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  2. ************************************************************************************* Haitians Being Rounded Up By Agents On Horseback Like They Are Runaway Slaves This is SHAMEFUL! *************************************************************************************
  3. Forever the cherry picker. Nothing is keeping you from watching your vampire movie but your ego centric consistency.
  4. Cynique i repeat: you are deluded in that you have convinced yourself that I have ulterior motives and am spending my time psycho-analysing you. Delano is right when he says you have an egocentric consistency. And Delano was also right when he said: 1. You can only be mistaken 2. You're not invested in the truth of your statements Now STOP. You're interrupting my "zombie movie" time going back and forth with you...lol
  5. i repeat: you are deluded in that you have convinced yourself that I have ulterior motives and am spending my time psycho-analysing you. Delano is right when he says you have an egocentric consistency.
  6. great points here's a pic of my grandpa , who is Jewish through his maternal grandmother.
  7. Mzuri I am fairly certain that @Cynique does not consort with drunkards Or atleast they don't START OFF as drunks..lol "Man, them light skinned women. I'm telling you....."
  8. Cynique You're too deluded to realize you're deluded. You're too deluded to realize how clearly I see your motives...lol. Or so forward and bold, you WANT me to. Delano I would say of his positions are irrational yet logical, since they have an egocentric consistency. Can you give us an example of an irrational position that I take? You can also be hopeful for something that you will never attain But who's to say what will "never" be attained? Never is a long time for something to NOT occur in. Cynique is not delusional, she can only be mistaken. since she is not emotional invested in the truth of her statement. I would say Cynique is disinvested in Pioneer. Well if she spends this much time trying to psycho-analyze someone she's disinvested in....imagine the focus and dedication she'll give when she finally finds her niche...lol.
  9. tipsyturv Id also defnitely say that many Jewish people are clearly more of Mediterranean-ish heritage than just White. The fact tht many of them can grow real afros shows that they are not "White" people IMO Interesting observation.... However I'd be careful using ONE or TWO phenotypical traits alone to take someone OUT of a racial category since race is so much more complex than just a hand full of physical characteristics. For example there are a lot of Black people with thin noses or slant Asian looking eyes..does THAT take them out of the "Black" racial category? A lot of Black people with straight or wavy hair as in the pictures you provided above....does THAT take them out of the "Black" racial category? If not, why should curly or even kinky hair take a person with White skin and other Caucasian features except for their hair out of the "White" racial category? For me a person's race is a result of a PREDOMINANCE of phenotypical features...not just a few. They're clearly more closely physically similar to populations like Italians or Spaniards, or even North Africans. This is true. Many Ashkenazi's ancestors CAME THROUGH Italy and Spain on their way to northern and central Europe. But as I've said before, they have far more European ancestry than Middle Eastern. Which is why I classify them as Caucasians racially..despite trace amounts of Hebrew ancestry. Infact, most Italians have more African and Arab ancestry coursing through their veins than the average Ashkenazi Jew. John Turturro Nicholas Turturro Famous Italian American actors
  10. Not to worry, I live on the ground floor.
  11. ************************************************************************* Thank you for your detailed replies. It doesn't matter to me how long your answer is, I was asking in case you were about to jump off a ledge or something. *************************************************************************
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  13. No because you don't feel as though you are being delusional. The difference between genius and madness is results "The difference between insanity and genius is success." – Jonathan Price December 15, 2014 Verbal Selfie. The difference between a superstition and a belief. Is like the difference between a fire extinguisher and the ocean. The ocean can cool you off, it can relax you and it can feed you. A fire extinguisher is a substitute until the fire fighters arrive. Delano Strachen October 4, 2014 The question I ask myself. How can I tell the difference between a limit and a limitation. Delano Strachen May 4, 2014 Verbal Selfie. Opportunities exist in time. It's like a train. Which is why timing is everything. So if you got rid of the physical aspect of the train, what remains is transport. Missing the train or the boat has new meaning. So following the analogy you can't miss them because you didn't buy a ticket. You are unprepared. Or you arrived late. There is a difference between opportunity and fantasy. Your choice. I have to catch some different vehicles. Delano Strachen March 30, 2015. @Mzuri thanks for asking. I was searching for the quote on Facebook to answer you. What I found was the above quotes, which span a period of almost a year. Which was a transitional period between two major shifts in my life. That period being different from what came before and what followed after it was over. So it was a question that took me 7 years to resolve. Am I okay? I don't have a one word answer. Do you prefer a short. medium or realy loooong answer? Pioneer is not delusional he doesn't believe he is right he thinks that he is right. I would say of his positions are irrational yet logical, since they have an egocentric consistency. You can also be hopeful for something that you will never attain Cynique is not delusional, she can only be mistaken. since she is not emotional invested in the truth of her statement. I would say Cynique is disinvested in Pioneer.
  14. One of the participants brought this up in a discussion group. The other members agreed. I think you are right it's an easier process to lose hope than see your delusions. Would you differentiate between hope, plans, goals and objectives? That depends on whether you are conscious they are delusions, if not it is just hope. I came across a clip about thinking. It said logical thinkers tend to be more serious. Like I can't imagine Socrates being much fun at a party. Unless they are giving out shots of hemlock.
  15. What the general public is unaware of and needs to come to terms with is that there is no room for information which cannot be proven in the world of historical research. History is a science. And for those who conduct historical research seriously and treat it as a science, gather historical documents, news articles, journals, court cases, diaries, letters, and reference sources all of which their conclusions are based. It is this method which I used for determining the character of Christopher Columbus and charging him with crimes against the Indian people of the West Indies. This article is the product of records which will clearly point out, that from the very beginning Columbus purpose was not mere exploration or trade, but conquest and exploitation of the Indian tribes of the West Indies. African American students who are studying this article will be informed that the Indian people who Columbus oppressed, had physical features very similar if not identical to theirs. This enlightening piece of information grants the student a personal connection to this article and gives sound reasons for not glorifying Columbus. The following statements are from Columbus journal October 13 1492 with him giving his description the Arawak Indians who inhabited most of the islands in the Caribbean and what his vile intentions were. “Their hair is coarse almost like the hair of a horse’s tail and short. Their eyes are large and very beautiful. They are not black, but the color of the inhabitants of Canaries. The word Canary was a code word communicated among authorities of the Spanish empire. The word Canary was defined as the extermination of the native people of those islands. Later as we shall see the definition of Canary materialized in the violent actions of Columbus. He later went on say .” I showed them some pieces of gold which I have; I cannot not fail with the aid of our Lord to find the place where it comes.” Michele de Cuneo wrote about accompanying Columbus on his 1494 expedition into the interior of Haiti: “ After we had rested for several days in our settlement, it seemed to the Lord Admiral that it was time to put his desire to search for gold, which was the main reason he had started on so a great voyage full of so many dangers.” At dawn the next day Columbus sailed to probably what is known today as the Bahamas Island. He ended his description with these sinister words, “I would conquer the whole of them with fifty men and govern them as I pleased.” Columbus onslaught of the natives of the Caribbean Islands was also reinforced by the Spanish monarchy. There was an urgent need for slaves for mining and agriculture to sustain the colony. Slave labor supplied the Spanish crown with revenues which had a devastating affect among St. Croix and the Virgin Islands. Columbus had obtained two concessions from the Spanish monarchs, one which he would later regret was to allow criminals to be released from prisons to go to the colonies. A Spanish slave system was now put in place which would dominate the Caribbean Islands for centuries. The Repartimientos, a system for granting allotments of land and the Island natives to Spanish settlers. By 1505 the need for slave labor had become such a natural dependence, that slave raiding the Bahamas had become a profession and the first Negro slaves by and large were brought not from Africa but from the population already in Spain and in the Atlantic sugar islands brining important skills with them. Keep in mind that Columbus acted independently to exploit the native population without the instruction of the Spanish administration. The following are statements from Columbus letter of March 1493. “ On the thirty-third day after I departed from the Canary Islands;(code word meaning prime for extermination), I came to the Indian sea, where I found islands inhabited by men without number, of all which I took possession for our most fortunate king, with proclaiming heralds and flying standards , no one objecting. Yet I especially took possession of a certain, large town in a very convenient location, and adapted to all kinds of gain and commerce, to which we give the name of Lord of the Nativity.” Without any regard for the natives Columbus constructed a fort confining the natives,(a prison) and a military force for defense in the event the natives would rebel. “ And should wish to hurt those who remain in the fort, they would not be able, because they lack weapons, they go naked and are too cowardly. For that reason those who said fort are least able to resist easily this whole island, without any imminent danger to themselves, so long as they do not transgress the regulations and command we gave.” Students should ask themselves what would be the purpose for Columbus with placing the inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands in lock up? A group of people who were non- threating and never imposed any danger to Columbus or his naval forces. According to the historian James W. Loewen, on Haiti the Indians were forced to mine gold for the Spanish settlers. Another stomach-turning aspect of the slave trade was sexual. Columbus was rewarding his lieutenants with women to rape. For Spaniards sex slaves came in abundance in the form of gifts. Moral crimes of rape, forced slavery, prison confinement, and theft all add up to the undeniable fact that Christopher Columbus was a notorious criminal. After reading this article students should come to terms that Columbus is not a national hero, nor a role model. Cherishing Columbus is a characteristic of myth not reality. Worst of all Columbus left a legacy of genocide and a history of bloody horrors. By: Herbert Addison Burns Reference Sources: 1.Christopher Columbus and the Enterprise of the indies: by Geoffrey Symcox and Blair Sullivan 2. Conquest of Eden 1493-1515: by Michael Paiewonsky 3. Lies My Teacher Told Me: James W. Loewen 4. The Journal of Christopher Columbus: Translated by Cecil Jane www.onlineafricanamericanhistory.weebly.com
  16. Who would ever think that people in Lake Tahoe and California would be devastated by the raging fires that seem to be unstoppable? It is reported that at least 15,000 fire fighters are working day and night to extinguish the deadly Caldor fire. There is no question that these brave fire fighters must have gas mask to protect themselves from smoke inhalation. But how many people know including these fire fighters that a Black inventor invented the gas mask which operates according to the same principles as the gas mask use today. This inventor's name is Garrett Morgan. He invented the gas mask during his day it was known as a smoke helmet to fight fires. The purpose of the helmet was to allow the wearer to enter a room filled with noxious gas, fumes, or smoke for the purpose of saving human life and property. And this is the same purpose of gas mask use today by fire fighters. Today’s gas mask is known as an air-purifying respirator which is standard equipment used around the globe. So the similarities between today's gas mask and Morgan's smoke helmet match. Morgan discovered that no matter how dense an environment is pure air is always located near the floor or ground. Given this fact, Morgan’s gas mask was engineered to access pure air from the ground or floor. The ability to breathe pure air in a noxious gas environment whether through accessibility or purification the goals are exact. Not to mention the saving of human lives. The gas mask is the largest prevention of deaths when attempting to extinguish a fire. Some 50–80% of fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation injuries, including burns to the respiratory system. It is safe to say that Morgan's smoke helmet which fire stations have modeled the principles of its operation, is responsible for saving thousands of lives. With the raging fires in Nevada and California I haven’t heard of any report extending credit for Garrett Morgan’s gas mask. The safety and welfare of our society humbling given through a safety device by a Black inventor has been repeatedly ignored. This lack of consideration is a reflection of the past. Garrett Morgan was directly involved with saving lives of underground workers after an underground explosion in Cleveland, Ohio. The mayor at that time at an awards ceremony did not even recognize Morgan for his outstanding achievement of bravery along with major newspapers. The lesson to be learned is that we should always give reverence to those who are in some way instrumental with the saving of human lives. If not, this heartless action adds doubt to our humanity. By Herbert Addison Burns Reference Sources Citizen Advocate, “A Great Hero Rewarded”, 1916 NY Times, ”To Save Lake Tahoe, They Spared No Expense” 2021
  17. No, i don't live in the city. I live in a suburb of Chicago and i stand in my front yard at night and gaze at the moon on a regular basis. And of course this inspires a diagnosis from pioneer, that deluded, well known authority on nothing. I do not associate with my white neighbors so on the rare occasions when i sit on my front steps, i am in the company of my cat.
  18. ***************************************************************************** @Pioneer1 I am fairly certain that @Cynique does not consort with drunkards, but with her charming personality and lovely looks, the men must flock to her in droves. *****************************************************************************
  19. Id also defnitely say that many Jewish people are clearly more of Mediterranean-ish heritage than just White. THe fact tht many of them can grow real afros shows that they are not "White" people IMO They're clearly more closely physically similar to populations like Italians or Spaniards, or even North Africans. Which goes back to how strong the genetic ties to that region are, even though are physically located in countries within Eastern/Western Europe. the Ashkenazi genetic makeup is SO unique and distinctive that it has its own category on DNA tests. if someone is Ashkenazi, the test will pick it up as Ashkenazi - not Russian or German, etc. And that's worth considering as well.
  20. Mzuri Yeah?? Lol.... I wonder does she have a drunk old man who staggers by and flirts with her from time to time....like the woman from Do The Right Thing? *RIP Ruby and Ozzie
  21. ***************************************************************************** I think that @Cynique is a city dweller who sits on her stoop. Kind of like those women in Do the Right Thing. *****************************************************************************
  22. You're too deluded to realize you're deluded.
  23. ************************************************************************* This is kind of like the chicken/egg question. A delusion is believing in something that isn't real; a hope is an expectation, a desire for something that you want. Is a person deluded if they hope for a particular outcome? Who knows. I use visualization to manifest my desired results, while continuing to be hopeful and also working towards my goals. This has worked well for me over the years. @Delano Can you tell us what is going on with you. Why are you asking this? Are you okay? *************************************************************************
  24. Ok.........then you've been going to the entrance of your lair too often to gaze up at the moon, lol.
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