is  and calls him a murderer, and seaton leaves, the old woman cries for russ to burn in hell
    -russ is chasing seaton outside , and they reach the waterworks, russ chases seaton into the dark places in the waterworks
    -russ find seaton who is going through things, a water work operator finds them and says a kid got drowned there, russ side seaton realize this is his first spot and seaton's hands have signs on them from an angry channing. seaton then leaves. 
    -in the monsignor's office, sister marguerite grabs a box, he finds her taking the box and is saddened for her, she explains she turned people away who asked for help and says, satan has given a follow the first power, the monsignor is shocked considering the resurrection capability
    -leaving the monsignor in shock, maguerite take the box and the monsignor say he will pray for her and she closes the door behind her
    -in russ's car, seaton say channing will kill someone close to russ, they must hurry
    -russ is driving, seaton in the passenger side, a call on the police radio to a location is picked up by russ. the location is an old plant, russ leaves seaton in the car
    -seaton in the car hears another police call and then channing speak to her through the radio and she runs after russ into the old plant
    -russ grag seaton startling her and channing giggle from the dark , russ side seaton search for channing
    -channing toys with them and russ shoot wherever he sense channing
    -Russ falls through an old floor and is separated from seaton, seaton runs and channing appears
    -seaton try to back channing using a pentagram but he says she is holding it the wrong way and grabs her wrist roughly
    -seaton warns channing he can't go on killing forever, and channing says movielike, you wanna bet
    -channing grabs her neck firmly and seaton run away and then he scares her continually appearing wherever she runs to
    -russ wakes up from falling while seaton is running from the spirit of channing, and sees her running from channing
    -channing overtakes seaton and pulls out his knife, he is about to kiss seaton on the neck when russ appears, gun pointed
    -channing through seaton out the way and used a move to disarm russ, channing is kicking russ's ass when seaton knocks him off the platform to old metal pilings
    -russ side seaton go downstairs to the pilings and it is a man, grimes, not channing
    -at evening, russ is talking to the commander, he can't beleive grimes is guilty, the chief wants to call and the commander tells russ to leave side seaton and no talking to anyone about this
    -russ drives seaton to his house and leaves money by an old beggar, in the house seaton is scared and asks russ what will they do
    -russ's plan is to kill everyone channing uses and they argue in frustration
    -russ asks how channing got into grimes, and seaton says his drunkeness may have helped and in los angeles russ is more frustrated
    -seaton then admits to the fear she has as channing keeps getting stronger, then russ tries to comfort seaton and she rejects the idea candidly but russ goes to her and they kiss, they are startled and begin to kiss again
    -they hear a noise again and russ goes to check, the beggar then appears to seaton in the window dancing, excuse me bag lady, seaton cries for russ
    -russ ask what is up and he sees nothing then the bag lady jumps through the window
    -channing inside the bad lady beat up russ, and gestures to seaton
    -russ side seaton leave his home and drive away, seaton tells russ they have no where they can run and the bag lady appear in his car and cause havoc at the wheel
    -channing is attacking both russ or seaton while manipulating the car wildly on the road and drives the car into an accident
    -russ is bloody in the wreckage, seaton or the bag lady no where around, he cries out for seaton as an onlooked try to attend to him, and seaton side the bag lady are totally gone
    -russ is at sister marguerite's and he demands she help him find seaton no matter her views, she warns him he does not know what he faces and he says he does not care, she lets him in her room
    -marguerite says channing will take seaton to where he performs his rituals- russ says he knows russ asks how to stop channing
    -marguerite says it is stopping a being who has the first power, she explains, three powers can be bestowed by god or satan, the third is the ability to possess another's body, the second is in seaton the gift of knowing the future, the first power is resurrection, immortality
    -russ says he does not know about this but he wants to help
    -margueurite says one way exist, and reveals the cross in the box, to the only living soul that had all three powers, and the cross has a blade in it
    -russ and marguerite go to the waterworks on the hunt to channing
    -russ find seaton on a floor candles about in a pentagram, the bag lady sneak him and then marguerite fights him and he stabs marguerite
    -russ shoots the baglady in the head and releases seaton, marguerite burns the body of the bad lady in the pentagram
    -russ side seaton leave but the wound marguerite got was lethal, seaton till feels channing and russ goes back for marguerite who he see laying in the tunnel
    -russ approach marguerite but channing has possessed her and drags him back into the chamber
    -russ ask channing to let marguerite go, and tells him not to hide behind her, channing calls russ's bluff that russ would not shoot a nun
    -channing points russ's gun to him and russ ask marguerite to fight channing, telling her, she can beat him, not to give up, he is not powerful, channing is a scared little boy
    -russ then says the first person channing killed was his grandfather, and channingis rattled by the truth being revealed
    -marguerite in control uses the blade and reveals channing , she disaparates, channing attacks russ and they fight
    -seaton uses a waterwork and channing drags her into the water , russ sees it and follows, seaton, channing, russ are sliding down a pipe. seaton side channing arrive on a platform, the cross blade drops but channing kicks it away, channing threatens to kill seaton in an acid bath but russ lunges onto him, russ side channing fight, russ uses his lighter and burns channings face and throws him into the acid, then uses the lighter to ignite the acid, covering seaton
    -they try to get out the waterworks when channing arrive out the acid fire, the cross blade is present, russ gets it and attacks channing. law officers in uniform appear as channing appears to be marguerite, russ then uses the blade and the law enforcers shoot him after he seems to injure channing, who is visible to the law enforcers after they saw him as the nun
    -in a hospital room, seaton is sitting over russ, asking russ to come back to her, russ then gets up from the table, and seaton scared wakes up
    -seaton looks to russ worried or uncertain and we here channing, see you around buddy boy

  2. It goes without saying; white American's are the main ones who do not take responsibility for their actions. Where do I start; the mass murders, the drug and domestic abuse and terrorism, the welfare abuse and fraud, or the wealth and economic inequality gap? They cheat in everything from wage earning to college entrance exams, to voting and generational privilege.

    They had a 400-plus year head start on all people of color who they have kept back three grades in life, oppressed and literally abused, threatened and mistreated for the simple reason of arrogance and privilege. They are violent while calling others terrorist and criminals. They are cruel from the heart of humanity while lying about the character of Black men, women and children....Read More

  3. Blitter, a new social networking app created by Patrick Francis, made its debut on October 5, 2017. The Blitter profile listed in the iTunes Store indicates:

    "Blitter is a social network built on love, passion, and empathy. Blitter does not condone racism, sexism, harassment, bots, or hate speech whatsoever. We are 100% independent from any investors and display no ads!"



    Frances doesn't make the claim but I suspect Blitter is a mashup of BLACK TWITTER


    I signed up today. Being an early adopter comes with its own set of anxiety-inducing questions.


    I've already contacted support to ask why the app hasn’t requested access to my photos.

    "Apps that have requested access to your photos will appear here."

    It doesn’t. I can access my photos on the app but I didn’t give permission.  I also want to know how the app verifies my identity.   I like the illusion of privacy.   If you decide to leave the network, it’s easy to delete your account.  Some apps, such as HYPEAPP, make it extremely difficult to remove your account.     


    Once you download the app it’s easy to register on the site.


    Note: The @ username is the first and last name used to register.     blitter-personal-profile-sq.jpg


    The app is end-user friendly and intuitive. Click the camera icon and a screen appears that will allow you to add or shoot a 15-second video or photo. Choose the text icon to write a 120-character status.


    Francis's profile update indicates he’s in the process of updating the app. There should be a new update on Tuesday.


    Currently, Blitter is only available for IOS devices.

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    How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

    Self Awareness - knowing your own true feelings and the ability to manage them will help your ability to see how you react, and to realize how these reactions affect others. Being aware of your own self confidence will help you value who you are, how much you trust yourself, and your own capabilities. The higher your self confidence, the greater self worth, the more you believe in yourself, and the more you capable you become, all leading to a higher self esteem. 

    Self Regulation - we often can’t prepare our emotions throughout the day. When we experience emotion, it is largely spontaneous. We can’t control when this will happen to us, but we can sometimes regulate how long our emotions lasts, and the sometimes the intensity of it. The ability to alleviate the negative reaction we have from feeling angry, anxious, or sad can start with rethinking about a situation in a different way. Sometimes by taking a long walk, through meditation, or by spending some time in prayer. By doing this we can gain self control, integrity, self responsiblity, flexibility, and innovation. Self regulation is an important aspect in emotional intelligence. When we learn to manage impulses that can be disruptive, when we maintain higher standards of honesty and trustworthiness, when we are conscientous and adaptable, and when we come up with new ideas we can help guide ourselves through emotional impulses, which will lead to better results.

    Motivation - helps us achieve and aim towards a clear target with a purposeful and positive attitude. Learning to think in a more positive light will yield more positive results. Negative thoughts pop into everyone’s minds, but learning to reframe them can keep you be more motivated and help you develop a can do attitude that will get you over the inevitable obstacles that pop up. People who are motivated have a stronger drive to accomplish. They want to achieve and have high standards of excellence. Being motivated involves committment, and often teamwork so that everyone sees the same picture. Motivated people act when the opportunity arrives and look for opportunities. And when you are motivated you are optimistic about your beliefs, about what you want, and what you will and can do. With this optimism comes persistence, so that no matter what interference you encounter, or what setbacks get in your way, you will continue to go forward. 

    Empathy - the ability to recognize and meet the needs of someone else enables you to understand how that other person may feel. It is part of relating to another and greatly helps enhance relationships. People who are empathetic are very good at sensing what other people need beyond the feelings.

    Social Skills- are a part of the interpersonal skills a person needs to attain success in your life and your career. Having people skills is very important in negotiating with people, in meeting new people to further your contacts, and to be able to be persuasive. The ability to communicate so that the ideas you express get conveyed properly is integral in good social skills. In addition to sending clear messages, having the ability to inspire and guide will help with your leadership skills. When you have good social skills, you can bring about change and resolve disagreements, which help in conflict management. The ability to understand and negotiate is important in dealing with the many different personalities you will encounter. It is equally important to build bonds and nuture relationships to foster cooperation and collaboration so that the things you are looking to achieve can be accomplished.

    The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

    Genetics may be a factor of intelligence, but emotional intelligence can be improved. We all have different temperaments and personalities. We all have different ways we approach things, but everyone can take these qualities and enhance them.

    This is especially apparent as we raise our children. A child who is naturally shy, might be encouraged to meet new people or experience new things so they get out of their ‘shell’. Challenging children against the norm of their personality can encourage them to take on new situations. By learning to master new things, they may be less afraid and turn out less shy as they get older. 

    As an adult, people who are more worrisome and fearful, have a more negative self image, or harbor anger, may blame others for their plight in life and not achieve greater emotional intelligence. The use of our emotional intelligence will always help us feel more satisfaction and fulfillment in the things we do. 

    The ability to have social intelligence, to be able to understand people and to relate to them and have them relate to us, is an effective and useful tool for us to learn more about. How we express our emotions affects how people react to us. If we overreact, others will overreact to us. If we are sensitive to the emotional state of another, we can change the emotional climate of those who are around us.

    Being in tune with someone else and the better we are able to read someone else’s expressions of emotions benefits us all. Some emotions are subtle, some are obvious. The ability to manage and regulate our own emotions is a vital aspect of emotional intelligence relating to interpersonal relationship and for those who lead and those who follow.

  4. https://relevantmagazine.com/slice/jury-finds-police-officer-not-guilty-in-shooting-death-of-philando-castile/


       I had to give this post a moment of silence. I really thought this case would be a slam dunk. The gun was on Castile's hip, a 4yr old child was in the back seat, the mother in the drivers seat. What was the terror in that? This man is Stupid and Free to gloat to everyone he encounters just like Zimmerman about how he killed a black man and got away with it. Just a few Days a go I ironically compared this to King because that was the 1st time we got to see first hand what was going on behind those who are suppose to protect and serve. I was too young and naive then to understand the magnitude of what that meant. As an adult, sadly I know all too well. The tactics the nonsense games law enforcement plays in order to incarcerate our loved ones for B.S. charges.

    I can imagine what the family feels like, my heart goes out to them and all those who are involved in the movement. Hopefully it's not violent. It's absolutely necessary that we get our voices heard. Even if it's one Blog at a time. One march at a time. Cop or no cop, if you do wrong you should be held accountable. I feel that if these police were held responsible it would a total destruction of what law enforcement means, is. So the justice system lets them off, another innocent man dies. A couple cities Riot, act a Fool then another Black man dies. Another person of color brutalized. Life continues to go on. Keeping the discussion open keeps it real, purposeful. Just like the media shoves celeb gossip, BS politics down our throats to the point it changes our own behavior. Lets discuss topics that matter. Maybe if we bring it up enough it might make a difference. Castile will always be the inspiration to my Blog. Holding positive memories is what keeps hope and Faith alive. Isn't that why we get up everyday? maybe something good will happen.... until next time 

    Shocked and Beyond hurt

    Ms Ty

  5. My new book, The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History, is now available for advance purchase on Amazon.  After 10 long years, it will see the light of day this fall. A big thank you to all who made this possible. From time to time, I will share excerpts on this blog with particular attention as to why memory of this period matters.

         The book is about the largest slave auction in US history which took place in Savannah, Georgia in 1859.  In the book, I analyze the operation of the auction and trace the lives of slaves before, during, and after their sale.  The personal papers of the Butlers, accounts from journalists that witnessed the auction, genealogical records, and oral histories help bring the auction to life. Demonstrating the resilience of African American families, the book also includes interviews from the living descendants of slaves sold on the auction block, showing how the memories of slavery have shaped their lives today.

    Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the book:

    On March 2 and 3, 1859, Pierce Butler of the Butler Plantation estates in the Georgia Sea Islands sold 436 men, women and children, including thirty babies to buyers and speculators from New York to Louisiana. It was the largest recorded  slave auction in US History.  The sale had been advertised for weeks in newspapers and magazines all across the country. The Savannah Tenbroeck Racetrack was the venue, three miles shy of the city.  Eager potential buyers filled every hotel in Savannah. The two-day auction netted for the highly indebted Butler $303, 850, a phenomenal sum.  On the eve of the Civil War, this unprecedented sale was noteworthy not only for its size but because of the fact that Butler plantation slaves had generally not been sold on the open market.  These men and women had settled lives on Butler’s estates. Their lives as slaves were difficult and burdensome to be sure, but together they had formed a community with its own norms, values and customs – some of which were informed by their African heritage.  Now they were displaced from their “home,” and separated from their families.  It is for this reason the slaves called this auction, “The Weeping time.”

    In 1859, these men, women and children were sold, and a new chapter of their families’ stories began.  Immediately upon Emancipation in 1863, some of these newly freed slaves set out on foot flocking to plantations all over the south searching earnestly for their loved ones.  The only mementos they likely had were memories of their last meeting – on the auction block.  They pursued every avenue in search of those whom they had lost.  In some very special cases, they found each other. Others remained in the communities of their masters, bought property, worked the land and built new lives for themselves. 

    This is their story.


    Anne C. Bailey

    personal website: https://www.annecbailey.net


    Cover 1.jpg

  6. RM Interviewer
    Latest Entry

    Chant of the week is inspired from Footballcrazy from beinsport and is to Nadia Nadim, you can find her chant on Round 3 from my thoughts. Linked in the ebook you are listening to or the post in social media you are accessing



    Listen to "Richard Murray Chant" on Spreaker.


    Enjoy the weekly thoughts , free from Kobo LINK

    Enjoy my poetry and comics concerning the London Blue 




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    Definitely not American.  Our society has a long way for this "unthinkality."  Just imagine, "500 Americans have so far been killed in Chicago this year..."  It's almost laughable.  It’s unimaginable, grouping us all together in this fashion.  But shouldn’t we be?  American is simply, White American.  Let’s face it, it is.  But I do have hope, I never imagined having a Black President....

    African-American.  To me it's like the new "negro."  Non-threatening, soft, 'light in the ass.'  This term diminishes the strength of Black people and I believe the media uses it specifically for that purpose.  There are many Blacks in America without African ties (that’s not taking into account we’re ALL from Africa, but that’s a whole 'mother' story) so the African part just refers to ‘having Black skin.’  And also, African-American has no cultural value.  Unlike Italian-American, Asian-American, Native American, Blacks have no heritage or motherland to connect to to display pride and unification throughout the world.  Blacks, in general, are the newest breed of humans on the planet.

    Now, BLACK.

    The term Black has historically been condemned.  The rhetoric of blackballed, blacklisted, blackmail, black lie, black prince, black heart, etc. as negativity, evokes a scornful look, or frown, upon anyone that uses any term that involves the word ‘Black.’  So think about it, in the english language, adjectives precede nouns so any use of the word Black before the noun, has already produced a negative effect.  Black man, Black woman, Black child, etc.  The same thing.  Not all cultures and languages utilize this method.  But here in America, it’s taught.  And that teaching has instilled a lasting negativity that has been embedded in our cultural DNA.

    James Brown, "Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud!"

    Black for me.  Why?

    Out of the huts of history's shame
    I rise
    Up from a past that's rooted in pain
    I rise
    I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
    Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
    Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
    I rise
    Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
    I rise
    Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
    I rise
    I rise
    I rise. 

    Maya Angelou, "Still I Rise."

    What say you?

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    Kayla and Bryan are trying to find a happy medium in their relationship, but the drama continues to unfold. They are planning for the wedding of their dreams, however, both parties have past issues that may cause them to plan for a funeral instead.



    Go to above link to check out Amazon

  7. I heard somewhere one in five people knows a celebrity before they hit it big.  So today, while driving, I got to thinking about what would happen if I actually became a celebrity.  My hands tingled and I filled with a curious kind of joy thinking about certain peoples reaction.  Specifically, my old co-workers who in my humble opinion, were already haters, and my former bitch-ass boss.  My grin was a mile wide as I imagined myself on the previews of primetime television walking out to the talk shows that would be airing later in the week and even better, them in the theater gathering their belongings when my name rolls up in the credits for having written a movie.  #Bowdownbitches      But, I was enjoying this fantasy alone.  As Erykah Badu says, “the studio audience in my head" was not with me on this one.  It was just me, in my car gawking stupidly at a stupid self-made fantasy.  You see, the little voice in my head said, when someone does something to you, as foul as it may be, they do it and MOVE ON.  You, the proposed victim are in fact elevating them to celebrity status when you constantly feed them with your energy.  AIN’T NOBODY WORRIED BOUT YOU!!!  Wasn’t that made clear by their actions?

         Damn it self!  Sigh.  I get it.   Write that movie, that play, that book, that blog, because that’s what you want to do, not for the reaction! Do what you want because you want to, not because of what you think people will do in response.  You were moved so that you could realize your star power, your magic, harness it, perfect it, grow in it, for you.  It takes elbow grease to get something to shine, stop looking to see your reflection in other peoples tables and put that elbow grease to you own.


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    I am an avid reader, writer, poet, looking to share my world with those who share the same passion. God Bless and Much Success to all!!


  8. Based on the actions Darren Wilson said Michael Brown took, Michael Brown committed suicide by cop. If Wilson's story is truthful, why did Michael Brown commit suicide by cop? Was Michael Brown suicidal? Did Michael Brown have a history of mental illness? Was Michael Brown suffering from depression?

    I ask these questions because they would explain Brown's actions on that tragic day. I just can't imagine a young black man attacking a cop, attempting to disarm him, telling the cop that he's too vagina (my word) to shoot him, and then charging toward the cop after already being shot by the cop. These actions are not actions of a sane person. Was Brown insane? These actions sound like the actions of a person who is suicidal. Was Brown suicidal? These actions sound like the actions of a person that just committed a serious crime. What serious crime did Brown commit?

    These actions sound like the actions of a person on hard narcotics. What narcotics did Brown have in his system?

    Brown's actions, according to Wilson, were completely irrational and violent. Some people would like to point to the store robbery as proof that Brown was acting irrationally and violently that day. But when we observe the tape, we see Brown restraining himself from pummeling the clerk: the clerk attempted to stop Brown from leaving the store, on the clerk's second attempt, Brown walked toward the clerk in an intimidating manner and then exited the store. Indeed, Brown was acting irrationally, but clearly he wasn't acting extremely violent. According to WIlson, Brown's actions were contrary to what we see on the store's surveillance tape. According to Wilson, why did Brown's actions go from irrational to completely irrational, violent, and suicidal? Did Brown have a history of violence? These are questions that could have been asked in a trial.

    What are your thoughts?

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    The Master's Legacy. A slave Novel and civil war novel. Are people still interested in reading of the antebellum days in Georgia? How does one educated slaves against Georgian laws? I started the research. I had to ask the following questions as I began. Did the Georgian planters free their slaves? What if one of their sons/kin intermarried into the slave race unknowingly? What if fate or destiny led one to help the slaves despite their social convictions to society? Can you write a slave novel using some realistic characters and facts and then use fictional characters as well? how do you make such a story flow? My first attempt at writing a historical fiction will be a challenge.

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  9. Nubian Writer
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    Peace, what is it? Peace, where is it?

    Found sitting on the corner block of yesterday's memories. Ocean water rapid moves of thoughts that say much of nothing. The sun can only shine when the sky is blue, really? So it goes to say that underneath the stones of faces marked with dispare, marked with the etchings of time lost. Peace, found it in the middle of the rain soaked filters of urban bliss. Inside that passion is the peace twisted with north winds blowing south. Stretching upward, reaching open and as wide as the horizons. There is peace, there is oh yes peace, inside you.

    And So It Goes

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    Personal Information


    Professional Writer


    Speculative Fiction, Nonprofit Management and Fundraising, Healthcare Policy advocacy and analysis, Film Studies and Literary Review, English Literature, Particle Physics, Medicine & Psychiatry, Detective Fiction-Hardboiled

    Favorite Music:

    Jazz, Rythm N Blues, Classical

    Favorite TV Shows:

    24, Mad Men, Entourage, Californication, Dr. Who, Saving Grace, Burn Notice, Masterpiece Theatre, Cnn Reliable Sources, 60 Minutes, The Universe, Frontline, Pardon The Interruption, At the Movies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Pov, StarTrek, MASH, Married With Children, The Four Seasons

    Favorite Movies:

    Saving Private Ryan, Dr. Strangelove, Failsafe, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Lawrence Of Arabia, Butterfield 8, Long Hot Summer, Citizen Kane, Double Indemnity, Silence Of The Lambs, Evil Dead, The Exorcist, The Godfather Trilogy, The Quiet Earth, Solaris, Seven, The Last Emperor, Out of Africa, Out of Sight, Chinatown, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clock Work Orange, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, Blood Simple, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Aliens Trilogy, Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Tales From A Parallell Universe, I Worship His Shadow, Deconstructing Harry, Mighty Aphrodite

    Favorite Books:

    2010 Odyssey Two, 3001, The Stand, The Drawing of the Three, The Gunslinger, Foundation Series Isaac Asimov, The Lensman, Dean Koontz,

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