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October 2017 Poem Story




It all began from existence, the exotempo 

In her ability, exoknowable 

She made her children, spaces side times 

One particular pair, the otheres to far to know if 

while no mortal body know when, produced grand children to existence 

Star-es, nebula-es, comet-es 

From some grandchildren, eventually, came great grandes 

Little star-es, planet-es, asteroid-es and a great grand in particular relate to me, maybe to you 

That little star, felt every day, had great greates, little planet-es or asteroid-es  

One little planet, had children: skies, landes, sea-es 

Those great to the third grew strong, beautiful, or pristine 

Lived on their mother, they eventually made children 

The landes made tree-es, cat-es, or monkey-es 

The sea-es made fish-es, crustacean-es, or algae-es 

The skies made bird-es, insect-es , virus-es 

All the great to the fourth grew in quantity or quality in their parent or parental sibling 

Said little planet very happied, had all abundant grandchildren lived the way from existence, nature 

Over time the little planet realized the gift from existence to her children was not in her great grandes 

She asked her children side the great to the fourth 

...If they are willing to work together, to make a fifth 

All great third side algae-es or plant-es said yes, but the other great fourth worried 

The lion or wolf clan wondered where they will live 

The eagle or bee clan wondered how many will grow 

The dolphin or shark clan wondered what will they eat 

And, the great to the fifth was not to be 

...Time pass, and a sleepy little planet asked again 

Replied from all her children or grandchildren... was yes 

The virus gave change, the dolphin speech, the monkey heart 

... the tiger lung-es, the vulture sight, and all other great to the fourth gave one gift 

The land-es, sea-es, skies combined a gift to have children like 

The last gift was from the little planet, a soul to each 

And, the great to the fifth nascented 

In their early time, they varied in strength, size, intuition, speed, phenotype, per their parentage 

As time progress, some lived against existence, an unnatural way 

In their low quality, they clothed their bodies 

Killed to boast, spoke to lie, enslaved anything 

From a stone on the ground, aided in harming a stranger 

To marked a relative as if a possession  

Time pass, and the unnatural, through war or indelicacy 

Grew beyond the natural in populace 

And... the unnatural enslaved some parentes 

Raped their grandparent-es 

while broke their great grandmother heart 

Eventually, to save her descendent-es in danger 

The little planet asked her oldest forebear to help 

A magic gave and a mirror world gated on the little planet 

Where only the natural can be 

The mirror world absorbed the great to the third still pristine or who can recover 

The great to the fourth still free or not inevitably extinct 

All those in the great to the fifth who lived naturally 

The unnatural fifth... lived alone on the original decimated little planet, side their enslaved 

... After time, those absorbed to the mirror world became various myth or legend to those blockaded 

And from that time became what I know as history 

Now, how can I know this, writing to you 

Neither from us born in the peaceful mirror world 

Well, I was educated from a woman 

From the world, who saw our own 

Go through pharoah, king, war, again and again in various form 

Born from all the natural in the mirror world 

A single child that can move between either, through her free will 

And, one day, the great to the sixth saved an unnatural man 

And began our story, whose background I just told to you 

A wonderful woman I still hear galivant 

While I sit quiet from that life, a silver haired man 


Photo Inspiration

Model: Jessica Gillespie

Photographer: Andrew Thomas Clifton 



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