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  4. @Pioneer1perhaps one day you will see how wrong your assumptions are concerning me. However it is fruitless for me to engae that conversation.
  5. End of Poverty?

    @Pioneer1 you continually assert there is a Black race, a white race, as well as a few others.
  6. Hebrews To Negroes

    I'm not familiar with this Brother, but he has a nice website a book and a documentary film (trailer below). He apparently grew up in a housing in project, like myself. Black civilization predates and informs Judaism
  7. End of Poverty?

    @Pioneer1According to your previous post, these people feeding drug addicts are white college graduates earning $50,000 a year until they can find a job in their profession.
  8. Who knows?

    @Pioneer1Who says the universe was created by a someone? Apparently your mind can't conceive that this wasn't the case.
  9. Who knows?

    Who's to say there is only ONE Universe. Perhaps there are multiple.....parallel....Universes. Troy So you're basically saying that I clarified the TEXT of your post but not the INTENT? Cynique and when it comes to the truth, who knows? The One Who created the Universe(s).
  10. End of Poverty?

    Many of the young White people you see serving meals to poor people are there doing COMMUNITY SERVICE. They got caught driving drunk or with a stash of drugs on them and they were sentenced to doing a week of work at the local soup kitchen to avoid time in jail. Like I've said time and time again, don't expect the SAME people who caused poverty and are benefiting from it.....to end it.
  11. Lead Poisoning in New York City

    It's no longer a "conspiracy" once they start doing it OPENLY. Anyone over 40 can EASILY see how much the Black American community has declined intellectually, morally, and socially, over the past 30 years. There has to be a cause for this. We know that lead contamination in children causes intellectual impairment and violent tendencies and we know that lead contamination is mostly concentrated in the inner cities that are mostly Black and Brown. But that fact that Black people collectively haven't done anything to remedy the situation yet speaks volumes about us as a people. It shows the entire world how much care about our children and how much we care about our future.
  12. Del Pioneer in all seriousness. You may need to find a way to handle this frustration. Or it will eat you. Normally I would give you a hard time. Not on this one. I found out a long time ago that one of the best things to do for ME to handle my frustrations is....not hop on a plane and fly to Australia to get away from the ghetto....lol....but to become active in my community and solve the problems I believe exist. Mel are you having a difficult time getting oxygen to your brain. Where do you come up with these wild assumptions. I just happened to live in county that is run by a woman and the Mayor of the city is a woman,... I think the mayor even served in the military. By the way, both of these women are black. Our county sheriff is a black man but there are quite of few deputies that are women...and dispatch is also staffed by women... Do these women work WITH men.....or are they working BY THEMSELVES IN-DEPENDENT of men? Are they living in a county WITH men....or are they living in THEIR OWN county being ran TOTALLY by women with no men to DEPEND on? See Mel, independene means just that....IN-DEPENDANT.....NOT DEPENDANT on anyone else. I said there is NO SUCH THING as women (as in a community) who exist INDEPENDENT of men and I stand by that statement until proven wrong. And again, the MAIN men women of color in this nation depend on are WHITE MEN.

    Hey Troy Actually you have Mercury in Taurus so you will tend to be more fixed in ideals.

    @Pioneer1I'm not a feminist. You don't have to be one to agree with the definition of mansplaining because it's something all women encounter. And as i previously stated, there are Urban Dictionaries that supply a definition of mansplaining, using street slang to do this. And i do know the origin of the word manslpaining. How many times do i have to tell it! Del is who used, "Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday". So he knows as much as you do. in fact you weren't even sure about what it meant.

    Mel But I think @Pioneer1 just taught us something! I've BEEN teaching...... Yall just ain't been paying attention.....lol. Del Pioneer I may have been wrong on both counts. In underestimating you and overestimating Mel Cynique and Troy That's alright.... It wouldn't be the first time....lol. If I let it bother me everytime you were wrong about me or my intentions.....I'd be on medication, lol. Troy and Cynique The lady doth protest too much, methinks (since you love the British and their dictionaries so much Didn't I tell you they were inlove with White men....lol. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/4804-questions-for-cynique-mel-and-anyone-else-who-can-answer-them/ Now, about this "mansplaining" business..... According to Neely Fuller Jr., a word is BEST defined by those who coined or invented it. This is to prevent what we see taking place right now, which is Black people bickering and squabbling over words that NEITHER of them invented and NEITHER know the true origin or definition of.....lol. Just like they often do over religion and politics. From what I understand, the word "mansplain" was coined by WHITE FEMINISTS. So I think Black women should let THEM have the word and invent another for themselves to use....that is...if they really WANT to go the feminist route. But Black women who call themselves feminist should abandon their feminist like ideologies because it's nothing but another tool by White racists to divide the Black community and keep it weak. The same White women who'll jump up and down about how condescending men are and complain how they talk down to women.....are the same ones who voted for Trump and slept with Harvey Weinstein.
  16. End of Poverty?

    Well, apparently college graduates care about the poor. They're serving hot lunches to drug addicts. Or are they???

    @Troy Well as far as i'm concerned, you overreacted to my supplying a definition of mansplaining, immediately going on the the attack.Why did my parsing this word offend you so much? instead of resenting my correcting you, why didn't you just let my definition just roll of your back since you had not intention of accepting it. You ought to be used to me correcting people by now. After i supplied the definition for purposes of clarity, i don't think i did a whole lot of protesting. There was nothing else to protest. I knew there was no way you were going to change your mind. i just like to argue. You're who went all off on tangents trying to obliterate the word and i offered my rebuttals. Or have i denied that i started this. So what if i did? What's your point? The Oxford Dictionary is utilized by the whole English-speaking world and is found on the shelves of all American schools and libraries. Why do you think its recognition of mansplaining as a word was such a big deal to the Huff Post? And just because i cited Oxford as a reference doesn't mean that i dismiss Merriam Webster. Unlike you, I respect them both. Speak for yourself when you say nothing was accomplished. I learned a few things - even if you didn't.
  18. End of Poverty?

    Troy Pioneer, that is easy. Here is one; Your position on "race" remains unchanged despite all the information, science, and data that has been shared with you. This like arguing the world is flat. As Antonio Montana would say: OK...... Then I have 2 questions for you: 1. Will you please kindly tell me what do you believe IS my position on race.....that you claim hasn't changed? 2. And do you believe that "race" actually exists? Cynique ??? Are there actually white college graduates serving hot meals to drug addicts in the ghetto? This is why i can't groove with you, Pioneer. What you say sounds so unlikely. How many soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and drug rehab facilities have you been around that you can intelligently judge whether my statement is accurate or not? You don't judge whether or not I'm telling the truth simply because it "sounds" unlikely. Hell, it "sounds" unlikely that sight and sound can travel through air; yet someone proved it could happen by inventing the television....lol. I'm trying to imagine a scenario where ghetto drug addicts are being served hot meals by anybody, because these people are on the street focused on quick ways to get their next fix, Drugs are their top priority, but they're STILL human beings and must have their basic needs of FOOD, clothing, and shelter met. Again......... Most of these "poverty programs" that are being funded by the government do next to NOTHING to aleviate poverty because many of the people who are running them are racist, inept, and or and insincere in their efforts. They pretend to care about the poor but actually use their programs to line thier own pockets, hook their friends up with good jobs, and enjoy a feeling of "superiority" over less fortunate people.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Amazing. On The News ,African Men And Boys, Being Sold In 2017. CNN News ,Went Undercover To Libya. African Man's Voice ,,Do You Need ,A Digger Or A Farm Worker ,Hands Go Up Bids Up To $650.00. Dollars, Some Slave Bidders On The Phone Bidding.. . The Men And Boys Came To Libya Hoping To Be Smuggled To Europe ,For, Economic Opportunities . The Smugglers ,Were Stopped. So The Smugglers Became The Slave Sellers ,The People That Were Hoping To Be Smuggled To Europe ,Became Slaves Being ,Sold,In Slave Auctions...CNN News Has Some Of ,This On Video. Some Of The Men And Boys Were Interviewed...Amazing......
  21. Hebrews To Negroes

    Hebrews To Negroes. Book Talks About Black People , Are God's ,Chosen People. . .Bible Mentions Ethiopia .Says There Is Bible,Scripture Proof. I Am Sick Of Black Preachers Who Love,Trump , After He Supported Neo Nazi In Charlottesville..On The News ,There Was A Black Preacher Supporting Trump..Hebrew To Negroes,Book By Ronald Dalton. Saw On,Book,Website...

    OK @Cynique, it has been 5 days of back and forth mansplaining, manslain and we have gotten no where. Did you forget that it was you you started this? I wrote; "Well one of y'all please mansplain "Wednesday Thursday Friday" to me 'cause I did not get it." and you replied; "A man can't "mansplain" to another man. Mansplaining involves a man regurgitating what a woman has already said, or a man cluelessly attempting to clarify what a woman has figured out for herself." Your reaction to my statement and your ongoing defense of it, is why I thought you took this seriously. If you did not care, why didn't you just let my statement slide? The lady doth protest too much, methinks (since you love the British and their dictionaries so much )

    @TroyWell, you continue to see what you want to see in my posts. Here is a direct quote in regard to your accusation about me not conceding the word isn't in Merriam Webster "...I surmised there was a possibility that M-W might add this pop culture word to their dictionary at a later date. They left the door slightly ajar in regard to their doing this." And i never said it was in Merriam Webster. i said that Merriam Webster's "definition" comes up when you google mansplaining. Because, as you are so quick to point out, the link to the article was broken, i didn't get to read it until i clicked onto another link. Or was i nearly as adamant as you were in insisting that mansplaining wasn't a word. And characterizing my quote taken from Huff Post, the Internet's most popular blog as being something i had to scour around to find, is a rather ignorant observation on your part. ("This week, Oxford Dictionaries announced some new additions to their online database. Listed alongside “clickbait,” “douchebaggery” and “side boob” is everyone’s favorite uncomfortable experience — “mansplaining.”The etymology of “mansplain” can be traced back to 2008, when Rebecca Solnit wrote an essay titled “Men Explain Things To Me.” The author touched on the idea that being talked down to and corrected — primarily by men — was a common occurrence in almost every woman’s life... ) The fact that you attempt to belittle Oxford Dictionary's says more about you than it. This prestigious, world famous dictionary has been around since 1857 and is considered "the last word on the English language". Its definition is the one which comes up when you google mansplaining. Instead of you conceding that there are 2 schools of thought about this word, you prefer to shackle yourself to Merriam Webster, clutching it like a security blanket while regarding what was almost an op-ed piece, as the gospel according to Merriam Webster, - albeit an ambiguous one. Furthermore, i don't really care how you choose to use the word mansplaining. It ain't that serious, and where did you get the idea that i thought it was? i was amused by your frothing-at-the-mouth rants about how men flipped the word and women abuse it. Or am i particularly upset about how it has become "bi-sexual". it's not like i'm tearing my hair out about something i can't control. To a cynic like me, it is, what it is. Its message about presumptuousness remains in tact. And so it goes.

  25. LITTLE MAN, LITTLE MAN is James Baldwin's, first and only book, for children. He described it as a “celebration of the self-esteem of black children.” In the book's new introduction it is suggest that audiences at the time the book was originally published feel audiences were not ready for Baldwin's perspective, which might explain the book’s initial reception.

    The only thing fueling this conversation was you rejecting my use of the word and me defending my position. I see you won't even concede that the word is not in M-W. Rather you've scoured the Earth and found a definition a British dictionary: mansplain VERB [WITH OBJECT] informal (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. Here too, there is no requirement that the the target of the manspliation has to be a woman. While that is "typical" it is not a requirement. I will continue to use the word in the fashion that I have been (mansplaining to a man), for it is correct usuage. Look the use of an informal word or a very malleable. Indeed the use of the English in information conversation is. Remember when "gay" meant "happy?" Today no man would not describe themselves as "gay" unless they were homosexual, no matter how happy they were. Maybe I'd describe myself as mansplaining to a guy I wanted to disparage because one only typically mansplains to a woman. Or maybe, one would request a mansplaication to highlight the idiocy of the request or the expected definition. Sorry Cynique the word has evolved just as quickly as it was coined.
  27. Last week

    It looks like I may be missing a couple of Ghettoheat titles in my database. Please post the ISBNs.
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