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Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 92, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

0:35 Host segment, Tim Stannard in twitter as Laligaloco l-a-l-i-g-a-l-o-c-o is in for Kev Egan
1:10 Zidane segment, Zidane is the french Jardim or Real is the Spanish AS Monaco in both cases The ownership went against a coaches view, they had a spat, the ownership/management was proven wrong and the coach is back with more power. From a distance I comprehend why Zidane don't want MAnchester United, Mourinho proved the ownership/management in manchester red will not allow benching too poor playing players that are not fitting the balance, like pogba. Football Crazy with Gabby Amado side Ray Hudson talked about Sergio Ramos's ... rant or public question and answer to himself < SPortsburst relevant episodes https://www.facebook.com/beINSPORTSUSA/videos/vl.300906897291938/513722772485992/?type=1 OR https://www.facebook.com/beINSPORTSUSA/videos/vl.300906897291938/306218613404516/?type=1 > It will be interesting when Pique/Ramos leave FC Barcelona/Real Madrid . They are leaders but also media darlings.
I disagree to Stannard, Ramos is needed in real madrid cause he has the one thing that many of the players names are being touted to come in do not have, strength against inconsistency. In Real MAdrid or FC Barcelona this season, Coutinho/Dembele/Bale/Isco all have two thing in common, inconsistency is one, BUT most important is an inability to handle the negativity in either biggest spanish club while being inconsistent. Ramos proved he can get red cards, play bad, he can be inconsistent and win. Navas proves that. MArcelo proves that. Hazard/Pogba proved under Mourinho they can't take it. Real Madrid need Ramos, even with his media ego or background antics. Kay resounds my point. I disagree to Ramos letting the team down when he got a purposeful card. Ramos in Real Madrid does this every season, he did it for three straight season. The true failure to the team against Ajax in the second leg was Bale. He needed to be the attacking talisman on the pitch, and he wasn't, the attacking talisman was still benzema . Bale is gone but I wonder where? Marcelo maybe with Zidane gone. Alec Sandro from juventus is a good invite, with Reguilon backup.   But who for Carvajal? Neymar for me need to get back on the PSG train. Love Zidane the galactico whisperer from Des. Hazard is a no from me. Hazard is not a Real MAdrid player with his shaky seasons. Isco is I don't know, though maybe AC Milan, the new pirlo. I said it before, Courtois will be benched for Navas and courtois will have to take the starting keeper start, if he can. Zidane through the remaining Real Madrid schedule can be the new Ole after being the new Jardim. I disagree to Des. Zidane can not undo his legacy to himself.
I concur to Stannard about the Sergio Ramos question and answer , i wish he would had worn a mario bros mustache. Stannard make an interesting point, I wonder how many big clubs monitor the players esocial account, or how they do it.
Valladolid lost against the soccer gods Real Madrid blessing, which meant three Vallodolid goals were canceled out and allowed Real MAdrid back in through time to a blow out. Thank you Des, I did not know the wrong video assistance refereeing booth was being viewed in the match between real vallodolid
Love the quote about the future of a coach to the next day from Solari after questioned by Jamie Easton

18:08 La Liga segment, Getafe is battling. I disagree to Stannard, the point of the UEFA champions league spots is they are for those who earn them , not for those who are deemed most viewed or watched. Getafe getting in will hopefully make the valencia's/sevilla's of the world more motivated to be better and not allow a team like getafe to get in the champions league.
R.D.T. is wise, it will be easy for hashtags and mentions later, will Zidane get him from Rayo back to Real?
Jamie Easton is a good interviewer, I like his pitchcam.
Atleti proved we have depth. A battle ensue in Turin. The difference is that Atleti is away so any Atleti goal is a huge weight on Juventus. Juventus will need four goals if Atleti get one in Turin. Big mountain for Allegri, and this UEFA CL absent PSG/Real is open for a winner, as Barca and the winner to Atleti/Juventus is the only finalist from recent prior seasons left in the tournament.

27:39 Copa Libertadores segment, Leonel Alvarez former coach for Libertad de PAraguay was fired for his philandering to players wives. Des Norris referenced something that the coach apparently uses, I will leave that as a suprise in the transcript< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGrasobHcKA and the Leon introduction:) from the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=961x0NmyHKE > To the group stage, all the brasilian clubs except paranaense or mineiro are in good positions but the group stage to the copa lib is very early. And the teams in brasil are still in the state championship or pre brasileriao mode. A delicate time but we can only see how they react to these tough eary season challenges. I argue like MLS teams in the concacaf champions league, brasilian teams need a change of schedule to be stronger during the group stages of the copa libertadores. I do not want the state leagues to go but their timing may have to change. Maybe make the brasileiro begin in january and make the state championships after the brasilerao in the october/november/december phase.

29:15 Ligue 1 segment, Balotelli was never a bad player but I think he made moves for money like in Manchester City/AC Milan/Liverpool and never forgave Inter Milan for losing faith, while finally started his career in OGCNice and moved on to the bigger riviera side in Olympique MArseille. Three careers, one youth, one money, one aspiring athlete. I think Balo is right, Maxima from OGCnice is not a wide striker like a robben or cr7, nor is he that hybrid attacking forward midfielder like neymar/messi, he is a foil, like Lindegard at Manchester United. He need to be able to float around a center forward. Balo is that forward.
I like PAtrick Viera but I notice, coaches that can not accept Balo for who he is or want him to change. Mourinho/Mancini eventually/Viera don't do as well as Favre/Garcia who seem to let him be. Of course, maybe Balotelli knew he was out the door and simply played himself down till he was out but I don't know background stuff.
My favorite Balotelli moment was when he scored the goal and flipped the why always me shirt. I think he never until france got on teams that actually were built around him in any way.
Pepe must be careful leaving Lille for any of these big teams. Many modern big teams are not offensively built through one player but an offensive web. Stannard is incorrect, Pepe can not replace robben or ribery, his game is not on the wings, he has to come on for Lewandowski. But, he is not as big as Lewandowski. Maybe Dortmund if they can pay 80 million.
OL is shaky defensively. FC Barcelona if they hyper charge their offense can cut through OL. But, OL if they score, put a pressure on Barca and patience is key. Ol can win but they have to be no nonsense defensively and rely on their youth in their attack.
Neymar gets injured cause PSG coaches/owners do not give Neymar a midfield like Tite did in the russian world cup qualifiers. PSG need three midfielders this summer. Casemiro/Ngolo Kante/Thomas Partay is the buys in the same way Casemiro/Paulinho/Renato Augusto kept Neymar safe in the selecao.

39:25 Italian Serie A segment, I love Ranieri back at Roma, I wish him well. Quagliarella 20 goals, why not get him MLS clubs? so silly.

41:39 Sportsburst segment, check out sportsburst on Monday to Friday in Facebook beinsports usa,

42:02 EPL segment, Arsenal defeating Manchester United was not a big thing cause MAnchester United performed their way under Mourinho. A chelsea win and a MUFC lose again, Manchester United will be sixth just like when Mourinho left.
Aubemayang stayed at Dortmund too long for his career. Should had went to PSG or Napoli. Players have to see the opportunities in the less than teams in big leagues.
Congratulations to Gary Bailey for his daughter's wedding, enjoy the cake.
I concur to Stannard, Liverpool need to get knocked out of the UEFA champions league to focus to it. But to be honest, Bayern are rising and they have an experience in winning in their team Liverpool don't have. Liverpool are used to folding up.  
STerling is not the second best player currently to me. It is like Tiago in Bayern when Pep was in Bayern. People love doing that when Pep coach a team. Mueller/Thiago is like Sterling/Kevin De BRuyne . Players who are limited and absent Guardiola's strategies, they are exposed as not as capable. The best players succeed no matter the coach.
The moving of Dembele to Guangzhou from Tottenham to me in January derailed Tottenham, underrated player Dembele. Since Real Madrid or Manchester United are out, Mourinho for PSG in my view and then AC Milan for Pochetinno. A young team, wealthy owners.
To my londonblue, we shall see what Sarri does. Higuain or Morata are gone and I assume Hazard side Willian side Pedro gone. Chelsea is about to be emptied over the summer.

53:49 Grealish Segment, I said it many times before pundits or announcers on t.v. , streaming, cable like to suggest what fandom is, that being a positive thing. I disagree, fandom come in all ways, positive or negative. I recall in Boca Juniors vs River Plate when a fan , yes a fan threw a grenade of some gas into the tunnel. Fandom is not merely positive scenarios. Fans having opposing color shirts having a beer. But, fans stabbing other fans happens to, like in napoli vs roma a few years back. Remember the old firm history. Did anyone not call those glasgow rangers or glasgow celtic fans who hurt each other in the past not fans? < video to the attack on grealish by a fan https://twitter.com/ESPNFC/status/1104729392909975552 >
Happy GRealish scored and moved on with what he called, his job

56:49 MLS segment, Atlanta United learning what it is like shifting coaches who are not alike as maybe advertised.

58:58 Stannard's Dortmund segment, Dortmund's problem is they are a selling team but they advertise themselves or as they are advertised as a top team

1:00:36 Power Rankings segment
10 Leganes, international womens jay jerseys, victoria pavone is the director
9 Grealish assaulted but scoring the goal
8 Getafe, 4th place still
7 Quagliarella- goal leader in italy
6 Inuyi- Takashi Inui apologizing to Betis while on loan in Alaves
5 Balotelli- 4 home games
4 Late goals- Pepe, Rondon, Villareal
3 PSG/DIjon/Copa Libertadores/UEFA CL/Europa League THE CHAMPIONS! and the EUROPA league
2 hat trick heroes Ben yedder side Sterling
1 Zizou! back at Real MAdrid

Share your thoughts in my youtube comments or aalbc blog or tweet me on twitter Thank you




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Atletico Madrid OWNERSHIP 2019 - 3/16/2019


Luckily they were initially invested in the SImeone era. Pre simeone they had an amateur team that wasn't given the planning needed to move forward. But, Simeone era players/coach have spent time aiding the female program when they can and they slowly built a current team sitting atop the table, at the time of this writing. Using like the mens team an assortment of spanish players with quality players from other flags, not the most highly regarded but all in the skeleton to the flag setup in their countries. When I look at Ludmila, that is a prime example to non spanish players who are key in the setup to a flag, but not considered the top. while Amanda Sampedro, the captain and a key stalwart in the Spanish Flag team is a prime example to how Atleti in male or female like their spanish players, experienced skilled or tough. They are possibly going to win a third straight league title in spain. The Colcheneras grow more and more every season. The owners or president must be happy that in the top flight domestic league, Atleti is doing great in the womens or mens game.


I recall the pre simeone era. Atletico Madrid was the little brother to Real Madrid. I like what the owners/president have done in the Diego Simeone era. Simeone started by making the team defensively solid, getting attacking players to commit to defense and focus on transitioning from defending as a team to attacking sharply, making the most of their chances. Players like Turan now in Turkey/Joachim now in Betis made up the past contingent with a stronger Costa / Felipe Luis or Fresher Griezzman. The Colcheneros are the consistent third best team in spain in the Simeone era. His strategy still has strength but this summer, a number of players like felipe luis/costa/juan fran may have to depart somewhere else like Godin to Inter Milan and complete the shift in a new era. Lemar/Morata/Greizzman/PArtay/Gimenez/Oblak are great but Atleti need new wide backs and Simeone may have to start another season trying to use a more attacking form and if like in seasons past it fail, convert to what is more tried or true. The ownership has to keep their trust to him and I think they will. Simeone has earned trust from the atleti board. Losing to Juventus is not a sin and if Atleti end above real madrid that will be two season in a row above Real Madrid which is massive for Atleti's pride. The ownership will show what they value this summer.

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The problem in having a front three like them is how they need to be aligned. In the same way  I feel PSG can play neymar in between Cavani/Choupo-Moting. Many people see an attacking trident in terms of Barcelona in the MEssi era where Henry/Eto'o/Messi played interchangeably  or Pedro/Villa/Messi where Villa stay high but is a low ball player or Neymar/Suarez/Messi where neymar or messi are low ball players. Costa/Morata are high ball players, they must be kept wide like Robben/Ribery in the best system from Jupp Heynkes but not to hold up the play ever higher, making space inside. Costa/Morata have strength but they need to play far wide and pull defenses. Let Griezzman stay in between them and with Correa/PArtay/Koke be an energetic centralized quad that attack/possess/cut through lines/defend supporting the back line. Absent wide backs i suggest three at the back and a 343, utilizing Morata/Costa high wide back to goal. Greizzman top center. And a midfield four.

Morata/Griezzman/Costa (Correa can come in for Griezzman/Kalinic can come in for Morata or Costa)

Vitolo/Partay/Saul/Lemar (Koke can come in for PArtay/Saul , Rodrigo can come in for Vitolo/Lemar)

Perez/HErnandez/Gimenez (Juan Fran/Felipe Luis can come in for either)

Atleti defend well but when you have a team that doesn't modulate into an attacking form very threatening you need to have a shape that pushes the team into an attacking posture by default.  But a base 343 makes midfield width naturally wider and allows the wide forwards to be center forwards as they have a nearby player naturally when they knock the ball down. Having two back to goal center forwards highest or widest in attack gives an atuomatic long ball to any deeper wide player while also allows the center to be more fluid.

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INTER MIAMI Ownership 3-17-2019


It is rare I can say,  a sport organization I followed from the beginning. Inter Miami is one. The one vital element to Inter Miami's initial time is how much time is spent on everything but players or coaches. Stadiums/insignias/sponsors/first big signings have been reported a lot. But, a coach side players to fill the squad that the big signing will play about, are scant. The following link to an article state the truth


Beckham started looking for players less than a year before his club will have their first season. That to me will be a factor I will look into as we gauge his ownership in the coming seasons. I note something he said in the article, he said it is catching up quickly to the UEFA big leagues. But MLS teams outside one were knocked out of the Concacaf champions league. This prove to me his ownership model will be based on financial quality, media strength, not competitive quality. I am not suggesting he is wrong or right but in the future when people suggest Inter Miami lacks a competitive quality, i will make sure I note the time index to this post.

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FAVORITE TEAM BY COUNTRY queried Erik Krakauer

MY Answer

Spain: Atleti both gender

Germany: Turbine Potsdam,gladbach men though i follow gladbach fraun

England: Chelsea both gender

Italy: Brescia cf no mens team, used to follow AC Milan

France: OL both gender

Holland: none

Portugal: none

Brazil- by state Bahia- Botafogo- Santos both gender when applicable

Argentina: none

MExico: none

USA: none, used to be DC United

Japan: INAC Kobe no mens

Congo: TP Mazembe no womens

Nigeria: Rivers Angels no mens  club

Turkey: Galatapalace

China: none

Australia: none

South Africa: none

South Korea: none


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FootBallCrazy 93 Reply Transcript

Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 93, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r

PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

Before I speak on the football crazy segments I want to ask everyone to look at UEFA Womens CHampions league quarterfinal matches this wednesday, slavia praha vs bayern munich, Barcelona vs lsk kvinner, and my Olympique Lyonnais versus Wolfsburg.  In particular, I hope my OL will get through this challenge. Pernille harder in Wolfsburg is the top scorer in the tournament so far and OL has battled Wolfsburg in two finals in the past three champions leagues, all won by OL. This is equivalent to Atleti - Juventus in the mens champions league as a battle between two common finalists recently. Wolfsburg will probably do as in the past and play the counterattack, as the match is truly 180 minutes. On thursday, my London Blue face PSG. Katoto of PSG side Kirby of Chelsea are tied for second best scorer in the tournament. THis will be an interesting battle. Chelsea have shown fragility in defense or health this season but are on a high. PSG are in a race with OL for the title in France. Neither team can afford to drop points in their respective table but will fight against each other to reach deeper in the tournament. Tough battles. You can access notifications on uefa's websites < top goalscorers https://twitter.com/UWCL/status/1107724757276000261>
0:15 Host segment- THe normal crew are in studio
0:25 Atlanta United segment- KEv review atlanta united early season and while I concur that seven games in twenty four days is a tough way it is not unprecendented in the American continent. In brasil, teams deal with intense copa libertadores action in early or late competitive season times historically. It is merely a challenge. To me, the best coach prepares or tries to adjust for it. Frank Deboer , from UEFA, seems inexperienced in handling Continental American scheduling scenarios but more importantly, he seem to not have a strong enough plan for it, when MLS teams for the past five year, at least, had a similar problem to Atlanta. The question is, did the owners to Atlanta United when they hired deboer ask about his plan for the early season challenge, earned by being an MLS cup winner? Did the owners to Atlanta United demand a comprehensive plan from DeBoer or did they ask for no plan while Deboer did not offer any plan to the question of early season added challenges , earned by being an MLS cup winner. I say bad ownership in Atlanta United concerning a coaching hire. I end this segment with a small point. DeBoer is wrong about Atlanta United's early season challenge being unprecedented, it happened last year.
1:45 Kev Egan nutmeg segment- Kyle nutmegged Egan twice <one nutmeg https://twitter.com/unrelatl/status/1107088431929270274>
2:45 La Liga segment- The fanbase to Real Madrid or most followed pundits suggest the spirit is the most potent thing lifted from Zidane. But, I noticed the way Real Madrid played tactically. It was not merely Marcelo/Isco/Bale/Navas back but it was the freedom. Under Solari, Real Madrid had better balance than under Zidane but under ZIdane Real Madrid attack was and is sharper or more creative while exposing itself defensively which favors Navas's goal keeping qualities over Courtois. Absent CR7 Real Madrid have goals but they have risk defensively to get them, and Courtois is not better than Navas in reactions. Solari suffered the same problem as Jose Mourinho in Pogba. Bale like Pogba from Mourinho was challenged by Solari to be more or better and failed under the setup.
Ceballos is like many youth players who go for the money into a top club that is not going to sit down their big money signing for a youth, unless that youth has the ability to take the position beyond statistics, through results or dominant quality.
...A friend or huge supporter to FC Barcelona, Dede Williams <https://twitter.com/darmooh82 > made a great point. Messi is a great scorer but Valverde is underrated this season. He has taken Barca through a positive roster modulation that many other fiscal big clubs: manchester united, bayern munich, ac milan, real madrid have all failed to do while winning. Messi has played well, but I see his movement. Messi is not moving like the past. He is being very patient in his play while focused. It is working but I suspect it is a sign too. Messi has the ability to lift FC Barcelona to a possible trophy filled season but other players better grow their responsibility especially Ousmane Dembele or Coutinho. Valverde will warrant the coach of the year for me this coming december.
I do concur to get a Messi/Ray Hudson meetup. Simply because Ray Hudson loves messi in such a deep way.
Atleti have a big summer. Godin is gone. Felipe Luis, Juan Fran are injury prone or absent the speed to be killer's wide. Costa is strong but getting banged up more frequently. It is a delicate time for my Colcheneros. THey ask is Diego Simeone capable of adapting into a pep guardiola style but is Pep Guardiola capable of adapting to Diego Simeone.
Des Norris make a great point. Coaches must go to organizations that fit who they are. I do not think Simeone or Guardiola will do well in Major League Soccer but Mourinho will. People forget Mourinho won a portuguese treble and nearly had a season absent a lose coaching porto which is the fiscally poorest team ever coached between guardiola/simeone/mourinho coached teams. Kev Egan suggest Mourinho would be the worst but from past histories Mourinho is one of the few coaches who won the uefa champions league in UEFA whose history prove he can win largely with a smaller fiscal side which is every MLS team.
26:11 MLS segment, Atlanta United ownership or management need to be called out. Concacaf champions league play has been early season for MLS team for years. Atlanta United was not prepared. did the coach have a plan? did the ownership ask how well the coach was prepared?
29:15 EFL segment side FA Cup, the legend of Jack Grealish in Villa is growing.
Manchester United are still the same defensively weak squad and sooner or later, MUFC can't use their speed against opponent mistakes.
For me FC Barcelona will wipe MUFC away. MUFC proved they are poor defensively even in the win against PSG.
30:38 UEFA champions league segment, TO be blunt, I think the prior round is being assessed incorrectly. Kev, Key, Des suggest challenges in each tie. I don't. Ajax defeated Real MAdrid BUT, in the second leg, Real MAdrid had sitters they missed. Will CR7 or MAndzukic miss what Varane missed? I don't think so. I think Juventus will have free headers and a sturdier defense will counter Ajax. Same to Manchester United. Yes, they defeated PSG but PSG had sitters that BErnat or Di Maria missed. will Mesis or Suarez or Dembele or Rakitic miss those. I don't see it. I think PSg absent a healthy neymar or cavani aside Real Madrid balanced while uncomfortable under Solari made a situation that flattered the defensive woes in ajax or Manchester United.
Liverpool against Porto is another one where the prior rounds scenario flatters the victor. People forget Porto is is one of the few teams outside the england/france/spain/italy/germany pentet that won the uefa champions league, relatively recently. Portugal teams can surprise and to be blunt, this porto have the speed, Bayern lacked. Bayern seemed to slow against Liverpool that they had the correct strategy but didn't have the legs to execute it. Ribery cut into Liverpool but you could see his miles on him, the wear on his physicality was present. But Bayern had the right system. Catching Liverpool with a well executed switch. Porto can do likewise and have a workman's team mentality that will aid them where bayern dropped heads.
For me, Juventus/Porto/FC Barcelona go through comfortable.
Now, Tottenham against Manchester City is the one where I think the outcome is not certain. Both teams know each other well, in the same league. Tottenham is not in the english table race strongly and Manchester City under pep guardiola tend to fall apart as Guardiola is unwilling to strategically change for the sake of winning it all, merely cause he didn't have to having henry, eto'o side messi although Manchester City don't have any player like said Henry, eto'o or messi. If Kane is healthy, the squad healthy, it can be a tie to remember for tottenham.
32:10 FA CUp segment- Manchester City to me, will get the epl title, merely cause Liverpool will get none. Happy for Brighton and coach Chris Hughton.
35:04 EPL segment- Milner side Virgil Van DJik will have to be great defensively looking forward. Liverpool can drop big points in the english table while get knocked out the uefa champions league. I think Klopp/Sarri are together.
Everton Richarlison scoring at the correct time for the international week. Sarri is wrong, the squad has not reached their mental limit. His strategy has shown its weakness like in Napoli. Sarri side Klopp do the same thing and both have weak late seasons cause of it.
37:57 Ligue 1 segment, Mbappe is getting his first lesson in fan reactions at big clubs. He showed his games current weakness. How he is not a number 9 like cavani or a midfield talisman like Neymar in that multifaceted, striker/midfield/forward role.
Thank you Kay for rejecting that myth on Balotelli.
Balotelli in truth should had played for Ghana. In the end, I think to Gary Bailey who admitted that if he had played for ireland or northern ireland, he could had been starting keeper for a long time but choosing england he had a short career. confederation of african football descended Players raised in the union of european football associations need to choose CAF flag teams even if they don't feel the connection cause the opportunity to play is better.
Monaco vs Lille was vital as Lille is now in late season drama, the tight race where absent PSG the french table shows its strength. Monaco or Olympique MArseille or Olympique Lyonnais all feel they can knock Lille out. Lille must be very tough and win all other matches.
43:22 Serie A segment,
Ranieri lost in his second game. I hope Roma keep him through the summer but his labor record prove it may not be.
44:41 Turkish super lig segment, Galatapalace commonly known as galatasaray has a chance to catch Istanbul Bashakshehir now. The turkish table is not finished. Galatapalace had issues with the lost goals from Bafetimbi Gomis who left in the prior summer but the january signings have come in well.
45:50 Bundesliga segment, Dortmund players will need to show who they are and win every other game in the remaining season. My gladbach must do likewise. maybe snag a third spot.
To James, I think he need to stay in Bayern. Bayern is a big club, he is a creative player and Bayern will rebuild. I hope he chooses to stay unless Real Madrid want him back in the Zidane era.
47:47 Liga Mexico Segment, Chivas lost both in the superclasico but like Bilbao , Chivas ownership or management comprehend their choices, the development system they have , the player they have and accept it. Club America is very much in the real madrid galactico mode.

48:11 Power rankings
10 Sergio Canales starting for spain
9 Monchi returning to Sevilla joining Zidane in the back in action
8 Sadio Mane 20 goals in 38 appearances, he is having the season Mo Salah had last season
7 Genoa defeating Juventus absent CR7 , Juventus absent cr7 are like Atleti absent Costa
6 Quagliarella 36 years 21 goals above piantek or cr7
5 Zidane lucky feeling , Zidane must do more advertisement for irishmen
4 Wayne Rooney first hat trick for DC United and happy for long term coach former player ben olsen
3 LEo Messi hat trick getting betis fans
2 bum goals
1 Fans who showed up for womens game, atleti vs barca, barca women won but atleti are still top of the womens table in spain
Congratulations Ana kesell

Thank you



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My Reply to Football Crazy 94

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, where you are listening and, Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 94, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

0:13 International break schedule segment, same cast, surpised to hear
0:50 Conmebol segment, Maradona's quote: I don't watch horror movies, is funny cause from a team balance perspective, Argentina have been a horror show for years. For me, while I concur to Kay that coaches have not found the best balance, I think no coach in the messi era has simply gone for a  defensively focused system. 3331 Messi alone up top, three attacking midfielders, three defensive midfielders, three central defenders.
I say messi as the lone forward.
The attacking midfield is Paulo Dybala/Angel Correa/Giovani Lo Celco
The defensive midfield is Ever Banega/Lamela/Gaston Gimenez
The center defensive trio is Rojo/Funes Mori/Otamendi
Forget width, Argentina have no width, play a counterattack bunker. All these players play in those general areas for their club. on a regular basis. Put messi up top , whose job it is to keep the high line, break off, he can stay central and has to wait for play to him. Take messi out of the midfield where players look for him and wait for him to play to act. I don't think argentina is a hard fix.
Egan said the squad is bang average, but the best strategy is one in which the weaknesses to any team are covered. Di Maria/Higuian/Aguero are in the way, when they play, messi is behind them and the imbalance is insurmountable. Benedetto/Icardi are good spear points but they require a midfield quality that doesn't exist when messi is in the midfield. Sequentially, get messi out of the midfield, place him alone up top and then give players who are similar styled, fill up three lines, adjusting to defensive scenarios.
I oppose Kay's position, every team can be better when a coach finds the strategic balance. Brasil or Argentina had too many coaches that were inflexible or not being rigid in using a system that focuses on the players skill set in the best balance.
My Selecao, the brasilian national team, is not the same absent the front three for me, Vinicius jr/NEymar/Douglass Costa The problem in Brasil is many players like Coutinho/Arthur et cetera are quality footballers but not dangerous athletes. In the past, brasil had the balance of skill players side dangerous athletes. People forget how Ronaldo O fenomeno was not merely a skilled player, he was an athlete, that balance is lacking in some of the players, especially the barcelona/pep guardiola entries. To be blunt, post neymar/dani alves barcelona has a negative effect on brasilian players or chooses players who the selecao are compelled to play like coutinho/arthur cause the barca media or fernandhino for the guardiola/manchester city in epl hype machine, but are not quality in athletic potency or skillwise.
... in amendment, in the 26th of march , Correa scored for Argentina absent Messi against Morocco. All teams have talent but finding the team balance is not about galacticos models and never is achieved through galacticos, a coach need to find the balance. Messi can not be in the argentina midfield and can not be in a wide role, he only has one role, the center forward, give it to him.
10:50 Concacaf segment, Tata MArtino is what argentina do not need. MAradona is wrong and his point is the problem. Tactically rigid coaches, that force a style in a squad is the worse for a flag team. It is not accident france won the world cup. DeChamps didn't try to impress anyone or play fancy. He said, we have a highly skilled/highly athletic team, lets play counterattack and battle through. Opponents who tried to impress like spain holland or betrayed how they got to the world cup, meaning brasil when Tite betrayed the system in the qualifiers and played a 424 using coutinho in for renato augusto, when the correct choice, sad for me to say, is fernandhino
Kev Egan is wrong, not every coach says press, Mourinho doesn't say that. The fact that fans are dictating strategy or tactics is the true problem. The strategy is meant to win, not to impress or stick to the media loved forms.
I comprehend why Kay feel it is unfair but the problem in the USA is that the hype machine is too loud, like in England, the anglo media position places so much hype on the usa or england that when they have a little success it is spoken in a golden way that is absent proof. While the france's/brasil's/ argentina's/germany's/mexico's who all have a better record than the usa or england get hammered in anglo media mercilessly.
18:35 CAF cup of nations, Sulamain Folarin in twitter as sulaiman4real spelled s-u-l-a-i-m-a-n-4-r-e-a-l
I really was happy for Burundi and their game winner Cedric Amissi who plays for club Al-Taawoun . Gabon , a recently better financed country has a lot to work on in their infrastructure.
While I am happy the CAF cup of nations has expanded entries, I am still opposed to the structure. Too many teams in CAF don't have enough matches in a four year cycle. Five subconfederations exist in CAf, give each a COnmebol style world cup qualification table, each champion to each region gets to go to the world cup. Make the cup of nations a one week smaller tournament between the subconfederation champions. CAF is a hard model but it is not allowing the flag teams to develop enough. I do wish the womens cup of nations in caf can be manipulated, if only someone with money will do it.
I wonder how many players in CAF play in China, or in AFC, the asian football confederation. Great point from Sulamain how more players , born in africa are playing in UEFA.
I disagree to the shocks, Gabon/Togo/Burkina Faso are not big teams they are little teams that have talismans who play in UEFA but their domestic leagues are not providing the base to the squad to make the teams quality.This is what happens when you have a country that sells all its players, like brasil or netherlands absent a brasilian serie a or eriedivisie that can force a high enough quality in the domestic players to support the mercenary talent
Sulamain educated me, China/India/Phillipines/Mexican are the only countries that receive more money than nigeria from residents in the usa. Money exists in the African community globally. If the culture in the sport is emphasized it may be a bigger winner fiscally, in media.
33:52 Sportsburst segment, I am a recent regular to sports burst on facebook, check it out headed by gabi amado on twitter as gabamado g-a-b-a-m-a-d-o < https://www.facebook.com/beINSPORTSUSA/videos/1179506312217328/ >
34:22 Euro qualifiers segment, thank you Kev, why is it Keepers don't know how to stand still.
I disagree, Raheim sterling is very good but he is not world class, cause absent Guardiola he will drop. Like Salah/Mane/Sane/DeBruyne their quality is based on guardiola.
Messi side CR7 is the top, Neymar side Mbappe is the second, the third tier include many in the uefa club scene.
42:15 MLS segment, Good point Des, new teams are not looking at new england revolution as a model.
Promotion / Relegation  will not happen cause too many owners are not willing to spend money. Who will buy the new england revolution, colorado rapids, chicago fire, fc dallas, columbus crew to actually invest.
Kraft is very wealthy and will not sell new england revolution. He is using the new england revolution as a big money pay day one day. As MLS grow slowly, he will wait , absent relegation/promotion and when it gets big enough he will sell when a big enough buyer comes in.
Nani held an emergency team meeting in Orlando , that is classic historically.
Power Rankings segment,
5 39,000 fans show Juventus women win, but the tickets were free, not for pay
4 Moise Kean another young gem from non italian forebears shining for italy
3 Burundi first CAFCON entry past the qualifiers
2 J'Neil Bennett virgin goal in Tottenham's stadium from a young player
1 Ramos 16 goals of the season with a panenka

Thank you


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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 95, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurrya K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
Pertinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

begin- intro segment, april fool's
1:34 la liga segment,
Aspas was magical in celta. Well earned tears, and earned ovation. Villareal's draw to Barcelona and lose against Celta was huge negative results for villareal. Aspas is a talisman, every decent team has one. PSG has neymar. Juventus has CR7. Celta vigo has Aspas.
To Barcelona, In the draw against Celta the one question for me is not to Messi but to Luis Suarez. Valverde is risking suarez falling out. He scored the tying goal but his movement, energy ,do not seem strong. Manchester United are many thing but they are energetic.
Messi is unfair to complain about the criticism. In all big flag teams later generations are challenged to rise to past accomplishments. It will not end, but hopefully, future argentina squads will have coaches who can find their balance.
To pique, Fair enough Kay, cause my friend Maame Dede williams,on twitter as darmooh82 d-a-r-m-o-o-h-eight-two said to me the same thing. It is allowable banter, that is not violent and expected in the derby energy. Derby fire is not incorrect when people dont burn each other
ATleti scored four goals but the problem is their health. Can costa/griezzman/morata stay healthy? morata pulled up in the midweek victory, costa did not play.
Lucas Hernandez is leaving Atleti but the biggest key is simeone. if simeone remain then the identity will remain and we can rebuild. Gelson Mertins for me must come back if Greizzman leave.
The argument against Simeone playing another style is a false one for me. No one ask pep to play another style and he did not win the uefa champions league in bayern or manchester city.  
Simeone is not changing his style, but adding better goal scorers in his system. The only problem is can he keep the attacking trident of morata/griezzman/costa?
Both Atletico Madrid side Real Madrid have a big summer in transfers ahead. No one can predict where players will go to and from atleti/bayern/psg or other teams where player shifts were long in the works
22:05 EPL segment- The title race in england will last to the last day between manchester city side liverpool. It is a race between two teams who are scoring goals. The matches against manchester city or tottenham will be the biggest factors in deciding.
my EPL final six is manchester city, liverpool, arsenal, tottenham, manchester united, chelsea.
28:10 MLS segment- I agree to Kev Egan, no one had a first game better than Zlatan for la galaxy, winning from off the bench. I will love to see Christian Vieri speaking on the atlanta united players early season under frank deboer . The reality is, a club that is two years old is too young to handle a coaching shift. Happy for Rooney finding a home in DC United, always a hard working player who is highly skilled. the best kind of player for MLS.
37:52 Ligue 1/serie a/bundesliga /old firm segment- Marseille's problem is the defense, Balotelli scored twice but the defense flailed the offensive struggle.
I can't wait to see what Mbappe/Pele do together. I Wonder if Neymar helped that happen. That may solidify that PSG keep Neymar/Mbappe through the coming summer.
ICardi is another player in this coming summer transfer mill, like rabiot of psg and i don't know what teams will accept either who have created off pitch drama, but they will leave.
Didn't know a player can achieve 5 red cards in one season at a top club.
Power Rankings segment
10  raheim diaz watching isco celebrate, on gaby amado
9 Balotelli brace for OM 5 games 6 goals
8 Panenka week
7 Moise Kean the Juventus diamond
6 Oblak 200 appearances 113 clean sheets
5 Nantes stadium- stadium of decadence
4 Mbappe-seven straight ligue 1 games scoring
3 Benzema- scoring against heusca has scored against all la liga teams he faced
2 Liverpool top of the table , winning against tottenham
1 Iago Aspas - the spiritual leader of Celta Vigo

Thank you



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FootballCrazy Episode 96 reply

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 96, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurra K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show In Womens Soccer...congratulations on the usa and their twenty year anniversary defeating belgium but I think people need to have caution concerning the womens game and its fanbase. In the union of european football associations some great attendances are being held and showing a rise in popularity , paralleling the world cup in france this summer BUT when I look at confederation of african football or CAF soccer, confederation of sudamericana futbol or conmebol plus asian football confederation or afc excluding japan or confederation of north central american and caribbean football excluding usa canada or mexico in terms of the womens game it is not a rise, some are stalled or still very negative in an organizational way. So it is a lie to suggest global greatness as much as U E F A have the chance to dominate womens soccer more than mens soccer for a longer time. but the other confederations have their management to blame, not uefa dominance, cause uefa was slow as well to support the womens game.
begin segment-what went viral: Des said choupo' miss.. .for me in the end it is a simple explanation CHoupo Moting is a leader, fighter, but not a cold goal killer, he is a team player, I like a reverse own goal from thomas rongen.
Troy Deeney for Kay using social media for causes, I don't know anything about that
Oblak post match interview where he honored for Kev
4:15 La Liga segment- I didn't know the linguisitical culture in spain to cursing, thank you Kay. In the end, Costa's absence hurt Atleti. I think Atleti need Costa, but also need Willian Jose from Real Sociedad and to keep Morata. Simeone's atleti may have a huge rebuilding in the summer. But, if Atleti can have a healthy costa/griezzman/morata in a forward line to start next season, Atleti can win la liga.
Barcelona after the costa send off, played at a slow pace, the passing, the movement was dawdling, I think they played an energy saving game, knowing atleti's defense will not be cheap even down to ten and they have manchester united coming up. But, if simeone can keep costa/griezzman/morata and add a willian jose, bring back gelsen mertins, keep griezzman make the backline adjustments while keep experienced players for depth, Atleti will have the tools if healthy for a magical season next season.
10:31 Ligue 1 segment- PSG won the Ligue 1 title
11:11 Bundesliga segment- Bayern annihilated Dortmund, I repeat, dortmund is a lesser team. They place high but they are not dominant team. Reus said it was a 4231 and dortmund was not ready but why wasn't the players from dortmund able to adjust.
I bet James Rodriguez goes to AC Milan
13:16 Serie A segment- Moise Kean has responded well, but he has not been a regular starter. His pitch quality off the bench, the off pitch drama being handled calmly, whether correct or not. He must be wise where he goes? I say he need to stay in Juventus and grow in that club.
16:38 EPL segment- Liverpool side Manchester City are still in a race, Liverpool can not lose any EPL matches to win the title, but MAnchester City are still in the controlling position. Both teams , Liverpool or Manchester City, have tough battles ahead. I agree KDB kevin de bruyne is no fool to give media a finger point call to winning it all and being hammered when they fail, which is the normal scenario
20:11 FA cup segment- Troy Deeney spoke against instagram which was honest. Didn't know the term missing out in instagram
Wolverhampton wolves have had a brilliant season led from Nuno Espírito Santo, wolves has a lot of portuguese support
25:16 Real Madrid segment- Bale had a rough game but Benzema proves he is a great leader on the pitch. I agree, that Real Madrid need a goal killer, but who do they get? Many of the top goal getters are locked into teams or on teams that will splash the cash, The problem is, Real madrid will not get mbaye diagne/duvan zapata/nicolas pepe who are not high profile enough in the shirt buying, but have the goals, age ,athleticism. I don't know who real madrid can bring in outside someone in their thirties, requiring a big money grab away or not the ideal skill wise
28:45 UEFA Champions League segment- Liverpool versus Porto is a Porto win. Liverpool will slow down the same way they did last season. Manchester City versus Tottenham Hotspurs is the best battle. Ajax versus Juventus is a juventus win, Juventus will score the free shots on goal Real Madrid missed. Manchester United versus Barcelona is a barcelona win cause Barcelona will score the sitters that PSG missed.
31:30 UEFA champion league next year- in la liga, getafe/sevilla/valencia/alaves can get the fourth spot under barca/atleti/real madrid . To be honest, each team will prove the team they have. Valencia/SEvilla are the big losers cause getafe or alaves getting fourth will fiscally hurt sevilla/valencia fiscally in the money spent this season. Valencia or Sevilla ownership will have a rough summer if either don't get into the uefa champions league
In the EPL, Arsenal continue to drop points away from home. But, they still have the advantage on Manchester united and battling in the uefa champions league may wear out Ole's team more.
39:57 La Liga relegation segment- Cazorla at Villareal has matches to stay alive, it is not over. Girona/levante/celta/valladolid/villareal/rayo are each trying to escape the eighteenth or nineteenth spot in la liga. Flat out battle, I agree to Kay that La Liga's relegation battles is underrated to the quality in the league from the so called top five uefa leagues, spain/italy/france/germany/england
43:12 Sports burst segment- I do enjoy Sportsburst on facebook but they are on beinsports afterwards < https://www.beinsports.com/us/sports-burst/ >
43:36 MLS segment- NY Redbulls, portland, Atlanta very poor early seasons in 2019 do not reflect parity in major league soccer but poverty in quality. When a fiscal enterprise makes a huge reversal in wins or quality from one season to the next, that is bad management
46:39 Power rankings segment
10- Cazorla at Villareal- the stress is getting him
9- Mbaye Diagne at Galata palace 24 games 23 starts 29 goals 3 assists
8- Mbappe face when Choupo made the save of the year
7- Delofeu in watford bracing to defeat wolverhampton
6- Strasbourg coach Thierry Laurey leading strasbourg to coupe de ligue trophy lift and pausing psg celebrations
5- QUochim caparos diagnosed with cancer- he vows to continue , hope his health
4- FC Barcelona messi side suarez
3- UEFA champions league side EUropa league are back
2- Iago Aspas , the heart of celta vigo
1- Moise KEan the young starlet in Juventus

Thank you



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Transcript to Womens soccer and episode 97


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the womens game and reply to football crazy episode 97, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurra K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show In Womens Soccer...COngratulations to Olympique Lyonnais , for winning 5-0 against PSG feminin, a great dominant win and if they defeat chelsea in the semifinals over the two legs, one leg this coming weekend, onto another uefa champions league final and a possible 6th title, their fifth in a row, being only bettered by the male real madrid team through di stefano
who will dictate the womens us open cup format? I hope it maybe televised federally @alywagner BUT, the format to the womens us open cup need to  change, don't mirror the dysfunction in the mens, 50 state cup tournaments make 50 champs, then six champ rounds to title, thoughts?

INAC Kobe in the nadeshiko league, the japanese womens league have some cute kids depictions to their players

An article on how the football association of england stifled womens soccer for 50 years made by Gigi Choy< https://twitter.com/ggbdoo >  , linked in the transcript, was shared to me by andrew orsatti <https://twitter.com/AndrewOrsatti> side steve graff <https://twitter.com/SG_Calcio >

Begin Tim stannard is in for Kev Egan, Stannard is on twitter as laligaloca l-a-l-i-g-a-l-o-c-a

1:26 Title denying, When I chose to listen to this episode of Football Crazy , NAntes was up 3-1 against PSG, a great keeper like gigi buffon has this very poor defense skillwise. But Tuchel problem started when he did not use the correct strategy to save Neymar. Neymar got injured cause PSG chose to focus on a soft midfield base since they sold matuidi. Good notice from Des Norris, I didn't know Mbappe stamped. Mbappe clearly needs Neymar on the pitch, to relieve the pressure on him.
Thinking to Barcelona, Stannard actually said, think of the children :) think of ... ok, back to seriousness, Kay is exactly correct, bench players are not meant to be glued to the bench. The players on the bench ideally are supposed to be equal quality, just not chose cause the form to the starters is better. Juventus need a summer reboot in midfield but also defense. I hope Allegri stay, I hope Valverde stay but Tuchel must go for me.
9:59 Derbies, Kay should had asked Stannard to think of the children when he suggested Getafe is not a proper side to enter the champions league. Real Betis facing Sevilla in the sevilla derby was energetic as always BUT I am happy LO Celso is signed to Betis and not going back to PSG. He is not the midfielder kind PSG need. NEymar needs matuidi's /casemiro's/paulinho's/kante's in midfield to be the muscle , allowing him to be the roaming free artists
15:00 Atleti , Morata likes the Atleti system. Stannard is correct, with Higuain not being a goal machine and may be back to italy though i hope a chinese team. Chelsea may keep Morata but I hope Morata push to be in atleti, he is playing better in atleti.
16:53 derbies continued, the intercontinental derby is the name not turkish classico. Galata palace is creeping, the race is not over. KAy's point is excellent, many young players snub turkey where they can grow and reach nice profits. small teams in england or spain are not better than top teams in turkey.
19:05 EPL, I agree to Des, the anglo media is pushing all the cards on Liverpool and if they don't win the english title or champions league, it will be like the gerard year and the slip, which demba ba ended liverpool dreams. I repeat strategically, every klopp team weakens at the end of the season. Will Liverpool reach the end unweakened and thank you KAy, Manchester City have a extra game to play.
The shame in  OLe is that anyone who has eyes saw that the manchester united squad did not show a healing of problems under mourinho.
27:09 Italy Serie A, I say Icardi to AC Milan for goals
29:07 Chelsea fc, the problem is that the CHelsea owner ROman Abramovich, chopped and changed managers so much  that while chelsea won many trophies, they didn't allow an identity to formulate or maintain. Now absent the money, they need an identity.
30:05 spain La Liga relegation, Stannard is cruel, he wants celta to go down to see how Iago Aspas will be influenced. Stannard made a good idea, what if relegation was based on a bell curve. MAke an average on team goals, and those under that average do not make the cut like in golf.
33:31 C.A.F. Cup of Nations, media wise for advertising or sponsorship the move to the summer and expanded team count, is good but I think the structure is still not good enough. I have stated it on my blog linked in the transcript < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?tab=comments#comment-470 >
34:55 crisis in O.L. , as a long time OL supporter, it is not a crisis. PEople look at teams like Ajax one season or Monaco another and suggest that is the way youth development teams are, the truth is, OL is the standard youth development teams. OL is not a bad team but like most youth teams their lack in experience cost them as well as their untested collective response to challenges.
40:00 MLS in the USA, the whipping Monterrey gave Sporting KS need to be spoken more. The weakness of MLS teams in the concacaf champions league is equivalent to the weakness of EPL teams in the uefa champions league. anglo media hypes up anglo teams to be great, but all are poor. Tigres vs Monterrey are in the concacaf champions league final.
43:05 Joey Barton,
Power Rankings
10 Leon 11 straight victories in liga mx :)
9 Chukweze, Villareal Nigerian goal getter
8 Bilbao has an academy product in the first team for 55 years straight, Kay mentioned Higuain can pay for Bilbao.
7 Turkish Superlig youth, Elmas
6 Norwich city leading the championship
5 Guedes from Valencia former PSG, brace in EUropa league, and great performance in Valencia derby
4 A art team made a set of scenes based on ray hudson saying. I Asked KAy about it and you can check my twitter for the reply.
3 Lille Les Dogues
2 UEFA Champions league, Europa Leauge, Copa Libertadores
1 Title denyers- psg/Barcelona/Juventus

As I was composing this, Tottenham and Manchester City were in a battle, advantage Tottenham, that tottenham won. Son from south korea scored two counterattack goals , but a pundit on tnt said that the tottenham goals were based on manchester city errors, but all the goals were based on defensive errors. Sterlings first goal, the keeper was not set, a supposedly top keeper did not have his feet set for a curler from sterling, that keeper being lloris of france. The second goal, tottenham's forwards did not make the sacrificing run to cover the width that bernardo silva forced, too many players play to coaches strategy not what is going on the pitch. the two goal sub scored were common goals against pep guardiola teams post barcelona in the uefacl where the simple counterattack cuts through them.
I despise shootouts in soccer, some fans, maybe most fans, definitively most pundits claim they love shootouts, but that is bad soccer,  plain or simple. Both tottenham or manchester city can't defend and the aguero offside at the end was strong for me in that the pundits on call didn't call it out, they acted like it was a goal absent any penalty. Then when manchester city lost the same pundit said, manchester city couldn't have done any better and i disagree, manchester city let in three goals. they could had did a lot more.
Some pundits like tim howard suggest that the forward play was brilliant from tottenham or manchester city but how great is your offense when you are up against a poor defense.
Ajax and Tottenham are through to the next round, that will be an interesting battle, two teams that are full from youth or mistakes. Tottenham will not have Kane, who like Neymar is a needed talisman. But, in ajax/tottenham you have two teams nearly identical from last season both a blend of youth or experience and a stronger team having stayed together.
FC Barcelona face Liverpool. Liverpool have speed but like manchester city they are poor defensively, but are only exposed by a powerful attack based on the strength of their attack trenching in opponents.

Thank you



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My Thoughts to the Womens Game and Football Crazy Episode 98


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the womens game and reply to football crazy episode 98, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show In Womens Soccer...
An interesting media note to hear from Fran Kirby the negative thoughts from others from her missed penalty. The problem I have is how the womens game is taking the best from media in the mens game but eliminating the rest. In the mens game, too many players/coaches/owners are judged unevenly and that judgement style is accepted as warranted or allowable, even though it is common. The players/coaches/owners in the womens game must change how media interact to the womens game. End the viper pit on failure culture or at least, make it far less prevalent than it is in the mens game.

Olympique Lyonnais defeated Chelsea 2-1 and FC BArcelona defeated Bayern Munich 1-0 in the UEFA champions league semifinals, nothing is decided though the Olympique Lyonnais advantage is far stronger, if OL get one goal, it makes the task for Chelsea massive, while Bayern munich can overcome Barcelona, especially in Bavaria.

begin intro, love the poetry on speak like shakespeare day , Kay, Kev, Des are together. Ray Hudson is not interested in seeing photos of 4 month old James:) Kev Egan's son. Des said James is a lovely addition to humanity.  hilarious. Love the little ones, everyone does...I love how in the podcast they recorded ray hudson saying, don't be putin this out on that internet, classic , classic:)
2:08 MUFC segment, Gary Neville said you didn't need to name names. Ole essentially has said the same as Mourinho while mourinho was coach. Kev is wrong to be stunned by the lacking of the players in Manchester red cause Mourinho challenged all the players , pogba the most, to be better, they failed individually or collectively. Real Madrid want Pogba cause he is a money vault on a team winning trophies, filled with talent. Real Madrid knows this.
I agree to Kev that the workman culture was in the club but that culture had two elements, not just alex ferguson but the player culture that has changed. Modern players are not brewed in the streets, as journeyman, they are brewed in academies where they are coddled and groomed in many ways outside mere ability and mindset. The reality is, unlike in usa based sports, where the new york knicks, dallas cowboys, new york yankees can be athletically poor and still be the fiscal dominant, manchester united can not do this.
11:01 title wins in france/italy segment,First PSG, no Mbappe is the heir to the CR7 goal killer throne. Neymar is the heir to the Messi Talisman throne.
But, I concur to Kay, the masses, most who are neither functional fans or equal critiquers.
I agree to KAy, Mbappe and Neymar are wise to stay in PSG. FOr Mbappe the reasoning is simple, he is french, he is winning, and winning in spain is not in the modern global media a greater than winning in france. Neymar has already proven to be great at Santos where he won the copa libertadores leading the team in a way no other player, including mbappe led a team at that age in recent times. And, he showed he was able to be a great team player, coming to barca and being a second or third at that age, showing great maturity. PSG is a project he need to finish.
Neymar is a global brand that has proven himself in a way Bale never did so the comparison is false. Neymar's true club is Santos. Bale is nothing compared to neymar in terms of accomplishments. Neymar need to win the copa america and then win all trophies for PSG and then move to ... AC Milan and win the Copa Libertadores with Santos and win the UEFA Champions League with FC Barcelona/PSg/ AC Milan
Second Juventus, To me Juventus under Allegri reached two finals. I think if PSG had reached UEFA champions league finals that would had been enough from prior coaches. ANyone can lose a final, but getting theree is the true sign. To get to a final proves you know what you are doing and how the team is organized.Allegri has earned another rebuild of the team.
22:23 La Liga segment,  everyone knows who Lahoz is if they watched any LaLiga recently.
Getafe had a huge win but even though they continued to show SEvilla's weakness in the road, the placements for the fourth position is not finished.
aduriz and Now Molina prove that the development of players is not a matter of age but of settling in to your game, you never stop learning but
Would Getafe be willing to make a great affordable summer youth squad instead of getting experienced players for depth, if getafe make fourth in la liga season end?
Valencia's momentum make them the ones to make the fourth spot for me.
30:40 Villareal and the relegated segment, I love Kay's story on Carzola being fouled by Amera, the leganes manager told Amera to apologize to Cazorla who plays for Villareal.
And, I love the subsequent story from Kev Egan and a similar though other ending story on his time in gaelic football.
Celta Vigo/Villareal/Bilbao all had a time near or in the relegation zone, it is not a bad thing that in la liga midtable teams are battled by minnows to stay in the top flight
34:13 MLS segment, Atlanta United is a young organization, I think every firm needs to go through experiences to learn from them, books can not teach you experiences, they can guide you but only going through it can teach.
Atlanta United had a great first season, one of the best in Major league soccer history but they are not going through the process of shifting coaches easily.
The key in LA FC is that bob bradley is probably in it for the long term. Happy for Carlos Vela
37:46 EPL title race segment, Tottenham/Manchester City third match was in the citizens favor but was another rough match,  maybe familiarity forced the team to play ragged.
Manchester United should not be able to stop Manchester City for scoring.
41:36 PFA awards segment, I wish the player awards can occur after the season. If Manchester city win Sterling. IF Liverpool win Van DJik.
43:20 Bundesliga segment, the race is still on. very compelling between Dortmund and Bayern, essentially neither can afford to lose or draw, the one who does gives the other the win for certain.
43:33 Icardi Transfer, the focus on the show is on how an organization will handle his agent and his media ways but for me, the issue to icardi is the team. Icardi is a goal getter. He isn't someone who connects like Benzema or Suarez. He isn't a warrior like Lewandowski or Mandzukic or Lukaku or Cavani. He isn't a technician like an aguero or firminho. He is like Carlos BAcca, one of those players who will score a lot of goals if you give him opportunities but you have to give it to him, and he will wait for them in his area. So, I think the bigger key is, if Inter Milan do move him on, that he guides that movement to a team that need a goal getter but don't necessarily need another kind of player in the center forward position.
When I look at big money or high profile teams I think Manchester United could use Icardi. Other big money or high profile teams either have the depth in the center forward position or play a style where they ask from the center forward a style of play not in Icardi's repertoire. Some say Real MAdrid but Icardi is not skilled enough for Real for me. Yes, Icardi could be the return of a player like Raul for Real MAdrid, but is Icardi that kind of warrior, I am not certain.Icardi is a battler but to the level of Raul, who can come of the bench and contribute over one hundred percent, I have not seen that from Icardi at times.
44:15 The La Liga top three segment, The two madrid giants are wobbling and both in need of modulation in the summer. FC Barcelona may have their last great season in the messi era cause Barcelona's pace or movement this system show some legs need to be exchanged to give them greater rest , to still more liveleness in them.
Morata was clipped by the referee and I agree that the referee need to be exposed for the misbehavior that players are exposed to cheaply from media.
Benzema is a great forward who is a team player, I only wish another team player, Willian was given a similar opportunity, maybe he will in a Sarri led chelsea absent hazard side others.
Power Rankings
10- PSG's bench , neymar,cavani, di maria, buffon 5 a side, you can not sit with us
9- title's with caveats, PSG, Juventus
8- PAOK , first title in 31 years
7- Drake Curse is lifted, By Olympique Lyonnais, I wonder did memphis depay get drake to smoke a cigar with him
6- Chukwueze, Villareal
5- Guedes, in Valencia, scoring goals
4- Barca Backline, Lenglet, Alba, Pique
3- Liverpool set pieces, decided at half time by Klopp
2- Peppe Bordelas, Getafe who will move to SEvilla, getafe is fourth in la liga
1- Easter Weekend, Iago Aspas savior of Celta

oh, this is for Gabby Amado or Kay L Murray who I think like the cultural refereces, since today is speak like shakespeare here is a formation similar to a famous poem from three women
double double,hat trick trouble,
yellow cards and offsides bubble,
whispers in'a theater of dreams,
may not be for anfield screams,
who knows how much pep is needed,
at least more than a klop has seeded,
will it be sergio or - salah,
or maybe one from arsen-al!,
want more nice english troubles,
watch while it boils and bubbles

double double,hat trick trouble,
yellow cards and offsides bubble,
Cool it with the boos and hate,
Then the day is worth, the wait.

Thank you

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article on beinsports


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My Thoughts and Reply to womens soccer/Football crazy epsiode 99 and more

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the womens game and reply to football crazy episode 99, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurra K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show In Womens Soccer...
Congratulations to OLympique lyonnais women side barcelona women for reaching the uefa champions league final.I repeat from the last episode the reply from some chelsea fans was very unfair or negative to Fran kirby and bothers me a plenty.I shared a link to the golazo from Ji sO-yun whom I call lady ji, it meant a lot to her I can tell, but enjoy your team folks, no matter who they are, stop demanding they win and start supporting them no matter what.

INAC kobe in the nadeshiko lost their second game of the season. to be fair, the season is long in Japan so nothing to be worried about but a good start is vital if the team wants to recapture the crown after missing out in the past few seasons.


Begin intro segment, game of thrones is a decent show but the books are better, check them out rather than the show
2:14 Villa vs Leads in the championship segment, Kev gives his adventure trying to stay tuned to the information. I love his story of when Bielsa told his team to give in the goal.
Interesting, possibile strategy from Bielsa referred to from Kev Egan. Des had to mention Tri D Chess < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-dimensional_chess#CITEREFDickins1971 > he falsely labeled three dimensional chess, i wonder, have any of you ever played Kubikschach or Raumschach
5:23 Boro segment, with Kay L Murray, a wish against Derby and for her derby to get into the playoffs.
5:43 Barca segment, 8 in 11 seasons, first with Messi as captain. Congratulations to Barcelona, I do think this season will be remembered for the end of an era. I can see signs where Barcelona will weaken in the future, past this season.
For me the Liverpool challenge is simple, Barcelona can not afford to lose or draw in the Camp Nou and if anything, they need to keep a clean sheet.
The dominance is not a big deal to me, Real Madrid had a similar phase, Ajax a similar phase, most teams that have some sort of global profile had a time of dominance, Santos/Liverpool all had those times. The question is when they don't, who will be barca fans? fandom today is success based, not team based.
Good position from Kev Egan about the fatigue in Liverpool , trying to win UEFA champions league aside the English premier league.
Valverde is a great coach but he has done it absent the high speed, high quantity passing style in klopp/guardiola
11:04 PSG segment, The attack of PSG has never been bad from zlatan to Neymar but the defense from PSG is not as good at it was originally. PSG had Ancellotti first then BLanc. PRoper defense first coaches, then went to the media loved, not trophy earned Emri and tuchel. The problem isn't the players, it is the coaches strategy.
Kimpembe continually have mistakes that lead to opposing goals in big cup matches. But Kehrer/Bernat are not good enough. But it stems from Tuchel, a man who never won anything with Borussia dortmund that was given the PSG controls.
In some way, the Mbappe/Neymar scenario is an example of the mistake the owner made in Tuchel. I dont think a problem is the squad as much as the coach.
THis summer, the matuidi/Aurier players must come back into PSG.
Rennes set of players is underrated, Ben Arfa a former OL diamond who played for the top three teams of modern Ligue 1 OL/MArseille/PSG but never had the best of times in either team with an ugly segway in england or a revitalizing segway in OGC Nice, Clement grenier a former OL diamond whose bad luck injuries derailed him from leaving french clubs, finally Niang, a caen player where Pogba or KAnte came from but unlike them did not have that breakout season, his largest moment a miss while in AC Milan, that has left him a journeyman in italy usually loaned out in france.
Those three players played greatly but also all had a chip on their shoulder a bit, each having a career unfortunate, in all earnest. I hope each can get a good higher money post from this.
18:11 Real Madrid segment, Zidane is vetting out the team wisely. I disagree to the three panelists, You can learn alot about players when they have no trophy to earn and they must win games simply to win in the shirt.
I hope Navas go to a team like SHanghai in china, a big team in china, if Zidane must let him go by the owners move.
I agree to Kay , Bale must go to somewhere he can be loved, CR7 loves Turin, for the fanbase and adoration, proper fans. But I don't think england is the answer, Southampton/Tottenham/Real Madrid and next need to be a club that can afford him that can also naturally be in contention to lift trophies. I think he can be great for Atletico MAdrid if he was affordable but based on affordability as well as current situation being trophy lifting, i say, Bayern is the best bet, but bayern is not run like that.
25:21 Italian serie a segment, Allegri for Juventus broke his cool but it is the fate from modern media to heckle those who do not succeed. It is hard to handle it kindly or positively throughout a season.  I like the photos between Icardi side his wife who is also his agent. < https://video.virgilio.it/guarda-video/wanda-nara-consola-icardi-foto-piccante-sui-social_bc6030999560001 >
27:47 English EPL segment, Gary Bailey said that DeGea needed a rest. His mistake in the match against Chelsea proved the need. The shame is that Chelsea are defensively porous the entire season in their goal to defend through possession , something i have never seen done well in another team since Xavi left FC Barcelona.
Kay made a great point Ole keep referring to the ferguson era but does not act that way. Ole can drop degea for poor performing if he is as a coach acting as ferguson.
Kev made a good point in parallel, DeGea has been in a defensive cauldron for a long while.
36:03 4th place segment, in italy, spain, england, will be down to the last day it seems. People forget Brendan Rogers was the one who started the liverpool electric attacking era.
39:02 English table top fight segment, the Leicester City match against Manchester city is huge. Rogers if he forces a draw or loss against Manchester City will be huge for Liverpool.
If klopp fails it will be massive for liverpool long term.
40:54 German bundesliga segment, Dortmund or Bayern are both lagging poorly at the end of the season, the failure in this season from bayern is in their instability
43:13 MLS segment , love the Ray Hudson audio clip mirroring the lovely wise sage, who seems 10 in the la liga commercials on beinsports, to MLS the fact that Zlatan went to apologize was stunning to hear.
I love the shoutout to Dominique Wilkins. Loved him, his career had unfortune from illness
46:07 Liga MX segment
46:56 Turkish superlig segment, Istanbul did drop points but Galatapalace did not win but drew. Thus galata retain second but all is to play for in the next two matches ,the two biggest matches are going to decide the title. Galata palace face Besiktas second versus third and then they face the week after Bashakshehir current first versus second. I will be tuned, Go Galata palace!!
48:48 power rankings segment
10 sheffield united back into the top flight , Kay sang part of their song, the greasy chip butty song, which is backgrounded by the john denver hit annie's song, whenever i hear that song in modernity i think of the commercial about nature where the woman is crying, now i have the sheffield fans chant and her crying combined < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA14bKuuSms >
9 Gary Bailey twitter awakening
8 Virgil Van Djik player of the year, Raheem Sterling pfa young player of the year, Kev made a great stat attack, Manchester City has never won the player of the year and that coincide to something i derived after I read an article by RIchard keys,thank you Kev for informing, I read  what he wrote and his points are valid toward LEgacies at MAnchester united or Liverpool in comparison concerning Ole, the Boot room or Ferguson,using as a binder the great, in my view, brian CLough <https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iTiIdbDBmZc , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz3XVPGWMUI&fbclid=IwAR0vTcDabbdJRIPJR5BNKGobnSmLwYNsGobI7QS4RAAYSSgnsZ90nYzUfEs > supported by things only mourinho knows that the media is gagged from saying, the Video assitant refereeing mechanism used in england or the choice before the end of the season having modern communication tools to vote for the player of the year before the season ends, the need to change the times of the player of the year if liverpool end up trophyless will be apparent but it prove how popular manchester united/arsenal/liverpool the three red lions are in the english media landscape. technologically keys is correct, but i sense a media community that is based on old popularities < https://richardajkeys.com/index.php/blog/209-why-is-van-dijk-poy>
7 cr7 600 club goals, greater than messi in speed to reaching, 10 season 60 goal mark
6 Stephanie Frappart first female referee
5 coach paco  for rayo finally beat real madrid
4 uefa champions, europa leagu, concacaf champions league, conmebol copa libertadores
3 montpellier captain 42 getting one year extension
2 valverde back to back coaching led titles
1 messi the substitute scores and barca wins a title, score or assist in every camp nou game

In AMendment

Neymar Legacy segment, Neymar said he wanted to play for Flamengo at the MAracana and he wants to return to Santos. For me Neymar has at the club level only a Brasil serie a title, a copa do brasil. For the flag level neymar is only missing the copa america and world cup which i think he will have one half solved this coming summer and the other in qatar. If Neymar win the quintet for PSG men then he will have won the top confederation trophy for every team he ever played for, I say go to AC Milan or Shanghai Shenhua to win it all and then go back to brasil and complete his club goals in conmebol for flamengo and then return to santos to retire and go into coaching or management
Neymar is very fortunate, he has what many conmebol players do not have, that being conmebol club side success before he left for money in uefa. Ronaldhino showed the way, neymar keep it up.

Neymar is a boxer segment, I saw the video, don't make it seem like neymar is a boxer, it was the same kind of slap the president of real madrid gave cristiano ronaldo
...Ligue1 is not to blame, two ambitious players mbappe/neymar wanted to win it all but the failure was in emri tuchel who pushed away the matuidi's aurier's away and brought in the kehrer's held up the rabiot's

The modern game segment, I comrpehend @kenearlys explanation or @EricKrakauer support but, the top teams always have a system, more importantly, they have the players to fill that system. The problem is seeing the counter system and having the players to fill that system, ala Leicester city
I don't think luxury players are obsolete, the problem is teams dont have a squad to fit the system they are playing. this is what mou meant by klopp/pep asked for more players to fill the need. cause few players today are good enough footballers to play to any system

English premier league ownership segment, are the owners in the epl buying players to fit a system or buying players to increase the media exposure. if you look at MCFC or Liverpool this year, neither has a top player media wise @EricKrakauer @kenearlys
are the owners in the epl buying players to fit a system or buying players to increase the media exposure.if you look at MCFC or Liverpool this year,neither has a top player media wise @EricKrakauer @kenearlys remember real madrid bought beckham/kaka and neither was system needed

Thank you



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My thoughts and Reply to Womens Soccer/Jogo BOnito/Football Crazy episode 100


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the beautiful game and reply to football crazy episode 100, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show... In Womens Soccer...

Congratulations to my Atleti for becoming the tricampeonas , three time champions of spain. The copa del reina is later this week and Barcelona are not in it. It will be the first double in atleti women history.
Congratulations to my OL for becoming the champion of France for the thirteenth straight time. The coupe de france will be later this week , and Paris saint germain is not in it. The UEFA champions league final is against Barcelona. OL better be careful, against this virgin finalists. But if Lyon win it will be their fourth straight, like the first four-peat from real madrid men.
Congratulation to my Turbine potsdam for being the best of the rest under the top two. where most womens only sides have failed in the sister club era, or been reduced to lower tiers , Turbine potsdam exist as one of the few in the western u.e.f.a. leagues and the highest rank among womens only clubs. Proud to still be a fan. ... I am a fan because , before atleti/chelsea/gladbach/ol/santos/botafogo or other mens teams had developed sister programs the fraun bundesliga stood alone as the best league in the world, and had no sister clubs.
Congratulations on my gladbach feminine for another fight in the first tier in germany, next year the second tier but i expect them to go straight back in and hopefully stay up this time, keeping learning Fohlen elf
Keep fighting my Brescia Calcio Femminile who need to get second to promote and have two games left to play. Promotion from the Lombard league  Forza Leonessa
INAC kobe had a rough start to the season and sit fifth in the l league table of japan but the season is long.
Santos women current braisilerao feminino champions are leading atp the A1 table, with twenty one points from seven matches
Botafogo women are sitting at the bottom of their group in A2 .
Season is ending in u.e.f.a. and early

Begin Spursy segment, Tim stannard is in for Kev Egan, Tim stannard is in twitter as  LaLigaLoca l-a-l-i-g-a-l-o-c-a
I loved his , do a zidane, do nothing in the academic year and have an great test result at the end of something
Tottenham is like Liverpool , two teams who rotate little, put a lot of energy in an attacking system and have breathing moments late in the season.
4:14 EPL top 4 segment, Liverpool under Klopp are pushing hard for a double. It is down to the last game in england. But oddly enough, Liverpool can still not lift a trophy. I don't expect MCFC to lose against Brighton but it can happen.
Sarri's led chelsea has continued to do what he did in Napoli. He never won a trophy but he kept the team in the uefa champions league places absent a global superstar but a high quality team, absent rotation.
Manchester United defensively are poor, Mourinho said it last summer and that fact is why they are ending the season in the same position. The run from Ole had luck in it.
England is having a nice European summer. A possible english final in both uefa champions league and europa league.
Emri wants a highly thinking team but that takes time to build. The problem is that Sarri is coaching Chelsea. Chelsea are the enemy of the three headed red dragon of england, liverpool, manchester united, arsenal. I think the english media will never forgive them.
15:00 is club confederation cup soccer a blessing or curse segment, UEFA Champions league or Europa League must never be rejected. The goal of any team is to improve. club confederation tournaments is a challenge to test if a club can improve itself. Many or most club owners/financially, coaches/strategically, players/technically or tactically fail but the test is worth it.
20:15 top four battles outside EPL, in spain,getafe/valencia/sevilla are battling for fourth. Kay said it best, sevilla have great attackers but poor defenders.
In France, OL and Asse, saint ettiene are battling hard for third. I love Ol and I know gones despise Le Verde, but Asse have done well to grow and make the Lyon Derby a fun battle throughout.
22:50 neymar/cavani segment, the referees forced cavani to take the penalty. Neymar is the talisman of PSG, his problem is will he have a midfield that supports his game better.
Maxima of OGC Nice need to find a team where he can be the foil, like when Balotelli played in the centerforward role in OGCNice. Maybe follow him to OM.
26:05 Relegation segment, Rayo, Huesca in the second spanish tier, Chimy of San Lorenzo in argentina warrant another team. Cardiff in the english tier 2. I found the careless whisper video for Mick McCarthy , thanks KAy L Murray, it is linked in the transcript, in both parts:)  < part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo5qX1Yr-hQ part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvcsNXxJzQw>
In retrospect, easy retrospect, Barcelona showed a lackluster desire against Celta vigo but that was the so called bench team, then the so called starting team showed a lackluster against liverpool.  Barcelona needed to show the ability to defend through possession and they were unable to do it. Arthur/Coutinho/Dembele showed they are not what Barcelona are looking for.
34:22 Jamie Easton segment, When he asked solari, how is your future, my future is like the first day, i quote, nobody has told him anything about his future
35:04 bundesliga title segment, Dortmund show that the youth movement that is great with ajax, can be electrifying with liverpool can all go to the trash like dortmund usually
36:07 EPL race, Manchester City first captain in the qatari era, Vincent Kompany had a great strike. < goal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVZ4iKV8zKA interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5plTrmiapE >
Liverpool has successfully pushed into the uefa champions league final and has kept the epl race to one day. I disagree with Kay, Dembele was a huge absence for Barcelona. They needed his speed, they needed his goal scoring sharpness, this season dembele was the guy who scored winners when messi/suarez did not.
Stannard said a 0.001 percent chance:) that is classic in retrospect. Anfield will remember this squad. In the end, messi wasn't injured but he was tired, seemed fatigued.
It is funny, in the match against Liverpool at anfield, messi had chances to go down and still didn't. I think messi does not have it in him to get all the calls when he is fouled. Liverpool played a very physical match and that was fortunate at times.
44:39 Ajax/Tottenham segment, Tottenham can win and Son will have a role to play. Ajax have a last home game of their uefa 2018/2019 run. The shame of Ajax/Tottenham/Liverpool is that you can't imagine them returning to this stage. Liverpool have used energy to get past every stage where they were at a disadvantage. but that is a tricky thing, energy, it can go against you the next season in a bad way. Ajax is the same, they have been this daring fearless club and they have overcame too, the problem is, next season, what worked this season can fall under. big summer.
46:09 Copa libertadores final round of the group stage segment, yes, three paraguayan clubs have all made it through.  I can't wait for internacional porto alllegro versus river plate
47:52 Real madrid end 2018-2019 segment, I agree to the trio, Mariano has improved, aside benzema from Zidane returning but many other players are clearly in flux
Though I think a loan move is better for Bale.
48:32 Mourinho segment, Didn't know Pepe has overlapping wide backs in his contract, Pepe will have a great career if he manages his contract that well. Smart man, overlapping requires a system like Jupp heynkes bayern
54:48 Transferables segment, Icardi and his wife on instagram instagram segment, smart that icardi's instagram only allow comments from friends
Hazard nodded to chelsea fans he is gone. I hope he enjoys his next call
56:42 Turkish superlig segment, GALATA PALACE!!!! enjoyed the match against besiktas and now first versus second is coming as we face bashakshehir ! VIDEO links in the transcript < https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/HsQzVDQio?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime , https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/HsQNRBMRQ?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime , https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/HsQXzxlb4?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime>
58:50 MLS segment, interesting case of Video assistance in DC United against Columbus Crew

1:00:44 POwer rankings
10 Gucci head bands- worn by Maxima of OGCNice, no matter what be in style
9 Claudio Pizarro - scored for werder bremen in his third stint , helping bayern from a distance
8 quagliarella- cappo capioneri- goal leader in serie a, hope he continues the luca toni modern tradition
7 topless on social media - Icardi side wife
6 Iago Aspas- scoring goals for Celta against barca b
5 Franck Lampard- Derby to the championship playoff
4 Mauricio Sarri- led The London Blue into the UEFA champions league
3 Atalanta or Getafe- getting fourth place by being better teams
2 Iker Cassilas - healthy after his heart attack
1 UEFA Champions Europa league copa libertadores!

In Amendment

I replied to Mike Fountains < @mikefountains> hashtag sportsburst concerning concussion
people don't always see life the same way and no one way is correct, so if we are speaking about what to do, then give options, if players choose to risk, they are free to risk their lives, f1 drivers do it naturally, give them a waiver, some will choose to be automatically taken off at the sign of concussion, some will not. Now I really like the 4th substitute idea, it allows a quick continuation to play while allowing the player to be properly evaluated for however amount of time, but it can't be regular, it must be a temporary substitution that allows the player possibly concussed to be let back on once the examination is done

I repeated my thought to mike fuentes ala fountains concerning concussion
Mike Fuentes i agree, but if the goal is to check for concussion then the player if checked is not concussed they have to be able to get back on. I think the rules for the 4th/concussion substitution is the key. Make it a player who has to come on immediately to not break the flow of the game but it also allows the possibly concussed player to be checked for ten fifteen minutes and then if ok come back and the player came in as the 4th susbstitute is put back on the bench immediately

Messi is the ... The Greatest Barcelona player Of All Time! hashtag gboat- g-b-o-a-t #GBOAT  he tried to the Namath and failed

I commented toward tancredi palmeri concerning league cups
I think the english or french league cup can be remodeled to exist for the non uefa cl/europa league teams in the the top two flights. winner gets in the europa league. so every team in the top 2 tier of france/england will have one cup to go to uefacl/europa league/league cup

Thank you



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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the beautiful game and reply to football crazy episode 101, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show... In Womens Soccer...

Congratulations Olympique lyonnais for winning the coupe de france, one last trophy this summer before the world cup

I enjoyed Hedvig Lindahl's time as Chelsea keeper, great keeper for me, nice technologically aware player, strong mom, team leader and savior. Great player, she must be picked up by some team.
Her farewell speech is linked in the transcript https://twitter.com/ChelseaFCW/status/1127258786476056581

Sad to see my colcheneras, atletico madrid women miss out on winning the double this year after losing in the copa del reina. But, three straight Spanish championships is a great achievement also considering how barcelona are buying bigger and bigger talent to the womens team.
Aupas Atleti


Begin to 1:12, Thomas Rongen at twitter at TRongen  t-r-o-n-g-e-n is aside KAy Murray this particular edition.
1:12 English title race segment, I concur the english season had a great race at the top.
I concur to Rongen's assessment that Guardiola was tough but he had the players that accepted that. Not all players accept that sort of treatment.To answer's kay's question, is guardiola the best coach, my answer is Pep Guardiola has the most willing squad to suffer through his instructions.
The problem I have is that Liverpool away from home are not the same team, they are very soft. Something tells me tottenham will win.
Rongen said going straight to a number nine is against Pochitenno's philosophy, but the strategy must be from any coach to win, the second winning is second to your philosophy, you commit an error as a coach and that is why i give pochitenno, a friend to mourinho, an advantage against klopp.
8:10 Ajax campaign segment, Love Rongen's stories around dutch soccer, I am not a fan to total football personally, i am a fan to jogo bonito which is about unconstrictred unrigid artistry that is free to dream or imagine through the player while also strategic fluidity or tactical unrigidity from the group. Total football side Cattenaccio, from UEFA are the antipose to jogo bonito and philosophically are where uefa teams lie between structurally.
14:15 Bundesliga segment, I don't expect Dortmund to win it, they are not competitive in my opinion to Bayern munich.
Pulisic to me is in a dangerous time in his career. The fandom from the usa is very strong media wise, sponsor wise, but the english premier league I saw break down many players supposed to be wunderkinds.
Good assessment to McKinney's ability to handle running absent the ball functionally.
19:50 Turkish Superlig segment, Galatapalace commonly called galatasaray versus Basaksehir is huge. My galata must win. But, they must win all the matches after, the season in Turkey is hard.
23:20 I really like the transfer talk on sportsburst on facebook with gabby amado, this summer will be special. between clubs being banned or possibly banned like Manchester city, chelsea, to players wanting moves or being moved or being tempted from neymar/bale/navas/hazard/griezzman et cetera, alot of big money movement will happen and i think more swaps than not.
To my atleti in the transfer section, I don't know if my colcheneros can keep griezzman/morata/diego costa but if we keep the midfield and defensive roster, absent godin, I will like Lukaku/Willian Jose to be brought in two leave, one of them if one leave. If all three, griezzman/morata/diego costa leave atleti my third will be cavani.
Some laughed on my sportsburst post when i suggested three number 9's but Atleti play in a deep counter attack. we need three players who have power from the back, who have the athleticism to run from the back with speed or power. Atleti isn't a possession team so I think three number nine's up top assuming griezzman will go is what I want.
To the womens game, i hear winds that Barcelona want to snag Ada Stolsmo. Olympique Lyonnais women have won three and a possible four straight Champions leagues, the current final is my OL against... barcelona. Considering Ada hegerberg wants to keep lifting the womens game, having a much higher contract from Barcelona will be purposeful. I don't know if OL will get into a money battle with barcelona, but Ada is irreplaceable in terms of the team balance so the coming champions league final will lead to an OL win but the coming transfer season will be a huge test to OL's desire to remain a big financial player in the women's game.
23:43 La Liga segment, Zidane was correct in my view to come early , before the summer in Real MAdrid, was wise. absent Talisman CR7 the players as a group or individually are not the same.
We will learn if Zidane is able to find a great team balance to compete on three fronts with a squad he is only partially in control of rosters. Great questions from Rongen concerning what we will learn about zidane's management.
Kay asked why did Zidane come back. I see it, paraphrasing her, he likes it. If Zidane Real Madrid part 2 is like mourinho chelsea part 2 then it will start great and have a bad fallout.
Real Sociedad's Ander Barrenetxea got a great shoutout from Ray Hudson and Kay Murray.
For the fourth spot, it is still up for grabs for getafe, valencia, sevilla, sevilla need getafe side valencia to lose. The odds are against but Valencia with a win have the best advantage.
35:52 Ligue 1 Segment, Thanks for informing me about OLympique lyonnais needing Chelsea to win the Europa League to get an automatic spot in the uefa champions league group stage if they place in the third spot.
36:57 Serie A segment, technique,tactics,  insight, personality,  Rongen stating Atalanta have all four throughout the team. It is nice to see them, I hope the club can keep the manager.
42:48 La Liga relegation segment,  Rongen admits as a player he was less respectful to the rules of the game that he demands as a coach. Love his honesty.
I am glad Rongen admitted that at the end of the day the Win is all that truly counts.
43:29 Promotion segment, can't wait for brest to rise in ligue 1... yes sinful
44:39 MLS segment, Rongen explains being a young coach mid to late thirties considering FC Cincinnatti's current young coach, I am happy he admitted heirarchy's exist in rosters. All players are not the same at any time period.
Next Goal Wins Movie is a very nice and certainly underrated story about how he aided the american samoa film , it is linked in the transcript http://nextgoalwinsmovie.com/
10 headbands- Neymar, Ninja Neymar
9 Ander Barrenetxea 17 year old goal scorer
8 Real Sociedad women- Copa Del Reina winner
7 Turkish SUperlig title race
6 Atalanta still in the confederation race
5 Copa Libertadores draw Cruzeiro versus River Plate
4 English domination in uefa confederation cup finals
3 MAne Salah Aube CAF players scoring goals in England
2 MCFC another title in england
1 Godin! the legend in the back, I will never forget him, now he is back with Miranda

In Amendment
I think a larger issue to post career finances must occur for players. The players at the top of the heap are making millions in salary and more millions in sponsorships such that they are not in danger, but most players end their career financially uncertain. I ask all , in the womens or mens game to consider post career financing being prepared for in contracts

Thank you



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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the beautiful game and reply to football crazy episode 102, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show... In Womens Soccer...

Congratulations on Olympique Lyonnais for defeating FC Barcelona and winning a treble. Their thirteenth domestic championship, eighth domestic cup, fourth uefa cup, brilliant, I know all the french players on Olympqiue Lyonnais have their  eye on one prize, the world cup which will be held in france.
And to the world cup, Heather O'Reilly tweeted against Ada hegerberg in a negative way, the link is in the transcript. I think in the future many female players from the usa may regret their successful past when uefa may have a powerful era in womens soccer starting with the french world cup.
But, the reality is, the confederation of african football or c.a.f., the asian football confederation or a.f.c., the confederation of sudamericano futebol or conmebol and the confederation of central and north american and caribbean football concacaf have only themselves to blame. UEFA didn't start womens soccer over a hundred years ago. We all watched as UEFA grabbed womens soccer as a confederation while all the other confederations seemed totally disorganized to do the same, even though fiscally womens soccer in uefa , the union of european football associations, is not financially a juggernaut or unreachable. All the confederations outside UEFA simply have ran the race poorer than uefa but all the confederations started at the same time. Shame on them , players like oreilly from the usa, being bitter toward a uefa player is missing the better point. why couldn't ussoccer or concacaf simply do better? it wasn't money that failed ussoccer or the rest of the football world outside UEFA, it was and is organization, the structure to their bodies.

Also, I linked in the transcript a Great video from the German womens team - didn't know they were given a tea set when they won the first time


Begin to 0:52 segment, Gary Bailey joins Kay, mr bailey is on twitter as g-a-r-y-underscore-b-a-i-l-e-y-one
0:52 La Liga segment, Zidane coach of Real MAdrid, comprehends that with alot of money demands alot of focused control. Every player counts, every position counts, and synergy matters.
Bailey suggest that Zidane was nasty to Bale by not playing him but I suggest that Zidane is one of those players who treats players as he want or was treated. A no nonsense way.
I agree that Real Madrid is risk reward for Zidane,but I think that is why Mourinho went back to CHelsea and went into Manchester United. The challenge matters.
Quique Setién, recent former coach of Real Betis, Kay suggest Setien may go to Juventus.
Bailey made the truest point to Valverde, results paper over problems, to any coach.    The real problem is post Messi.
13:51 Mbappe/Neymar segment, Kay suggest he is speaking to move or have more power. But, I think his point is, I am not thinking about moves, and I want to do better no matter what. I still feel neymar/mbappe is better together in PSG.
Bailey's point that Mbappe may want to go for the opportunity.  What people forget is that Neymar has won the top trophy for everybluc he has been on.
18:38 title defense segment, PSG/BAyern/Juventus/Barcelona/Manchester City all defended their title. Galatasaray even made the double. but they are financially not in the top tier in uefa.
Kay suggest it leads to a superleague.
6:06 And here is my U.E.F.A. superleague will be speech.
Assuming the UEFA super league will be, what is the basis to the league being created, what are the problems, what are the solutions.
The basis of the UEFA super league is money, that is well known, commonly stated but I think not put in context properly.
A league based on financial entry doesn't relate to the football association geographic mold. That is why Ajax can make it to the uefa champions league final but will never be in the , will be, uefa super league. Ajax is too fiscally poor to be in the uefa super league.
THis means any uefa super league will have to not be participated in by all member football associations of uefa.
The basis of a uefa super league is a league where finances is the determining factor to entry and it will exclude most of the football associations in uefa.
Now, the problems, in the form of questions,
If england has a top six financially, shouldn't the countries to the fiscal similars to the english top six outside england in uefa get the same number of spots?
What happens when a team's finances change: leeds, sunderland, saint Ettiene, Malaga, Marseille all used to be big money clubs at one time or another. Their finances changed. If Chelsea's owner change his fiscal strategy, what happens in the super league?
What happens when a fiscally weaker team is better? the reality is, monaco in france, leicester in england, dortmund in germany over came their fiscal betters at one time or another recently. How do you reward quality from fiscally weaker teams when it is better than fiscally stronger teams?
What about the anger from the poorer fiscal teams that they are denied the media attraction of facing the fiscal top clubs? what do you tell the champion on Ukraine when they are unable to face a big money team?
What happens if so many teams are above the fiscal bar that the uefa super league requires relegation or promotion?
What happens if a team outside the western europe top five countires warrants the fiscal entry?
The answers...
The idea of teams earning into the super league by finances is fine, but while finances is the key, merit is the shoes one wear to walk through the door.
Meaning, no matter how many spots a country get into the uefa super league, their tier one domestic table decides what teams are in that spot.
For example, when monaco defeated PSG in the ligue 1 race, monaco should get the spot into the uefa super league PSG's money earned. Make the fiscal top earners warrant a spot but don't give it to them based on money or some can act like the new york knicks in the nba in the usa, new york rangers in the nhl in the usa, new york yankees in mlb in the usa, teams that are the highest earners financially but in recent times perform as a bottom team athletically.  
Make sure PSG/Manchester United are even more eager to finish in in the uefa super league places.

The concept of finance earning a spot but it being given to the one who sit in a certain place in the domestic table is the best defense against, financial wobbles.
Again, just cause a team is wealthy now, does not mean they will be wealthy tomorrow. If Chelsea or Atletico MAdrid financially stumble, and drop midtable in la liga/epl, why should they be in the uefa super league? What if they drop off quality while in the superleague? do they warrant to stay in the super league?
I don't think so. You can't guarantee fiscal quality long term so protect the system by not giving it in perpetuity to a club.

Now what about the quantity of teams. Lets be honest, by the current idea floated, england has six, spain three, france one, italy one, germany one. that is twelve teams, fifty percent are from england. That can't be acceptable to any other country or UEFA.
The best thing to do is look at the number of games from the group stage to the final in the uefa champions league and the number of countries the top fiscal clubs come from.
From the group stage of the UEFA champions league to a uefa champions league final is fifteen games, let us add another for meats and that is sixteen games. Sixteen games equate to eight opponents or a nine team league using the round robin model.
If we assume, england/france/spain/germany/italy, five countries have teams that will play their domestic top championship while this uefa super league, It will take four more teams to equal the nine to reach sixteen games for all clubs. Now, assume Bayern/PSG/Juventus wants in but can only accept one entry from all countries. Then we are short the eighteen matches. but, two more spots can be given into the uefa super league, one is the champion of the uefa champions league, the other is the champion of the uefa europa league.
IF you have one country from the top five leagues and the champion of the champions league plus europa league, that make seven teams and twelve matches for each team. The champion of england/france/italy/germany/spain is given automatic spots. Twelve matches is a more than most of the top money teams get in the uefa champions league now.

Now what if england demand the financial top six in england must be in the uefa super league. And the others accept it. then you have, thirteen teams, or twenty two matches round robin.
I can't see why countries will accept uneven entry numbers in a fiscal entry league. That will only favor the country with the most members. But, if they do , then the domestic championships are replaced by the uefa superleague.
For example, in 2019-2020 chelsea/manchester united, manchester city, liverpool, arsenal, tottenham, fc barcelona, real madrid, atletico madrid, psg, bayern, juventus are no longer in the english premier league, la liga, ligue1 , seriea, bundesliga.
They will be in the 2019-2020 super league.

But what happens in zenit st persburg becomes very fiscally wealthy and AC Milan/Inter Milan raise their fiscal profile, and Galatasaray increase their fiscal profile. Sooner or later, the super league will need a relegation and promotion.
Sequentially, the uefa super league will eventually need relegation and promotion. but why will someone look at second or third tier uefa super league over the epl or la liga, even barring the english top six or the spanish top three.
I repeat, a clubs fiscal worth is the key but the merit is the door that opens it, and the merit need to be even, instead of accepting every teams whose financial ledger is above a rank, rank countries based on the fiscal height of their wealthiest club. Thus if St PErtersburg grow fiscally stronger than bayern munich, the german league is relegated and russia takes its spot.
In this way, the number of countries remains five and the fiscal quality is the basis for relegation and promotion of a league having an entry.

So at this point, the uefa super league is a seven team league with fiscal relegation or promotion by country, with country slots filled in by top flight champions,  with the champion from the countries with the five largest clubs financially, delineated by geography.
That means the 2019 -2020 edition will have manchester city/psg/barcelona/juventus/bayern munich/liverpool or tottenham as the champions league winner/chelsea or arsenal as the europa league winner. They will provide using a round robin style, twelve matches.
But what of the smaller clubs or bigger clubs regionally... I have a simple solution.
A confederation wide league/cup rule. The rule is, every club must be in one league/one cup, one off tournaments like super cups of the club world cup are not included.
What does this mean for 2019-2020.. in england, manchester city is in the epl and the uefa super league, liverpool/tottenham/chelsea/arsenal are in the epl and the champions league, manchester united/wolverhampton/everton are in the epl and the europa league, all the remaining teams from 2018-2019 season in the epl and all the teams in the 2018-2019 in the english championship outside the relegated are in the football league cup. The remaining teams in the english table are in the fa cup.
All the smaller fiscal clubs are getting a cup competition warranting their position. Each with a higher fiscal reward.
In leagues like france or england that has two cups and warrants a super cup entry, they will work as I described them. In leagues like spain/germany/italy where only one domestic cup exists, while they warrant a uefa super league entry, the top tier champion will get the uefa super cup, the next four the champions league, the next three the europa league and the remaining the copa del rey/coppa italia/dfb cup respectively.
In all the other leagues in uefa, top two or three will get the uefa champions league, the next two or three will get the europa league and the remaining will get the domestic cup aside their domestic championship duties.
It decongest uefa, gives more ability for smaller teams to compete for something valuable at their level in terms of cup competition. While also maintains the honesty of relegation and promotion.

Over time, maybe russia/turkey will join england/spain/germany/italy/france and warrant seven teams, As the number of countries grows, to the uefa superleague then the europa league winner will go back to gaining entry into the champions league and the champions league winner will alone gain entry into the superleague absent a financial condition.
This can mean an ajax/porto/galatasaray/zenit can still get into the superleague.
And, over time if multiple seasons progress where at least two teams are over the financial bar for the superleague from at least nine countries then the an 18 teams league made up of two teams from nine countries each can be made. Two spots given to each from the nin country in a round robin mold, replacing domestic championship play.the uefa champions league winner still gaining entry. and the super league participants joining the top domestic cup competitions in their country.
In this way, money dictates the super league but it slowly grows from a short championship replacing the uefa champions league for a select few and grows into a standard size championships that replaces domestic championships for a select few based on financial conditions.
And, relegation and promotion can still apply. The bottom three drop down from the uefa super league into their domestic championship and the winners of their top domestic championship promote upward. Thus, keeping teams honest.

Well, that is it to my superleague idea. what do you think?
Contact me on my aalbc blog linked in the description to this audio or on my twitter page, thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-one-zero

NOW... 25:40 UEFA Champions league spot segments,
Gary Bailey's reasoning to why getafe is better off in the europa league explain why the league/cup rule i stated for my super league structure concept mentioned before has value. one cup one championship makes it smoother for all clubs to focus on two competitions based on their level.
In italy, I am happy Juventus drew with atalanta, I hope the goddess can rise. Conte to Inter is unfortunate. But, Kay made a great point, Allegri or Spaletti in publicly speaking on issues, aided their way to the door.

30:11 Relegated segment, Girona is stunned but they are another case in la liga where away form is better than the home form.
Monaco are not relegated but got a win over amiens, but they are not safe yet.

32:53 liga mx segment, Leon versus Tigres, Liga MX final first match is the today

33:01 Mls segment, San Jose wandolowski broke the all time record for career regular season goals, congratulations

33:57 Gary Bailey's career segment, Kay ask gary to speak on the differences on the generations.
Good point he made on how goal keepers were not protected and thus had to be very physically tough to be a keeper. Whereas today, a keeper is protected by referees.  
Today, clubs owned the contract whereas today, the salary is safe and players can rest. I think his point is interesting in a fitness way. People say, players today have better fitness but in the way gary bailey explains it, the truth is, players yesterday, were given no option but to play cause their salaries were too small to risk not getting paid and were only given upon appearances and success, especially in UEFA. I argue that in conmebol, many players at clubs are still playing under rules where they need to appear, need to perform, and thus changes the culture to the teams, as failure is costly.
I like how kay mentioned that when she was a kid players had to live in with residents in the cities they played while today, gary reflects on how sixteen year old kids at the training grounds for manchester united are millionaires.
Bailey admitted how he came from relative opulence in south africa, and was luckily to be strong enough to survive the hard living and unsocial isolation to being a youth player. I love his honesty to george best not handling it at manchester.
Interesting point, Gary said in england, bobby robson was an early user to describing tactics heavily in england.  Gary was lucky to play for Robson and Ferguson.
Gary admitted that being locked in a contract made him appreciate being in manchester united, he learned to make the best of it. An interesting personal lesson from him on what one had to do if they wanted success
49:43 Power Rankings segment
10 Galatasaray turkish champions!
9 Big names moving on or retiring, danille de rossi, barzagli, diego godin leaving atleti
8 Arjen Robben and his beer tipping, in his last game for Bayern
7 La Liga debutante, sergio cameo, atleti debut, perez for barca
6 Cazorla is back in the spanish flag team, great work to get back to being the best.
5 Defending league title, manchester city, psg, barcelona, bayern, juventus... gary suggest time for a superleague but if none win next season does that mean, the system is just fine?
4 MLS no goal king Wondowlowski, career goal king
3 Mancester City won the domestic treble, epl/efl cup/fa cup
2 Olympique Lyonnais feminin thrashing FC Barcelona women to win four straight uefa champions league.
1 Cryptic messages, Setien, Mbappe, Zidane
special messages, Messi 6th pucici, Iago Aspas 20 goals saving celta,

Gary Bailey did very will in his virginal football crazy

Thank you



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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the beautiful game and reply to football crazy episode 103, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video

before I speak on the show... In Womens Soccer...
Good luck to all in the womens world cup
Begin to 0:36 Kev and Kay are not with Des Norris for the last football crazy of the 2018-2019 season This edition has Phil schoen on twitter as P-h-i-l-S-c-h-o-e-n side jeremy st louis j-r-s-t-l-o-u-i-s
1:05 copa del rey segment, hmm I concur to Phil Schoen that the board made scared transfers when neymar left. But, if neymar comes in, will they make the team neymar's?
But, BArca was afriad to rely on la masia with a mature messi and potentially lose messi with such a choice. In the end, does messi want to remain in barcelona, if they have untested youth players.
Marcelino did lead Valencia well in 2018-2019 , Jeremy made a great point, the valencia board did not panic under pressure
10:56 DFB cup segment, Bayern win their twelth double. Jeremy said Lothar Mattheus said Kovac had a plan for bayern going forward. Robben/Ribery/Rafinha are gone in 2019-2020. I think bayern will look to make one big move, as this squad proved they can win the bundesliga, but need extra for the uefa champions league? maybe neymar to bayern after he wins the copa america?
15:05 Championship playoff segment, happy for John Terry, assistant coach for villa. London Blue
I think JEremy's point that it is hard to cheer for aston villa is the problem. Why is it hard to cheer for a team win, lose, draw, no matter what? it should be harder to follow the winners.
Lampard like Xavi is an eventual coach to a club he formerly played for. But if he is wise he will stay in Derby county and grow his experience.
I think lampard comprehended he needed the experience coaching a team like leeds, that too many players like henry, don't think he needed, or did not act like he needed.
Bielsa has never looked more comfortable at a club in recent years compared to his time at leeds, but they call him el loco cause he acts against the common perception or common advertised perception often
25:18 Italian serie a segment, Inter Milan or Atalanta made it into the uefa champions league places. Happy for the goddess, I will want to see the summer they have, how they manage. Depth is the key, not big names. Hard working , players that allow depth to their system. Testing time for coach gasperine.
I no longer support any men's italian club but happy inter milan one uped ac milan.
Jeremy st louis seem to forget inter milan had a recent string of championship wins.
Pep guardiola to Juventus has a problem cause guardiola wants style over substance and juventus is a substance club, The problem is not merely that guardiola hasn't won the uefa champions league, he hasn't made the final. He has not reached a uefa champions league final since he left barcelona
Guardiola still has fewer champions leagues than mourinho.
Schoen asks a great question, Zidane will never suggest he rather the juventus job publicly, but the allegri move happening after his real madrid return, was bad timing.
43:59 Europa league final segment, the battle for london, Arsenal is the historic top team of london. Chelsea is the original epl upstart team that has led london in recent years.
Good reporting by Phil Scheon on the actions from mkhitarian/arsenal/baku the city considering the players reasons for not playing in baku.
Absent Conte is hard, big test for the CHelsea team, I saw a uefa champions league and europa league win, never count out the london blue
In amendment, at the time of this recording
51:49 uefa champions league final segment, I give the edge to tottenham cause Pochitinno, a student of mourinho, will be pragmatic and that is how you win a cup trophy
I think schoen or st louis are not putting in the lack of matches, the electric style of klopp's system is hard to bring back into the rail. We will see how liverpool handles it.
56:16 REcopa sudamericana segment, River plate's fans will bring energy, they will be the 12th player. Paranaense the hurricane will blow all the good air away. I love gallardo the millionarios coach. He does well, but river plate is wobly. Though the hurricanes are poor away from their home.
59:33 Power Rankings segment
10- 18 years 16 games later, De Rossi
9- Juninho guiding Lyon in the administration
8- Bayern 12th domestic double
7- Celtic of Glasgow, scottish treble
6- Messi win 6th golden boot
5- Aston Villa winning the championship
4- Serie A last day drama kings, Atalanta Inter Milan
3- Valencia ending 11 year trophy drought defeating fc barcelona
2- Champions league, europa league, recopa final... cAF cup of nations, womens world cup and busy in the summer
1- Listeners to Football Crazy, thanks enjoyed the third season

In Amendment

I asked Andre Cordero at twitter as DreCordero If messi/cr7 are taken out, the next two biggest stars in uefa is neymar/mbappe but they are on the same team and pundits/media/fans/clubs have a top player culture that doesn't seem able to handle two equal stars on one team, how can that change?

Thank you



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POST WOMENS WORLD CUP 2019 CAF Format suggestion


Four years between world cups.

Two phases each two year.

Both phase use the same structure.


5 subconfederations in CAF- COSAFA/CECAFA/UNIF/WAFU/UNAF

5 regional trophies each earned in a double round robin tournament.

The champion to each subconfederation is a finalist in a confederation champion group, contested in one country through a week long tournament. The host country does not get to be involved in the champion group.

The champion group is a single round robin tournament.

In the first phase the champion win the cup of nations. In the second phase the top three teams in the group go to the world cup.


Not all the subconfederations have equal number of participants, so starting with ranking, and followed by geographic position, weakest teams are placed in physically adjacent tournaments.


For example, The UNAF championship will have algeria/egypt/libya/morocco/tunisia automatically, while mauritania/niger/central african republic/sudan/chad/south sudan are pushed into that tournament to make 11 teams.


Using this system, every flag team in CAF will have at least forty matches between world cups that are relevant, not friendlies, in a geographically smaller area , saving costs. But, this system will force every flag team to use a wider array of players and give them a test of enduring skill that will force them to mold their identity, to sharpen their quality, regardless where their players play for club.


The system I base this on is the mens system in conmebol. The double round robin world cup qualification tournament in conmebol my suggestion functionally mirrors five times in one confederation, offering a harder challenge in that only the champions get to progress to the next stage in each phase.


The second stage is a single round robin with only five teams. Why? The first stage is meant to be arduous, to be a grind that will be harder while more fair than any other confederation cup or world cup qualifying. The second stage is meant to be the antithesis of the first stage. This week will test the best CAF teams ability to handle multiple challenges quickly.


This system over time will force womens teams in CAF to be far more prepared than the womens world cup, than the counterparts in the other confederation cup or world cup qualification tournaments. Use the cup or world cup qualification to force the flag teams to be better. LAstly, it doesn't warrant a change in the mens cup of nations or mens world cup qualification. But the womens game is not the mens, so Caf if smart will treat the womens game uniquely.



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USA victory against Thailand 6112019


Most articles in thai media were associated press articles reshared. But, the following were genuine articles in thai from a thai newspaper, concerning the USWNT victory over thailand
For me, what matters to a team that losses is not who defeat them, or how they defeat them, but what are you going to do, to get better. That need to be the media focus, not hammering who wins for winning in any way, but focusing on constructive thought to how the losers can improve.
I ask you, what do you think Thailand can do to improve?


The coach said the mental state of the team will be her biggest challenge going forward and thanked the fans for coming
This article talks about Aex Morgan comforting the thailand striker, Suchawadee Nildhamrong, who is from california, post match , it is underrated how all but three team in this world cup: china/germany/italy have a player who played for an NCAA team in the usa
This article says foreign news services criticized the uswnt , it does not say thailand did, and the article focuses on the canadian players


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My Comment


One thing about CAF teams you guys must remember, they basically are active only two times, the literal cup of nations tournament which serves as the world cup qualifiers, caf does not separate the world cup qualifiers from the confederation cup tournament. And then a few matches before the world cup. SO most CAF teams before the world cup are in absent the basic number of games to know how they are. The same with the brasilian womens team.
And unlike the usa, or france, since every caf womens league is bluntly semi paid athletes they lack the club base needed to aid them. THus Nigeria, like any CAF team, is better in tournament by leaps and bounds.

I think Diacre is like Deschamps in that, as a coach she had issues to KAtoto like he had to deschamps.

By the time I read this, Gauvin is clearly the player in the center forward role, so your views on her before current events are unfair for me to speak on.
I agree, Le Sommer/Diani/Cascarino is a nice trident but the coach is correct, France need a 442 system. Like in the mens game, messi absent neymar makes barcelona to one sided, same as dani alves absent marcelo. Now, teams can still play or win but strong opposition will exploit imbalance.
I think Karchaoui is the only player I can see coming in and actually mirroring cascarino, and with both of them they will allow MAjri or Torrent to overlap. But, the coach has not implemented that idea.

And LE Sommer is not a number 10.
Like the mens team, the french womens team don't have a natural creative midfielder , like a marozsan, but have athletic midfielders. Remember, when france won the world cup they had matuidi/kante/pogba , the french womens team are the same, the best equivalent to that is Le Sommer/Henry/Geyoro but Diacre wants a player to be that primary passer in midfield, and thiney has adjusted to that role for PAris FC, as she doesn't have the athleticism to play higher in attack.

Do you know who started the majri is the best left back thing? is that about the brasil men.

haha! Bouhaddi is an under-sized keeper, that is her true problem. She worked on her timing. Iker cassilas is similar.   
Great stat about bouhaddi not letting more than one goal in any game in four years.
She made the save of the tournament so far, in the match against Brasil. That was a well timed save.

The other issue with the goal keeper movement is the nature of penalty kicks. Penalty kickers try so many various tactics it is very disadvantaged for the keeper to need to move in the kickers favor.

Look at spain men, when they won the world cup, most of those games were 1-0 matches. teams are going to bunker and try to counter and like spain men when they won the world cup, france women don't have that dominant number 9. so, they have the ability to possess but no spearpoint.

good point on the young canadian player.

Great strategic point on Van Sanden. Van Sanden is one of those players that runs into it immediately, so she tends to run herself empty quick. I don't know her fitness regimen, but moving from OL to Ajax is the key. As she stays in OL it will improve her fitness.
THomis was not the most consistent high quality crosser, so Van Sanden is taking her mantle.

:) I could hear Rabeeta's pain speaking on Kerr.

Norway proved they needed Ada while Australia proved they need more than Kerr.

I didn't know that pasta story, did you find out who puts pasta in a baguette?:)

Brasil came in one of the age wise oldest teams. THat experience helped them, but their younger players are not sharp enough and Marta basically said that.
Arianna, make sure you share photos when you see them in paris.

Spain have no goals, a highly technical team absent athleticism needed to be dangerous. Someone shared a great article on the popularity of chess in spain and you can see that in the spanish game.
Spain women have to learn to gain the collective patience to possess above 95 percent.

To be fair, to the group usa was in, any time you increase teams you drag in teams that are not experienced in a tournament and in the womens game mean semi pro flag teams.

ITaly versus China is two defensive battling teams, Italy has a sharpness in attack, china do not have, but china have youth in their team who will be better the next world cup.

The NAdeshiko were finalists in the last two world cups. I think japan can get past holland. They have a nice blend of youth and experience and the NAdeshiko league helps their players comprehend each other and ferment that identity. TO quote kumagai, on that post you shared rabeeta, japanese players have to play as a team to win, they comprehend this very early.
Holland have serious danger up top but Japan have along time to think on holland which goes against holland for me.

But remember Rabeeta, Aulas can look at PSG mens who have the same role OL women have in terms of dominance. PSG men hired tomas tuchel who won nothing with dortmund, gave him the reigns and even after a season only winning one trophy gave him a contract extension.

The question is less who has to go as much as who will play out of position the best. It is a challenge. And I think players want to win trophies.
We shall see. At some point, OL will have a down phase, no team wins greatly forever.
Question do you know why Vasseur was fired at stade de reims in 2015? knowing a coaches hardest times can give clues to them.  

A clue to administrative choices  is for you guys to make a administrative transfer list, seeing people who leave behind the scenes.
With Real Madrid announcing they will have a womens division now, maybe AUlas is looking to send players to Real MAdrid?

Good show







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BURN IT ALL DOWN read 6-24-2019

My Comment


Love the title, burn it all down:)
I heard this after the Nigeiran or Cameroonian women played in the round of sixteen.
Considering how strong an advocate JAnine Anthony is for the womens game in CAF I respect her sense of happiness for the two teams to be in the round of 16 in the womens worlds cup.

The parallel of success between nigerian women/canadian women/usa women compared to lack of success with nigerian men/canadian men/usa men is interesting in that the success the womens groups have has not spurred on those governments to make an initiative, like a tax write off the chinese president gave chinese firms to invest in chinese soccer leagues, men side women. Especially in the case of nigeria. If nigerian men won eleven straight cup of nations I wonder if that would inspire better investment in the nigerian mens league?

Excellent question, Janine, the media I read gave the same reason you did but I never saw an official report as much as this was a private choice that had monied interest behind it, that maybe players acted as a proxy.
I wonder if the womens cup of nations will be changed in its timing?

Ajara's goal was very good, she has talent. Exactly, Janine, getting her side other top female players in Nigeria to play in a top womens team made in nigeria is key.
Question, do any womens teams in the nigerian womens league have any development systems?

I disagree with Shireen, the football associations isn't the key to development of leagues in womens soccer, womens soccer need women with money to collate their money and invest in leagues/clubs
FIFA or Football associations have money, but I think private ownership is key. Women in groups of socio's like in conmebol is key as ownership groups. Women need to pull their money to invest.

Can you tell what Samuel Eto'o has been doing, he was present at the cameroon womens team matches, and he seemed busy?
Is it possible Clarence seedorf can have a role in guiding the womens team, he has a daughter?

Excellent point Janine, i was dubbed as well with how the Cameroonian womens team played in the last cup of nations.  
Great reporting, Gaelle started the first development school in cameroon... wow, sad to hear. should had been sooner?

WOuld had oshoala if healthy changed the score Janine? not win the match but lower the german score, raise the nigerian score and by how much?

good show





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French Women Euros 2021


this is my starting squad.  a 442 that built from a 433 meaning one of the forwards in the forward trio is always dropping deep, the other staying high.







Some suggest that france need midfielders, but I oppose that idea. France have the best wingers and have true number 9s. Diacre's mistake was looking to play a system and not who the team is. A flag team is not a club side. A flag team is a pick up team who get to play for a few weeks. Coaches that don't treat flag teams like pick up teams make a fatal error. A flag team coach has two points. Who has the most talent and how do I put that talent together. France have three true number 9s., that are mobile, fast, strong, and can score. France have four wingers, two for each side.  France have a center back pairing.  Only one space is open for changes and that is the center midfielder position.That position can be rotated between Henry/Le SOmmer/Bussaglia, each having their own skill set that changes how it will work. The three forward make a central triangle, one always deeper than the other two who are on the same line and offer three long ball options from left, right, or center. The wide players play to the overlap, they have the olletive speed faster than any opponent currently in the game. ... Now some will suggest, le sommer/henry/bussaglia is a good midfield trio, le sommer as iniesta/henry as xavi/bussaglia as busquets, but that midfield trio from barca had a patience i rarely find today. Possession is only effective for me when above 95% throughout a match, absent that height, possession makes your team open to counters. My last point is simple, France have the players to play any style, but the coach to france has to play the best players and fit them into a system for their style OR choose a style and place the players who fit into that style best. DIacre did neither. She must do it going forward OR the next coach must do it.

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newyorkknicks- Some have opined that the new york knicks are worse off for not getting durant/kyrie/deandre but when I place myself in the position of owner of the new york knickerbockers in my mind, I am not certain the big three model works.

The NBA , like all fiscal firms, have phases, fiscal phases in time. First was the white only player, where the labor pool was being reduced by phenotype which influenced the players a team can get and sequentially their success. Then came the token black player phase. Most epitomized by Bill Russell in the boston celtics. One extremely great black player surrounded by white players. For a while this was the mode, you saw it in Kareem abdul Jabbar's early career under another name or Oscar Robertson. But time progressed and slowly but surely NBA teams had two , then three players black. Then came the ABA phase, where the nba was challenged and per the u.s.a. way financially, one organization absorbed the other. During the NBA/ABA battle, the new york knicks had a superteam with earl the pearl monroe, willis reed, walt frazier, dave debucherre, dean memmiger and won two championships. Eventually, the NBA absorbed the ABA and the philadelphia seventy sixers had a superteam of Doctor J, Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, and Darryl Dawkins. In the modern vernacular a big four. But, they were not alone and the L.A. Lakers/Boston Celtics mirrored the idea and had Magic Johnson/KAreem/Worthy/Byron Scott in the lakers against the Larry Bird/kevin mchale/robert parrish/Danny Ainge and the rivalry from that time between those teams defined it. Then came the Jordan era. Now, you have to comprehend a key point. Jordan's game wasn't new, or some new trend. Doctor J had created the game jordan played. THe key to Jordan was his fiscal scenario. Before jordan: bill russell, wilt chamberlain, clyde frazier, magic johnson or other all had good contracts , good sponsorship but nothing that broke the owners banks. all of  sudden, top players wanted the same as jordan and that meant large contracts that tested the quality, the fiscal quality of the owners. Sequentailly, in the jordan era, many basketball teams ownerships changed hands as onwers that couldn't handle the top salaries demanded by the top players in the jordan era, gave in to those owners who could. And, at the end of the jordan era, jordan/scottie pippen/dennis rodman side a catch of players who accept a rigid role, like bj armstrong or robert horry play around them. This concept post jordan era became what I call the big multiera, emphasized by the salary cap on teams.. First it was big two with Olajuwon side Clyde Drezler in houston, and Duncan and david robinson in san antonio and Kobe and Shaq in Los Angeles, the two series ending in DWade side Shaq. Then came the big three era in boston with Kevin garnett/paul pierce/jesus shuttlesworth :) <brother Ray Allen> and it was followed by los angeles lakers with kobe /gasol/Horry aside san antonio with duncan/ parker/ginobli and Miami with lebron/dwade/bosh and then miami with lebron/kyrie/kevin love side Golden state with curry/clay thompson/draymond green side other similar big three attempts in Oklahoma city and other. The both big 2 or big 3 era came with one simple idea. A salary cap exists so owners finances are not stressed beyond their means especially in small market teams, and players can not ask for the moon with an ever growing uncapped sponsorship value being accepted by basketball players. This will allow small market teams to compete with the big market while slow financial imbalance.  And it worked. The Brooklyn Nets getting Kevin DUrant/Kyrie Irving/Deandre Jordan is a big three, and they will be accompanied by a various set of players who are role players or like the great Ron HArper, become a role player to gain a ring. BUt, is having a big three financially wise, looking forward. ,,, well, this past season showed the big flaw in the big three concept. HAving three great players, and a set of imbalanced players has a great problem. At any moment, an injury to one or two of the three changes the entire strength of the team. Cause the role players are just that, not complete ball players, they play to a role. They don't have the consistency to extend beyond that role over a long stretch of matches. Toronto's Kyle Lowry/Mark Gasol/Serge Ibaka is the big three , lowry side gasol made made more salary money than Kawhie Leonard. Leonard's salary demands is above Toronto and thus a trade is inevitable for him. But, this past season, Leonard's role in toronto was more vital than lowry/gasol/ibaka in terms of his total play. Sequentially, toronto's big three wasn't enough. This is why the big multiera has one great flaw. In the end, basketball is a team sport and the best team isn't one where some players are the best and the others are average. The best team is one where the entire team is the best. The Nets have bought durant/irving, but both have injury issues going forward that must not be mistaken. In irving's case his playing style make buying him an issue, and in durant's case, the current injury he has, which was misdiagnosed by the golden state medical staff , is an issue. The new york knicks had a player called Bernard King, who suffered a bad injury and was never the same, though cause he was so great, was a very good player after the injury. The waiting game may seem foolish but big teams are not lasting a long time. At the moment, big threes last about three years. When you consider the amount of money needed, I don't think getting a big three setup is worth it.


Now, the knicks do need to be more competitive but the answer isn't a big three. The problem the knicks have is not that they are paying the lowest rate but that they are not choosing the best players in that rate. STeph Currey currently makes more than the entire knick squad. but if the knicks want to be a selling team, then they need to choose better Choose players under 7 million who will work more efficiently together. LEarn how to make a great big pick up team. If Dolan can get someone to do that, the knicks will be a very good team. 


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Future of WOmens World Cup- USWNT may win the World cUp 2019 in FRance but the reality is, UEFA won the sport this world cup. It is USA versus UEFA competitors. Eventually, the USWNT will have a reboot as all flag teams and that will lead to an all UEFA round of 8 or 4 hands down. It can be the next womens world cup. But, as i said earlier, even if the USWNT win the current world cup and the next three , UEFA will be the real winner as outside the USA, only Japan, the nadeshiko, and possibly China have a nonUEFA womens team that has a domestic club system that seem engaged , even if not heavily financed ,  into developing domestic talent. From the age of the uswnt , and the cycle of the nadeshiko, I can see the Nadeshiko making it deep in the next tournament with more experience. As the sole nonUEFA. Brasil will miss MArta and company, the other Conmebol's are not supported enough, the CAF teams are not supported enough, the remaining AFC teams or COnmebo temas outside USA/Japan/CHina are not supported enough domestically. While I concur that the uswnt warrant a fair share of funds from ussoccer, based on revenue < https://www.economist.com/united-states/2019/06/27/where-female-athletes-are-more-popular-than-male-ones?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/wherefemalefootballersaremorepopularthanmaleonesbetterplaylesserpay > at the club level, the National Womens Soccer LEague in the USA is not only small, it seems to get smaller. And the support is not growing in media.

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Copa America 2019 semifinal Brazil 2 Argentina 0 - three key points, many people said the referee was bad. But I suggest the referee was consistent. The first hard foul in the match was from an Argentinean player to a Brazilian player. The referee let play go on. And he continued to do so for the remainder of the match. I find that acceptable. I am tired of referees who let fouls go from the first to twenty third minute, then are strict letter of the law from the fortieth to the fifty-fifth minute then are let them play from the eighty first to the last minute. Be consistent. Every call matters in sport, that is where Video assistance has it wrong. Every call has equal value in sport, cause the momentum is built before when a play starts.

My second point is Messi did not lose, Argentina lost. And, the truth is, Brasil is the most talented Conmebol side. The problem in Brasil is finding the balance. Brasil still have issues finishing absent Neymar but their collective talent can grind out results through a very strong midfield or defense. The next copa america is in Argentina. Argentina have a year to be better. But, next Copa America I suspect Neymar will be healthy and off of  a great season in PSG.

My third point is Brasil, the Selecao, they fought this match. and they were all in the same mode. A decent balance in the team existed. Peru or Chile offer other challenges. Chile is sharper in attack and more of a team in buildup. Peru have a deadly number nine and a grit used to potent defense.

Onto the 2019 Copa america final, but I do wonder about next years copa america, can messi survive tonights result in Buenos Aires?


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China investing in womens soccer- 116 million is not a lot but when you consider womens soccer at the club level is very much below the livable wage this can be a huge boon for the local player in china. Though China will be foolish to not see the advantage in the size of their country and allow for non chinese players to come in. China can be the center of soccer for all regions outside outside UEFA if they use their money wisely and functionally.
my original comment
Smart China, outside UEFA a huge financial investment in womens soccer is possible, no country,including the usa is serious at the club level @WSUasa1 thanks for the post @sam4wigan thanks for the reshare @china_football thoughts?
referring post


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