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Alvin Aluvah #Zhakata and the #borderless #CAF - In the article tweeted by Mimi Fawaz, I learned of  Mr Zhakata who trekked through CAF on the ground to reach Egypt from Zimbabwe. He said AFrica, I will say the African Union, need to be borderless. As someone who likes to travel I concur. I also can say as someone who was in Africa. The force needed to get governments in Africa to be that seamless is quite large, doable but not something from lesser legislators.
I wonder, what are your best travel stories concerning sport? leave a comment in concatenation.
tweet referral


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#CAFCON2019 final  #Senegal vs #Algeria - IT was a soccer gods deflection goal that led to the win and the Champion title of CAF to the desert warriors.

Congratulations to Algeria but looking forward, some issues.


I dont want to hear about refereeing needing betterment, until someone is willing to focus on consistency. Every match in this tournament had varying refereeing. I don't care if choices from referees are not liked, but when they are inconsistent, that is frustrating for me. Referee consistency is woeful. Algeria got away with fouling that South Africa didn't.

Best TEam of CAFCON2019

Pundits or sports analyzers are clearly being paid by someone algerian or are used to false statements to teams that succeed in lifting trophies. Algeria/Cameroon/Nigeria/Senegal/Ghana are all the same level. The culture of modern pundits is to be unable to accept that no team is a stand out favorite or best team in a tournament just cause a team is the trophy lifter. the cup of nations once you get to the round of eight are all equal level teams, none standout. No team is the best, the round of eight are all equal.

Algeria's style of play is problematic for me in that , all teams don't get away with kicking opponents like them in a tournament.

The Way To Play

 I repeat, French women, spain women, spain men, cameroon men under seedorf, et cetera, all the strongest or purposed attacking teams in the womens world cup or CAF cup of nations failed to lift the trophy. The USWNT side Algeria too rough, sharp counterattacking teams won. What is the lesson? when i hear so many pundits talking about the way the game is to be played, I always reply, I would rather win no matter the style. But often in media the reply is to my point, that style matters. But style isn't lifting trophies in flag play. SO why do flag teams, which are pick up teams, given this way to be played viewpoint when the teams are temporary. 

In Conclusion

Congratulations Algeria, the way they play will lead to them going down to ten or nine men against a team in the world cup of confederations cup.  Senegal football association, will probably do as others and fire their coaches foolishly and not build a project but I hope Cisse stays. Let him learn.






Brasil is a cut above the rest

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#ICC and # Immigration  - the funny thing about the International champions cup held in the #USA is that the total premise is based on the uniquely statian welcoming immigrant experience, relatively, I will not speak on the plight of the native american, but immigration is not always positive.... The ICC has high popularity in the usa cause many people feel welcoming to travel to the usa from outside it to support their team or many people are from or have parents who are from or have a recent forebear who was from a place outside and a cultural element from that place, like for many mexican fans, exists and turns into profit for the ICC managers. I am not suggesting immigration is always positive, but I am suggesting that elements in the usa financially are dependent on immigration having the more positive position in the usa in comparison to any other modern or current government.

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#philschoen ARTICLE reply - @philschoen




I agree to your thoughts on Griezzman, he allows barcelona the ability to give coutinho/dembele a chance to do more.
I still feel Neymar will be smarter to go to shanghai shenhua or guanzhou evergrand in china for the big money, cause china can pay and then win it all in china,meaining the club world up, which will be a bigger mountain to climb than psg winning the uefa cl. After, he can go anywhere, cause all will want him with that chinese popularity.

I read an article speaking of how beinsports was unable to pay pundits , i dont know the inner finances of beinsports but you, kay, rongen, egan and et cetera all seem to be making moves to strengthen your finances and resettle in the media landscape changes. I wish you well.

I think the problem when people talk about statian owners is the culture of sport ownership in the u.s.a.  
The sporting environment in the usa is dominated by two fiscal communities of owners. One is a set of leagues led by the nfl for paid athletes, where their structure is designed to totally for profit, not competitive quality or communal relationship.
While the second group is a set of fiscal investors in listed educational institutions who are able to make profits while they dont publicly pay the athletes whom provide the source to their revenue.
the statian sporting culture breeds the kroenke's

my only desire is a small column or role in a sporting organization where I can be paid for my sporting opinion. I am not looking to be on television or cable or streaming in a video way. Just text or audio, but I am trying to connect to media concerns about c.a.f.
if you can help guide me or give advice i welcome it.

LA Liga is fortunate to have this money. To be honest, la liga uses their wealth better than the epl. I agree to you that la liga develop players better. I see it as the owners of midtable to lower table teams in laliga learned about being lesser teams. EPL teams think they are bigger when only a few teams can go into the uefa champions league.
France/ITaly/Germany/Spain midtable or lower teams comprehend what it means to be one of them.

In the end, I am glad to read you are doing well and are feeling better. I will enjoy you on call in la liga.

oh consider attaching disqus to this site. disqus can offer another commentary stream




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#CR7  #metoo scenario has ended it seems- I don't know the details but from what was reported on Beinsports it seems the prosecutors said the doubt was too high and going any further would not lead to anything. In the end, the problem is the time. The lesson for any accusers is to be immediate. Don't wait years to accuse someone. IT is hard to prove after ten years after twenty years after thirty years what someone has or has not done, especially when you need proof in a court of law. You can't expect someone to go to jail based on wording alone. Evidence has to be provided and whatever evidence was given didn't prove the accusation. IT doesn't mean Cr7 is not guilty as much as CR7 actions or the accusers are not provable



cr7 no case.jpg

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Congratulations @Rugby_Mexico for winning the Rugby north america 10 tournament. Thanks to @gavinmcleavy for sharing

Highlight Video



One thing I learned concerning the beautiful game is the weakness of the administration. FIFA is not a bad organization. But, the problem is that , big countries like Russia/China/India/USA/Brasil have complications in their football associations as their size or financial power make the web of interested parties a muddy web. In truth, most states in the usa have their own sub football association. I didn't even have knowledge of the fact that new york has two state associations. One for the west and one for the east, let alone their role regionally. Sequentially, I will focus on the state association for rugby as I look into this sport going forward. The media goes straight to these large organizations but things grow from the ground up and the ground in FIFA or USA Rugby is barely ever advertised.









Just so you know

Eastern New York


Eastern new york youth soccer



Do you know your state based associations, if you live in the USA, in USA rugby or USSoccer? Lets learn about our local organizations.

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I concur, it is the same problem with James. The number 10 role is not dead if you consider flag team play or teams in CONMEBOL/AFC/CAF where number 10s are still used heavily amongst the top teams. But, in the top teams of UEFA, top team defined by financial might, pure number 10s like JAmes Rodriguez or Nabil Fekir are not being sought after. Kroos is a number 10, Verratti is a number 10 but they dont play in the number 10 role; they play a more false defensive midfielder role. BUT, midlevel teams still seem able to accept number 10's who don't have speed, like Real Betis.
Farewell Fekir. Still don't know what players have against China, in all earnest.


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LAst night #ICC #CopaLibertadores and extra-
Gareth bale save- When he came on, he was electric. Maybe he will leave real madrid but he looked good. I recall Robben Van Persie, how his arsenal career was injury riddled and then he had a huge health spurt at manchester united. Sometimes players find recovery and all is good. Bale clearly has a lot to offer. But like many quiet players he will not make a scene yelling at others, lead by example is his way.

Felipe Melo Goal- Palmeiras at the half should had been down 3-1 if not for a silly neymar mimic type penalty from a Godoy player.
In the second half Palmeiras equalized.

Messi is fined $1500 and one match. The poster dan edwards state in his tweet stream that messi is worth too much to bench but in parallel, Neymar is penalized heavy by UEFA , whose couffeurs are larger than CONMEBOL, based on the fact that conmebol's strength is players not clubs.

Atleti drew 0-0 against Chivas, I chose not to see the penalty shoot out. This is ok, cause it is pre season. I think a player like JAmes is needed. Lemar like Griezzman is a dribble first player, a high quality passer in midfield is what costa/morata need, especially as juan fran side felipe luis leaving mean we dont have the galloping wide backs in the past that provided service.


NEbil Fekir to Real Sociedad from Olympique Lyonnais- I think this is a stepping move for Fekir but it may be more permanent, and potentially safer. Some players realize that certain clubs style of play doesn't suit them. Play where you can be loved.


Felipe Luis to FLamengo RC from Atletico Madrid - Felipe Luis is back in brasil after a long spanish journey, hope juan fran can find a team in spain to support him.


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#LFA #Liberia and the case of the missing F.A. -  Osasuo Obayiuwana < @osasuo > , who is usually on top of investigative reporting to the backrooms in C.A.F. , stated that former head of the Liberian Football Association Musa Hassan Bility is banned for 10 calendar years by F.I.F.A. for misappropriating funds.  While I comprehend from a prior news report from Osasuo the why, I pondered the Liberian football association. What news did they have on their website, who was in charge of their organization. What are they planning on doing to improve? Their website showed nothing, is nothing. The about page seems unconcerned in all earnest. The contact page is dysfunctional. Many online talk about the presidents of various football associations but when you look at the lack of concern or care to many aspects  , especially in media, it proves the deeper problem. The goal from many presidents of small countries football associations isn't to improve but to be a constant mediocre  that gets to take a little money from the top.


Osasuo source tweet


Read about the incident that led to the ban


Liberian FA website



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#Copalibertadores night 7242019


Godoy vs Internacional

I was a fan of paulo guerrero when he led Corinthians in defeating my London Blue, aka chelsea, in the club world cup.
I will never comprehend why he is not on a large contract. A 91st minute goal but the key to his success in easy retrospect is that the role of the number 9 , not false 9 or striker in a 9 role still exist in conmebol. Many teams in uefa don't use a true number 9 in the center forward role so their teams attack like they dont have a reference up top, which hurts a player like guerrero who is a reference up top.


Emelec vs Flamengo

Godoy scored brilliantly, early in the fight against Flamengo. I really loved how Emelec took it to MEngao. Nice speed in the team, no nonsense. Flamengo seemed slower and not sharp.
The second goal was the nail in the coffin. The second goal was made after truly great play from emelec.  I really like their individual speed. tested flamengo.
GODOY goal
Caceido goal


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#Blackstars of ghana - I agree with Akosua Addai Amoo < @akosuaamoo  > that money is not the solution for The Black Stars. My Ghanaian connections ,including her, informed me many times over the many Ghanaian players that died fiscally absent. Akosua's article is a good read to comprehend how money became the sole factor in the Ghana football associations relationship to the Black Star team. Her solution is what I will speak on, domestic development.  Youth development by default is the antithesis to fiscal profiteering in sport. Yes, a messi/pele/cruyff/maradona comes but any honest youth development system to youth from fiscally poor families is a fiscal loss long time, absent any doubt. In parallel, this is why in the USA, youth sports is structured the way it is. A structure designed to make the parents pay for the funding to have a youth development. This does two thing, it blocks out the fiscal poor kids in the USA, who are conveniently not white, while also covering the cost for the sports administrators  organizing the system. To restate, those who control the sports system in the USA have an immovable position in the control room of the sports system in the USA while they push the cost of youth development in sport on parents. Ghana is a fiscally poor country, it doesn't have the populace to mirror the USA system. Sequentially those in charge of player development have to accept the fiscal drain of a positively structured youth development system in Ghana to mostly fiscally poor kids. Sadly, those in charge of the system in Ghana either are unwilling to change for their personal desire to make fiscal profit, or they don't have the imagination to modulate the system in Ghana to do it.


I want to address another point she made, which is underrated in the relationship of modern sport to various governments around the earth. Ghana is not fiscally rich. And, the influence of being a fiscally poor country, in comparison to China/USA, is underrated. On the one hand being a fiscally poor country mean those who have control of the Ghana system are themselves fiscally poor or see in said control opportunity to make more profit. Media concerns or people in the USA talk about negative or wild fiscal capitalistic agenda's in the sports systems of countries like Ghana but I suggest it is totally unfair from those in the USA, a country whose fiscal history or modernity is rife with wild abuses, can look to those in Ghana as evil or sinners for trying to use what they can to make money. On the other hand, Ghana, like others, being a fiscally poor country mean they need to find ways to finance themselves that fiscally wealthy countries don't have to consider, thus are not advertised. Ghana administrators or clubs needs to use online crowdfunding. People from Ghana live all over the world, and can provide financing to projects, if the projects are designed in a fiscally open and no nonsense way. Sport crowdfunding can't work for salaries ofrcoffers but they can work to get fields or stadiums built, buy shoes/cleats or other materials.


Ghana must be a Black Star and shine bright.




referring tweet


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One Club Woman - Who is the most beloved one club woman to any club? @EtiennePic answered @offsidebeet lament that Olympique Lyonnais  <O.L.> men don't have a one club man to place alongside the totti's or scholes with the fact that O.L. women have far more high quality one club women than any other womens team. I dont like greatest ever polls cause that is unachievable. No one is ever the greatest in all time at anything. But,  someone can be the greatest in aa time frame. I say Wendie Renard @Wrenard is the most beloved one club woman in this era. She has won more than any other one club woman before her and is still going strong. If she can win the Euros she will have a complete career. She has won it all for a club, she needs to win something for a flag. What say you?


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#ATLETI later on and #Bale - ATLETI for me the great shame is this match is, can it happen during the regular season. The problem in the I.C.C. is those matches do not mean anything in the competitions that matter. Atleti in the past few seasons had a rough time against fc barcelona/real madrid in la liga. I hope Atleti can perform like this when it counts most against Real MAdrid. I hope :)


Felix is lucky:)  Costa is the Aguja , the needle. Morata acts as a great partner to costa. Atleti's attack is sharper than ever. Now can it be consistent. Many smaller teams will bunker against Atleti. Real Madrid tend to put themselves in dangerous situations, sequentially, when they are down they tend to lose more not less. Atleti still have goals with costa out, a very important truth cause Costa will get card accumulation. His game stem from using that negative energy to boost his actions. IT lead to altercations. Courtois is learning how great Kaylor Navas is. Being a big man is cool but Courtois did not react, especially to that first goal from atleti, like courtois would had. He is too slow in reaction to be the keeper for a team that exposes itself defensively.


My problem isn't bale going to a chinese club, my problem is the club. Jiangsu Suning is a trap for Bale.  Four clubs have won the chinese super league in the past 10 year from 2018- 2008 : Guangzhou evergrande with seven wins, Shanghai SIPG with one <the reigning champions>, Beijing Sinobo with one and Shandong Luneng with one.  Jiangsu is the 11th biggest city in china? why is bale going to this provincial team. Jiangsu is like NApoli or Newcastle or Lille or Gladbach. A club that has some history, a decent fanbase, but isn't a big club especially in terms of lifting trophies.  PEople say players go to chinese clubs for money but I disagree. Players dont choose the most effective chinese clubs and then complain when the adventure yields no result. Like Fekir going to Real BEtis, the reality is, Betis will win nothing so even though betis has the money and he accepts the deal, he is not going to a team that is a better bet to being top three in spain like Olympique Lyonnais is top three in france. Bale is leaving a sure top three club in spain for a team that only made the afc champions league three times in the past ten season and one from said time was through a cup run. People will say the move is money based but the money from Jiangsu isn't the issue. Bale need to figure how to get into Guangzhou or Shanghai. Jiangsu is like sevilla. YEah, good club. Fighting club. But not really that consistent top club.



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2019 German Grand Prix - #F1 @LEwisHamilton was leading then he had a bad turn off the slick turn that took out seven cars. Congratulations to Verstappen for winning the race and Vettel for ending second while starting 20th. I am happiest for Danil Kvyat a double victory, a father side a podium.  It is a tough day for Mercedes especially at the home ground, but overall Hamilton is first, Bottas is second in the drivers championship. While Mercedes is undoubtedly the constructors leader with over 150 point lead. So, a bad day but in some way all the cars that had to exit the race from crashes, racing on a slick surface , prove why the german grand prix will not be in next season. Vietnam side Holland come in next season. Replacing two from Spain/Germany/Mexico with one from that trio possibly being unreplaced while not continuing for at least a season. The slick area is too much, some pundits said it is an unforgiving track but when ten of the twenty riders are influenced by the same curve, all varying in car strngth or riding quality, the issue is the track. I do not deny I am angered by Hamilton not winning, I think he was wrong to listen to the stewards when he was brought in the last time but the team will move on, learn from the lessons and be ready for Hungary.


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#Fallonfox vs #TamikkaBrents and #Transgender in sports - The solution to the problem set by Fallon Fox side Tamikka Brents fight is simple. The problem with people considered or labeled transgender is the nature of thier physicality. An honest transformation into a woman is the question and in the world of athletics, that transformation has to be critiqued far more stricter than in other settings.
If Fallon Fox worked in an office and Tamikka Brents did as well, then any competition they have will not have a disadvantage in physicality.But as two MMA fighters, the size of  fallon fox compared to tamikka brents is not insignificant. PEople forget boxing allowed fighters of varying weight classes to fight each other originally but broke up into weight classes based on the damage brought on to smaller fighters by significantly larger ones.
Brents is to small to fight Fox, plain or simple, that fight should not had been allowed.


My point is not to ban transgender as much as to demand strict weight class requirements, even with hormones, the modulation is not applicable to allow for equal weight or greater weight modulating gender athletes to face same weight or lesser weight unchanged gender athletes. MMA has to change its weight class rules or develop them.


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#JeremyLin - It is an interesting feeling when you love what you do but you feel time will not allow you to fiscally benefit from doing it.  The visual artists eventually losses vision. The dancer eventually losses flexibility. The athlete eventually losses firmness or reaction. Jeremy Lin has faced that place, I hope he did well with his finances. Though I will say the environment in the usa, sporting wise, goes against athletes long term career possibilities.
Concerning his words or a reply from Real Life KAz stating, I paraphrase, "when it is done it is done"
I commented "for all athletes that reached the making money stage, though the ny knicks as an organizations hinder all players that step through their doors"


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#Pia #Sundhage is the coach of the #Selecao - Historically this has many historical points. In the mens game, the Brasil football federation,  < C.B.F. > do not allow non brasilians or non men to coach the masculin selecao or any team in the brasil serie a. Now the feminin  selecao will have a non male/non brasilian coach. Historical precedence now place womens soccer in a different place in the consciousness of Brasil. If Sundhage succeed in bringing a trophy to Brasil in the world cup, then her tenure will be a huge success. I find the timing of this coaching signing aside the fact that the womens team will not have the stars the male team earned on their shirt telling. Sundhage I hope comprehend how important her tenure is. Conembol is the heart of latin america, a region that culturally remembers failures far more than successes. If sundhage fail badly, she will close the door to many non conmebol or female coaches in the future , not merely in brasil but in other conmebol countries as well. good luck pia.


Assinatura do contrato de Pia Sundhage. Thais Magalhães/CBF

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#USWNT the #NWSL and money- Rabeeta < @Offsidebeet > asked a question off an article from Rachel BAchman < @BAchscore > . Do any other WNTs have a structure like this?  This being where a football association pays for the club salaries of players.
Thus the NWSL is not like any other league, male or female on earth. the NWSL is literally a football association league designed for the female flag team of the u.s.a.
Rabeeta is right to suggest shock at this uniqueness. But, I will focus on the financial aspects to this that Rachel Bachman didn't mention.
USSoccer isn't paying female flag players equivalent to male flag players. Though results shouldn't matter in pay to men or women in my view, especially in athletic competitions.  But, if USSoccer is forced to pay women equally to men then ussoccer has to stop paying the club salaries of women players, cause the men have to have the right to demand ussoccer pay their club salaries as well.
And, if ussoccer stops paying the club salaries will the national womens soccer league in the usa survive? I don't think so. The NWSL is dead if USSoccer don't pay the salaries to the top uswnt athletes. Second, globally the comparatives are smaller.
Brazil/Nigeria/Japan/China/Germany have womens teams and their female teams can not even remotely argue such a thing as equal pay. The USWNT is asking equal pay , like Hegerberg is asking equal pay from Norway. It is an idealistic request financially. But, the request holds no merit fiscally. No one can argue the mens world cup is a far larger financial attracter than the womens. And no one can argue that outside the usa, every male flag team attracts more sponsorship than their comparative female flag team. Sequentially, giving money equally to females side males while ideal is not fiscally proportional to their events. What happens when the womens team of the usa don't succeed , don't even place in the world cup. That time is coming sooner than many think.
The media can't dictate the law, it can't dictate financial evaluation. People tweeting equal pay should not apply in a court of law. People tweeting equal pay can not apply on fiscal ledger sheets.
I know the womens game, it is not an equivalent money maker to the mens, whether people want to believe it or not, giving female flag players equal pay is unwarranted financially, at this time. IT will not be unwarranted one day, but for now it is.
Secondly, the issue of USSoccer paying the salaries to uswnt players in the nwsl is troublesome to me. People online say ussoccer is being unfair and they are correct, they are being unfair, to male flag players who play in M.L.S.. Why can't ussoccer pay male flag players salaries too?
USSoccer financially makes the NWSL possible, a league that is the third reincarnation of a project the NCAA/NFL accept, and that lead to my last point.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association <NCAA> side the National Football League <NFL> are under reported, underrated players in soccer in the usa. I remember being a boy who wanted to play the beautiful game and I had no clue as to who was behind the scenes, in the control room, in ussoccer. If I had known I would had chose another sport more than likely to be part of.. and by another sport i mean golf. Anyway, the NCAA model is simple. One tier league granted the label of top tier supported by the NCAA's colleges of amateur, meaning non paid, athletes.
THe NFL as the most potent fiscal league in the usa is the prime example, but the national basketball association NBA/ national haockey league NHL/ Major league baseball MLB <even though they have minor leagues they threw their role or potential away> Major league soccer MLS/ WNBA womens national basketball association all fit the same model. One tier league, no competition with another league of paid athletes domestically, feeder system run by the NCAA.
The NCAA/NFL model hurts MLS/NWSL/WNBA each were created relatively recently and each don't have the near one hundred year history the other leagues have to support their sport which allow for the NCAA/NFL model to work.
When the first womens league started I didn't like it's structure but I gave it a go. The Western new york flash I even supported. But, it failed and I blogged my suggestion for the future. The second womens league in the usa eventually failed and I blogged my suggestion for the future.
Now at the NWSL, the third attempt at a womens soccer league in the usa, I repeat the need to change the way it works. Throw away the NFL/NCAA model. Too many teams in the NWSL are on false financial footing.


Now, I will speak to solutions. Let us say, ussoccer is legally forced to pay female players the same as male players. They will have to stop paying the female players club salaries correct? If they don't then what will stop male players from arguing ussoccer need to pay their club salaries?
After USSoccer stops paying female flag team players club salaries in the NWSL, what will happen to the NWSL? will the owners be able to pay for these players, like alex morgan or rapinoe who offer shirt sales or us media exposure to clubs outside the usa? I don't think so. And the NWSL is already far from the top of the list for the best female soccer players for destinations, once uswnt players are forced to go outside the usa for their salary what high profile players will be in the nwsl? I am certain even sam kerr will accept a move away , probably to a chinese club, when this fall happens.
Thus the NWSL needs a change. IT can not survive forever on USSoccer paying its salaries and NCAA providing new talent.
The NWSL needs to be restructured into fifty state leagues, a league for each state in the union. Once that is done, the clus in each league will reflect the fiscal investment or environment capable or wanting in each state, which will be varied. That will allow some states, I am thinking the northwest states, to have great growth. While states in the south or midwest may be far less in fiscal quality or passion. But, each club will be in their own close knit environment which will lower traveling cost, raise local media profile. The champions to each state league will face off in a new US Open cup format, for women , that will pit the champions against each other, in single elimination tournament, till the final where a champion alone exist.
This structure will delete the need for NCAA's involvement while it will invite fiscal investment from non white/non male/non christian peoples in the usa to invest in womens clubs at their financial level.
USSoccer can not financially handle paying uswnt players their club salary and bonuses equivalent to the usmnt. the NWSL can't survive without USSoccer paying those salaries.
Something has to give, money doesn't grow on trees.


Rabeeta's post
Bachman's article


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#Maia and the corporate #JogoBonito - Rodrigo Maia wants to open fiscal investment from groups outside brazil , not single individuals, into clubs in brazil through forcing clubs into forming into corporations and by initiating that process be given five years tax free from Brazil.
I paraphrase Maia concerning how most clubs in Brazil are administered, they are :"primary, primitive, backward". Maia also stated three clubs are fiscally feasible in the future using the current model: Flamengo, Corinthians, Palmeiras.
I advocated various concepts or ideas into funding Brazilian clubs outside the socio model.  Sequentially, you may think I am overjoyed at Maia. ... I am not.
The first problem is his own statements. What is it about Flamengo/Corinthians/Palmeiras that make them fiscally feasible in the current model? He doesn't say or the article doesn't divulge if he ever said.
Second problem is the fiscal environment, an aspect of privacy exist in the fiscal activity in the socio model that is liked by the majority of the fiscal investors in the current system. Forcing clubs to become corporations functionally will filter out any fiscal investors into the clubs in Brazil that can not afford a paper trail back to their own activities. While some will suggest this is definitely good, I am not so certain.
Third is large money groups, Maia likes the ownership groups of Liverpool/Paris Saint Germain/Manchester City. But each of those groups is not domestic, Liverpool is from the usa, MCFC or PSG is from a seperate entity in Dubai. Said groups were not able to use their administrative greatness to make legendary teams in their domestic leagues that won their regional competitions. The red sox ownership group knows of the new england revolution, why haven't they tried to take it from kraft and make it a great brand? Either group from dubai hasn't led to an asian footbal confederation champions league winner from dubai? I will continue, the head coach or most players in Paris Saint Germain/Liverpool/Manchester City are not domestic. The top Brazilian teams offer opportunity to Brazilian youth more than any western UEFA top team to their own youth. Top Brazilian teams hire Brazilian coaches.
Maia's plan ignores focusing on how the teams he admits are doing the best in the current environment work. While he denies through not speaking, his desire to eliminate not only the administration but the fiscal activity that has supported Brazilian soccer for a very long time, which is domestic based. And lastly, ignores the history to foreign groups from dubai or the usa, in how they manipulate the common practices of clubs, which is in stark contrast to how most Brazilian clubs operate.

Now, I imagine you are thinking, he has changed his position toward foreign investment in Brasil. I have not, and I concur to Maia's ideas but not how he implements them.
Maia wants to offer a tax free period after forcing clubs to change. I concur to allowing foreign fiscal investing groups, moreover individuals. But forcing a change or a tax free zone after a forcing is not needed.
My plan is to allow new clubs to be made in Brazil starting at the third or fourth tier, owned by foreign investor groups or individuals,and they can have a three to four year tax break. Instead of forcing Brazilian clubs to change and eradicating the system in brazil, which produced neymar, ronaldhino, won copa libertadores, has made successes. Why not allow competition between the socio and the corporate. But, do it in the context of relegation and promotion, in the context of history. Socios have a long history in brazil, why hand corporations everything and make pay their way.
If anyone wants to invest in anything seriously, they are in it for the long term. Sequentially, any serious investment group from outside brazil will want to invest long term in a club in Brazil. Let them start one, from the ground up, make history/succeed/fail just like all the socios did and do.
In the end, if the corporations administration is as Maia claims, if the administration of the socio clubs is as primitive or backward as he claim, then in ten years, corporate clubs will have all the spots in the brazil serie a. I say , let competition force changes, don't force changes absent competition. Real madrid/Barcelona/Juventus/Bayern munich prove you don't need to have a non domestic ownership group to make a successful soccer team.

Article in original portuguese
in google translate english


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#CopaLibertadores nights 7302019

#Cruzeiro vs #Riverplate
Was excellent.  I enjoyed the battle pure or simple. It went to penalties and was full of great defensive or offensive setups. BUt in the end, River Plate's keeper was ready. And River plate won.


Palmeiras vs Godoy cruz
Another strong battle but Godoy was disadvantaged from the beginning and the 2-2 result with palmeiras getting two away goals.When palmeiras first goal came in the competition was over.

Rapahel Veiga goal
Miguel Borja goal


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