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  2. Actually Troy.....

    @DelI don't know that the definitions you supplied supported your assertion any more than they do mine, and that's an example of you supplying me with facts and info and me not being able to apply this knowledge when it comes to how it is supposed to prove your point. A lot of this debate is about interpretation, etymology, and semantics. Anyway, I am burnt out from going back and forth on the subject which seems destined to remain at an impasse, so I will simple quote what i said to Pioneer in another post about this subject. "In my book, knowledge per se is not comprehension; it's being aware of, or knowing the components(facts and info) about a subject, and this may or may not lead to comprehending what this data indicates. So you can have knowledge without comprehension, but you can't have comprehension without knowledge. (Wisdom is how wisely you apply what you comprehend.)" And i will sign off by saying we have to agree to disagree.
  3. Actually Troy.....

    Knowledge Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. information NOUN mass noun 1Facts provided or learned about something or someone. knowledgeable (also knowledgable) ADJECTIVE Intelligent and well informed. 1Having or showing knowledge of a subject or situation.
  4. Brave New World

    And how about Cal-Exit? Rural California decided to break off from the urban part of California to declare its independence. In doing so, they've formed New California which founders hope will eventually achieve statehood Then a small earthquake hit.
  5. Reason #777 why I rarely write for free - and definitely not on a third-party platform (well except for AALBC.com). Huffington Post's Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen announced today the contributors platform is now history. You read right. All those Huffpost bloggers, some starting back in 2005, found out today "the HuffPost blogging platform is no more. In its place, Huffpost Opinion and HuffPost personal. Writers will have to pitch ideas to get inches on the platform now. But at least they will be paid for their work. Polgreen also announced they will be hiring staff writers too. Rest of the story can be found on the Huffington Post By Lydia Polgreen If I wanted to hear more of the same programming, I'd watch national network news. But I don't. I want to hear/read diverse thoughts. I want others to challenge and stimulate my thoughts and beliefs . I don't want to get stuck in an echo chamber. So let's hear it for yet another reason, reason #1 we need to maintain our own platforms, share our thoughts and link to each other... RIP HUFF POST CONTRIBUTORS BLOGS.
  6. @Troy aren't those the words from the publisher of The Mantle? If yes, it seems then those words should remain. It makes a strong statement. If those are your words, then :eek: ....
  7. Yeah, I had not seriously considered this... I'll report back the the results relative to other campaigns. I plant to resent the same message on Saturday to those who did not open the first message by then. Do you think using the subject We Proudly Publish Authors From “Sh_thole Countries” would make a difference or should I craft something completely different?
  8. Yesterday
  9. IMO, this eye-catching headline has the potential to be offensive. It could be construed as your saying that you publish books from these countries because it doesn't matter to you that they are shit holes. This makes you look almost as bad Trump because you are reinforcing rather than reprimanding his choice of words. If it was meant to be a joke, it's a bad one. What if a white marketer used this phrase?
  10. For immediate release Calling All Authors! Celebrate Black History Month With The Atlanta African American Book Festival! Participate in Our "Celebrating Black Authors" Catalog! We created our "Celebrating Black Authors" catalog to spread the message about black authors and their titles. The Celebrating Black Authors catalog is made in print and digital format. The book is distributed annually on February 5th during Black History Month. Deadline for submission is January 31st. Participating Author Benefits: Author feature in our "Celebrating Black Authors" catalog (includes photo placement and two titles of your choice) Distribution to 30 libraries in the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System Distribution through our festival email list Black History Month Author Spotlight on our social media pages. Black History Month Author Spotlight on our festival blog Article space in our Celebrating Black Authors book Author Listing - $20 Visit aaabookfest.com to list your book today!
  11. For immediate release The inaugural Atlanta African American Book Festival will be held July 14, 2018 at Georgia State University from 9pm to 5pm. The Atlanta African American Book Festival is a yearly festival held in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is a great opportunity for community members to meet and engage with their favorite African American authors. The purpose of the Atlanta African American Book Festival is to educate, entertain, and impact the Atlanta community through African American literature. Contact Farai Caldwell info@aaabookfest.com
  12. I just sent a sponsored mailing with the subject line: We Proudly Publish Authors From “Shithole Countries” The published aske dif it would be OK to use the word I said "sure." In fact, I thought the word, in this context, might actually help the mailing. Well I won;t know for a few days one way or the other, but I can tell you two people immediately unsubscribed from the mailing. The list is 14,000 names so this is not at all alrmining or even unusual. Are you or do you think anyone would be or should offended by it's use? Have I damaged my brand?
  13. Actually Troy.....

    That's debatable. Check out the definitions of knowledge. And substantiate your assertion.
  14. Actually Troy.....

    Knowledge is different from information and facts.
  15. Ringing out the old year

    So it looks like Steve Bannon will be called to testify. Trump is probably next.
  16. Last week
  17. Brave New World

    Trump has grunted out his latest verbal turd and referred to Africa and Haiti as shit-holes, - rich and famous white women are on the rampage, taking no prisoners in their belated accusation about sexual misconduct - a flu epidemic is sweeping the land, - a murder one is infecting Chicago's inner city, false warnings of missile attacks caused a real Hawaiian panic attacks, - mud slides buried California, frigid temperatures are crippling the South, net neutrality is endangered, immigration reform is turning dreams into nightmare and - Egads! Oprah is being urged to run for President as the USA stumbles forward on a mission to emulate The Roman Empire before its fall, a self-implosion which in the long run may be a good thing . The territory formerly known as America could rise from its ashes and re-map its geography so that like-minded people could gravitate to a common ground and, like Europe, form their own little countries that would respire with their own national image. This could go a long way toward squashing xenophobia. Diversity would remain in tact because the foundation would about abstract ideals not physical appearances! Each country would represent its own version of Utopia where no polarization or discrimination would exist! Monolithic Denmark would look upon these principalities with approval - and envy! Paradise would be found! Jusssst kidding. The more things change, the more they become the same.
  18. AT A GLANCE Event: The Shrine of the Black Madonna's Black Children's Book Festival Hosts: The Shrine of the Black Madonna and Aquarius School for Kids Address: 960 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, Georgia 30310 Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Registration: www.eventbrite.com Admission: FREE Vendor Information: www.eventbrite.com Contact: Send all inquiries to Jinaki at aquariusschoolforkids@gmail.com DESCRIPTION Come celebrate Black History Month with a day of family fun and learning! Join us at The Shrine of the Black Madonna's Black Children's Book Festival! Saturday, February 24, 2018 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The event will be held at the Shrine of the Black Madonna, 960 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, Georgia 30310. Spend a day shopping with vendors and authors of black children's books, games, learning materials, and more! Listen to story tellers, dance to great music, and enjoy fun children's activities. Delicious refreshments will also be on sale! Bring the entire family for a day of fun, shopping, and learning. Admission and parking are free. REGISTER online at Eventbrite.com to enter our RAFFLE for a FREE GIFT and to let us know that you plan on attending! See you there!!! Interested in vending at this event? Please email us at aquariusschoolforkids@gmail.com. Vendor registration is on a first come first served basis. Spaces are limited, so we advise that you register early. Registration costs $35 plus a $2 service fee. Each vendor will receive a space for a 6' table, two chairs, and an opportunity to pitch his/her business at the open mic. (1 minute limit, please). Vendors MUST provide their own 6' table. FOOD VENDORS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Registration will begin on Tuesday, January 16th and close on Tuesday, February 20th at 11:59 pm. To receive a full $35 refund (excludes $2 service charge) a notification of cancellation must be sent via email to Jinaki at aquariusschoolforkids@gmail.com by 10:00 am Saturday, February 17, 2018. After this time and date, the vending fee is nonrefundable unless the event is cancelled. Should you have any further questions, please contact Jinaki at aquariusschoolforkids@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you in our community!
  19. Ringing out the old year

    @Pioneer1It's useless for me to engage you in debate because semantics are not your strong suit. And how you process language may have something to do with why you transposed the letters in Michael's name and incorrectly spelled it Micheal. (Seems like you should've been able to look at it and detect this. Just like you went through life totally unaware that you were spelling a common word like "definitely" as "definately".) Our definitions of knowledge differ. In my book, knowledge per se is not comprehension; it's being aware of or knowing the components(facts and info) about a subject and this may or may not lead to comprehending what this data indicates. So you can have knowledge without comprehension, but you can't have comprehension without knowledge. (Wisdom is how wisely you apply what you comprehend) Since this doesn't square with you, we have to agree to disagree. I suggested this before but then you decided that we did agree. (Does anybody really care? I guess you do since you seem to imagine that you are playing to a vast audience of lurkers hanging on to your every word, and that you have to give a good accounting of yourself so they'll be on your side. Your making a public announcement about your persecution on this site would seem to attest to this.)
  20. If "Truth" Be Told...

    @Pioneer1As usual, you are substituting your opinion for fact. Thank goodness there's nobody around who'd pay you to write all of the drivel you express in your self-appointed role as the mouthpiece for black men. The difference between you and me is that you don't know that you aren't brilliant. You are convinced every foolish thought your brain spits out is profound wisdom, instead of silly saliva.
  21. Actually Troy.....

    this is a good example of how your mind works. if you can't see that what i said is not the opposite of what you said, then you can't think straight.
  22. If "Truth" Be Told...

    Cynique BTW, as a black man, why don't you agree with Shelby Steele?? Because those aren't Shelby Steele's opinions....as a Black man. Those are the opinions of his benefactors that he's PAID to prmote. I'm not brilliant. Yet again.....we agree, lol.
  23. Ringing out the old year

    Cynique Mel and i did not verify what you were saying all along which was that knowledge was synonymous with understanding! That WASN'T my position. My position was the knowledge consisted of two things: facts + understanding of those facts You need BOTH to "know" it. I can give you a list of foreign words and you can memorize how they sound and how they're spelled and still not KNOW them because you don't know what they mean. You have information....but you don't understand the information you were just given. So you don't KNOW it. Troy I think that you are the only one on this forum who has never changed their stance on an issue. I may be wrong, but I have no recollection of this ever happening. If there is an instance please relate it here or point to a link. To save time from me having to go through archives digging up posts, do you remember the exhange I had with Sara where I said that in Africa Catholic priests were allowed to marry because it was part of their culture? And Sara said it wasn't true and after doing research I discovered it was a mistake of mine and came back ADMITTING that I was wrong? YOU....Troy....actually congradulated me for admitting that I was wrong in that instance. Micheal Jackson said....do you remember that time? Are you interested in expanding your mind or simply winning arguments? Both The more I expand my breadth of knowledge the more arguments I will win....lol. Mel By the way, REALLY Pioneer? Hate Black Men? Are you serious? I didn't say YOU hated Black men, but there is A HATRED and lack of respect for Black men in this society for various reasons. Some of it is justified in some cases based on personal experience, but MOST of the hatred of Black men that exist in this society does not come from things that Black men have actually done....but perceptions that have been burned into the subconscious of many.
  24. Actually Troy.....

    Cynique https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/5568-pioneer1/Oh, quit taking bows and cherry pickin. Long before you insisted on equating knowledge with comprehension and subsequently offering your example, i gave the example of me knowing all the exponents of Einstein's E=MC2, but went on to say that i did not understand it! I contended from the beginning that having knowledge about or being aware of something does not necessarily means that you comprehend its implications. And i noted that a mystery is an example of this. That wasn't Mel's point....or mine. OUR point was....lol.....that simply having information and facts doesn't mean you KNOW something. Your point was the opposite. Mel I don't remember joining in on that discussion between you and Cynique.. I remember your discussion with @Cynique being more nuanced. No you didn't join the discussion (if you want to call it that) between me and Cynique; nor were you obliged to. I was just making an observation about how you actually agreed with my position (that you can have information about something but still not "know" it) but for some reason refrained from stating it. You commented on a lot in the thread, but when it came to our particular discussion...you mysteriously "got lost", lol.
  25. If "Truth" Be Told...

    Humm your description of yourself puts you into a rare category amongst the rest of us. It is one thing to be a polemicist, but what distinguishes you is that you often bring a insight that is unique. I'm a skeptic at heart too. I also know if you consumer just 1, 2, or three different sources of information you are being lied to. The idea that a majority of Americans get their news from social media is actually quite disturbing if not downright scary, seemingly very few ask what if. I saw talking to someone the other day about something they read on social media. They had very strong opinions about the subject. However, when I probed, I was surprised to learn they never read the source article and was basing their opinion one the title of the "newsbyte" and the subsequent commentary from family and friends. It was obvious they were quite comfortable forming very strong opinions with very limited information. Brilliant people do not do this. Culturally we are becoming less "brilliant." As result @Cynique you stand out.
  26. President Oprah Winfrey!

    There's a line of T-shirt now on sale, emblazoned with the word "NOPRAH". I'd consider buying one!
  27. If "Truth" Be Told...

    @TroyI'm not brilliant. I am just a natural born skeptic. This is not an acquired trait; it dates back to my childhood. i never believed in fairy tales, And i was always suspicious about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and was well aware that my parents were the tooth fairy. I rejected religion early on because i soon discovered that most of it called for having blind faith in what someone told you to believe or - God would get you. As a free thinker, this was a form of oppression i could do without. By the time i reached adulthood, the first question that always popped into my head when people were adamant about their views, was to say "but what if"? This made me a thorn in the side of both friends and foes, who were usually hard pressed to defend their views. (It was amazing that i had as many friends as i did.) Yet there was also many who were able to give credible rebuttals to my arguments and this was an education in itself. So I learned from being a polemicist. I'm an old lady now, and i find it amusing how many folks there are who want everybody to get along and for people like me to just shut up in order to keep the peace. But i never met a debate i didn't like. Buddha says "question everything" and i do. Not surprising that in my search for the truth it is, indeed, the journey that enlightens on the way to my elusive destination. i thought Shelby's article was very incisive and exemplified that old saw about "the truth hurting", especially when he dissected the motives of this generation of black protesters and how abstract freedom is. i also found that he and i were in sync about what knee bending accomplished. It did shake up the NFL establishment, and did make white Americans uneasy to have to acknowledge that their beloved flag was part of the problem not the solution. They showed their true colors by ignoring this, and freed themselves from pretending to be concerned about black grievances. I wasn't aware of how high the number of shooting victims is in Chicago. But it figures since not a day goes by that some black or hispanic person doesn't shoot or murder another one. White people pretty much restrict their killings to family disputes. Oh well, winter is here.
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