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Black America can win the Psychological War against White Supremacy



To understand the current war Black America is fighting against white America's attempt to resurrect white supremacy, you must first understand the weapons being used against us. The foremost weapon is fear, backed by threats of death by violence and confinement by imprisonment. These are the main weapons whites have used most against Blacks throughout history.

Whites base their entire existence and authority on the use of violence and confinement or the mass murder of people who are not white, using weapons of war, violence, and laws that justify and reinforce inhumane sentences against other human beings and nations. To disarm whites by taking away their guns and places of incarceration, the white race would be a weak people, if all they had to survive on was their intelligence.

But seeing it almost an impossible task to disarm their foreign and domestic military and paramilitary structure, or to tear down their walls and fences of confinement or even change their thinking to a more rational compassion toward humanity, there is only one other way to completely defeat their reign of terror on people of color without retaliation by using their own weapons of war. Bravery is the key....Read More


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Fear is tool that provokes are real-life response.   Fight or Flight... Prolonged fear leads to mental breakdown.    It's not easy to just resist because most people are approaching psychotic breaks.   Most people of EVERY color.  

We are not just humans; we are human animals and animals all react differently when they're afraid.  Some animals play dead, faint and poop when they're afraid and there are animals that make themselves bigger when they're afraid and if pushed to their limit, they will attack.    This is where we are today - you can't use a weapon without expecting a weapon to be used against you.   Use of fear has pushed everyone to mental instability.  

Danger is real and it also provokes the same response as those experiencing fear... Fight or Flight.   There is another way to combat danger and its through the use of CHAOS... Clear Head Assess Observe Situation then respond.  Response requires training.   

Those who are in imminent danger are usually not of the mindset to survive the danger... especially those who have experienced duress due to prolonged fear.   

So first we must learn how to respond to a situation.    However I suggest first locating the fire (the danger) because fighting smoke (fear) is a waste of resources.     

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Hey @TSegal, is http://www.afromerica.com/ your site?  I remember that site from back in the day!  It looks interesting now.  


Where have all been?  Is my missing y'all just a function of Google raising the profile of celebrity dysfunction over substance in search and the complete abdication of Black media to talk about positive websites?  Or have y'all been keeping a low profile?

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Yes Troy, afromerica is my site and we still around. We were on hiatus for awhile but came back last year. Google has filtered some sites but we started back in 2000 so the Internet has not spit us out yet.

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Well that is great news!  Please share something you think will appeal to readers of Black literature, that is on your site, and I'll see if I can work it into my newsletter.  Welcome back and keep us posted on what new.

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The Quiet Revolution: Black America's Solution for Complete Liberation By CR Hamilton

...defies all mainstream tactics in Black America's war for equality and liberation from America's white supremacy oppression. Without marching, protesting or taking up arms, the Quiet Revolution disarms white America from weapons of racism and discrimination using an approach above their comprehension, political authority and legal jurisdiction. Not only will Black Americans benefit from this approach, but other minority groups also that have struggled against white supremacy for generations. The Quiet Revolution solves the issues of widespread unemployment, mass incarceration, political disenfranchisement, and also rebuilds Black character, image, and pride. The plan is laid out in simplified terms and is easy to implement. However, it cannot simply be read, it has to be done.


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I just added your site to my list of the Most Popular, Independent, Black-Owned Websites


As an aside:
@TSegal, do you find those google ads placed inside articles work for you?  From an aesthetic perspective I hate them.  I also hate the fact that Google pushes publishers so hard to place ads in this fashion I'm beginning to wonder if it is a ranking signal for their search results.  At any rate, I'm interested in your thoughts.


I've been experimenting with their text ads, I removed them in the new website design and my earning dropped.  I put them back on the page.  I definitely don't like the way they look, but if I can make some more money and visitors are not complaining why not.  Perhaps that is your reasoning with the inline banner ads in your articles.




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Thanks for the add, I'll link to you from our affiliate page. My google ad profits have slowed lately. I think they require alot more tweaking if you want more profits. It's a gamble.

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@TSegal Adsense is a tough. You need a boat load of traffic to make any money with it. Since Google controls traffic they control your revenue.  This is why I spend so much time trying to get webmasters to support each other.

Thanks for the link!


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