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Invite to Question the cast of Dungeons and DRagons honor among thieves





Got a question for the cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? They may have answers!

Submit your questions here < https://entertainment.tumblr.com/ask  > , and tune in for their Answer Time on March 30th at 11am PT / 2pm ET, before the film opens wide on March 31st.




In Amendment

many black people love video games, love board games, love card games, and yet, I have never seen a board game like dungeons and dragons implemented by black people. Yes, Dungeons and dragons has an open world structure meant for any human to play in it, but rivals for games are made all the time. Just wondering. Also, will you ask a question  ?I placed mine below


  • Do any of you play the Dungeons and Dragons board game and will you play a character like the one you play in the movie or another? 
  • What do you think about a version of the Dungeons and dragons board game based on the movie, upon success and sequels, will it be an uncommon synergy between film and games?
  • Honor among thieves seems a introduction to a world but not an origin story, am i wrong or right, and will that make sequels/derivative works more fun or creative? 


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I probably won't ask a question since I've never been into dungeons and dragons, but the movie looks very interesting. I might have to give that a looksee.


In terms of boards games I'm more of a One night ultimate werewolf kinda woman. lol I also love monopoly, trouble, and others.

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@SpeakHerTruth yeah, dungeons and dragons is a game built for escapism. People when they play the board game are imaging themselves other things in other worlds. It is literally for the fun of adventure so if the film focuses on that it will probably do well. The only worry is the lack of logic, dungeons and dragons players like rules, the game has rules. the film, if it doesn't break rules it makes itself, then I think the global fanbase to the board game will be satisfied.


I never heard of one night ultimate werewolf, thanks for sharing, please post in the group your expanded thoughts to ONUW in a post:) 

cool, i like monopoly too

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