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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ApTwWRQNw @Pioneer1 it seems this thread is about a question. or am I mistaken. And if not was that questioned answered.
  3. What is your question? i thought you were asking why i said i wasn't proud of being in the vanguard of ball busting black women - something you said i was deflecting inquiries about. i answered this question in my last post. Pioneer never got around to asking me the question he wanted an answer to. As for the title of this thread: "The games our people play with each other", it's not a question. Is all of this too difficult for you? this is the answer and of course you chose to cherry pick and say i said "I didn't know the answer".
  4. The answer I was looking for was the one that you have given.
  5. I am going to drop this because it is to difficult for you. I ask a question twice that is actually the point if this this thread. Can you point to one thing I said that is me psychoanalysing you? I said if you aren't aware of why or don't want to talk about it fine. This one time asking for clarity or wanting to hear your rational didn't work. You have no on test in explaining a comment that you volunteered. I make observations and sometimes statements. Case closed.
  6. Well, Pioneer never got around to questioning me further, so I never gave the subject a further thought until you dredged it up. What you are now asking is why I didn't answer the question i didn't understand that you were asking. And you have further decided to analyse my reason for not elaborating on my reflection about not being proud of being a castrating woman and musing that i was probably doing the men i rejected a favor. Here's my question. Why do you want me to "get on your couch" and do some soul-searching as to why i won't go into detail and supply you with answers? I suspect this is your attempt to get me to realize that i have gone through life never knowing why i wasn't proud of belonging to an element among black women who are ball busters. And because this is apparently significant to you, you think it should also be significant to me. it ain't. I'll say this, that being a ball buster was never anything i had to work at. It came natural to me. I would say further that the reason for this, is that this is my character, - my core personality - who i am. Stemming back to my childhood, where my father was a strong capable man, and my mother an independent woman, i was never a shrinking violet. i was the youngest of 4 children, never abused, and can honestly say that i always had friends, ran with the "in" crowd, was maybe not a super star but did have my share of male admirers. I was married for 50 years to a man who accepted me for the way i was and who i appreciated for doing so. Our marriage had some rough spots, but during the last 20 years of it, after our kids were grown, and we had matured, we really had some good times that left me with wonderful memories. (He took that racy picture of me that i posted here. It never went public until after he died.) i don't know what answers you're looking for, probably ones that will fit in and confirm an impending theory you have about me. But it shouldn't come as a surprise that i don't really give a damn what you think about me not delving into my psyche to find out why I am a bitch. I am, who i am. And i don't feel the need to prop up black men. My "regrets" about this were fleeting and minor and certainly not deep-seated enough to make me change. OK?
  7. 53 million are they all People?
  8. Sentiment is how you feel, motivation is why you did it. How does my typo confuse you about the authorship, when you wrote it. You've already said you weren't proud of your behaviour. Pioneer was asking why, I have asked why? Not answering something you posted about yourself seems like deflection. It is not clear your reason and your objective for being a ball buster to men. It's not just life it is your life. You voluntarily share a behaviour and describe it as if it were someone else. "I was probably doing the guys a favour." Don't you know what you were doing or would you rather forget.l?
  9. SHEEZE! It would've been so simple if you would've just read your question over to yourself and corrected "she's" to shed!! As the sentence was written, it just didn't make sense until i finally figured it out in spite of the fact that you never corrected the typo! Well, it may have seemed like a deflection but it wasn't. And what's to reveal? i think my final sentence which read "Something i'm not particularly proud of" pretty much expressed my sentiments, especially when put in the context of the entire paragraph. I didn't take pride in kicking "losers" to the curb. But - that's life. I was probably doing them a favor. (And i was nice and sweet to my husband, - who passed the test.)
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    Book Review Request

    Dear AALBC Members, I would like to have Diondray's Discovery, the first book in the United Kammbia fantasy series, reviewed. Here's a brief description: A hero’s journey starts with a single step. For some, that step starts on a broken foundation. So it was with Diondray Azur. His adventure began when he learned that all he had known about his family—all he had known about his world—wasn’t true at all. He swore to himself to find the truth. As he set out upon his quest, he discovered an old book. What was this dusty old tome? His discovery turned out to be the Book of Kammbi, a book handed down by the ancients and lost to time. Inside, he read about a long-lost prophecy, which in order to be fulfilled, must be set in motion by the descendant of a great leader. At first, he doubted the book. Stubbornly so. After all, he’d just had all he’d known about his past blow up in his face as a lie. Yet, as challenges mount along his journey, signs begin to point to him as the only one who could fulfill those timeworn words. He would stop at nothing to uncover the truth. What will happen, though, when he does? Diondray’s Discovery is an adventure fantasy novel that will transport you to the world of Kammbia, a magical place in which Diondray discovers his inner hero. If you can’t get enough of rich new worlds, breathtaking adventure, introspective characters, and subtle social commentary, then you’re ready to ride along with Diondray as he discovers his destiny. Here's the book information: Author Name-Marion Hill Book Title-Diondray's Discovery ISBN-978-0998761220 Publication Date: April 2018 https://www.amazon.com/Diondrays-Discovery-Kammbia-United/dp/0998761222/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Please contact me at marion@marion-hill.com if you are interested. Sincerely, Marion Hill http://marion-hill.com/home/
  11. Cynique the bit in red is something you said. You had responded with a general statement about women in general. What was your reason for doing so? If you don't want to reveal yourself or don't know, that is fine. It just seemed like a deflection. More than an oversight from someone who is generally rational.
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  13. Cynique

    Unsolicited Advice

    The Riddler strikes again! 🤡
  14. @Deli don't know what you're talking about. You quote Pioneer and then make a reference to a "she" (Chevdove?) who you apparently think i am deflecting something away from. Chevdove and I agreed on everything. Unlike Chevdove and Pioneer, i never said anything about "defense mechanisms" something which you felt the need to define. And what question is it that Pioneer wants me to answer? if you expect me to justify my not conforming to your "rules of order", you could at least be coherent. Then your chances of my cooperating with your cross-examination might improve. But be advised, i don't feel obligated to answer the questions you put to me. 😛
  15. Delano

    Unsolicited Advice

  16. @Delano I believe your typos are better than mine. Seriously though, I believe you are using a handheld device which makes it a little harder. I almost always post from a laptop, so I really have no excuse...
  17. @Cynique you could she's light on this, yet you are deflecting, why? Typos
  18. I have never visited 45's Twitter page before 2 minutes ago. There was not need to mainstream and social media shovel 45's tweets as if the were in a race to be the first to share his BS. 7 minutes ago 45 tweeted the following: I was on the New York Times website, while reading a completely unrelated article about the Supreme Court's decision which changes the rules of the collection of sales tax by online retailers. Inside the article the Times included a tweet by Trump applauding the decision (which tells me this must be a bad decision for business like mine). This is what prompted me to visit 45's page 45 has over 53 million followers (there are only 68 million active users in the US). 18 people I know also follow 45. I'm seriously considering unfollowing those people 🙂 45 only follows 47 people. Other than VP Mike Pence and his family most of the others are right wing talking heads, not journalists, but talk show hosts like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. This makes for the perfect filter bubble -- every tweet gets global attention, the large number of followers reinforce his popularity and the fact people want to read what he writes, and the people he follow are popular sycophants. The man has tweeted over 38 thousands times that is ALOT of tweets! I've tweeted 17 thousand tie, but the vast majority of those tweets were generated by bots. Let be go unfollow those 18 people....
  19. Troy

    Unsolicited Advice

    Very true. The analogy between online discussion forums and our culture is both valid and depressing. Yes, the sun will continue to come up at least a few billion more years. Humanity will not be around to witness these as our presence on this planet will last a relative blink of an eye.
  20. Cynique

    Unsolicited Advice

    What's compelling about Internet Forums is what every contributor has in common. Although most preface their statements with an obligatory "IMO", let's face it, nobody enters a discussion with the idea that what they post is wrong . And when everybody feels this way, the stage is set for dissent. Who really believes that those who contradict you, know what they're talking about? No one thinks what their adversary calls facts, are that reliable. Everyone secretly places great significance on their anecdotal evidence. Meanwhile, coming up with a rebuttal takes priority over giving close attention to what is being claimed by your opponent. Plus, how people react or overreact in these exchanges depends a lot on their personalities If the discussion escalates, emotion dislodges logic and the proceedings will become rife with the ad hominem, false equivalency, straw man, non sequitur, cherry-picking tactics, and reverse psychology ploys, - all of which dilute honest debate. Calling for calm and politeness does not resonate in an online venue because these free-for-all encounters don't take place in person. Unfortunately or not, anything goes in a cyber world where folks are not obliged to be held accountable for what they key in the heat of the moment. Words are indeed weapons, but thick skin is a good armor. If you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. America, itself, is the captive of social media, and has become one big national forum made up of Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats. Of course, both sides think they are right, and civility is at an all time low. Not surprising. Life is strife. People are stressed. And the sun comes up tomorrow.
  21. @Delano ??? Um. - I deflecting the light she could be.
  22. @Troy spontaneous plagiarism.
  23. Delano

    Cynique On My Account????

    I just saw this.
  24. @Cynique you could she's light on this, yet you are deflecting, why?
  25. Last week
  26. @Del I always thought it went that people who live in glass houses should undress in the basement. But Wait! This can be a teachable moment! What might you take away from this?? 🤪
  27. Silly Rabbit Trixs are for whores
  28. People in glass houses shouldn't get dressed with the blinds up.
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