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Cameroon exit from the C.A.F. Cup of NAtions 2019- I don't have a problem with the lose. For me I can see that Samuel Eto'o had a huge role in getting Seedorf/Kluivert into the coaching chairs. I like the project. But Cameroon need consistency with the flag team project.
Choupo Moting/Njie/Bassagog are skilled players. YEs, Cameroon have many defenders or midfielders playing in the lesser clubs or lesser leagues in uefa. But maybe they need to leave uefa for a brasil or china. being on a winning team is good for a person. Too many players for caf waste years in losing teams in uefa, hoping to earn better in uefa, when that opportunity is hard to get.
I hope Seedorf/Kluivert/Eto'o can come to an agreement and keep the project going for the world cup qualifiers. I know the team may not have the best defenders but Seedorf's style requires time to implement, the players will work on their skills with seedorf as coach, knowing he will assess them based on their skills or quality.
We will see.

Coaching situation at Cameroon
Seedorf say wait a few days to see if he will stay
ahh no, no, please stay in #CMR  #seedorf @PatrickKluivert please keep the project @setoo9  @WachiraLynne thanks for reporting

GOALs list
Iwobi goal
Ighalo second goal
Njie goal Cameroon
Bahoken goal cameroon
Ighalo goal nigeria

Nigerian mens teams salaries


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Egypt knocked out of Afcon2019 - Diacre for french women, seedorf for cameroon men, Aguirre for egypt men each have a problem, they treat flag teams like a club team. Diacre didn't bring the best french goalscorer, KAtoto, based on their inability to get along... bring her anyway
Seedorf didn't bring Moukandjo who won the afcon for cameroon in the last edition cause he played in China... bring him anyway
Aguirre chose to play egypt like they are a slick attacking club side... play them in a counterattack bunker like deschamps with mbappe in russia
Diacre/Seedorf/Aguirre have far more experience than i do in the beautiful game, but they each have gained some negative mentalities from their experiences.
Diacre anbd Seedorf must lose their UEFA state of mind, and stop trying to impress people with a flag teams play. Flag teams are pick up teams, not club teams, the idea that a flag team has to impress somone is the most silliest notion to me.
Winning is all these three to four week pick up teams need to do. Diacre, Seedorf side Aguirre I hope continue in their jobs, but they each must show they have learned from their mistakes.
Stop trying to impress with the playing style, always bring the most dangerous players based on past actions in the flag team or on current standing in their club
All flag teams must remember, the flag team has no connection to the club game. Every flag team is a pick up team for a few weeks, treat it as such. In a pick up team, you don't try to build a system, you play the players in their natural style, what they do without thinking. And try to put enough natural ways together to make a system.This isn't hard.

#Lorch the goal that knocked #egpyt out of #Afcon2019 #BafanaAtAFCON #bafanabafana  


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#kawhi #leonard - was part of a big four in toronto, he made near equal to gasol and less than ibaka or lawry, lowry making the most. Did toronto want to maintain that big four? no, kawhi had to leave, as he only came to spite san antonio, which is what he did successfully
Clippers is financially smart, like durant/kyrie they are getting the second team in one of the big cities, the east or west capitol, but the problem is, in both brooklyn nets or la clippers, the teams are shambles and i think the media hype has flattered both moves.
Most teams in the current National Basketball Association in the U.S.A. have dysfunctional teams. IT is ripe for another dynasty to start next season if a team can be very potent. La LAkers seem to be nearest, if a move for Westbrook to join Lebron and A.D. can happen then la lakers are the favorites and can have a nice stretch.


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#USWNT global fandom- Delaney is correct that peoples outside the usa, which include immigrants into the usa, delight in seeing the usa fail in soccer. One of the few things the usa continually fails in that is largely noticed or cognized. He is wrong that the dislike to the united states of america womens national team is disliked based on obnoxiousness. It is a negative reflection from the joy most in humanity get at the usa mens teams failures.
Sport is like war, absent the consequence from war, which is death. When the empire loses, most cheer. The usa is the empire, thus when the men lose, most cheer. Because usa womens team is the reverse, when they win, the cheers become boos. The reality is, no matter what manners players on the usa womens team have, they will be disliked. The internet created myth to their attitude is merely a result from modern media, but not a source to the dislike.
Dre cordero is correct in stating that obnoxiousness is not a foreign element in futebol outside the usa, but he is dysfunctional in making that point absent stating the source to the dislike.
response to original post by dre cordero
Original post


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#Selecao win the #CopaAmerica2019 -People mock the emotion from players in brasil but the cultural connection to soccer in brasil is deeper than most other countries and probably any other countries populace.
in the end, only the fans to the winning team in any tournament need to celebrate right? I really oppose the neutral fan talk in modern media. By default, only one can win in an elimination tournament sequentially, the losing fans become in their teams failure part of the neutral fans and usually the most vocal in media.
The neutral fan must be ignored, in the end, the winning teams fans need to have the exclusive majority voice on a trophy lift, all other fans whether they be from losing teams or non aligned to any team , commonly called neutral fan, need to have a muted access in media in their media message.
Everton Goal
Gabriel Jesus goal
Richarlison goal


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#Russell #Westbrook - First it was westbrook with Durant/Harding then a solo phase then Paul George/Carmelo but Carmelo fell away, and it was a two man act, now he is solo again.
In the end, Westbrook in staying in Oklahoma City has missed out on success and watched others go to financially better waters in terms of media market or trophies. More than likely he will be the charles barkley of his era. A guy who spent a long time in a team that isn't strong and will have to wait to get trophies or exposure to a larger market.et tu Paul George- I think he or kawhi leonard would had been wiser to join lebron, basketball is a big man game and lebron/A.D. on one team is very strong

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#CAFCON2019 round of 8- I learned from the group stages and the round of 16 that many CAF flag teams were unprepared for the initiated format. IT seemed many teams hit a fatigue button in the round of 16. But, it is a good thing cause that can only help in world cup preparation.
The pairings are : senegal vs benin/nigeria vs south africa/madagascar vs tunisia/ivory coast vs algeria
Senegal will come in on an uplift attacking wise. Benin will know so it will be a water on rock scenario.
Madagascar is the media minnow side in the tournament, their first time in the tournament, primarily through the extended format and to reach this result. Tunisia is beatable by them, but Tunisia is a former champion, the only one in the positionally top half of the bracket so, they may rise after a historically relevant win against Ghana.
Nigeria vs South Africa will be a battle, like Cameroon vs Nigeria. Both teams have a strong history in this tournament, both are former winners. This is a battle. Nigeria have more danger but South Africa play as a cohesive team better.
Ivory Coast play roughly,but in flag competitions people make too much of incohesiveness. As long as clean sheets are kept and a team scores, all else is not relevant. Algeria have looked smooth, purposed. They will want to win in the north, in egypt.
BEdoui own goal

wilfried zaha


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#Media - I love the video in the link below for how it showed the love to the win in Brasil for the selecao's victory. People laugh at brasilian players emotions but the people in brasil explain it.
THe love brasilians have for the game is not for the neutral, is in spite of the neutral.


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#Equalpay #USWNT - Black men took centuries to get equal wage to white men , and still don't have equal wage to white men across the board. Black women have a stronger fiscal inequality. My point, fiscal capitalism in the usa does not provide wages based on merit or finance but a cross-space between the desire of those who control the salary and the desire of those who want the wage.
The problem is, controlling the salary is not meant to be for all or a vote, it can't be a voted or bureaucratic thing in a fiscal capitalism. IT is a tussle or struggle always. People are making it seem like money can be given and it comes from a magic well, money always comes while it is being taken.
The twitter below forgets one key point, the NBA/NFL/MLB etc if they had their way would not pay the male athletes what they get now. The myhtology is that mens salaries is some beloved thing given by the wealthy. The fiscally wealthy dont want to give any laborer anything, I can go into the history of slavery in the usa as a fiscal entity but I am tired of stating slavery over and over in a country built on it.
But, tweeters inability to admit or comprehend that wages was and is not some easy battle, ever in fiscal capitalism, is dysfunctional.


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#CONCACAF #WCQ new format- It is nine groups, one group will have the top six teams by fifa rank, the other eight group(five with four team, three with three team) will have the remaining 29 teams.
All the groups will play a round robin format at the same time. At the end of the group phase, the top three teams in the group with the top six teams by fifa ranking will go straight to the coming world cup. The fourth place team will face the winner of the knockout phase competition based on the winners of the remaining groups. The remaining groups winners will be in a round of eight, and reduce into a round of four and a round of two. The winner then faces the fourth place team in the group with the top six teams. The team who wins faces in the interconfederation playoff.
...Dre Cordero said the qualifying format is objectively bad and like a bad middle school arithmetic problem. ... I will use the words imbalanced or dysfunctional.  It doesn't give a chance for improvement by most of the flag teams in the con.c.a.c.a.f. region; it is dysfunctional. BUt, expected, a functional system with a harder system will only benefit the fiscally smaller teams athletically while undermine them financially.
I wonder will this be mirrored in the womens game? it is not warranted.

referral post



Erik Krakauer made a point about the new format and a thought occured to me, not initially. All the confederations are large in quantity outside conmebol. All the confederations world cup qualifying or confederation cup tournaments are unfair to smaller flag teams, smaller based on fiscal quality or development. Little flag teams in CAF/AFC/Conecacaf/UEFA are not improved or helped by the formats. To do better for smaller flag teams requires a consideration to them that goes against the fiscal weight of things in sport. I argued for at least three year for a new system in CAF BUT in the end of the day, money talks and unless one has money to pay for changes, the changes will not occur or the changes will suit those who do have the money, and all do not have the money. It is unfair, but it is warranted through the fiscal culture ... conmebol world cup qualifying system is the best, how do you get that system mirrored around the world. Simplest way is to break up the other confederations into parts. CONCACAF becomes CONCA<just north adn central america> ECA<east caribbean> WCA <west caribbean> ; CAF subconfederations become confederations standalone: UNAF< north africa> WAFU<west africa> UNiffac<central africa> CECAFA<east africa> COSAFA<southern africa> ; the same for AFC subconfederations : waff<west asia> CAFA <central asia> SAFF<south asia> EAFF<east asian>AFF <south east asian>; and finally UEFA will need breaking up into a west<ireland to germany to italy to portugal>/nordic <maybe including russia>/central  <switzerland/poland/austria et cetera>

The idea is very simple. Break the confederations into smaller entities. Yes, this will grow the role of interconfederation play beyond the minor role it has now, but that is fine. Interconfederation play can be focused on regional first. But, that is the answer, if you want all regions to reach what conmebol have. Break up all the other confederations into regional parts.



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#CAFCON2019 #afcon2019 Round of 8 part 1- Benin huffed and puffed as QueenJohn4 will say and Senegal showed a lack of ability to break through bunkers well. But the opportunity was taken in the end.
Senegal better hope madagascar don't win, madagascar can play them off the pitch. Tunisia will play rough against madagascar, hopefully the malagasy can overcome that with skill.
Nigeria versus South Africa was another final, like Cameroon Nigeria and in both matches Nigeria battled and were superior by thin margins but a margin is enough for a win.
Chukwueze is a nice young player but his career needs a team where he is the talisman to be more hungrier for the ball, sharper in attack.
Algeria versus Nigeria will be another final based on how both teams have played and where their grooves are, BUT if ivory coast defeat algeria, Zaha will have a role to play and it will be a battle between a slick though rough les elephants side.
One of the nigerian players did the kidiaba celebration:) i forget the name of the dance.

Gana Gueye - winner for senegal
Chukwueze- first nigerian goal

Ekong - second nigerian goal

Behind the scenes in the Nigerian Camp before the match
initial talk between the nigerian football federation president and current coach
it was about money to be given to players
the hotel being cleared out for them to talk
the 35 to 40 minute talk


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#FIFAWWC viewership - I said to Julia Wanjeri : "I dont know, did people watch the games or did people follow the replies or chatter online. Online the womens world cup was loud but did the same people who complained about rapinoe's comments or anything non soccer related actually watch one game? I dont know.
She asked don't the numbers speak for themselves.
... so I searched and found this page and that concerning viewership numbers, all I can not verify.
But, CNBC states Fourteen and three tenths million people in the usa tuned into the final match on television. Now, the geographic distribution to those viewers is not stated and is an important factor. The usa has over three hundred million people. ten percent is thirty million sequentially, CNBC suggests that five percent of the populace in the usa saw on television the womens world cup final.
CNBA then stated that FOx stated twenty million people meaning television plus streaming saw it. That is approximately between six and seven percent saw the womens world cup final in the usa. Now the cnbc article state that twenty five million people in the usa watched the 2015 final. If that has any truth then it actually means less people were interested in the final not more, even though the online media saturation to the womens world cup final this time around is higher.
They add that one and a half million viewers watched the womens world cup final on spanish television. Now whether the initial numbers represent only those who viewed it in english or those who switched are details absent, but important to know. I know people who watch spanish television for soccer, absent hearing it or reading the translated. But, But altogether english or spanish television plus streaming in the usa, the number of viewers to the final reached approximately twenty seven million which is approximately 8 percent of the populace in the usa. That is great but the NFL super bowl had ninety eight and two tenths million viewers in the usa, add tw million more for streamers. That is one hundred million so a third of the populace in the usa, not less than a tenth.
The first article i cited below very negatively or dysfunctionally mentioned the fifa mens world cup earnings but the problem is the global viewership to the womens world cup I did not find exactly cited anywhere and my gut tells me that online media centered about the usa is using statistics for the usa to determine a global scenario and I will explain later.
In the second article linked below it is stated that the womensgame in the year two thousand and sixteen earned a little more than the mens team. I imagine, this year will show a bigger boon, but these numbers have structural problems. The question from the problem is simple: how many people in the usa who tweet about donald trump every day, who feel something negative based on his policies to healthcare or immigration or taxes was emboldened when trump tweeted against the U.S.W.N.T. and specifically Megan Rapinoe to support the uswnt or megan rapinoe. When megan rapinoe knelt when the anthem for the birth to the usa was sounded, she was not treated as positively by some who know state she is a symbol of modern resistance. Sequentially, how much of the media overflow is less about womens soccer fans in the usa, womens soccer fans who could not find enough interest in the boston breakers or dc united womens or sky blue fc to embolden those organizations.
The fox article showed that the womens world cup viewership aided in M.L.S. major league soccer matches being viewed in their network, but the problem with fox's article is, the numbers are confined to fox and don't appreciate other networks let alone media concerns covering markets outside the legal bounds of fox.  Comprehend, streaming of sports is usually geographically locked, as rights are not owned/sold/given here there or everywhere.
Now for the allusion I presented earlier about the usa model being used to extrapolate the global situation. I will quote the nielsen article linked below

"Fan interest and commercial investments in women’s football, or soccer, are growing leading into the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. According to Nielsen Sports, 40% of the people in countries with a team competing in this year’s tournament are interested in women’s football.
The Nielsen Women’s Football Report, a collaboration with Leaders™, highlights where fan interest is gaining momentum and how commercial investments are growing. The report also includes insights from Facebook IQ on social media conversations and hashtags about women’s football, and a prediction from Gracenote, a Nielsen company, showing which teams have the highest chances of taking home the FIFA Women’s World Cup title in 2019."

Firstly, the chances of a team taking the title, is not related to fandom. The only way you can relate chances is to use that as a hueristic, giving certain statistics larger value than others based on the country they are from, BUT, I have questions to that, which I will never know as nielsen controls that.
Secondly, the use of hashtags or facebook i.q. is in itself corrupt.  First, hashtag usage is dysfunctional. And goes across interest. too many people online to various hashtags, reshare hashtags based on things they are not interested in. people show clips of shows, add a hashtag and then others who never watched the show retweet the post. Again, how many people who never watched a soccer match of any kind, used hashtags around womens socceer based on a dislike of trump or some need to show support to what they think is a positive symbol to the usa?
That matters cause said people are not going to watch an N.W.S.L. <national womens soccer league> game.
lastly, over half the people in every member country in the fifa womens world cup showed interest. Define interest? IF the superbowl garnered circa one hundred million, then neilsen must had suggested that garnered most people in the usa , although one hundred million is not half of three hundred million which is one hundred and fifty million. How can the womens world cup garner honest interest from half the population of china/usa/france/england/spain/italy/brasil/nigeria/south africa/cameroon/japan/south korea/holland/jamaica/argentina/venezuela/canada and yet the final received in the usa at best ten percent ?
The ratings people are in the allusion side illusion business, they use statistic or heuristics, provable only through their internal body, to allude or guide to what they want others to think or illude or create fantasy to what they want others to see.

Is womens soccer growing in popularity? in my opinion yes. I watched more and more be honestly interested. But it isn't a global phenomenon of interest reflecting constant concern or financial revenue being earned. My proof is not any statistics or heuristics but my eyes. When you see women play in soccer mad brasil with lower ticket prices and the stadiums are still way empty. when you see girls in a C.A.F. confederation of african football or A.F.C. asian football confederation country speak on how they are stymied in their communities in the homes they live in for wanting to be athletic. When Olympique Lyonnais feminin have won four straight uefa champions leagues and yet, their shirt sales are not explosive in france, a country whose male clubs haven't reached a final in a long time.
Modern media allows a minority growth to appear to be majority. It allows messages to spread rapidly while not honestly. When hillary clinton was president many statistical/heuristical assessors said she was sure to win based on their assessment, she will achieve most of the votes. And hillary clinton did, but the geographic displacement from her votes was why she didn't win , as the electoral college's function is to give an edge to fewer votes if they are geographically better dispersed.
Be careful of users numbers folks, use your eyes. I trust my eyes better than the unverifiable numbers presented to me by fiscal interest or by cultural interest ...
My eyes say womens soccer is growing at a slow or steady pace, primarily lifted by the usa/western UEFA populace but in other geographs far less interested for various reasons.

CNBC cite fox whom they say learned the content from nielsen.

generate revenue post
statement from fox news
statement from nielsen
nfl gridiron numbers


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#CAFCON2019 #afcon2019 Round of 8 part 2-
Algeria versus IVory Coast was a battle. Ivory coast lack a true goal scorer. My player Zaha can score goals but his game is more about the team than him being the sole scorer. In the end, it went to penalties and zaha nor kodjia were on the pitch to take them. I suggest the coach made a mistake taking them off.
MAdagascar battled well in the first half but in the second half, their fitness dropped. I like their style and hopefully their league will grow. Tunisia waited to outlast them and dd.

Round of 4 preview
Senegal versus Tunisia is advantage Senegal, Seengal have danger and Tunisia can't stroll against them.
SAdio MAne can be the leader of a senegal team that actually wins it.
Algeria versus Nigeria is another final. Nigeria got through cameroon and south africa in battles, they are battle tested. Algeria in MAli or ivory coast had opponents whose weaknesses in scoring or defense were known.
I say the final will be senegal/nigeria in egypt




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#lgbtq in the #USWNT - Kim McCauley wrote an article about how the us womens national team is a reflection to the emotional variance in the lgbtq et cetera community. I think her point is well made.
Not every great black male boxer was like sugar ray robinson from harlem or Muhammed Ali or Jack Johnson, all of whom loved media, had extroverted characters. Some were like Joe Louis or Joe FRazier, men who spoke less in public. Positive men but not interested in the media show or their personal display as much.
But I will repeat one point.  Neither sport nor the arts or entertainment, have the ability to truly merge various communities peacefully side positively. Communities merge positively side peacefully from the homes of people, even deeper, in their hearts.
referral post

In amendment- Rabeeta of LyonOffside asked a question to validity from a false phrase I will not repeat in my little corner of the internet, utilize the links below to see.
But it made me think...The ability of a lie to spread online is one of the truly negative aspects in modern media cause every lie spread will be believed by some
rabeeta farooque referral
ryan rosenblatt post


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#CAF in chaos - Osasu Obayiuwana < @osasuo on twitter> has an excellent article citing the illegally used funds from the confederation of african football <c.a.f.> , how the former finance director was fired for making the case to the federation of international football associations <F.I.F.A.> while the current president of C.A.F. called for a secretary general of F.I.F.A. to serve as "F.I.F.A.'s delegate for Africa" .
As someone outside the inner chambers of C.A.F. or F.I.F.A. I can not say who is doing what in them, but as an outsider who watched both organizations deal with various issues. I can say that F.I.F.A. has a problem. It is the governing body to a globally participated sport, that has access to a global media system, absent cultural or communal balance or peace throughout humanity.
No, the issue to me isn't finances. The issue is the culture of money in humanity. Most human beings either don't know or don't comprehend or don't want to accept that for the past four to five centuries, fiscal wealth in humanity was earned through genocide, slavery, theft, criminalities. Modern fiscal activity is based on those tenets, not even trade or honest deals. Sequentially, when those in media suggest F.I.F.A. be some fiscal corrective engine, outside the powerful countries like china/usa/russia or even minor ones like u.k./france/germany/india whose nuclear arsenals place them above F.I.F.A. criticism, I think they are clearly trying to spell the doom of F.I.F.A.. Culture is hard to change, history prove this from anytime in the past to now. Fiscal culture is very hard to change. As black africans or native americans learned in the usa at the end of the war between the states, laws may change but the culture of the white europeans didn't.
F.I.F.A. can not be a clean up organization when the seeds to fiscal malfeasance are deeply embedded throughout all humanity.
... I restate, every government, every country, every community in humanity has some fiscal cheat, whether generated from in it or out it, a cheat exist and is making somebody money, everywhere on earth. F.I.F.A. can't hope to defeat such a culture.
I comprehend the finance director's financial claim is correct. Funds were misused by C.A.F. at the order of the C.A.F. president. It requires no further discussion in terms of guilt. My point is, to change that culture, will require a level of change that can only spell the eventual doom of F.I.F.A. itself. Why will those in C.A.F. <note: I don't say Africa cause the geographic bounds of Africa extend beyond C.A.F. into the Asian football confederation or A.F.C. > financing things, support their various fiscal advantages or plans being unraveled, when the fiscal agents in U.E.F.A. or U.S.A. are getting away with their fiscal malfeasance completely.
YEs, C.A.F. has fiscal malfeasance, fiscal unfairness, being applied in it or from it, but what do you expect? The organization based in a region that was once used completely, now used partially, as a treasure trove to fatten the coffers of Europe or the greater white european world, meaning the u.s.a., is now going to be the example of cleaning up the fiscal illegalities. I find that not only historically unfair financially, I find it outside the bounds of F.I.F.A. or C.A.F. 's goal. the goal is to support the sport , Pele once called Jogo Bonito, not to be some sort of manner guide to humanity.
In conclusion, the issue is, what do you want? If you want F.I.F.A. in all humanity or C.A.F. in the region commonly called africa to clean up the fiscal negativity in humanity, from inequal pay betwixt laborers to use of funds for individual purposes by executives, it will never happen. Neither F.I.F.A. nor C.A.F. have the resources, the means, the power, or the legality to do said things.
... as I am a solutions person, I never like it when people admit opinion but not solution. Absent solution, opinion is merely telling people it is raining but not trying to find a cover to not get wet.
The quickest, most disruptive, solution is to break up C.A.F. . In the end, the smaller the number of countries, the smaller the possibility of fiscal malfeasance for a football confederation. C.A.F. already has five subconfederations. Make each subconfederation of C.A.F. a confederation and you will break the fiscal bonds many have made over the years in the C.A.F. network. It will aid in making the world cup qualification or confederation cup process less complicated for each former subconfederation zone. Will it mean finance will become textbook? no, as I said before, humanity has a culture of making money through negative means that is ingrained, embedded throughout the entire humanity on the success from who had most fiscal wealth in the last five centuries. That culture will not change through a sporting organization, that culture can only corrupt a sporting organization.
But, reduced fiscal opportunity can lessen the desire to corrupt from various fiscal motivators. What say you?

Concacaf WCQ format

CAF womens format suggestion



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#LewisHamilton reached recorded greatness in #silverstone - Congratulations LEwis Hamilton , six time British Grand Prix winner, most ever in Britian, most ever on his home soil. I saw the Vettel error, it was a well earned 10 second penalty by him.
Yes Hamilton gambled the safety car, but like harvey dent before the incident, he makes his own luck.
Vettel is currently in a battle to save his position from red bulls more than in a battle against mercedes.
The ability of mercedes to evade collisions or crashes with each other let alone others is a testimony to their team ethic which is laking in other teams currently.
I support Venturi in the Formula E but when mercedes joins in next season, I may have to have two teams like in have in german womens soccer.
Vettel ten second penalty
LEwis Hamilton final lap
LEwis Hamilton , the living legend


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#NWFL value- Isioko is correct, Jean Michel Aulas the president to Olympique Lyonnais had publicly admitted that the investment into the womens team of that club has sprouted sponsorship or fiscal outreach in ways equal or moreso than their mens team.
While ISioko mentioned the need to have a fiscal review, a fiscal potential, concerning the returns if a large fiscal investment is given to the Nigerian Womens Football League < N.W.F.L. > . I will suggest a far less functional point. What is stopping Dangote? It isn't money. It is a culture. As a fan to womens soccer globally, I can attest that anyone a fan of womens soccer has no doubt that the male dominated fiscal landscape in most countries is a striaght hindrance on fiscal investment in womens soccer. To restate, men have the money in most countries, under most governments, in most communities, in most homes, and said men, in majority, are opposed to investing in womens soccer  or seeing womens soccer invested into. Not all men, I am a male, but most men.
I am not suggesting Dangote's personally is anti woman. I am suggesting he, like me, like all men is surrounded by a male community that is anti-woman, and sequentially speaks negative to any positive investment, even in language to anything female and especially sport. Sport, we in humanity must admit for most male communities is a male only province.
Isioko is correct, the more the sponsors the better. That is why mens soccer is what it is today financially. The problem for womens teams is the anti female culture, globally, from most men has a financial aspect. While a black man from anywhere in Africa will support liverpool , a team in england whose queen was once called the mother of all africa through imperialism, and click on sponsors that refer to liverpool, the same man will not support a womens team in nigeria named liverpool.
... now I will end with function. The NWFL is highly valuable to me. The womens soccer sporting landscape at the club level is very weak. The united states womens national team may be media darlings but the womens league in the united states of america, the national womens soccer league, is only a few teams and half of the teams have been forced to relocate or end. the confederation of south american football/CONMEBOL, the confederation of african football/CAF, the asian fooball confederation/AFC are all absent any highly financed league, relatively. The Japanese womens league is very functional or engaged, but is not financially supported greatly in japan. The chinese womens league was reported to get a huge investment. Western UEFA <union of european football associations> or the usa in concacaf <confederation of north and central american and caribbean football > have relatively high financed leagues but the remainder in said confederations are in the same situation as the overwhelming majority in conmebol/caf/afc .  Sequentially, most of humanity outside western uefa or the usa in concacaf don't have a decent , decent defined as some players have a liveable wage. And, heavy investment in the womens league in nigeria, the NWSL, canprovide nigeria with a league that can garner international attention, can have many representatives in the womens world cup, a globally exposed event, and long term provide a great cash cow for future sponsors.
Females of the age called girl all throughout humanity want to play, but opportunity is slack. The NWSL or WEstern UEFA leagues don't have the capacity to offer prime opportunities for the world of females who want to play the beautiful game. Dangote after fiscal review may see a negative in short term return, but the long term gamble is beyond anything he can expect.
The fact that some men, some men from CAF, can't see the future, the positive possibility in the future, in the nigerian womens football league is a symbol to how deep the negativity toward women is, beyond physical, also mental or spiritual within men. But, moreover, is a negative fiscal view for someone like Dangote to have toward anything in Nigeria. I hope he doesn't have it. but, he is surrounded by that and must be wise and overcome it. And the reason isn't to support women of nigeria as much as to make money. Those like me who support womens soccer, don't need to use supporting women as a reason for those with money to invest, better explain to them the financial possibilities to investing.
The discussion
Isioko tweet letter to ALiko Dangote, president of the Dangote group who sponsors the Nigerian mens league
conjecture from someone not connected to Dangote
isioko reply to the unconnected man
china womens league investment
<You can follow Lyon Offside to find verification or ask them to verify concerning my claim to jean michel aulas of O.L., they are at twitter LyonOffside >


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#CAFCON2019 final - the #afcon2019 semifinal ended. Two strong battles, four teams that look a little fatigued, a little drained, for two of them, one hurdle is left.

Senegal vs TUnisia
A flat out battle, the referee let the tackels fly in, kept the whistle close, gave two penalties, both were saved. The own goal from a senegal set piece was the blessing from the soccer spirits.
happy for Aliou Cisse , he is pulling off a zidane https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/384/359/4bc.gif

Nigeria vs Algeria
Algeria were wobbly but Nigeria's mistakes were far more costly. both algeria goal came from nigeria error.
Nigeria have nothing to look negative about, you made the top 4

The final
Senegal vs Algeria
KEite Balde didn't play in the semifinal, and Koulibaly will not be able to play in the final. I think senegal need their most potent attacking setup. Algeria are slow in the back, but senegal need more weapons than Mane or mane will suffer the same fate as Ighalo.
The battle commences.

Gomis save
Hassen save
The gods have spoken
algeria penalty given through VAR
ighalo penalty scored
mahrez goal


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#Neymar and other transfers- NEymar needs to go to Shanghai Shenhua and use china as the entry way back into UEFA, if he so chooses. Paulinho did the same thing. He got out of UEFA cause the teams were not using him correctly. I remember when Paulinho won the Clbu World CUp for TImao. He was very comfortable in the system Tite had for him. Then tottenham bought him and tried to tell him where they wanted him to play. He left for cHina, played the way he wanted and was brought by Barca and did a great job but was wise to take his success and go back to where he was comfortable, while also breaking the silly notion that playing in china is negative. Neymar need to do the same. He need to go to Guangzhou Evergrande or Shanghai SIPG and win it all meaning  国足球协会超级联赛 the Chinese super league, 中国足协杯 chinese fa cup, 中国足协超级杯  chiense fa super cup, the AFC champions league , and the Club World Cup.  If he can do that for either team <though shanghai will be better for the fact that shanghai is not as successful as guangzhou> he will be a soccer legend having won three top confederation cup tournaments for clubs: copa libertadores in conmebol/uefa champions league in UEFA/AFC champions League in AFC and he will have won two club world cups , each unique to a confederation. Santos would had beat any other team in UEFA that club world cup, but the team of MEssi/Iniesta/Xavi/Busquets were too in synch and sharpened in midfield even for him ganso/arouca and company.  But that is the answer. UEFA teams hurt non uefa players at times, and cause most media is from uefa or the umbrella uefa/usa white dominated culture, the media agents speak ill to non uefa non white players who don't change when pushed or asked to change. Neymar need to gamble on a great possibility again. He did it when he went to Paris saint germain , hoping to gain a uefa champions league for the first time for a club in the biggest city in uefa. a club that has no local rivals. The possibilities in paris for the players that can lead to that prize are underrated. BUt, in guangzhou or shanghai lay an even greater prize. Cause if Neymar can go to guangzhou or shanghai and then win it all meaning the club world cup as well. He will have a global shirt sale strength unmatched by any other player, and by any other i mean messi or cr7 or mbappe. IT will be the neymar era. IS he willing to take one risk.


to other transfers


Bale is smart , pulling off his malouda <you know what I mean fellow london blue > Bale comprehends that Real MAdrid is a big team and he can only go downward in uefa. So why leave? Train, be healthy, be alone and then when the contract is over, move onto wherever, maybe bayern munich. Bale has won it all outside the copa del rey for real. like neymar, he has a pretty complete career in terms of accomplishments but finds himself in a team that is not on the same page with him. Unlike neymar, bale is smart to simply stay it out at the current team. BArca offer nothing to neymar and tottenham offer nothing to bale.


James Rodriguez is an interesting signing for Atleti. I am still not certain atleti will have morata/costa/kalinic outside the young Feliz but when I think of the counterattack if Atleti can get James he will be excellent for his passing. The problem with James is that many top teams by average table ranking in uefa like multipurpose midfielders, or midfielders who do a little of it all. Casemiro/Modric/Rakitic/Ngolo Kante/Pogba they are all multi faceted, not pure to any one role but can do all roles.

The problem is James is a creative midfielder who is not fast enough to break through lines, is not strong enough to hold up the ball, is not active enough to create spaces off the ball. When he plays for colombia, the team respects his game and makes him the center, the creative force, thus they surround him like a circle over a dot and allow him a space to create. Atelti's counter will be a challenge for James but his passing when atleti get the ball will be better for Costa/Morata/Kalinic whom griezzman in all earnest missed alot of times as many french national team starters are dribble first players, not pass first. James is pass first.




Edited by RM Interviewer
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#Clarence #Seedorf side #Patrick #Kluivert end their time in #Cameroon- I quote the bbc article linked below
"following the premature exit of Cameroon's men's flagship squad, Cameroon's football federation in line with clauses in their respective contracts has decided to bring an end to the contracts of Seedorf and Kluivert"
The exit from Cameroon was not premature. No exit from any competition is premature. That is an insult to the competition. Now they cited clauses in the contract which i found interesting.
I quote the bbc article again
"The long-term contracts also stipulated the pair must live in the country and provide support to the other national teams."
DId Cameroon not want to pay for Kliuvert side seedorf and their families living in cameroon,and pay for them to support the other national teams? OR did seedorf nor kluivert not want to live in cameroon or coach other teams?
Seedorf said he wanted to stay but I dont know about Kluivert, nor do I know the Cameroon football association administrators thoughts. I know Samuel Eto'o knows but I do not know his thoughts.
Pundits like jeremy saint louis are wrong to suggest Seedorf's career is a sign that great players dont make great coaches. The truth is, most coaching jobs lead to negative statistics in terms of wins/lossess/draws. If you consider that the top of tables progresses and the mid to bottom of tables do not, then you realize , most coaches fail whether they were great players or not.

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#Black in the #NWSL - Midge Purce, Lynn Williams, and Taylor Smith are quoted on their experiences as black in the NAtional Womens Soccer League in the United States of America.
I quote some statistics from the article
"There are currently 32 black players listed on NWSL rosters, making up 7.5 percent of the league"
"The league’s minimum salary is $16,538 and the maximum is $46,200. "
"According to United States Census data, the 2017 median income for black households was $40,258. For households of all races, the median income was $61,372 and for white households that number was $68,145. "
"In 2018, according to NCAA.org, there were 660 Black female Division I soccer players, which make up 7.1 percent of the sport, which isn’t far off from the 7.5 percent in the NWSL"

Sequentially, the salary for the average female soccer player,any phenotype, is below the average for a household to be self sufficient, meaning sponsorship must make up the rest and sponsorship is not convinced. The percentage of black female soccer players is below the percent of black people in the usa, last I checked from the us census <which is not fully trusted> was considered circa twelve percent. The NWSL or NCAA are not giving a equal percent of opportunity based on general population numbers, considered official.
And the problems are: Black female players need an above average salary to be financially sustained being only an athlete. Black female soccer players need more opportunity to own teams/play/coach/train <as in fitness>.

Before I get into solutions, more problems exist, I quote or paraphrase the article.
"“I know for me growing up, we weren’t financially stable, so going to some tournaments weren’t really an option. And I think there’s a huge reason why there’s not a lot of girls of color in the sport,” Taylor Smith said. "
"But to get drafted into the NWSL, you likely have to play at a Division I institution. Each player selected in the 2019 NWSL draft played Division I soccer. ...  But to make it into Division I soccer, there are lengthy scouting and recruitment processes that involve getting noticed at the club and high school level. For a player to reach higher levels in soccer, they must possess technical skills in the game and often cannot rely solely on their physical gifts as they move up through the age groups. But some black players don’t receive technical training when they are younger due to coaching biases based on a long-held stereotype that black athletes are fast and strong and nothing else in whatever game they are playing. "
"Just look at announcers during matches commenting often on the “pace” and “strength” of black players while referencing the “craft” and “skill” of white players for the ways these biases are simply embedded in the way we talk and think about the game. The lack of training can have lasting effects on the potential longevity of a player’s career and limit opportunities to make it professionally.When club coaches enforce that stereotype by failing to train black soccer players technically, they affirm the stereotype that black athletes aren’t smart. And because of this, many of the NWSL’s current top black players have spent years working to overcome a problem they didn’t create."

Now, let us do a run down of the problems, the first set of problems stated in this piece
1. Black female players salary need to be strong enough to have one job, that being a player.
2. Black people need more opportunities to own a team/coach a team/be a player/be a trainer like for fitness or mental strength
Add on the second set of problems
3. Black youth need fiscally free opportunity to play in their local community
4. Black youth players need positively biased coaches or trainers or learning environment that will teach them all aspects of the sport
5. The National collegiate athletic association must be separated from the opportunity channels for Black soccer players <note: all but three teams in the 2019 womens world cup had players who didn't play in an NCAA team: Germany/china/italy>
6. Pundits or sports newcasters announcing or assessing black players must have a positive bias, to change the narrative in the media

What is the solution?
A black female soccer league is the solution.
The salary for the players in this league must allow them to be soccer players alone, whether sponsorship is used in accordance or other means is a fiscal flexibility.
The clubs in this league must be owned by black people,  the owners must place black people in administration for the clubs, black people as coaches for the teams.
The clubs must be geographically located in black towns or cities, and have youth systems. The location means the clubs are near black people so no money is needed to give opportunity to black youth outside of the will.
The coaches or trainers or owners must be given a test to their views or educational styles. Weed out any coaches or trainers, even if they are black, that have a negative bias toward black athletes.
The youth teams must be the youth player pools for the mature clubs, them or other clubs in the league at lower tiers. Tiers must exist to provide a path for more players to succeed.
The media for the league must be controlled by the league itself. A white owned media concern like abc/nbc/fox can not be the media outlet. The league must own its media cover through streaming, and a possible cable channel or channel through other venues like google tv. Why, the only way to control the culture is to be the owner.
Only a Black female soccer league can include all the solutions the problems warrant. Sequentially the owners of said league is the beginning. They must be black but they must have the cultural demand in their mentality when owning said league.
What is your solution?



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#ENiola #ALuko continuing memoirs- She has a memoir book out <linked below to buy in>. The nigeria born english flag player with over 100 caps for the three lions, englands flag team, a trophy lifting career in chelsea or juventus but a global club career in locations. She has a first honors law degree and I questioned her on whether she took the new york bar exam.
A woman who on the one side, played a sport to trophy lifting heights defying the communal commonalities of women born in African homes while on the other hand earned the education that is demanded by said culture. Proving you can serve your communities ways as well as your individual ways. A quality person, hard working athlete, a beautiful woman.
global order
UK only order


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#Mikel #flag play end- As a fan of the london Blue, that being chelsea fc, I have watched Mikel for many seasons. He like another of my favorite players, Willian, sacrifices his personal game for the team, whether club or flag. And, most pundits, who are trained or reared to support the selfish player, the player who forces all to work around them, all too often speak some negative to players like Mikel for playing for the team.
A cup of nations win, a uefa champions league win, he reached the pinnacle for his flag or club and that places him in rare air. As he continues his club career in trabzonspor I hope he found a nice home in the turkish side and plan on having input into the nigerian flag team on the coaching or administration side. If he has the will, he has much to still do for the super eagles and in guiding the careers of CAF players in general. I wish him the best.


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