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Hacking Nintendo Punch-Out To Control It With Actual Punches

Hacking Nintendo Punch-Out To Control It With Actual Punches By Ian Charnas November 17th, 2021 I recently adopted a kitten I found on the street, and every morning we play with the laser pointer. She gets a lot of fun and exercise out of this single-pixel video game, and it got me thinking I should make a video game where I get exercise too! Fast forward 3 months and I’ve hacked a Nintendo Punch-Out boxing game so that you control it with actual punches instead of a control

3D printing to aid Gamers

Caleb KRaft is a great maker, this is a video with examples on how to aid gamers with disabilities.   The Controller Project This site is a place where you can find documentation on how to modify game controllers for people with physical disabilities. Most of my mods have been used for assistance muscular dystrophy, but the library is an ongoing process and people may find the modifications and accessories helpful for other physical needs. I will be adding other modifi

Question: How many black female gamers do you know personally?

What's up fam of BGE I was having a conversation early today with two young brothas talking bout video games..... One of these bros mentioned that he did not know one black female gamer. (Till he saw me rocking my RE2 GRAPHIC T-SHIRT) I'm like We are out there but unfortunately we don't get the same recognition as the bro's. 😔 My questions to BGE..... How many black female gamers do you know personally....And Why the exclusion  From Mergirl Dunne of Black Games Elite BGE mewe pag

A Video Game industrial history

Didn't know magnavox was bought out in 1974 , they were making versions of their game system until 1978. interesting. Didn't know coleco meant the conneticut leather company:)  Photo information in 1977, magnavox/atari/coleco all USA based companies dominated the gaming market. A telling thing that all three corporations are gone. in 1982, Atari was the distanced leader, while three other usa based makers , mattel had joined, aside japan's nintendo were all equal as second. Atar

Black Horror films+ Black Video Game players who love playing horror =

I can't recall any video games made from a movie mostly involving black people. A black film I define as a film which is produced or financed, written, directed, and mostly acted by black people. Every other film where black actors are mostly utilized is a non black film that mostly involves black people, ala Black PAnther. With definitions out of the way, will you want to see a Candy man video game? the way most black people love the horror genre, especially in the usa, plus the way most bl

MSinChe - the 365 game a day project

Hello to the late readers, Yes mind reading... In the year 2020, I said to myself, I will make a video game. It is not a hard task in all earnest. It is also not an easy task. The greatest challenge is... fun. Yes, the greatest challenge in making a video game is fun. When I was in college I made games few , excluding me, could master or have fun playing. I took the Will Wright masterclass on Video Game design. The best idea I garnered from it was the 365 game a day challenge. I thought to

Welcome to BlackGamesElite

BlackGamesElite is a online club which I started to do two thing 1. Have a community considering Black people, a human community based on the auniversally accepted phenotypical range of skin,  in relation to all elements of the video game industry, from developers to culture to characters in games or any other factor in said industry. 2. To have fun:) Rules 1. Have fun 2. All phenotypes are welcome, but if you can't handle Black empowerment, whether you be black or not,
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