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About this blog

Hanging with my Ancestors

enables me to cut my losses

you know them friends and enemies

though i recycle them all back into a return on investment strategy

from a six sigma perspective

cause you can't keep me down in order to be the most respected

and neither can the justice systems discover me if i never turn trick to their rules

meaning any and everybody is suspects until proven guilty

like on the streets of hustling

the criminal justice system is the same

how can you turn a human into a slave

depends on their position

if they on your chess board or their own

i rather be on my own

dodging loosies and them tighties

exclusively sold into my dreams blinded by successive trips of degree after the other

on an another level of i'm never gonna stop and i'm never gonna quit

paperwork + currency + ink pen + lawyer (or yourself after the bar passed or not) = incorporation

implementation is to be applied

cause words are words

and each and every politic has a trick or treat per each and every city

depending on the organizational tie or not to be affiliated

regardless the classism

i rather be minding my own business using tourism as my backing

using cycles and they every holiday

including astrological retrogrades preplanning opportunities

the young carpenter with premade doors

i know my thought pattern of success is dominoes

the ripple effect after one drop of true free masonic thought

working with my Roots

shaking the dirt off

reusing the clay properties with honey and avocado oil

washing my face off letting the residuals pebble into the sink

while looking above at the stars through my house's moonroof

cause being my own surveyor to plot my foundation under fix stars paid to see real beautiful imagination

sow young scholars from starter - 18 is crawling to walk out the front doors

my 13 School University must be built to accommodate the game changers

and i'm down by universal law following my own steps head up chest out heart beating while putting in work act like you don't know me like your teachers taught you two eyes and hemispheres of the brain of a stranger

cause i'm never gonna stop and i'm never gonna quit

being the best that i can is the better per each successive goal driven

i ain't taking no accountability for no one except myself

and myself as my Royal Tree too from my Elders to my Ancestors

no matter their range of accomplishments

create chess pieces to make them flanking moves are blinding critical

creating a network i can rely on so when i call or is called

actions happen already reserved to act out of being proactive

without no bullets or missiles or grenades cause it's just me

you can set trip over my claymore to be found riddled on top of the cold steel table at your nearby mortician's observatory

cause no trespassing means do not go beyond a surveyor's line and that is it

but since my reality sees none of those signs in the future in the skies and on ground

then indeed i'm never gonna stop or i'm never gonna quit being technical and tactic.

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