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  2. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ag-pardon-play-article-1.3946318
  3. "Don't know what you have against that grammar/spell check but think of it as your friend!" @Pioneer1: I'm unfamiliar with conversations in those 'other threads,' but can offer, with some degree of certainty, that people behave on self-interests. Act in ways that often serve other members of a group with whom they identify. Most of the time benefits to others is incidental. I PERSONALLY TRUST FEMALES OVER MALES because of their maternal instincts, if for nothing more. Women think ahead. Naturally preparing for perceived threats to their self-interests; even if it means approving a home loan for another capable child bearing women to assure denial doesn't happen to her. The slightest male influence can change that no matter how determined she stand. I disagree, however, that "women ... aren't bashful in doing so ..." Females as with males, help suggesting incidental social morality to others is 'nominal' at best. Just because HRC boosted of empowering women does not hold true for all women. HRC was, is indeed a crook, probably the only fact Trump got right. I voted for her though – a necessary bad choice among all the others. Finally, please don't put Black women in the same category of White women with an overactive testosterone gene. Any position of power Black women hold, however deserved or qualified, has nothing to do with empowering her group. Collectively or individually, Black people (better) know their limitations when handed reins of power to stay the White course. The slightest effort to go off course can be unencouraging. Ask the first Black President and the nation's first Black 1st Lady, Michell Obama, who stayed in the media with her own solutions to help girls.
  4. The End of Work

    Thanks Mel let me know what you think after you read the article
  5. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Troy show me anything objective, that all people can agree upon.
  6. Lemonade and bell hooks

    Troy I ask for evidence and you are quoting Pioneer. Oh Ok that's all the evidence I need. How many Black women were in primary roles in the civil rights movement. Troy basession in your statements Black women need feminism. Troy I ask for evidence and you are quoting Pioneer. Oh Ok that's all the evidence I need. How many Black women were in primary roles in the civil rights movement. Troy based on in your statements Black women need feminism.
  7. Do you think Michael Cohen is going to give up Donald Trump.
  8. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Troy Rather than having me "prove" the validity of the data others have already collected, why don't YOU prove anything you've said. I've already asked you twice to provide proof that white women were the first to dye their hair blue or that Black women dye they hair blue to be like white women. It's history. It happened in the distant past and is no longer tangible. Unless I had videos of the event, I couldn't prove it any more than you could DISPROVE it. However based on evidence such as art work, paintings, and historical references we know of no cases where Black women either in Africa or the Americas were dyed their hair blue. Only in the United States AFTER White women started doing it atleast back in the 50s, do we find Black women starting to dye their hair blue. There are no reports, art work, sculptures, paintings, ect....in Africa of Black women making their hair BLONDE. Again, the only reports of Black women who dye their hair blonde is in the Americas AFTER coming into contact with White women.
  9. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Pioneer again pointing your to web based sources are asking you to visit the library is pointless. Time and time again you've demonstrated that nothing I present will dissuade you from your beliefs. Rather than having me "prove" the validity of the data others have already collected, why don't YOU prove anything you've said. I've already asked you twice to provide proof that white women were the first to dye their hair blue or that Black women dye they hair blue to be like white women. You've ignored the questions and you'll ignore them now because you can't produce anything, besides your imagination. to substantiate your statements.
  10. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    "Forget everything you've seen...HERE'S the truth!"
  11. Lemonade and bell hooks

    @Delano I did not write feminism is less important or even dangerous to the black cause. I'm not sure where you got that. What I'm saying is that keeping women down and Black people down are all about power. As far was Black men being allowed to vote before Black women Pioneers statement is correct and sufficient to provide the point. Black men were also able to vote throughout the country at different times as well (this you can easily find yourself). Black people were allowed to vote in NY State during the 18th century provided they met the property requirements. Of course this does not stop evil, power hungry white people from disenfranchising Black folks to this day. Today felons in the state of Florida can never vote even after they served their time. This might partially explain why Trump won the state.
  12. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Mel I've only known one Black woman who I knew FOR SURE committed suicide and she was suffering from depression as well as some social issues. I didn't say some statistics didn't contain facts, I said you couldn't VERIFY them. How can you verify a bunch of numbers and other information written down on paper or on a screen? You don't know if what you're quoting is true or not. Troy When presented with new information that is VERIFIED AS TRUE then ofcourse I will update my beliefs, but simply TELLING me that "such and such" is the truth or is a fact doesn't pass the sniff test for me. What type of fool simply believes anything anyone tells them and even changes their life accordingly? No, PROVE TO ME that what you're saying is indeed truth.....and my idea of proof isn't some numbers on a sheet of paper.
  13. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    @Mel Hopkins see what I mean? He's incorrigible. @Delano, when presented with facts that run counter to one's experience rational people simply update their believe system to incorporate the new information. Of course many people reject this idea because the previously held believe is too difficult to lets go of or maybe they are too lazy or dumb to think a different way. It is human nature not to change. Change is often hard and requires work. I believe this is what has made life to stressful for many over the last 50 years. What our parents knew does not help us today. What we know will not help our children. The best any of us can do learn to cope and adapt to a swiftly changing world. Otherwise you will not make it in the world, perhaps this helps explains the rise in suicide rates Here is a personal anecdote as it relates to this website. If I operated he site based upon what I knew and believed back in 1997 his site would not be here today. Virtually everything has changed since 1997. Things continue to change and change rapidly. If I failed to incorporate new information (yes @Pioneer1 facts and statistics) and apply the new knowledge, this site would be a memory. Anecdotes are important. Skillfully used they can help explain complex subjects in a way that resonates with people. However if you attempt to understand how the world works through you personal anecdotes you will virtually always be wrong. Bottom line, Pioneer you have no clue which so called race of women first dyed their hair blue. But even if you did you still no idea why some Black women choose to do it -- other than the ideas you've formulated based upon your own preconceived notions and biased personal experiences, which have no basis in reality, other what in your head. Maybe @Delano the reality in Pioneers head, or anyone's head, is the reality that you believe to be true -- as opposed to the objective reality? Is this the proper take on you accepting Pioneers ideas? Pioneer where one of those brothers that used to make fun of Black kids who spoke "proper English?" Did you tease Black kids who tried to do well in school by saying they were "acting white?" I tell you man when you say stuff like"I don't debate and discuss the way White folks TAUGHT ME to discuss and debate." It requires the same mentality and that mentality is destructive.
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  15. RIchard Murray Creative Table

    I thought about Under the Cherry Moon from Prince, part of the prince film trilogy: purple rain/under the cherry moon/graffiti bridge... all the titles are lovely are they not. I think the style in under the cherry moon is good for an animation. I wish I had been able to artistically connect to Prince on those films. Maybe animated films between the live actions. In ode to his spirit flying yesterday, the lead song from the PArade album, which operated as the soundtrack to the film, under the cherry moon Imagine Aeon Flux animation design remaking under the cherry moon ? Ouaga is a beautiful city, This is a great story, if you have patience some things will change, not everything but something. Burkina faso is very beautiful. On Sunday, March 11th, 2018, at the Méliès de Montreuil cinema, Caroline Carré receives the director Theresa Traore Dahlberg, accompanied by the distributor Matthieu de Faucal (Juste Distribution), who presents her film "Ouaga girls". At the end of the screening, she met the public with Delphine Kohler from the Montreal association "Les filles du facteur".youtube.com - "Ouaga girls" en questionsSee the complete credits list http://momentofilm.se/films/ouaga-girls/ see the trailer https://vimeo.com/201254986 What is the best film showing internal communal problems in a religious community? The following film made me think to it Has anyone seen the trailer for the film disobedience? As a new yorker I have seen or communicated to members in, what I call religiously rigid, what is commonly or falsely called orthodox jewish community. Orthodox means the correct path. The religion does not seclude said community; their interpretation to the jewish spirituality is what does it. They choose to let parts to a book rule their entire community. Two from the same gender fornicating is a gression, a movement, but it is passionate/lusting/sweaty it is not trans meaning powerful. Forbidden love, they mean to say illegal love... love is never truly forbidden, it has to come from the heart, the rule from the hearts to the people who feel it. It is like the Lovings, the law made it illegal, not the hearts to either from the Lovings. love, faith,freedom in many form are in the story but not sexuality. sexuality is not being challenged or changed in any way. A woman fornicating side another woman has not changed her gender or sex. The trailer is excellent, it is clear what the base points are, but the relationship to all the characters in the community is still up in the air. It is clearly a statement film. I am interested to see how it plays out, not to go to a movie theater, but to see once on cable or some service that i pay for later... yes. This was funny enjoy 3:16 was an excellent point 3:24 the woman who has the large breast was so exhilarated she had to bounce up and down while the center figure in the camera shot... like she did not know she was on camera? I love the views 1, 257,460 views for people reacting to a television program in a bar, if only i can get those numbers:) The biggest problem is that in the book , most of the people killed in the show are still alive and well. so the difference is massive between show or book, which is probably why george rr martin has so many delays to the winds of winter. Geoffrey was killed by a shade from melisandre not littlefinger. The guy in the video is a clear littlefinger fan.
  16. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    @Pioneer1 facts make up statistics... Even though you can include what ever facts you chose to get those statistics - Statistics will always contain facts. Further those fun-facts are measured. So since you don't debate like white folks taught you - then using your personal method of observations and experience - share your 'truths" how many black girls have committed suicide between 2014-2018? Who are they? Do they come from two-parent families, Single parent , adopted or are they in foster care? What were their ages - 0-17? School aged? Where are these suicides occurring? Specifically? east coast, south, west? Have they left notes to say what was troubling them? Were they huge beyonce fans? Were they religious? Was beyonce their religion? Were these black girls, fair skin, dark skin? light colored eyes, brown eyes? Did they have straight hair, natural hair, colored hair? Did they seek psychological help before they killed themselves? Were they rich, impoverished? Parents living below the poverty line? Did they go to private school, public school? Were they drop-out? Why the increase in suicides?
  17. Although it's not a part of THIS thead, in a couple other threads we're talking about feminism and it's impact on the Black community. Say what you want but atleast when women get into positions of power whether it's economic or political.....they focus on helping other women and aren't bashful in doing so! Hillary Clinton BRAGGED about empowering women as much as she could not only as First Lady but also in the Senate and talked about what she WOULD DO had she become President. Michelle Obama as also big on empowering Black girls and women. Infact, if a woman is in a prominent position in this nation and doesn't atleast claim she's all about helping to empower women and girls....she is shamed to shit. And you know what? I ain't even mad at them! That's what BLACK PEOPLE COLLECTIVELY SHOULD BE DOING! When we get into positions of power financially, socially, or politicially we should UNASHAMEDLY talk about helping empower Black people in America and right the wrongs and injustices that have been inflicted on our community. But instead so many of these negroes are so damn scared of getting fired or losing what little position they have that not only will they NOT help other Black people, they won't even mention racism and deny it's existence in some cases. Some negroes are so scary that they'll even come to work in a red "Make America Great Again" cap sitting on their head if they think it'll keep them their jobs.....lol.
  18. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Mel and Troy I think you two are confusing FACTS with STATISTICS. Facts are TRUTHS. That which actually IS. While statistics are just a bunch of numbers and other data whipped up by "whoever" for whatever purpose. Some of it may be true, some of it may be false. But if YOU aren't the one who compiled the information you're quoting and definately didn't gather information yourself.....YOU DON'T KNOW whether the stats you're quoting are true or not. How do you two know all of these "statistics" you're quoting are true if you have no way of verifying it outside of anecdotal experience or observation? I don't debate and discuss the way White folks TAUGHT ME to discuss and debate....which is simply regurgitating a bunch of questionable figures and data that THEY put out or atleast approve of. Because it's an easy way to decieve people and spread disinformation in order to manipulate the public. To take "stats" that you snatched off some web source or got out of a book and equate that with verified experience is silly....in my opinion. Say what you will about anecdotes but atleast you KNOW it has truth and merit to it because you've experienced it or observed it for yourself.
  19. Lemonade and bell hooks

    There is NO WAY IN HELL anyone is going to sit here and tell us that Black and "indigenous" (whatever that means) women are being killed by Black and "indigenous" men at a rate more than White men are killing White women. All of these White men committing murder suicides all over the nation where they're killing themselves AS WELL AS their wives, children, and even the family dogs ....every day. There are probably many many more that haven't made the media and probably have gone unknown because of rich White men paying people off to cover it up! There is no comparison. No way. Troy is right in the other thread....I DO NOT CARE what the "stats" say. Del Troy and Pioneer I have a problem when you say feminism is less important or even dangerous to the black cause. Then rationalise black male violence towards black women. I'm not trying to rationalize or justify Black male violence towards Black women. Just putting it in perspective. Especially given the INSTITUTIONALIZED violence and oppression that not only White women but women of ALL races have faced at the hand of White men for over 5 centuries. Black men BRIEFLY had the right to vote before White women during the period of Reconstruction right after slavery. We also held a lot of high Federal political offices in Congress as well as being judges and sheriffs during that period.
  20. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    Troy do people generally argue with facts that are counter their experiences? Troy do people generally argue with facts that are counter their experiences?
  21. Lemonade and bell hooks

    Troy and Pioneer I have a problem when you say feminism is less important or even dangerous to the black cause. Then rationalise black male violence towards black women. Troy can you provide some evidence of black men having the right to vote before white women. Since I recall the suffragette movement had the slogan women first negros last. I am still not certain about the Carters. Even though the appear to be less self serving.
  22. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    @Troy This is great suggestion because I was just about to reach for the duct tape to wrap around my head lol For 2014 : "The suicide rate for African Americans females ages 10-19 was 3.11 per 100,000.i  For African American youth (ages 10-19), the rate of male suicides (4.60 per 100,000) was 2.9 times higher than that of females (1.57 per 100,000). https://www.wellspacehealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/African-American-Suicide-Fact-Sheet-2016.pdf National Institute of Mental Health has the suicide rates for Black females at 2.1 per 100,000 - but @Pioneer1 no, don't let facts get in the way of your argument
  23. Lemonade and bell hooks

    Yes suicide rates are going up. This may be part of the reason life expectancy is also going down.
  24. Pulitzer Prize Winning Emcee

    @Mel Hopkins, one thing you have to understand about @Pioneer1, is that all of his arguments and claims are supported by personal experiences and anecdotes. Anytime these happen to mesh with reality is purely incidental. When confronted with science, data, or other facts that run counter to his opinions Pioneer summarily rejects these. Recently @Delano, has taken on what I'll call a logical relativism in which anything can be true and everyone's opinions are valid. Pioneer's positions have been bolstered by this position. Bottom line Mel do not look for studies from Pioneer and do not expect any that you present to change his mind. Now if you want to share info here to benefit lurkers and others, please so but don't expect Pioneer to be moved. He has never changed his position in anything and is indeed unique in this regard. Pioneer how, for example, do you know that white women were the first to dye their hair blue, where did you get this information? Also were white women the first to braid their hair too? Is this why Black women do it? Are they trying to look like Bo Derek or white women in general when they do this? Sadly, the suicides rates are higher for almost everybody Pioneer not just Black women. In fact, if you want to use suicide rates to bolster your argument, you should know the fact is that the suicide rates are actually highest for white men. Again, I don't expect you to look at the actual numbers or change your opinion, but others reading this may want to know the truth. Finally, Beyonce is just one product Black girls consume and is a part of an commercial ecosystem that markets to and is only concerned with profiting from all of us. Saying Beyonce is responsible for lowering Black self esteem is like saying Cardi B or Nicki Minaj are. These women, and so many more product,s are all part of a system that tends to demoralize all of us. Even white men are not immune to this.
  25. Lemonade and bell hooks

    I didn't realize that it had gone down but I remember being the first one to do a full-blown report on their sucide rate going up - right here in the aalbc forum..
  26. Well those are the facts. However, precisely my point, Pioneer1, that's exactly what I'm saying. To assert a further condemnation, our own Black financiers would place white needs before that of the Black community; or, take off the top any concessions granted. I'm reminded of the ignorant, opportunistic 'Precinct Captains' hired by white politicians in the 60's to access community needs, make recommendations, and organize Black votes. Many were given jobs in White financial institutions. But never did anything for Blacks, unless White leaders made exceptions for those who were either a threat or exceptional supporters of White agendas.
  27. Lemonade and bell hooks

    Keep in mind that, "...men are more likely to be involved in a homicide than women. Seventy-seven percent of homicide victims are men, according to the FBI, while more than 90 percent of known offenders are male." But yes, when Black women are killed it is most like to be a spouse or intimate partner. I would argue that these Black men are taking their frustrations our on their spouses. Their anger is misdirected so their reactions are tragically inappropriate. Our upbringing, lack of education, and racist culture make this type of behavior inevitable. Has anyone noticed that white male life expectancy has gone down in a the last couple of years? They are feeling the pressure too, but have even less of a clue what is causing it.
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