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Street Fighter of the 80s



I only have two points to make, outside that enjoy as you well

1) the haircut from guile:) I want to see somebody wear that:)  

2) Chun-li's arms!!! ahh why? why is it so hard for people to realize that a woman fighter's body is not going to look like barbie. Look at female olympian runners or weight lifters or acrobats, all of them have developed arms, veins/muscles. Look at chun li, come on!!! Who does this chun-li fight in the street against? pooh bear?:) 


P.S. I don't have an issue with Balrog. He is meant to be an older fighter. 


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exactly, @SpeakHerTruth

anyone who knows a woman who is a competitive martial artists , any style, knows she is muscular.  That chun-li has no muscle


I can see it the beginning of the story 


P.B.: "Ohh piglet , I need to get to the honey"

Piglet: "Pooh! , that big blue creature is coming for you"

P.B. "Don't worry Piglet..I will just sit and be cute "




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