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Tactical and strategic dimensions of Trump's Iran decision is playing out here in the middle east.



The Israeli military said 20 rockets were fired at its positions in the occupied Golan Heights overnight. 


It responded by launching what a spokesman called "one of the broadest aerial operations in recent years". 


There was no immediate comment from Iran, whose deployment of troops to Syria to back the government in the country's civil war has alarmed Israel. 


Iran has repeatedly called for an end to the existence of the Jewish state. 


Israel's military had been anticipating an attack by Iranian forces after reportedly carrying out a number of strikes on their facilities in Syria in recent months. They included one on an airbase in April that killed seven Iranian troops. 


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@Mel Hopkins, questioning validity, very clever women. Now, no, Iran have not claimed responsibility, but the chatter (around here) is the missiles came from the province of Golan Heights, or Damascus. Neither side is talking a lot about the attacks and retaliatory responses. I'm closer the Israeli/Egypt/Jordanian/Syrian border areas. I intend to get a closer look next week when I go the Alaa (a vacation area). Israel is on high alert, Jews are spending nights in nuclear fall-out shelters, walking around carrying automatic weaponry. Arab Palestinians are going about their lives normally.  

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