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Discussion: The Last Word (2017)

Mel Hopkins


I'd probably watch any Shirley MacLaine movie and while I was online tearing up folks' safe spaces today, I found "The Last Word" .


If I had to guess the movie's plot - it would be moppet, (Ann’Jewel Lee ) a young black girl saves old white woman who saves young white woman (Amanda Seyfried).




Yes, think #blackgirlmagic meets #greypower meets #girlpower where Shirley MacLaine plays Harriet Lauler, a retired Ad Woman working to "shape her legacy" before the last word is written on her life. 

Harriet decides there are 


"4 Essential elements to a really great obituary"

  1. The deceased should be loved by their family.
  2. The deceased should be admired by their coworkers.
  3. The deceased must have touched someone's life unexpectedly and if said person was a minority or a cripple; so much the better.  
  4. And the 4th?  That's the wild card.   A statement of such breadth and wonder that it's the opening line in the obituary.  


The Last Word


If "life is the sum of your choices" and best revenge is living fabulously ...WYD today?

Before I drift off to sleep at night, I often wonder if I accomplished something that would get me closer to living my dreams.  

I did last night.  I decided to embrace my angry black woman archetype. Yes, I'm a mean woman who loves unconditionally with her whole heart.  I embraced that side of me yesterday.  It was liberating.  Now, I can live.


How about you?  


Are you living your dreams?  Or are you an extra in someone else's dream?

It's your choice, of course but please have the last word.    

Thank you for reading.  

Please report typos and grammatical errors below or shoot me an email mel at melhopkins dot com.  

Originally posted at melhopkinsdotcom



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