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  2. My question was, HOW IS ANYTHING ABOUT OUR ONE-SIDED RELATIONSHIP WITH CHINA BENEFITTING THE U.S.??? You think that it’s because they supply us with everything we need, because we are in debt to THEM. You believe that is somehow a good thing? The fact is that in a debtee-debtor relationship, the debtee has the upper hand, and even more so when the debtor is UNABLE to repay the loan. But perhaps this concept is too complex for you to comprehend. Maybe you enjoy being in debt to the Chinese and defaulting on our loans. Do you like being a deadbeat, because I DO NOT. Or maybe you enjoy them meddling in nearly every aspect of our lives. Please specify what I stated that is misinformation or a half-truth, since I have not parroted any of my replies from anyone’s playbook. And BTW, in case you have not noticed - the BOAT is ROCKING.
  3. Is Post-Secondary Education For All Americans? The 1965 Higher Education Act- A Federal Student Loan Fiasco... At Our Expense Part Six Thank you for your time. See me in my youtube video here: https://youtu.be/IDCs9HP8Zlc #studentloandebt
  4. The high profits American companies generate and cheaper prices Americans pay for most everything we consume is the benefit. I do not believe American companies are willing to pull ALL product manufacturing back to the US nor are Americans willing to pay more money for products Made in the USA. IMO, supply and demand is the crux of the mutually beneficial relationship between the US and China.
  5. WOW I feel so sad for her mother.
  6. You might take a finger but you don't kill the debtor.
  7. Well I love loud music at times especially when I was younger. However never all of the time and I wouldn't like it in my neighborhood.
  8. I don't think so. It's been posted for some years now. I think this is definitely a holiday in your area! So you don't neef to feel cheated. In fact I believe the upcoming festival has already been advertised in your area. As far as it being legal in certain states and not others-- I don't know how this can be as well. I have been trying to understand myself. I do not understand politics very well. The way I understand it is federal holidays are defined a little different from national holidays. But again I am not sure.
  9. Okay is that all you guys got out of my research? ... To joke Again is that all you got from my research? Jokes and entertainment? Yes in an ironic sort this holiday is definitely a major form of entertainment. However my focus was to present information. But to respond to your quest about which type of candy to bring; what about candy wrapped with pictures of Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Nipsey Hussle... It might be entertaining for you but not for everyone.
  10. How would you know? Have you been stalking me? BTW, you need to lose weight.
  11. Middle class values are there for anyone to adopt in the process of doing what it takes to get ahead. These values don't cost anything but good character. They're a state of mind! Do you ever think in the abstract? And you consider yourself a critical thinker. You could benefit from a class in Sociology.
  12. @MzuriAnd that debt is best reason in the world why China is not going to rock the boat and upset the deal it has with the United States, a deal that supplies this country with everything it needs. Everything else you parroted from the right wing Retrumpian playbook is an example of misinformation and half truths.
  13. I was referring to the final cover. I also think you should raise your price, the current price makes it seem like the book doesn't have much value.
  14. The United States does NOT have a mutually beneficial relationship with China. The United States is in debt to China, up to our eyeballs. Over a TRILLION dollars. We produce just about NOTHING and rely on China for just about EVERYTHING. 97% of our antibiotics come from China. China is building up their military, while our military equipment is substandard, corroded, and outdated. China has the world's largest Navy with 500+ active vessels. The U.S. has 160. Our Navy is paltry compared to theirs. China has built an island for their battleships and they are taking over outer space, while our space programs have been largely abandoned and we are relying on private industry to blast William Shatner on sightseeing tours. China has stolen the personal data of 80% of American adults. China gave us COVID-19. How are we benefitting from any of this???
  15. Mzuri She can identify herself however she wishes but a Black Irish is a type of white Irish person, not one of Negroid descent. I figured that MIGHT be what Anonymous50 might have been getting at with the "black Irish" term, but I'm still not sure. Perhaps she can make it a little more clear. Did you know that the ORIGINAL people of Ireland were small Black folks...very small....and that's where the legend of the Leprachauns come from?
  16. thisbassholery all day Lol...pretty witty. This conversation reminds me of Radio Raheem from Do The Right Thing "Gimme two slices. ...and put some moosarella on that mutha" Troy Race has nothing to do with class In a race-based society such as the United States, your race often IS your class in many settings. As I said in another thread, a lot of characteristics we associate with a certain class are often actually ETHNIC based characteristics that transcend class. For example.... Heterosexual Black men of ALL classes tend to like women with big butts and wide hips. We also like bass in our music regardless if we are poor or rich. Even our sense of humor tends to be similar regardless of socio-economic status.
  17. Speaking of which....man I LOVE Indian food. There was this nice Indian buffet I was going to B.C. (Before Covid) with a huge assortment of colorful and delicious food and beautiful brown and black skinned Indian women bouncing all around the place dressed in traditional clothes as well as business attire. They stayed open as long as they could but eventually had to close their doors. Man I miss that place.
  18. That's not much of a punishment. Lol....you do that ANYWAY.
  19. Cynique Anybody can have middle class values if they strive to be upstanding and ethical and hardworking. Can anyone be "hard working" if they don't have any good paying jobs to work hard AT? Can anyone be upstanding and ethical if they weren't taught the spoken and unspoken social rules that govern much of corporate/middle class America? Rules that most people don't learn UNLESS they've gone to college and learned them by association.
  20. I totally agree with Troy and ProfD. I can't quote the source but i heard somewhere recently that China's economy is in trouble, and their bulging population of approximately 1.4 billion is exacerbating the situation. Like ProfD says the last thing China wants to do is upset the delicate balance of its mutually beneficial relationship with the United States, and it has no desire to annihilate or control the American consumers who are their best customers. They have better things to research. Just a simple perspective to consider when portraying China as the villain in the plot of the sci-fi movie mentality that permeates the imaginations of conspiracy theorists. Like Troy implies, misinformation is a dangerous thing. And i don't really expect to change any minds.
  21. She can identify herself however she wishes but a Black Irish is a type of white Irish person, not one of Negroid descent. Who were the Black Irish, and what is their story?
  22. i have to spend a week alone with a cat.
  23. There is a sizeable segment of white baby boomers and GenXers who are suffering from hearing loss due to the loud decimbals of the heavy metal music they listened to and loved when they were growing up.
  24. That's your status now. Are you being harassed and forced to do something against your will? You made your choice, Now move on,
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