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  2. Your thought process is a function of language which means your thinking is conditioned by your language and culture. If you can't bt think freely or independently of your culture. Then how can yiu be free if all the mental and emotional prisons. Which are more effective than actual I prisons due to their intangiblity.
  3. Why isn’t that free will. Who controls my perception or your perception for that matter? Who controls what you think? And how you process what you conjure up? But anyway this is the difference between choice or decision. You read what i wrote ... and decided against it (“strike down” ) you didn’t choose it because you couldn’t. You can only choose what you create - but you didn’t create my response. So, now you have your answer as to why people think they have a choice - - in most situations since people rarely think for themselves - they don’t choose. They merely decide on commentary.
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  5. @Mel Hopkins Producing imagines in one's head and/or attempting to mimic those images for whatever reason, or not to imagine, is a far cry from free will, sister. But let;'s go with your point, the spider scenario, truly a matter of a runaway imagination, or insanity you refer to as a choice by free will; and brings us back to what Brother Del pointed out about a sociopath or insane persons, and free will, I see the logic in his point. Let's not get caught up in Donald Trump's suggestion that disabled or mentally challenged folks have a choice, please. Yes, its only human everyone believes (or want to believe) he/she has a handle on their own life, I too disdain the concept(s) of destiny and fate because I want to reject the idea of no control over myself and my life. Why should inevitable death, for whatever reason, be any different from other intangible events (whether imagined or otherwise) that occur where choice plays no part? Is it, perhaps, we've fallen for the philosophical con of choice and free will, embedded itself into our conscience convictions and principles at a trance-like level?
  6. Choice is always an option because it is dependent on nothing but thought. Choice is about you and your perception. As long as you can imagine you can choose. God forbid, if you were locked up in an 8 x 10 cell 23 1/2 hours a day you could still choose. Without getting too deep - in that cell you could envisage the perspective of a spider... you can choose to determine how a spider exist in the world... drawing on everything you witnessed about a spider before lock up - you can choose to create and recreate a spider like life.. You can’t decide to become a spider - it’s not a option for us based on our biological makeup - but you can choose to live out your days attempting to become the highest life of spider - you can. That’s choice. That’s exercising “free will”.
  7. @Mel Hopkins Thanks, sister Hopkins, I am happy to converse with you again here; what value then, would you place on the semantics of choosing, where choice isn't an option and, either/or happens without making a decision? In other words, what role does ‘free will’ play when one or the other occurs without deciding. e.g., deciding whether or not to recognize the U.S. Constitution or laws where something else occurs no matter what decides. More specifically, where is free will when the decision produces the opposing choice? I understand matters may not turn out as decidedly planned, hence, is free will therefore a chance, and if so where's does choice come in?
  8. @Kalexander2 Because words matter. Some confuse the words “choose” and “ decide” . We are free to choose but deciding is limited to the options available. Case in point, the origin of choice is “perceive” . If we go back to the old english meaning - choice actually meant “free will” so to choose is to exercise free will. The origin of decide is “cutting off”. In fact when you look at the Proto-Indo- European root word caedre - from where decide originates - we see the origin is to “strike down” - as in getting rid of the options. Therefore, a man or woman chooses to run for president. We, the electorate, decide whether he or she will represent us.
  9. I must agree because this analogy comes back around to the "either/or" scenario. Can you offer a comment as to why people are so eager to believe they are "free to chose" between things, and that their options are voluntary?
  10. Freedom and choice or different. If you order from the menu in a restaurant you have constraints. You are to choose amongst the choices given. You are given choices of Presidential candidates which is different than choosing the President
  11. @Cynique Well said sister, those people who chose to thrive do so at the peril of the many who are able to only survive; who are free to make the same choice; again it comes down to that either/or scenario. An offer or option makes for choices whereas need 'do or die' is a challenge, as you indicated; the option to refuse certain challenges is normally non-existent in the face of survival, unless, as Brother Del pointed out one is a sociopath or otherwise mentally challenged. And I'm idly agreeing with the Brother, he's making sense.
  12. Yes Cynique there are choices to be successful in a presubscribed way. It's like gangoing members have choice but they aren't free . Part of socialisation is surrendering some freedom.
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  14. @DelWell, using the criteria of you and Kalexande,r if we aren't free then we must enslaved. Since nothing is keeping me from striving for and achieving a goal, then i am not enslaved, so i must be free. All humans are free to dream and imagine. Opting to not do something is exercising your free will.
  15. There's a catch to everything, in a great sense there is 'actually' no such thing as free will because it's always an "either/or" scenario. Most people think that means choice.
  16. I don't even believe in free will. It is not possible to be free of cultural or societal influence, unless you are a sociopath
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    Serena Williams Cartoon

    @Pioneer1Watta crock. There you go with a ridiculously generalized statement that you modify by saying that "every woman is different", an assertion you further dilute by injecting the word "most" into the mix, all of which totally voids the viability of your vacillating statement. - a statement that doesn't hold up in its implication that "generally speaking" although "all men are different", "most" of them are mentally and physically stronger than women. Men may have brawn, but their superior brain power is not a given. It depends on the area of expertise. Emotionally speaking, maturity remains elusive in the male development. Biologically speaking, the reason women are the ones who bear children is because they are better-equipped both physically and mentally for this ordeal. Women routinely handle illnesses better than men, who are big babies. Women are also pliant, able to adjust to loss and tragedy wherein men are brittle, - hard, but easily shattered . As for balance, it's not about one sex acting one way and the opposite sex acting the other way; it's about relationships in which both members do what they are better at in order to maintain a stable working partnership. Roles are no longer assigned to gender in today's world. The era of hunters and gatherers has gone the way of primitive homo sapiens. BTW, nobody likes an individual of either sex who is "domineering, combative, and argumentive". Nor does nobody respect a male who is timid, inept, and wimpy. To my sister who said: "I am a black woman and this is how we are cast in this world but I have Feelings, and am soft, warm, beautiful, argumentative, opinionated, and intelligent. Is it so wrong to be a black woman who is strong?", - I say "no". You go, Girl!
  18. @Cynique Hello, sister Cynique, I pray all is well with you and yours! Obliviously, we are concerned with freedoms of choice - to survive – of both mental and physical freedoms; all of which lead to unavoidable death regardless of choice. More importantly, being discussed here are the compelling freedoms we chose that worsen conditions of life and liberty, instead of making life more tolerable, lay bare our beliefs and the principles that guide us. That the Constitution and laws of the land should govern predictions of the future and explain the past. @Troy Like the sister Cynique mentioned, "it depends on the challenges faced" that impact certain unalienable rights. Fact is, as disappointing as it is, no is free in America, not even White folks, although identifying with the hegemony makes them less suspectable to plights of all others, they too are slaves.
  19. Yes @Kalexander2 people are indeed free here in America. This should not be up for discussion. Now, of course, many people, perhaps most, don't exercise their freedom. Freedom as they say is not free. In fact, exercising one's freedom can often be quite difficult. @Delano you mention who else has a forum? Very few do, because it is hard. I could go to Facebook like everyone else and talk there. My life would be much easier. I would not have to worry about the maintenance, cost, or even promotion of this forum. But I would be a slave to Facebook, a true slave as I'd be subjecting myself to their (and their advertisers) behavior modification algorithms. (I thank y'all lately for, exercising your freedom, by helping to make this forum possible.) Most Americans don't have passports and very few have been to more than a few states. I've been to all the states and all the major cities that I wanted to visit. Last month I visited Birmingham AL and Jackson, MS for the first time. This takes time and money. People in many other countries simply don't have the freedom to travel the world they way we can. Freedom is also the freedom not to exercise it, so if people want to spend their time on Facebook and never leave their back yard -- they are free do so. We are slaves only if we choose to be. This has always been case, except when you dont know you are a slave. I feel many authors are slaves to Amazon. Most dont see it and the ones that do are unwilling to take the simple steps to free themselves from the big A's yoke -- mostly because they are afraid of losing money. The desire for money enslaves many of us.
  20. May i inject the idea that freedom is an abstract idea and is also relative in that it involves choices. There are personal freedoms and public freedoms. Tangible ones and intangible ones. Mental ones and physical ones. i am free to think anything i choose; free to express an opinion about any subject. i am free to not believe in or worship "god". i do not revere the American flag and i am free to burn one in public, I am free to choose not to vote. I am free to call another black person a nigger/nigga. i am free to kill a person in self defense. Death and taxes are actually the only restrictions in my life but i can choose to not do things that will endanger my life, and even free to not make enough money to pay taxes. It just depends on what challenges you face in life and what decisions you make in regard to them.
  21. Former. Southwest. Airlines. Employee,Jamel. Parker. Has,A,,Lawsuit,Agaist. Southwest. Airlines. The. White. Employees. Had. A , Whites,Only.Break Room At. The. Hobby,Airport.He Knew About It,He,Avoided It. Black Employees,Have A Higher Standard,Than The White Employees.There Is No White Only,Sign,But The Break Room,Was,For White Employees,Only.Someone Made A,Noose Out Of Cord For Everyone,To See..Detroit Schools,There,Is Lead And Copper In,Detroit School Water.Lead,Can. Lead. To,Delayed. Puberty. And. ,Behavior. Problems. News , ,Said....
  22. @Troy Let's go with that for a moment, please respond!
  23. To put it another way do you feel people are free? Troy you live a life that is beyond reach of the majority of people. How many people do you meet that can travel across the country and have their own home and business? Also you have more drive and focus than most people, not just Black people. Who else do you know that has a forum for discussion.


  25. @Troy: Ah, then you enjoy many slavery-free benefits and have a need for only change and/or improvement what you already enjoy. Indeed, I’m as happy for you as you are for yourself. Obviously, what I believe can be an advancement to humankind is unobtainable; is quite different from you see as some human progress because no-one stands over you with a whip. Your mind isn’t so much boggled as it unwilling to reject the status quo of matters. A blind alliance to what you know and believe. I think that's called patriotism.


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  27. IRS? That is silly. How else do you propose we find the government? Or are things like infrastructure not important to you? Besides given my income and expenses I dont pay very much federal tax and Florida has no state tax. And I'm happy to pay my municipality for folks to come get My trash and ensure I get water and my sewage is carried away -- it is a bargin! I don't have a mortgage. I'm self- employed. I have no clue what you mean by self interests, but presumably they are an expression of free will not slavery. Sure, keep going but try to come up with better examples. It boggles the mind that you would today us worse off today than back then. SMH....
  28. IRS, mortgage company, your employer(s), your self-interests; shall I go one?
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