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New Orleans MArdi Gras art or text craft parade- Good News Blog



Mardi Gras is February 25th in the year 2020. I ask you to make a journal of your day in New Orleans during mardi using photos from wherever you like to paruse


Black Hearts Day or Valentine's Day good news -
Any Love , story or image stating Black love, any language, any geography, any religion. Love is meant to be shared everyday,but giving it a day in the year to itself is not an evil or bad thing. Enjoy Black people together.
In the usa it is feb 14th


Richard Murray Valentines Day Album

Dawn- beginning of twilight before sunrise
And soon, both of us,Learned to trust,Not run away,It was no time to play,We build it up
Twilight-sun invisible but atmosphere illuminated
and now, I’ve got a song, to sing, tellin the world, about the joy you bring
Sunrise-sun going above equator
And all the while, inside, I knew, it was real,The way you make me, feel
Morning- sunrise to noon
I, can open, your eyes,Take, you wonder, by wonder,Over, sideways, and under
Noon-temporal middle of the day
Ain’t, no second chance,You got to hold on to romance,Don’t let it slide
Evening- end of noon to the beginning of night
Let me hear, you tell me, you love me,Let me hear, you say, you`ll never leave me
Sunset-sun setting beneath equator
As soon as I, get you, out my head, I’m in, your car, again
Twilight - sun invisible but atmosphere illuminated
Pour the wine, light the fire, Girl your wish, is my command
Dusk- darkest phase of twilight
I won’t pretend, that I intend to stop living, I won’t pretend, I’m good at forgiving
Night- darkness between sunset and sunrise
Love them, and leave them, that’s what I used to do,Use them and abuse them,Then I laid eyes on you


Martin Luther King junior Day -

His actual birthday is the fifteenth of january but the federal holiday is in a monday for three day weekends, like others. It is celebrated on the third monday in the month of january in every year since its inception in the Statian Empire. I ask you to share , historical fictions/prose/graphical artwork in any style concerning MArtin Luther King jr....I do wonder why Blacks in the U.S.A. can not come together and demand a true day off for this federal notice. And also share, officials days in a country outside the usa for a black person in history?

In Amendment

Why the holiday is on his the third monday and not his true birthday?


MLK jr's views on Financial Accountability

MY 2020 speech



January Perihelion

The perihelion is the moment in the path the Earth make about the Sun ,elliptical orbit, where the Earth's position is closest to the sun. It will occur : January 5, 2020 2:47 am EST or UTC-5. The June Aphelion is when the earth is farthest away. Please provide any art or text concerning  a sun coming closer, and don't try the twilight zone episode.


December Solstice art or text craft parade
The December Solstice is December 21st 11:19 pm EST or UTC-5 , it is the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere, summer in the southern hemisphere
share photos of art OR text of fiction
The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo or any craft depicting Black people in summer in the southern hemisphere, any country <south america/caribbean/africa/south asia/australia> OR  Black people in winter in the northern hemisphere, any country <north america/europe/northern asia>
The text can only be fiction based on the following: Black person or peoples at the first day or summer or winter


November 28th

Native American Harvest Art
Thanksgiving is November 28th , share photos of art OR text of fiction
The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo concerning Native Americans enjoying food only -can include Black seminoles- no colonists from europe
The text can only be fiction based on the following: Native Americans communities around harvest - black seminoles allowed- no colonist from europe


November 11

Veterans day is November 11th, share photos of art OR test of fiction, guest comments are allowed
The photos can be to->sculpture/knitting or sewing/graffiti/tattoo concerning Black Veterans, any country any time, any army
The text can only be fiction based on the following: Black Soldiers who fought against the USA for the british/ Black soldiers during the Haitian Freeing/ Black Seminoles during the time of osceola/jonas caballo/Black soldiers who fought for Menelik II in the first Abyssinian-italo war



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