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  2. Well said brother. I am also exploring different ways of interacting.
  3. Troy So... you have no problem with walking on water, resurrection, parting of the seas, etc.... this is what gives you pause? Actually I don't believe any of this took place. I could be wrong, but how can I prove or disprove something that happened so long ago? This is why I'm asking Chevdove how can it be proven through astronomy and the study of planetary movements. She's trying to explain it to me but I'm clearly not her best student...lol. Del You're correct that "Beta" is Greek for the the 2nd letter of their alphabet. I should have made it clearer that when I said "Beta" means "house of" that's what it means in GE'EZ which is a Semitic language of Ethiopia similar to Hebrew.
  4. Troy Obviously I don't know the details of the matter, but you certainly don't sound like one who has EVER been morally deprived nor even like one who would have had a habit of making grossly irrational and irresponsible decisions in their youth. I'm sure you did what you felt and thought was the best thing to do at the time so you shouldn't burden yourself with the past. The important question is did you raise the children YOU DID bring in this world correctly or atleast as best you could? Del You're correct that creating life is different than sustaining it. It's a difference most conservatives don't seem to "get" nor do they want to. They'll fight like hell for a human to be brought into this world but don't show much interest in keeping them here once they've arrived.
  5. Zaji I see being a part of the AmericaS and being AmericaN (U.S.A Citizen) as different. All those places can be a part of the AmericaS, in fact. But not be AmericaN. So it really depends on what is meant. Based on maps online, the attached is what is actually, in modern times, considered The Americas Welcome back to the site, I missed your input. Yes you're right that the most common term used in refering to the Western Hemisphere is the "Americas" (plural) and for the most part it's the term I also use; but because of the misinformation and confusion that leads so many to believe that ONLY the U.S.A should be called America....I often use the term "America" singularly for shock value to initiate conversation. For example, I'll call Mexico or Brazil "America" expecting disagreement which will then lead to me correcting them and as it follows a conversations will usually open up over the matter.   Del Expertise in engineering does not make you an expert in statistics. Doesn't both fields require you to think logically and in terms of numbers and mathematics? If so, I would think the same basic intellectual skills that lay at the foundation of both careers could be used by one field to understand the other. Similar to how an expert in Espanol would atleast have some familiarity with Italiano since both have their roots in the same Latin foundation.
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  7. This is the beginning of a new era for me on this site. I will TRY to be more understanding of other people's views and more appreciative of the knowledge and information other people are presenting. Some may ask what has caused me to seek a change in my demeanor. Well......Del, Troy, and Cynique have been advising me for quite some time to "expand" my thinking and not see things just from a narrow selfish perspective but it wasn't until I reviewed Mel's African American Culture thread....OVER AND OVER AGAIN....and how adamant I was in my error that I realized how embarassingly foolish and down right irritating it may have seemed to others. Another thing I noticed about my conduct was that as much as I liked people supporting my views and giving me positive "likes"..... I almost never did it for others. So as I've said I will try to be more appreciative and infact this appreciation will start with the owner and Moderator Troy. Thank you bro for providing me and others with a platform to express ourselves...the good and the bad...as well as a safe space for up and coming AfroAmerican authors to promote their talents and intellectual gifts.
  8. We had this conversation years ago. And you started bitching about how that was years ago. So fur get it
  9. True, since there is apparently no such thing as objective sensitivity. Here we go... ok, point to a single article I've written to support your statement. It never ceases to amaze what people will without a shred if evidence....
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  11. Beta is Greek not Hebrew @Pioneer1. Like i said my work is done here. Pioneer can provide sone type of guidance.
  12. Creating a life is different than sustaining one.
  13. I guess i am more democratic. I dont think my knowledge in the esoteric means a monologue. The differnce between me being overly sensitive and you being insensitive is perception. I prefer to be seen as sensitive to another person's feelings and positions than insensitive. Expertise in engineering does not make you an expert in statistics. As is evident when you use statistics to try to prove a point.
  14. 14 Million Black babies aborted since 1973 is a staggering number, one that I've unfortunately contributed to and regret to this day. But I understand not everyone feels the way I do. On some level we are terminating a life. That 14 million number could have been made a lot smaller through education, and better access to birth control.
  15. @Delano when we were forced into segregated communities. We ran business and built communities -- some quite prosperous -- we had too do this, for there were no other options. Today our options are being restricted again. While segrations is not longer the law. It is the reality even in Places like NYC. Schools were sgregated when I went and they may be more segregated now. The Stuyvesant HS is a popular example. Today, for example, there are more Black owned bookstores than there were five years ago. Amazon is not serving us, Borders closed, B&N is scaling back. These are opportunities, not justy in the book space, but in other areas as well. If Farrakhan can't be in Facebook, he can reach his audience on his own website and people who want to hear him will go there. I'm not the only person who has left Facebook and I will not be the last. I think (hope) it will be a growing trend. It is not that people like me don't engage online any longer -- we just go where we are treated better. I've visited Lipstick Alley in recently years looking for alternatives to Facebook -- I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  16. I see being a part of the AmericaS and being AmericaN (U.S.A Citizen) as different. All those places can be a part of the AmericaS, in fact. But not be AmericaN. So it really depends on what is meant. Based on maps online, the attached is what is actually, in modern times, considered The Americas.
  17. Hi all, I'd love to have someone review our upcoming release of Black speculative writing. Description: Black From the Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Writing encompasses the broad spectrum of Black speculative writing, including science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and Afrofuturism, all by Black women writers. Editors Stephanie Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle have gathered the voices of twenty emerging and established voices in speculative fiction and poetry; writers who’ve imagined the weird and the wondrous, the futuristic and the fantastical, the shadowy and the sublime. Editors: Stephanie Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle ISBN (Trade): 978-0-578-50213-7 LCCN: Available Publication date: August 20, 2019 Trim: 5.5x8.5 Pages: Approx. 242 Price: $19.95 print/ebook $9.99 Publisher: BLF Press
  18. This is true. But in recent years I see less evidence of it here, as social media is where most Black people engage now. I used to get a LOT more white supremist trolls activity here and even hate mail -- including physical mail, but essentially none in the last year or two.
  19. It was an an attempt at humor. Yes a few women have emailed me this sentiment over the years. I never understood it. There were two women in this forum that caused me to intervene in all the years you've posted here; one was Sara (who eventually left on her own after I deleted one of her particularly offensive post -- made against Cynique; and the other will remain nameless, but long time posters can probably guess who she is. In both cases, Cynique actually defended these women! Cynique is unique. She was always honest and definitely a defender of free speech. Nothing personal @Cynique, but I won't be going to Facebook to read your writings. @zaji if when you read something interesting by Connie please feel free to embed it in a post here.
  20. So... you have no problem with walking on water, resurrection, parting of the seas, etc.... this is what gives you pause? Maybe something was lost in translation, or the story is just a myth or allegory.
  21. To who, you? How would you couch the same sentiment without appearing "condescending" Del? This is a patently false and ignorant statement I guess you have never read any of my articles providing statistics and data. Indeed, I've learned over time that people are more easily swayed by emotion -- not information. Indeed you appear to be one of those people. Also, education and experience (what you apparently mean by "pedigree") are important factor that should be considered when having a conversation/debate with someone. I would not debate you about astrology and more than I would debate @Chevdove the about the historical content of Christianity. @zaji I'm doing fine. I moved to Tampa, full time, back in December 2017 and am really enjoying it. I have seen evidence of this. Indeed when a poster emails me about something another poster wrote -- it is always a woman. There was only two men that have done this in over two decades (I could tell you who both were -- simply because it is so unusual). I have even had women on other forums email me disparaging remarks about female moderators on a different discussion forums! -- trying to secretly undermine the another woman. I've never witnessed a man do this. I agree. Overly sensitive people like Del call this type of writing "condescending," when I'm simply stating a fact.
  22. Why is that women can disagree without knifing each others. Although i think Nubian Fellow was an exception and Chris Burns as well. Although when i think of growing up in the Bronx. Mist of my interactions with other boys was competition with various typea if aggression. Interesting
  23. I will let the expert take over. Floor is yours Pioneer
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