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    They does no such thing. In fact, your response just confirms what i've always said about you distorting things in order to make yourself look good. None of those assertions are accurate. When i'm so inclined, if i get on Kalexander's wave length, i figure out what he's saying. I don't take him on, because the subjects you and him discuss don't inspire an opinion on my part. They are not issues i'm particularly interested in. Think what you want to think about him. But stop putting words in my mouth.
  3. Every body is not "college" material and just because they are, it doesn't mean that they contribute to poverty eitherAnd I think Most AfroAmerican males ARE NOT college material. I certainly wasn't. Personally I don't claim to be too smart, I barely graduated from high school. But intelligence and smarts aren't the reasons I say most AfroAmerican males aren't qualified for college and shouldn't be encouraged to go UNLESS they show a clear desire and propensity or talent for some field that demands academic credentials like law or medicine...... I says MOST (not all) shouldn't go because the ENVIRONMENT of most University campuses in the United States to day is very anti-AfroAmerican male. The culture and the values that are promoted seems to be designed so that males who are very non-aggressive and non-sexual get along best. Most Black men in America come from urban areas where being aggressive and openly sexual toward women is not only part of the sub-culture but actually ENCOURAGED among eachother and looked upon as a badge of honor. So when they come to most university environments where the culture is that of upperclass White America where the sexuality and aggressiveness is "marginalized" they often have a hard time fitting in. Also, most university environments reward males who can just keep their heads down, not complain, and do what they are told without challenging any ideas.....something that is actually QUITE ANTI-MALE. So whoever can supress their manhood or masculinity the most....is deemed the most professional. Even many White males find it hard to function in today's academic world and often have to drop out and start their own thing in order to succeed because many universities today are heavily "feminized" or geared toward a more passive feminine non-confrontational atmosphere. Something most AfroAmerican males have a hard time fitting in with. We've always had very smart intellectuals in our ranks, but traditionally most Black men have gotten rich making money with our hands or using our innate talents like sports or music or some other type of artistic skill that required more creativity than strict classroom learning and indoctrination. Even today, far more AfroAmerican men get wealthy from sports, music, and side-hustle businesses than they do from Master' and Doctorate degrees. I'd go as far as to say that one of the reasons Black America is suffering so much economically today more so than the past 100 years is because most AfroAmerican men today are almost FORCED to go to college against their will instead of being allowed to develop more innate talents that would probably bring them more wealth and prestige WITHOUT the stress of having to appease and fit in with White American culture.
  4. Pioneer1


    Well I can stop ASSUMING that I knew what you were thinking, because your words above actually CONFIRMS that I knew and was right..LOL.
  5. Cynique


    @Pioneer1 Speak for yourself, and stop assuming that you know what i think! Kalexander shucks and jives and is inclined to taunt people; that's his style which is why I referred to his posts as "raps". I am not deeply engaged in discussions with anyone anymore but I get the impression that while he may mislead or exaggerate about himself, he doesn't falsify data when presenting his points. That's the bottom line. Like everyone else on this board, he's opinionated, and is just another member of the cast of characters who post here.
  6. Kalexander2

    Poverty. Is. A. State. Of. Mind,Ben. Carson.

    No time for impostures right now. Go play with your trollop at home, I'm sure she'll get dressed long enough to play with you!!!
  7. The opening skit was funny......lol. This song has a nice 70s funk feel to it.
  8. Krazy Alexander #2 said: "You don't have enough time to get you lie together. It takes time to deceive, the right way." Well........ When it comes to lying and deceiving, YOU of all people should know, lol.
  9. Pioneer1


    Cynique How can you not comprehend that the above statement by Kalexander proves what i said about him being "honest and self aware" ??? I comprehend it well. He's admitting that while he'll lie to another person he won't lie to himself about who he really is. With that said...the fact is he still admitted that HE WILL LIE TO OTHERS. Infact, he even ADMITTED to being a liar outright: "True, we're all liars but I'm not so stupid as to....." https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/5221-a-great-career-choice-for-black-folk-with-criminal-records-why-not-a-black-supremacy-emergence-from-within-white-supremacy/ But atleast he's an "honest liar".....lol. I don't engage him in conversation that much because i am not provoked by what he raps about. Yeah right..... That's an understatement. You don't engage him because he's KANYE WEST KRAZY....LOL. And you know that despite his articulation and SEEMING intelligence....his thinking pattern is clearly disordered and any attempt at dialog with him would end up frustrating and confusing....lol.
  10. The 2 traffic changes I see going on the most in my community are: 1. Bike lanes being installed 2. Round-a-bouts being installed to take the place of traffic lights at intersections I say the people get the government they deserve. AfroAmericans and poor and working class people in general have the right and in most cases the ability and opportunity to go to city hall and pitch a bitch about the changes that are occuring in their community but most of them refuse to do so and many end up suffering as a consequence. On multiple occasions I've gotten things done and changed on a local level simply by complaining and encouraging others who've noticed similar problems to complain also. Detroit is getting HAMMERED right now with all types of taxes and fees that they're levying on the citizens from "water drainage" fees (gutter taxes) to extremely high car insurance rates that run into the HUNDREDS of dollars a month...and only a fraction of the people are actually mad enough to write letters or go to Lansing or Downtown to do anything about it. The majority just suck it up and complain under their breath or refuse to pay and end up getting their cars or homes confiscated...which was probably the plan all along. We're not totally helpless; but AfroAmericans need to do like Puff Daddy said and "get their mind right"....or else they'll continue to be victims of circumstances.
  11. Krazy Alexander #2 Your source is still wanting. Same as you. The only thing I'm "wanting" from YOU...is an APOLOGY. ....and you WILL apologize in BOTH of the threads that she was insulted in instead of just one. Troy Umar's views on the LGBTQ community are no different than those of your garden variety Christian. Dr. Johnson's views on LGBTQ are consistent with the anti-homosexuality views the African communities both here in the United States as well as around the globe have HISTORICALLY had for hundreds if not thousands of years. Except for millenials......in most cases when you find African communities that accept homosexuality it's because they were FORCED into accepting it by White authorities who had some sort of power or influence over them. It's not like we as a people sat down ON OUR OWN and reasoned that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are a part of our community and we will take a vote and decide whether or not we'll accept them and their lifestyle. It's usually a case of....if we want to keep our good paying jobs or keep getting that GRANT MONEY from the government we BETTER accept it...lol. That's not very honorable and it's basically having a set of morals FORCED upon you. I may not agree with all of his views on homosexuality, but for anyone in the medical/scientific field to publically take the stance that Umar has taken on homosexuality takes courage and integrity.
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    New Movie,SUPER FLY

    New. Movie. Super. Fly . Black. Drug. King. Pin,Goes. To. ,Mexico, To. Get. Cocaine. Cocaine. ,Pimps And. Prostitution ,,Gangs,Have. Been Made. Glamorous ,By. Black. ,,Movies,Music. Black. Community. Has. Crack. Houses,Pimp ,Houses,Gangs. Slaughter. Black. People. In. The. ,Streets...The,Black. Panther. Movie ,Super. Hero. Entertainment, Will. Not. Stop,Making ,Black Genocide. Glamorous...Racist. White. Do. Not. Have. ,To,Do. Anything,Let. Black. People. Genocide. ,Corrupt. ,Future,Black. Generation.....
  15. Black. Fathers. Are. Real,We. Do. Exist. Author. Talks. About. His,Father. Was. Loving,Teacher,Provider,Was. There,With. Discipline...Says,Black. Fathers,Are. Hard. Working,Loving,Want. To. See. Their. Children. Do. Well..Book,By Jerry Mccrae..My. Opinion ,Positive. Black,Fathers. Overshadowed. By. Those. Irresponsible...
  16. John S. Mbiti, is considered “The Father of Contemporary African Theology,” and the author of the book, African Religions & Philosophy. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with African religion, history, philosophy, anthropology or general African studies.
  17. Thanks for sharing the @jmachats, this is news to me as well -- and I remember search engines from day one -- and I've actually used Archie! I had no idea a Brother invented it. I could see why he did not patent it. Clever people created utilities like this all the time The Brother says he would not change a thing. That does not ring particularly true to me. But he seems like a nice guy and I could be reflecting my sensibility onto him.... I rather Alan Emtage be the bazillionaire, I'd be willing to be Google would be far less cut throat.
  18. richardmurray

    RIchard Murray Creative Table

    COMPETITIONS or other entries Onmyoji fan art contest semifinalist, listing, look further for my favorites to the character i chose. https://go.deviantart.com/journal/Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Semi-finalists-748703841 I can see a Bounce < https://www.instagram.com/bounce_comic/ OR https://www.facebook.com/BOUNCEstrip/ > with a comic titled : an Onmyoji enters a bar the other emmas This artist had a similar idea to me, take her pose but change her activity. I like the drinking tea, the tea of death https://phuthieu1989.deviantart.com/art/Enma-Onmyoji-746546987 This artist did a head shot portrait. nice details in the face https://opi-um.deviantart.com/art/Enma-748267993 This artist has the best concept. The pose, positioning, environment, angles are very expressive. Sitting in front of the moon , on top of the spirit skull things, while she has maintained that character definition, the loose legs of the nightwoman, enticing yet deadly https://grafik.deviantart.com/art/Shikigami-Enma-747343653 CELEBRATING THE FINE ART OF CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATION 38th ANNUAL EXHIBITION CALL FOR ENTRIES EXHIBITION DATES November 7, 2018 - January 5, 2019 ENTRY DEADLINE Friday, July 20, 2018 Melissa Sweet, Chair Laura Vacarro Seeger, Assistant Chair The Society of Illustrators invites publishers, illustrators, agents, and authors to submit books to the 38th annual exhibition of The Original Art, founded by Dilys Evans in 1980 and sponsored by the Society since 1989. A jury of outstanding artists, art directors, and editors in the field of children’s publishing will choose which books are to be represented in the show and will select gold and silver medal recipients. Jurying is anonymous, and an artist may have no more than two books accepted for the show. ANYONE MAY SUBMIT: Publishers, illustrators, agents, and authors. Publishers, please pass along the website link (in "How to Enter" below) to eligible artists if you are not able to submit their work. ELIGIBILITY All entries must be published in the U.S. Books printed overseas are eligible. Books © 2017 and 2018 and complete F&Gs © 2018 will be accepted. Books must be intended for children from newborn to twelve years old. Chapter books must have at least eight full-page illustrations. Books rendered in traditional and/or digital media are eligible. NOT ELIGIBLE: Books previously entered in the show, color proofs or printouts, self-published books, photographic books, textbooks, YA books, coloring and activity books, books based on licensed characters, anthologies with multiple, independent illustrators. HOW TO ENTER Visit the Society's website for complete rules and regulations. Go to https://goo.gl/forms/anW71apq7FKgpRG52 and fill in the form for each book being entered. Once the entry form has been submitted, an email receipt will be sent to you. Print out the receipt and tape it to the back of the book being submitted. Send the book and entry receipt, accompanied by the entry fee, to: Society of Illustrators The Original Art 2018 128 East 63rd Street New York, NY 10065 Entry materials will not be returned, and books will be donated to appropriate charities. ENTRY FEES $30 per title / $20 for SI members submitting their own work. Fee must accompany books. Please make checks payable to: Society of Illustrators. If paying by credit card (Visa / MC / Amex), attach information (type of card, name on card, number, exp. date) on a separate sheet of paper. You may also pay online through the Society's website here. To request an invoice, contact: exhibitions@societyillustrators.org. Invoice # must be included on check. If submitting one payment for multiple entries, include a list of books covered. AWARDS Gold Medal and Silver Medals chosen by the jury. Lifetime Achievement Awards nominated by a blue-ribbon panel and voted on by artists juried into past shows. Dily Evans Founder's Award presented for best new talent of the year. Chair: Pat Cummings. 2018 Jury: Gilbert Ford and Naoko Stoop, illustrators; Patrick Collins, Creative Director, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. Awards Presentation: 6:00 - 9:00 PM, Thursday, November 8, 2018 Each artist represented in the show will receive two complimentary tickets; each art director and editor with a book in the show will receive one complimentary ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased for $30 per person. SI members: $25 per person. Learn more...
  19. Is this dude an angel or a walk-in who creates things for rich people to profit from? Oh wow, just wow. black people are from another planet.
  20. Ha ha ha ha, No. I will wait until the next expose. If they use The RICO Act it is a wrap.
  21. During Black Classic Press's 40th Anniversary I had the pleasure of hearing Navasha Daya perform. I was teasing @harry brown in an earlier post by asking who buys music anymore. But I actually purchased Navasha's CD. One is the songs she performed really moved me. It speaks to the struggles of poor people. She is a Baltimore based community activist; her lyrics and music is influenced by people she meets -- pehras that is why it rings true to me.
  22. While might sound good and can make a people who have been victimized by white people for hundreds of years -- it is just a racist statement. Umar's views on the LGBTQ community are no different than those of your garden variety Christian. @Kalexander2 in the vast a majority of cases I earn a commission on book sold here. If I direct readers to an independently published author's site I usually don't earn a commission. I just opened a store: https://aalbc.com/store/ where I sell books directly. I have not loaded my entire database into it yet; right now I'm focusing on books where I have commitment from the publisher of a group of purchasers to buy the books.
  23. Oh don't get me started on street parking @QueenX Poor people, who don't have the benefit or even availability of parking garages, park on the street. Have two outstanding tickets and your cr will be booted and towed away -- incurring tow charges, storage fees and more fines! It is really criminal what the do to poor people -- again as you said in residential neighborhoods. Chicago people are going bankrupt, San Francisco, the city famous for people renting driveways so they can sleep in their cars, sells the cars of 4,000 people a year who can't pay tickets. Then of course there are the bogus tickets that are given out -- especially in poorer neighborhoods. Now, in NY City they are putting bike lanes everywhere -- making parking even more difficult. I guess they don't want poor or lower income people to own cars and have some semblance of a happy life - they rather just sell us cigarettes and liquor, and placate us with social media.
  24. Seriously, listen to some right wing news sources -- you'd think 45 is up for a Nobel Peace prize and that the investigation is a witch hunt.
  25. I will chill on the news. Let's see what July brings with Cohen and the Manafort court cases.
  26. Well the Earth is not trillions of years old indeed the entire the universe is not even close to a trillion years old. I believe current estimates place the Earth's age at roughly 4 billion years, still plenty of time for a far more advanced civilization to have evolved and died. There is no evidence of this but I don't think it can be completely ruled out given the large time scales involved. Then again, I think the pyramids are proof of an ancient and advanced culture. They may not have had iPhones with facebook, but i believe that were advanced in ways we can't understand
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