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  2. The Science Delusion

    The amount of time you spent asking the question is more than the time it would have taken to find the answer. Didn't you create your own search engine. Tedie had an astrologer give a talk and it wasn't banned. Isn't Ted suppose to discuss ideas. They could have chosen to refute some of his points. I don't agree with all of his points. Yet his position raises am interesting question about science or rather scientists. It's interesting that Zahir understands my point yet you do not. Why do you suppose that's the case.
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  4. The Science Delusion

    @Troy, I would need to go back and search TED's website where I found their commentary on it. When I have a moment, I will do so. Can't right now. In the middle of some things.
  5. Actually Troy.....

    Captain obvious (@Pioneer1) of course phenotypic differences are genetically based no one disputed that, why are you trying to make it a point of contention? Bottom line, you understand race is an artificial construct with no basis in genetics and that there is only one human race What else is there to discuss?
  6. Sorry @Delano, I'm not going to jump on the Black Panther lovefest until I've actually seen the film. Why on Earth would you say I have "no love" for the film? Looks just because I'm not creaming my pants over a movie like the masses seem to be as reflected on social media -- which is a distortion of reality. The truth is I don't get that excited about ANY movie. As Cynique described, it is "escape entertainment," an action flick -- lets keep things in perspective. This will not change the world. It is entertainment pure and simple. It is designed and created to make money. Del did you see the film before you wrote all of this?
  7. The New Religion

    What?! Your categorization of science is completely wrong @Pioneer1. Science, unlike the world's great religions, would change a belief tomorrow if new information was presented that proved the current belief false. Indeed, it is often religion that holds science back, even killing people for speaking the truth because it conflicts with religious doctrine. This practice continues to this day. I'd even argue that religion holds back spirituality.
  8. The Science Delusion

    No, Del because it completely ignores my request. And I not following Zaji's reasoning at all. I wrote: To which you responded: All I was asking for was a source that explains why TED banned the video; which is why Del called it censorship. I presume, if in fact TED banned the video, there was a good reason for it. Why is this so hard to understand? @zaji, would you care to share your source; since you already found the answer; it is just a matter of copying and pasting a URL
  9. Actually Troy.....

  10. The images in this movie do not define the culture of black Americans.
  11. Images define the culture. Just ask The Invisible Man.
  12. Actually Troy.....

    I hope you don't talk like that to your 72 year old stud muffin you say is always asking you to come over so he can "rock your world".....lol.
  13. Actually Troy.....

    i have no intentions of proving something to you. i am not obligated to comply with your demands. Believe what you want to believe. Makes me no difference.
  14. Actually Troy.....

    And I said I wanted PROOF of your conversion.....so "not"....until I get what I asked for.
  15. Actually Troy.....

    i said i accepted Troy's update. Believe it or not.
  16. I didn't say I had a problem with the film. I haven't even seen it yet. Everyone I know who HAS, said it was a good film.....so I'm not dissing it. I'm just saying that PERHAPS it was a catharsis. Cynique said it was "escape entertainment"....and that's what a catharsis is. It's a means of ESCAPE from your reality when you feel you are powerless to change it.
  17. This movie is a fantasy about super heroes living in a black Utopia full of characters represented by paragons. i don't get the impression that there's anything believable about this picture. it is escape entertainment.
  18. Actually Troy.....

    I'm not sure at what point you changed your mind....maybe you can show us the thread or give us a link where you actually did this before me pointing our your inconsistency on this issue. Anyway..... While it's true that race is a MAN MADE construct, it's not an ARTIFICIAL one. Artificial constructs ARE man-made, but that doesn't mean that all man-made constructs are artificial. Artificial things are a REPLICA or COPY of the original. The concept of race.....to my knowledge....is an original idea/concept that was used to classify human beings. It's not a copy of another.
  19. Actually Troy.....

    @Pioneer1i do not agree with your idea that various races exist. After Troy brought me up to date on the subject, i accepted the single race findings, instead of the artificial construct one.
  20. Troy and Pioneer you had issues about Viola Davis and how she was presented. The Black Panther has a broad spectrum of believable black characters. Yet no love from you two. Weren't we talking about not being represented in the culture. This Halloween white kids will want to be the Black Panther.
  21. "It's a film with Black Female warriors. The Tech nerd is a woman. The bad guys are white and their leader is black. " Beth. How often are any one of those elements in a film. You can criticise the film. The villain is noble and heroic. Yes it is a movie. But it is making Black people very visible and it's a compelling story. So despite all of its flaws it's is a compelling piece of social commentary. Did you know the character predated the Black Panther movement.
  22. The New Religion

    Zaji Absolutely science has become the new religion in the West! Most organized religions require people to have BLIND FAITH and to accept things based on hand-me-down knowledge instead of directly investigating things for themselves and coming to their own conclusions. And the science that is practiced in the West is the exact same way! Infact, if you don't believe in the THEORY of evolution in most scientific circles, you are usually ridiculed and everything else you have to offer is dismissed. Which is the same bullying tactic that most organized religions engage in.
  23. Melanin and Money

      Zaji Much of Socialism/Communism actually comes from Black systems of living if one looks at them closely. But bastardized. TERRIBLY bastardized by those who thought they could co-opt it without consequence. Just like most of these organized religions....lol. They take bits and pieces of ancient African philosophy and culture and run off with it half-cocked without a full understanding of them and invent oppressive belief systems with very little spiritual value and a lot of empty rituals that they have to continue to revise with each generation. As far as an ideal economic system....for me, a health MIX would be best. For example, when it comes to basic necessities that people must have to live and function normaly in society like health-care and housing....I think these things are best SOCIALIZED and controled by the COMMUNITY so that everyone gets something. But when it comes to things like entertainment or inventing new machines, I prefer a more free enterprise based system where people are directly rewarded for their talents and efforts. Having worked with and around Black people for so long, I know that in order to get the best out of most of our people there must be a REWARD or PUNISHMENT tied directly to the deed. Too many of our people have a "lazy streak" in them that is only exacerbated when they see people around them working...lol. People often point to Mexicans or Chinese and how 8 or 9 of them can all live in one house, work, and pool their money together to purchase a businesss and get rich; and ask why can't Black people do the same thing. Lol......would you like to know the reason I give them for why we don't?
  24. It might be a movie put out for catharsis purposes. The POWERFUL will put out a film for those who are POWERLESS in this society to live out their fantasies on film as a way of satisfying them INSTEAD OF actually giving them opportunities to improve themselves in real life.
  25. A Black story, predominately Black cast and Black director and writer. And it is the hottest movie out, and it is ringing the register. This is historic i read Cynique's link. yeah the movie has some societal issues. But it is worthy of discussion. Look at the range of characters. The tech head , the warriors, revolutinary, killers, theives. Yet they are undeniably black without being sterotypical. Black peope posting their exuberance and disdain. Man this is like Obama but with a better ending.
  26. Bringing Fire...

    If I had a love affair that isn't working and has me feeling low. I would rather listen to love songs sad or happy might work, than someone explain what is happening to my physiology or psychology. I want to find some meaning for my situation. As opposed to some knowledgeable psychologist telling me some facts. For me Mythology/poetry/music centers around both meaning and feeling. Science is in a different sphere. However both can assist in defining identity.
  27. Actually Troy.....

      Troy It is fascinating to see how malleable your thought process is. Rather that just concede that you now agree with what I've been saying all along you have the balls to write; "The fact is, race is a CONCEPT.....an idea" and make it seem like you are making a revelation?! Man what are you talking about? Since day one I have AGREED with you that race was a human construct! Infact, if you look at the FIRST PAGE OF THIS VERY THREAD I all abut said this very thing when I told you: "Just because it's a human construct, doesn't mean it doesn't exist." https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/4850-actually-troy/?page=1   I've NEVER denied that the concept of race was a human construct. So are the concepts of "sex" and "gender". I said that race was a way of CATEGORIZING PEOPLE and all categories are human constructs. At any rate, given that statement, one you've seemly integrated, unconsciously, that idea that race is just an idea without basis in genetics. Again, I've NEVER denied that race was a human construct. What I said WAS NOT a "human construct" were the PHENOTYPICAL FEATURES (skin color, eye color, hair color and texture, nose/lip shape) that the racial categories are based upon. Those are physical genetically based features. Just like SEX is a human construct, but the PENIS and VAGINA that the construct of sex is based upon is NOT. I also told you that just because something is a human construct, doesn't mean it has no validity. Literacy is a human construct.....but it's valid and useful. Counting is a human construct....but it's valid and useful. Medicine and health care are human constructs.....but they are valid and useful. Cynique This is yet another example of how you CHANGE your position just to oppose me, lol. We know that you AGREE with my idea that various races exist....yet you pretend that you're agreeing with Troy.
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