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December Solstice 2017



Happy December Solstice. Mama Earth in less than a moment tilt her axis farthest from parallel to the Sun, more than any other time save one between the Perihelions. May those in the northern hemisphere, have a collective , communal warmth, may those in the southern hemisphere, have a energetic smooth cool. 


A once virgin prince, now white hair king
Ponder to her tomb, the Last Rose, from Hadinchi
On his regal seat, in a cold empty hall
He remember, the fairies dance, on all the jewel pall's
No longer their sprinkle's, in this long fall
He leave his seat, stride slow on broke floor
He see her portrait, made when good time's were more
A goblin weave'd her skin, from hairs on the amber boar
No longer it make step, in this long fall
Open the hall door, and on to the mausoleum
The path shimmer or shine, throughway, to where his woe's sum
From glass depicting her life, molded from dragon fire's, or jitu hum's
No longer they breath or song, in this long fall
Finally, to her body rest, in grandeur timeless
A statue made, from the king mind or hand, to her likeness
Eight ninth from centuries, on the craft, and still a jumble mess
No longer can he remake, in this long fall
And fall... the white hair king, crying My Love! my love...
Time smooth over, and none recall, or only hear whisper, in winter
To the once virgin prince or Tamawari, his lover
...But, the rarest whisper, say a black dove cry in a spring, will end their leter


Audio link( https://www.spreaker.com/user/6716082/december-solstice-2017-poem )

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Be Safe



Image from this LINK


Recommended Comments

Richard, I do like the poem more more after hearing you read it. I think poetry is best enjoyed listening to it. Thanks again for sharing your work here.

Richard, anyone, you can often directly insert embed code here by clicking the "<> Source" button on the upper left hand side of the window.

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My pleasure Troy. I had a visual idea going forward when this year started placing visual aside text; but, oddly enough, in or around october, I changed my view to get audio side text, through various multilog. I must be honest, I could had produced more audio quite a while back. I am a spreaker member for years. The writer in me did not want to sell my writing through other medium; the reason was not negative but hard headed, I wanted to push reading as I like to read. Though, I going forward will do kin to this.


To AALBC, in the prior format, I placed the embed code myself. I wanted to embed the code in my post but I did not see the <>source button. I did not see the source button you refered to making this comment. The functions I saw was: Bold, italic, underscore, link, emoticon, bulleted list, numbered list, align left, align center, align right, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, text color, font, size, on the top bar. Beneath the commenting area, I saw attachments, insert other media, notify when comments are posted. As administrator you have automatic settings for you, maybe the settings are not open for members?

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Hi Richard Well I read the poem first, then listened to it by itself, and finally I listened while I read along.  I think poetry by nature is enjoyed optimally to be heard.  Reading is cool too but it is not a perfect substitute; sort of like reading sheet music and lyrics as a substitute to hearing the music.

Also when you post a reply do you (or anyone else) see this icon below. If not I'll see what I can do about giving you access.



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Guest AmberEyedGurl


Great poem, as usual!  I prefer to read them. But, enjoyed listening to the audio. Thank you for sharing. 

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