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  1. @TroyWell, for one thing, by now you should know better than to take me that seriously, Babe. I'm just tweakin' you guys' noses. Of course "time brings change", and the other side of that platitude's coin is "the more things change, the more they become the same". "O tempora, O mores!" a Roman citizen once said a thousand years ago. And the beat goes on. Don't worry. Be Happy!
  2. I said what i said because, to me, males associate masculinity with a facade, Whereas to women it is a stimulation. To us the opposite of masculine isn't necessarily feminine, it's - "meh", A woman can look at a gay man and wish he was straight because she'd like to get next to him, Males just can't seem to get around masculinity being about conducting themselves like a man rather than respiring with a certain chemistry. Yes, these generalities have a lot to do with separating sexiness from masculinity and, as the opinions of a soon-to-be-90-year-old, are not carved in stone; only in the rock garden of my psyche.
  3. Egads! Listen to you Boomers and GenXers fretting and expounding as if you have some relevancy. Puleeze. The Millennials and the GenZers got this! And they are the wave of the future. Your days are numbered. Traditional values mean nothing to these sleepyheads. They are flexible and evolved, have embraced the "do me" approach to life and are making headway as they dare to merge with their true selves. Something they do with a growing measure of authenticity because the species is mutating - expanding. Screw all that BS about the true nature of humans and what "God" intended. Time brings change, depending on the whims of, say, quantum physics and - the impact of highly advanced computerized technology, including Artificial Intelligence. And last but not least a Creator who's lost interest in your welfare. Society is also evolving, fragmenting into the diversity of tribalism. Nowadays all you have to do is find your "Peeps". immerse yourself in their echo chamber and commiserate with your fellow malcontents. Meanwhile, Civilization staggers along being what it has always been about: acquiring power and exerting the control that comes with it, pitting the great unwashed masses against themselves, leaving their legions bound together by a common mistrust of their Government. America, in particular, is a sphere of mass confusion compounded by organized chaos bristling with the wanna-be soothsayers pulling their hair and beating their chests, spouting tired old conspiracy theories that disintegrate under the scrutiny of logic and reality. Same ol, same ol. So what else is new? Check ya, later. Maybe.
  4. Men need to stay mum when it comes to the subject of masculinity which is all about mystique. Your antennae are not fine tuned enough to pick up the sparks Prince gives off. i don't find Idris Elba especially appealing. Prince has more animal magnetism; more like a sensuous tiger. Garb is just superficial. LIl NasX is, what he is. A character. Never under estimate the power of female intuition. And there's a difference between being strong and being capable. Also masochism is a psychosis that afflicts a lot of women.
  5. @ProfD It's been reported that Trump will be charged on 34 counts, some of which will be felonies. It's about more than just paying "hush money". A crowd of both pro and anti Trump demonstrators are expected to show and things may get violent, something the police are expected to e prepared for. Plus, if the judge issues a gag order, Trump will not be able to give a speech about his case. We shall see.
  6. Another stupid question. i don't call my mouth a "garbage can" because it isn't one and requires no lid. That's why; just like i don't "listen" to what you write since it's not audible. Now get lost, you big dummy.
  7. Finally a question that the long-winded numb skull known as pioneer doesn't have an answer to. Hopefully he won't bore everyone by following his usual practice of making one up. zzzzzzzz
  8. Privilege is a slippery slope. I think black people have weaponized the word racist, and "privilege" is an exponent of weaponization. It's been said that "to he who carries a hammer, everyone else becomes a nail", an adage somewhat applicable to the dynamic between Blacks and White America. Among the greatest concerns of responsible and prominent white leadership is the ongoing threat of being labeled "racist" by the black community. Even Conservative right wingers deny being racists, portraying themselves as such things as patriots concerned about their country. Nobody wants to be called a racist. All the "Karens" out there would swear up and down that they are not racist. But when the hammer comes down, these entitled bitches are left bent out of shape and forever stigmatized. The recent high visibility of blacks in the media and the government and corporate America, are all gestures this institutionalized racist country have made to placate America's slave descendants, providing them with the privilege to represent their race. This should be a right, but in the real world, that remains to be seen.
  9. I though Rodney brought something refreshing to the board, he was like an antidote to pioneer. Now he's gone, and i wish him well.
  10. What are the standards for being ugly? If an alien from Mars visited Earth what would he consider ugly. Why belabor the point, especially since it's all subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is ugliness. What more is there to say?
  11. @ProfD and @frankster thank you for putting pioneer in check. It's not surprising how myopic somebody who has such a magnified vision of himself can be when it comes to expressing the opinions that he tries to pass off as facts. i didn't bother reading what I knew would be a crock of hogwash, but had I done so, my response would've certainly been in line with the replies you 2 posted. If pioneer was half as omniscient as he thinks he is, he'd still be nothing more than a motormouth who needs his oil changed. He possesses no credentials but still thinks he's an authority on everything and that he has a hotline to god.
  12. @Chevdove This was not new to me, and i had heard a while back how Carole revealed that she had black blood on her mother's side of the family. She did have a "black vibe" and I didn't find this hard to believe. Her persona was very unique and she was a gifted performer.
  13. @Pioneer1 As usual you create your own scenarios in order to craft your irrelevant comments. Being curious about what happened to Rodney is not fantasizing or longing, and I showed nothing but love for my guys ProfD and Delano. Any disrespect ever shown toward you is well deserved because it's retaliatory. So stfu.
  14. Why are we expected to never indulge ourselves and partake of the guilty pleasures that amuse us. Life is grim enough without attributing everything to conspiracies and subliminal manipulation, personal suspicions that deny others the option to think for themselves. Malcontents need to stop imposing their misgivings on others. Laughter is good medicine. A good sense of humor and an appreciation for irony broaden the mind.
  15. @frankster You are always on point! I totally concur with what you say in regard to physical attractiveness, as do artists and anthropologists -and the objective conclusions drawn from how infants respond to symmetrical faces that embody that "golden triangle". . And, indeed, such things as pimple-free skin and a bright smile should never be underestimated, I grew up in the African American community of a small midwestern town . Everybody knew everybody else and being from a good family who owned their own home and drove a nice car were what counted there. i went to predominately white public schools and we non white kids were all just relegated to the bracket of being "the coloreds". it wasn't until I matriculated at the University of Illinois did I become aware of the difference color made. And it wasn't always an advantage for me, because the darker skinned girls could be very catty, practicing their own form of discrimination. And whether or not you belonged to a sorority was right up there with what made you prime pickins. Among the males, athletes and frat guys with high GPAs were the "babe magnets" . Yes, all of this is "ancient history" but not a whole lot has changed. Again, I agree. Once the plethora of anecdotal subterfuge is dispersed, all that's left are opinions.
  16. @TroyActually this lampoon isn't that different from ABC's "The Bachelorette" a show where one girl is wooed by a slew of guys, each one trying to convince her that he is who she should choose to become her fiancee. She dates and "makes out" with all of them in turn and each week sends home all the ones who don't make the cut. She introduces the finalists to her parents and at the end of the season settles on THE ONE and receives a big engagement ring which will hopefully be paired with a wedding ring later. This show has been around a while and black girls have appeared as the sought-after bachelorette. I doubt if any of them are engineered or are political pawns. The male candidates come in all colors and some of them have even shed tears after being rejected, claiming to be heartbroken This is all escapist entertainment that garners high ratings.
  17. @ProfD Yes, that would seem to be the case. As Delano once quoted: "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." And, as you have implied, when the teacher has taught, he will disappear. 'Glad you are still around to keep me grounded.
  18. Whatever happened to RODNEY CAMPBELL? He exploded on the scene and bedazzled us with his command of numbers and theories about time and truth, and glimpses into his unusual childhood. Then - he just vanished. He was my oasis. Oh, well. Guess he had better things to do. Good for him.
  19. Another astrological occurrence will be taking place this week end for star gazers. It's time for Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Mars to line up near the moon. The fact that astronomers can predict when such phenomena will recur, gives proof that there is order to the universe. Something to ponder...
  20. This takes the cake! What TV networks won't do for ratings. I will probably check out this freak show and end up becoming a regular viewer. All i gotta say is one husband is a companion; 2 - or more husbands are an assembly line and only handy men need apply.
  21. Weather permitting, good northern lights displays could be visible directly overhead in most northern communities. 3-Day Forecast (Mar 24 to Mar 26) The geomagnetic field is expected to be at unsettled to major storm levels on Mar 25 (24 Mar), active to minor storm levels on Mar 26 (25 Mar) and unsettled to minor storm levels on Mar 27 (26 Mar). The northern lights aka Aurora Borealis are really something to witness on a clear night. Much better viewing when they appear in the summer months.
  22. I couldn't care less how many times you tell me. if you weren't such an idiot you could have figured out by now that what you say amounts to nothing, you sorry ass babbling wanna be.
  23. @Pioneer1 Why don't you stick you head up your funky ass and inhale. Do the board a favor and retire your insufferable ego.
  24. @Pioneer1 Yet another example of how stupid and out of touch with reality you are. Everything you said is a figment of your warped imagination. inasmuch as i don't have a porch and my mail goes to my post office box. Thank goodness you don't live in Illinois or you'd be stalking me. Seek attention elsewhere, Goofball.
  25. @ProfD Where are you getting your info about older women? From anecdotal old wives tales? Certainly not from Gynecologists. Unlike pioneer, you don't usually make "off-the-top-of-your-head" claims. First of all, how age affects their sex lives differs from woman to woman. Not all females age the same. Their genes and metabolism and hormones and health have a big impact on their libido. And for those so inclined, there are over the counter preparations available to rejuvenate their sex appeal and facilitate intimate contact. Age really is just a number. As rich as Cher is, she could afford the plastic surgery that would make her as good as new "down there". Plus, this isn't the first boy toy she has had. So don't cast her as a "has-been". I find it typical that men can speak with such authority about something they have never tried. They shouldn't be so quick to judge and ridicule and underestimate the ability of an older woman to turn a young guy on. They'd do well to keep in mind that females can look up much longer than males can look down. Sex is no longer an activity I have any interest in because - men tend to get on my nerves, not because i'm "incapacitated". Believe it or not. I'm trying to fall in love with Jesus but he's playin hard to get. Woe is me. @Chevdove Right!
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